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  1. Life is Feudal MMO

    open beta (wave 2) confirmed for november 17th http://www.mmorpg.com/life-is-feudal/news/mmo-version-ready-for-open-beta-on-november-17th-1000046054
  2. Divinity original sin 2

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/435150/Divinity_Original_Sin_2/ currently playing with 2 others and its a blast
  3. Life is Feudal MMO

  4. Life is Feudal MMO

    http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/post104494/ oh dam anyone who bought LIF:YO will get access to the mmo in 2-3 weeks
  5. Life is Feudal MMO

    http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/post104276/ so it seems like open beta(wave 2) will start once CBT5 is over
  6. Citadel: Forged with Fire

    oh boy another poorly made socksty early access survival game
  7. Albion Online

  8. Anyone excited for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

    dont bother buying if u dont have 16gb of ram+SSD buildings wont fully load and they look melted and u cant go inside them to pickup loot its probably the most rage inducing thing in this game right now so when u land u gatta sit around with your thumbs up your ass while if an enemy if nearby hes picking all the loot and puts u at a major disadvantage
  9. Albion Online

    hopefully it will be fun for a little while got nothing else to play
  10. Albion Online

    albion online launches on july 17th for legendary founder packs/18th for epic packs/19th for veteran packs
  11. A Way Out

  12. Life is Feudal MMO

  13. Gwent

    me either but im having a blast playing it now im running a scoia'tael dwarf deck http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/18488-swims-tempo-dorfs its pretty good
  14. Gwent

    Gwent open beta starts tomorrow! https://www.playgwent.com/en
  15. Life is Feudal MMO