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  1. The Dregs should help resolve the siege window issue provided ACE gives us a reasonable defense window to set the times to. Giving players more choice on when to defend is a win win strategy. Faction systems are poorly made socks no matter how much you try to polish them. Tyrant mentioned increasing zone caps once they drop the performance updates, it's coming from the whispers I've heard. I'd recommend ACE ditch the 3 faction system and go to a two faction system and just zone cap 50/50 for each faction. Assign queue priority based on campaign scores to prevent bots from taking up spots. Assign a minimum score to even enter a siege zone as campaigns progress.
  2. Yes, ultimately we wanted to absorb the remaining active Sugoi players. Absorbing a few active players doesn't constitute destroying a multifaceted gaming community. This conversation is getting pretty weird tbh. You can stop projecting now Tark.
  3. Personally, I was all for the HoGoi voltron to form.
  4. Sugoi is still alive and kicking last I checked. They were able to get over 30 people in their comms at the start of 5.8. The first siege experience with major lag was an immediate signal the game was not ready for an all call. Quite a few dudes who suffered through multiple 5.x patches with low guild attendance decided to jump ship and join more active guilds. Some of our members in HoA still maintain dual membership in Sugoi for other game branches and we are totally cool with that.
  5. Sugoi leadership have known for months our longer term plans for factions, TRA was also given a heads up. If their full members were not in the know that is not on us.
  6. Srathor and Tark doing ML's together.
  7. Yes, Soulein could have used kid gloves when dealing with uXa, he chose not to. I suggested we could be more diplomatic and ultimately get you guys to do what we wanted you to do when we wanted you to do it. 😃
  8. ACE needs to test their reward structure, can't fault them for throwing their testers a bone, would call that a win-win. I'm 100% certain craft-able variants of the items being doled out will be available and with better quality.
  9. Dayel said quite a few people in uXa didn't like Soulein's daddy voice. Let's be real though, Tark was never going to allow uXa to coordinate closely with HoA knowing full well HoA was set to ally with -W- when first sanctioned hit. TRA was a decent ally, they routinely hopped in voice comms and took orders from the faction leading guild. I can respect they want to stick Order and become the much needed Dragonscale of Crowfall. Most of Sugoi bailed on 5.8 leaving 8 or so crafters to gear Zybak vidyas. Doesn't leave much of a winning prospect for the Order faction.
  10. Death by powerpoint takes a whole new meaning in 5.8.1 keep sieges. #acefixlagplz
  11. Some very good suggestions KanashiGD!
  12. iframes are gone next patch and druid healing is taking a big hit, or so says some of our guys testing 5.8.1 snap.
  13. The sad truth is nobody really gives two poorly made socks about "winning" the back cap meta. We get a nightly lag fest at the keeps with a few spurts of fun fort fights following the keep sieges (still very hit or miss). Both balance and order already went full metal neck beard on the back cap meta and for the most part are waiting for adjustments to make capping smaller objectives worth while. If capture mechanics don't bring opposing forces together the system will remain stale af. All this worry over Uncle Bob is pure nonsense. I feel like the campaign reset mechanics, which were the original plans to offset slippery slope, are more than sufficient. Capture objectives need staggered vuln windows! I hope Chaos pulls some more bodies in. Past couple of campaigns have been real stale without Chaos running around.
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