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  1. I like this idea, one thing I was worried about was the whole endless conquering world thing if this was going to be like SB so instead of turning me away. You just pushed my 2 steps forward. So far I like it, I always wanted a game that takes that whole conquer and win into a reset style of a game. Just my style of a game if I had to walk outside of Wiz/Pirates and one thing I was depressed was for most campaign matches or so on most games are well time limited to 30 minutes, or an hour. But being able to have a solid campaign world you want to conquer but it seems like you'll be able to cont
  2. Why do you have to be the leader of every clan we're in? Be a member for once, and that means be a member not try to be the leader and disregard everything the actual leader says
  3. Well then you could say I have no negative details to give since I PERSONALLY like everything I see.
  4. And jumping onto negativity right away mostly for a fansite isn't really the best thing to do when the game hasn't even been fully officially 'Announced' yet.
  5. Personally I agree, it looks like LoL artwork which I admire a lot TBH so IRDC if they took that style of it. But in an article I would like to stay away from negatives so early on. Maybe as the game progresses and we get a full blown look into it completely I'll start to add it negative points as well. 1st screenshot ever released, why look towards the negatives right away?
  6. Being a writer/author on the website and seeing the brand new screenshot I jumped straight onto the action with making an entire rundown of what's to look at in this brand new picture regarding this thread here - http://bit.ly/FirstPreviewThread Remember to check it out and give us your opinion! http://crowfallfans.com/first-preview/
  7. First post on the website regarding the brand new screenshot J Todd gave us. To see more check it out! http://crowfallfans.com/first-preview/
  8. So they can see only luck?
  9. Well I would prefer to call myself whatever I want, but I agree that #'s or !/?/etc should be allowed in our names. Only letters. This way if people want they can be SwagMasterMate but at least there wont be Swag, Swag1, Swag2, you get what I'm saying. It makes the name no matter what origional. Troll or not it's there choice but I agree no #'s. I don't want to be restricted between choosing Jeremy Shadow then get 1 original last name. Honestly that's just as bad as restricting it fully IMO. This is suppose to be different, I want a FULLY customization character, etc.
  10. So lets just jump straight to the point, are we going to have to use crappy as automated names where we get little to no choice like in p101/wiz or it depends on our class. Because if that's it I'm going to be a bit insulted -.- I've always hated that about games. It's minor but just something that I hate. I want to see this game have the old fashion pick your username and if you don't like it pay $ to get a better one/make a new account (pretty much the same as handing over $ if it's a B2P/P2P system which it most likely will be) because I just think that picking your username is a HUGE decis
  11. Me and him are very good friends via pirates so don't worry XD
  12. :/ thought this was only for good people... So why are you in it?
  13. I agree, ya the SB community has there annoyances but so does the 101 community here. Heck I'm prob one to some people. But I would prefer to fight over something we're excited for to get in our ideas to make this game amazing for us all. Then we can drop the SB and 101er's and be the CF's.
  14. If it's sub b2p or sub based CN will not cause much fuss except for bots but even if there was no CN there would still be people making bot systems, etc. Removing CN could be a decrease but what's the point of banning the fair playing players from those regions because of hackers? Guess what there will always be hackers. Also if it's a b2p/p2p system they would need to pay to hack so they still make money. So actually they LOSE money not allowing them in either. Plus if they catch them (Hopefully they'll make active mods) then you slowly but surely both gain money+player base and remove the ha
  15. Like Rajah said, we should have the choice to play the game or not. We shouldn't be forced to play in an Asian server just because of internet, if we have friends in the US servers that we want to play with then why should anyone have the right to tell us (There game or not) that we can't play it? It comes down to that. It should be our choice, not enforced. It seems only the US players want to have separate servers. We get that you SB had a bad experience but hey, give it another shot. Stop bringing up the same old 'but the NC's did it!' ok we get that but barely any get access to the game an
  16. Ultra-Fiber is extremely good here where I live. And lets be honest if there is going to be magic into this system there will be needed a mana system or something like that. If not, then ping wont affect gameplay much.
  17. You simply just gotta find time to get onto the game when something is available, or it would make traders have another customer in the game. Gotta think the big picture. I haven't seen any games do the whole closed NPC store before, without a trade system I would admit it wouldn't work, but this game would be an ideal fit to put in a trade system meaning you could easily get the item from someone else/friend hence it's an MMO you're going to have to make some friends.
  18. Apparently you didn't read my previous post, I can go onto a NY server with my new internet here and have a good solid 70-75ms on minecraft and LoL so I got no problem with doing Dallas servers. IMO it would prob be 60-80ms for my position anyway. The only thing that REALLY makes ping a center of the game is if it relies on mana regeneration by auto attacks. So an easy way to get around that is make it have natural mana regeneration overtime. Having a 2 second delay on a power being casted isn't going to be a big deal.
  19. I just don't agree with his point of view at all, he has to look at it as you gotta take risks. But back to the subject.Segregation by force is just wrong even for a game, I hate hate the idea of 'You're not American so you can't play on this server' oh well who koo-koo-ka-choo you think you are telling me what server I can play on? Having 1 main server will save the company so much trouble but if they're going to make regional servers they better make them optional...
  20. Guess the games you've tried out in launches didn't go the way you expected. All the game I've tried out that went live went very well from what I know when I've gone back to check up on them.
  21. Well I'm going to stay away from acting like your a moron even though you act like one, this is a team of very veteran game producers, I doubt there game will not be to the highest standard when released. And Honestly if it doesn't fit the ShadowBane experience people oh so wish for, it'll most likely fit the sheep pin for the 101 community since it has to swing 1 way or the other right? I feel like we should focus more on what we want in the game then segregation. This topic is more of something you would deal with prior to launch. Why decide if this will be a problem if the game hasn't even
  22. Your % is wrong, 90% way exaggerated, more like the 20% tops of what they would cut by letting these players join. Also if they did this segregation they lose the same amount for the first year of the launch but then will almost be entitled to make each region a server so there goes extra money wasted. There is more loss by segregating on a game that the company is making its 'Core' game for a bit.
  23. I voted yes, even though I'm in a different region but who said the time cycle had to be the same on the game, right? Also I would love it if we're going to have NPC's have times where there shop are opened and closed, would be so realistic, timed events, etc. I think it's a must IMO.
  24. I agree, the only thing that is luck based I want to see in this game is rare drops!
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