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  1. I am not going to speculate on the financial situation behind ACE (and then in turn speculate on actions they would take), but I do listen to what they say. Gordon spoke to a high level rollout strategy that is currently underway and takes time. I am going to listen to the guy that knows the facts and has the plan, not a negatively biased forum community.
  2. From a business standpoint, there isn't a chance to go backwards once you go F2P (it's tough to start charging for a game which was free at one point). Then monetary influx needs to come from VIP and in game purchases which leads to a slippery slope of pay to win games. Crowfall has been out a couple weeks, relax - it's not going F2P anytime soon or possibly ever.
  3. Nothing that dramatic, but I have noticed a decrease in drop rate recently (about 50% less drops).
  4. Mob levels increase as the seasons do so there will be more options over time. If there are mobs on the map that give you the XP needed for your level, go kill them. Not sure why there is a perceived grind problem with something that is designed to be a grind.
  5. Just pointing out that you recently claimed "one could make a basic mmo with basically free assets in a weekend" - not sure why it seems so ridiculous to you that they built that in a matter of months.
  6. Yes, but with alliance account caps it would cut down on major uneven fights at sieges and such. And it wouldn't be a problem in an invite only championship. Agreed, but this really has nothing to do with the proposal in the OP and more to do with Crowfall mechanics.
  7. With the inaugural ECS tournament wrapping up this weekend, I wanted to throw out my thoughts on how the ECS could adapt moving forward to more appropriately bring together a Crowfall competition. Since Crowfall is advertised as a Throne War game and has built in GvG campaigns with timelines and results, why not make that the "eSport" competition for Crowfall? This would drive players to play Crowfall as designed and not try to push the game through a competitive MOBA market. There would be promotion/streaming opportunities around sieges and HD events (see below). Run 3 Qualifiers around the seasons (as that is a part of Crowfall gameplay) and a final invite only campaign for the championship: - Spring Qualifier(March-April), Summer Qualifier(June-July), Fall Qualifier(Oct-Nov) - Winter Championship(Jan-Feb) Make the campaigns ~45 days to give enough competition, but also allow breaks for people. Have No-Import and limited guild accounts rules in place. Qualifiers would grant invites to guilds based on their placement (or Alliance placement) to the championships. Could also grant invites for top guilds in divine favor placement. HungerDome - I would make HungerDome events part of the campaigns where guilds could field a single team in intra-campaign competitions where the winners received items to help them in that current campaign (items, buildings, buffs, divine favor, etc). These would be scheduled and all guilds would know when they are happening and what they are playing for.
  8. Being a newer player I will agree to disagree with you. If there was full loot on my stuff right now in dregs I would have left the game a while ago. Spending 50k for me on some gear to make me competitive is a lot bigger investment for me than a vet who has millions sitting in their inventory and backing crafters to easily make more. If I lose all of that gear due to a larger gank putting me back to square one....well, there are better things to do with my time.
  9. In Dregs campaigns the risk of death is a lot higher due to full inventory loot (not equipment though). Yes, in Infected it does feel a little "carebeary" with the no drops, but that is the place for that type of play. I would argue that doing equipment drops would chase even more players away.
  10. As a newer player to the game I can say that crafting is incredibly frustrating. I have a Legendary Leatherworker/Purple Belt with some average leatherworking jewelry (a lot of work for a newer player) and can produce armor that is on par with war tribe drops. The experience has been disappointing to say the least. There should be a nice advantage to crafted gear over wartribe drops.
  11. Would be great if the "Events" chat tab was its own window. With the notifications driving player movement and behavior, I like to have it active but also want to participate in the game's chat.
  12. I am not sure you will ever be able to solve NAP, nor should you. Diplomacy and strategy are part of the game and if one group decides it is in their best interest to avoid another group for whatever reason, they should be able to make that choice. This proposal would hope to still allow/encourage alt accounts and they would still serve a purpose.
  13. I have been thinking about a possible change (which I believe won't be too large in dev effort) to campaign rules that could really benefit different features in the game that aren't quite working. I know the idea has been thrown out in the past but with this proposal it wouldn't fully limit guilds and the size they wanted to be. The change: "Set a limit on the number of accounts that can join a campaign for a particular guild." For example, you could have a value of 20 which means that once 20 accounts of the same guild have joined a particular campaign, no other accounts of that guild could join in. The impact that I see are as follows: Import/Exports - This setting with the import/export setting would give much more control over how many items a guild/alliance is bringing in to and out of campaigns right now. Currently Import/Export settings don't do anything because people just log in with alt accounts to move items around. Alliance Size - With the 5 guild cap, this change would put a limit on the number of accounts that could be logged in at once. It would help alleviate "zerg" guild concerns and allow smaller groups to have more impact on the overall campaign. Large guilds could still operate in a way to fill an alliance so they could bring in up to 5x the campaign setting value. However, this would impact their ability to work with other guilds if they chose to go this route. Account Crow Setup - This would add pressure for individual accounts to diversify among PvP, harvesting, crafting, etc. If a guild wanted to maximize their strategy, they would need to figure out the best account setups across their members to be sure to bring in a nice balance for things that need to get done. With the Import/Export problem fixed (see above) and longer campaigns after Crowfall goes live, this would add a strong need for intra-campaign harvesting and crafting. Concurrent Guild Campaigns - When Crowfall goes live there should be multiple campaigns running at once. Larger guilds could participate in multiple campaigns at once by splitting their accounts as they see fit. This would also bring importance to multiple accounts in the guild having top notch crafters of the same discipline. Right now you just need 1 guild character that has maxed out each craft. The best part of this is that it would be a campaign setting, so you could still run campaigns with unlimited accounts per guild. The complexity would probably be exception handling like when a player switches guilds and crap like that, but I am sure ACE can find some nice MVP ways to handle those things that come up. Also forcing larger guilds to create multiple guilds so they can bring more accounts into a campaign as an alliance, but if this idea does gain traction you could create a system where a guild that brings in more accounts just counts as multiple slots in an alliance.
  14. Feedback on the Traustyn NA map - it is a poor map for players without a Keep/Castle. The faction temples have minimal entry points into the zones making it very tough to venture into the world and explore due to a single death setting you all the way back to the beginning.
  15. Had a full inventory, killed a Major Thrall, ran over Major Soulgem and it disappeared like I picked it up, but I didn't get the gem since my inventory was full.
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