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  1. The War Goes On! Campaign War Suggestions

    Some very good suggestions KanashiGD!
  2. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    iframes are gone next patch and druid healing is taking a big hit, or so says some of our guys testing 5.8.1 snap.
  3. The sad truth is nobody really gives two poorly made socks about "winning" the back cap meta. We get a nightly lag fest at the keeps with a few spurts of fun fort fights following the keep sieges (still very hit or miss). Both balance and order already went full metal neck beard on the back cap meta and for the most part are waiting for adjustments to make capping smaller objectives worth while. If capture mechanics don't bring opposing forces together the system will remain stale af. All this worry over Uncle Bob is pure nonsense. I feel like the campaign reset mechanics, which were the original plans to offset slippery slope, are more than sufficient. Capture objectives need staggered vuln windows! I hope Chaos pulls some more bodies in. Past couple of campaigns have been real stale without Chaos running around.
  4. 4 day campaigns

    Check back at 5.9, 6.0, beta 6.x. Sometimes best to take a break rather than go full metal negative Nancy. I've had to take some extended breaks from CF myself. GLHF
  5. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere the dmg from the orbs was going to be changed to a severe corruption dot that will have a chance to be cleansed.
  6. Redacted to avoid getting pann slapped.
  7. Music is very much cringe, otherwise gj, especially the monchiezz kill!
  8. Clearly this guy doesn't know about the group lag bug lol. Out of group is the new meta. PLZ for to fix the group lags @ACE
  9. If you are out numbered 10 to 1 you need to forge alliances with other guilds, recruit grow and build an army or make a pact with the devil if need be if you aim to win anything. This is aiming to be a redneck game of thrones... not some custard rehashed version of wintergrasp where snowflakes get artificial buffs to help them feel accomplished.
  10. This is a re-post of some ideas and feedback I shared in the bug report thread for 12/26. The game needs a ton of work in the performance optimization department. Large fights have been turning into slide shows, players crashing, and lockups. The group member shader appears to negatively impact performance. Not sure why this was added to begin with as most players can tell who is in their group without the lag inducing group shading. Hunger shards are still having an impact on performance and treb fields, +2 or more trebs, appear to cause massive fps drops. Crowfall needs a ton of love in the performance optimization department before live sanctioned campaigns. Marketing push without a reasonably strong push on performance optimization would be a bad move imo. Here are some ideas your design team might consider for improving "Win Conditions". -outposts and camps should not be included in the scoring. -outposts serve as 50m stealth detection buff to controlling faction, camps restore food passively over time. -implement hot zone tech that rotates through each adventure/siege zone making the forts in those hot zones vulnerable. This will funnel pvp to hot zones. Hot zone rotation should be set for NA prime times on NA servers, EU prime times for EU servers. 6 hour hot zone rotation on weekdays, 12 hour rotations on weekends. Hold both forts at the conclusion of a hot zone cycle nets you the equivalent of the keep crafting buffs while crafting in that adventure/siege zone. -buff guards to have variable damage types. -further out I would like to see spires added to keeps and forts which can be built up and powered on with gold that will put out anti stealth field or perhaps just a massive stealth awareness buff to all players in the fort. -increase banewood, tol health, have material quality factor into the HP of trebs and other siege weapons. *NOTE* A passwall group can legit take down a TOL in under 60 seconds, that's just wrong imo. Crowfall is not ready for a massive marketing push, performance is still a major hurdle ACE engineering needs to work on improving. Adjusting point capture dials does nothing to prevent the poorly made socks cap / back cap issue sucking the fun from the game currently. At the end of a night of back capping this is pretty much the sentiment of all parties involved.
  11. Defending keeps

    Bragging about winning these 4 day campaigns has become a meme. Think we are all waiting on ACE to make the much needed adjustments to POI captures and keep sieges.
  12. Recruit players who enjoy crafting and farming if you hate it so much or join a guild that has an already established gear pipeline. Less QQ more pew pew.