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  1. I was gathering some information last night to see what the ideal race/class combos are to maximize stat bundles available for each class. Advanced Vessel weights would obviously tilt towards the stat the affects experimentation points until you hit the stat cap. Coolster50 Also provided this general guide to follow for making crafters. High-Elf Confessor for Int-based professions, High-Elf or Guinea Knight for Str-based professions, High-Elf Assassin or Guinea Duelist for Dex-based professions. Extra jewelry is OP. High-Elf > Guinea if you're doing 2 profe
  2. I think Coron Bale nailed why passive skill systems suck. I know ACE said they will put in catchup mechanics and were toying with the idea of selling passive time as the ultimate currency. Active play should give you a linear path to unlocking content, I really liked how UO and Original Darkfall did their skill up systems. +1 for reworking passive system. I think passives should only impact unlocking really sweet cosmetic recipes.
  3. Mortal Kombat and most other AAA fighting games have the highest pvp skill ceiling IMO. WTB Haste!
  4. What if my dps rotation unintentionally triggers an exploit that i'm unaware of?
  5. Will random teleportation in game get me banned if PvP ensues shortly after and someone gets emotional and reports me for l33t h@x?
  6. I hate the idea of a bolster or debuff system to punish guilds that can field more players. Ace can simply run a small guild campaign for the dudes who prefer fighting 10v10 or fewer. I know many players who enjoy the game of thrones campaigns where players drive the politics, forge alliances, and vie to win at any cost.
  7. Suggest all ranged abilities currently working solely as a racycast be converted to bullet drop. Distance to target should have bullet drop calculations to make it more skilled based to land ranged attacks. *EDIT* add a focus target hotkey to allow snapping current ranged target to a focus target frame that stays up until the target is out of ranged or goes invisible. I think the focus target frame would be important for tracking bullet hits since you would need to arc hits on a vertical plane and potentially lead targets on the horizontal plane. Also suggest you guys buy some u
  8. Yes, please fix lag before putting this up on the dev test server. A lot of new players will be getting their feet wet on the dregs test environment, last thing we need is a repeat of 5.8.
  9. What examples can you provide of anti botting systems that failed in mere days or weeks and what made those systems annoying? Or are you just projecting an opinion? I've had first hand experience harvesting with a captcha system that was overall seen by the community as a good thing for the virtual economy as it prevented the flood of resources tied to rail botting. What is so annoying about every 30 minutes or so, whilst farming in a non pvp zone like gods reach, asking you a simple question?
  10. ACE could potentially head off the pass of people AFK farming in their noob friendly zones by implementing a loot captcha. Obviously they would need something more complex than a pixel color grid, they need a system that requires human thought. Many UO freeshards implemented gathering captchas to ward off AFK bot farming and it is very effective. The interaction need only occur occasionally but is very effective in hamstringing these AFK farming bots you are so worried about.
  11. Hello KDSProm, I've been playing MMO's since UO launched in 97. I can assure you that take all / loot all functions are not the main driver for afk farming scripts, I would go one step further and argue that the opposite is true. Let me break it down for you friend. AFK bot farming is born out of market demand. If a game is developed with a system that makes accessibility tedious, and in this case there is no argument that looting PVE mobs is tedious, then you will have folks who engineer their own solutions around solving that problem for themselves and others. If you think that tak
  12. Greetings, A good quality of life addition to looting PVE mobs would be a take all / loot all function. I can understand where you would not want to add it to player corpse looting but for the love of QoL please add one for PVE. Most of the PVE mobs are nickel slot quality garbage loot, can't expect an enjoyable experience individually looting each piece of garbage loot. PS. Keep up the good work, game is looking better every time I come back.
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