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  1. As the title says: gankers risk nothing in this game, and I feel its a problem. Gatherers and gold/gear farmers risk their inventory to introduce resources into the game -- gankers introduce nothing. Yes, I harvest and pve in groups. But I also play solo during off-hours when guildies are scarce. I have a good amount of time to play this game, but if there is such an extreme disincentive for me to play solo in Dregs, then what should I do: farm in Lunarium & Skypoint? Is that the incentive we want? I don't have a perfect solution, but I'm open to ideas and presenting them to the devs. Introducing a 20% chance of weapon/armor drop on those who initiate PvP is an example of something that could work.
  2. The only strange thing I can think of was, at some point, when I logged onto a character of mine my dregs bank had 101/100 items. I did get it to below 100 before trying to export.
  3. I'm attempting to export minerals out of Dregs campaign and I'm receiving the following error message: "Unable to export one or more selected items" This happens regardless of what item I try to export.
  4. Hello,

    I joined/played with FoE back in the Archeage days of '19, but had to quit due to rl commitments.  Is FoE still active?  I'd love to catch up and join you all on Discord, but the link on the website is expired.

    I'm very interested in Crowfall and it would be great to re-join with a great group of guys. Please let me know how I can reconnect.

    -Bill (aka Corky)

    1. realblankspace


      The Discord link is the same it has been for a while ;)


      See you soon!

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