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  1. I have been thinking about a possible change (which I believe won't be too large in dev effort) to campaign rules that could really benefit different features in the game that aren't quite working. I know the idea has been thrown out in the past but with this proposal it wouldn't fully limit guilds and the size they wanted to be. The change: "Set a limit on the number of accounts that can join a campaign for a particular guild." For example, you could have a value of 20 which means that once 20 accounts of the same guild have joined a particular campaign, no other accounts of that gu
  2. Feedback on the Traustyn NA map - it is a poor map for players without a Keep/Castle. The faction temples have minimal entry points into the zones making it very tough to venture into the world and explore due to a single death setting you all the way back to the beginning.
  3. Had a full inventory, killed a Major Thrall, ran over Major Soulgem and it disappeared like I picked it up, but I didn't get the gem since my inventory was full.
  4. I've been playing for a couple months now and want to provide some thoughts. Up front - I love this game and see myself playing it for a long time. I like the different things it provides and it has a really good foundation to build in more features as it evolves. I have had a lot of solo time in the different worlds and also joined a large guild a month ago. New Player Feedback: - The Swift Mount need sucks for a new player joining a guild. When I started with group activities I was always falling behind the pack and missing the fun encounters which made my introduction to the guild fr
  5. Using "Unexpected Value" skill as a skinner is not removing the PIPs from the UI wheel (but it is using the PIPS).
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