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  1. I am building a fansite at the moment... and i personally enjoy when i have loads of data available... be it an API, some RSS/JSON/CSV file... anything that helps my website update stuff automatic, and prevent me from spending hours upon hours writing things into my database
  2. We will have a wonderful time here, no doubts. I most certainly look forward to seeing, what stories the community comes up with...
  3. No... nub... there was an exploit/bug. Beta days.
  4. Love it... On a second note Todd, what about some information for us "geeks" making fansites for this promising game... will there be some information soon? I am aware it is not that important to most, but any details about what we will get to work with data-wise, would be awesome.
  5. I am not sure this one is so bad, but in the earlier days, you could somehow permanently fly with the Fury. Good awesome farming times... many hours i spend in the air.
  6. Alot of SB devs here so... i just wanna say 1 thing.. ... THANKS TO WHOMEVER MADE THE FURY! I loved flying high up in the skies and calling down storms on puny Giants... #BestTimes
  7. Exactly! That is how i feel Alpha tests should be done. And that is exactly the way Shadowbane did it with their Alpha,
  8. I am personally just explaining things how i see them personally, nothing else. Also, the way Shadowbane did the Alpha, atleast in Europe, was in a way, so you could not just sell your key. Heck you had to send license information and sign the craziest NDA and more, to even get into the test. Now, i know we are most likely past that kind of testing, but why? I certainly prefer the way Shadowbane organized their Alpha testing.
  9. Ah no, you are just not able to attack eachother? And traveling there is impossible, when you ding 20, it is a one way trip to the mainland.
  10. I feel my "rule set post" has been missed Continue the good debate, i love hearing from both sides of the fence.
  11. It is a choice? Your example is also boring, why not go red, kill everyone, and go home with all the loot? You must understand, that Player Killers have a certain mindset... be it good or bad. It is not something anyone will understand, not unless they tried it. And trying to explain it, well it leads to no good. All i can say is, the adrenaline rush you get, from knowing your death leads to character removal... is undescribable.
  12. Not disagreeing courant101... just explaining how i feel. It could very well be the team, the project and the communication, and not the price of a key. I just feel if the team invites the type of people they feel are needed to test their game the best way, it can only be a good thing. What game did you test, curious!
  13. So, if i die, and i loose my character, and everything equipped and in my inventory. You don't consider that perma death? Or do you mean, 1 character per server only, no Alts? And making a new one, if you die, should be impossible? Not being able to reroll if you die, well... in UO it took atleast a month to get capped again, so i guess you were "off the server". I could live with it.
  14. I respectfully disagree. You can still PvP as per normal, join a guild, and go nuts? Heck going "red" is not seen as a punishment for those who are into that, more like a blessing.
  15. I understand what you are trying to say. But i have shelled out real life cash for 3 games/alphas last year, and i don't feel committed at all to those games. That was kinda the point i was trying to get out there, i think you get a better testing environment, by inviting people who filled out those boring "pick me" forms, instead of random people with a credit card, not even interested in testing, but whom just wants to play, because. I would rather give some information to ArtCraft, letting them know what my experience are, and all that rainbow sprinkles, and if they can use my expertise... great, i would then feel super obliged to do my best testing their game. If the OP as you say, gets invited to test, and i wouldn't, they need his expertise more than they need mine, it is that simple, and there is nothing wrong in that. Maybe they need people to test, who played League of Legends for 4 years, that ain't me, so obviously they should not pick me to test their game.
  16. A ruleset i believe would work. Now, i have no clue if the game even has levels, i am just going with my Shadowbane/UO experience. Ruleset for a Permadeath Campaign Level 1-20 are your grace period. You cannot permadie, no matter what. After level 20, you have several choices. Start killing random innocent people. When 5 innocent people has been killed by your blade, you turn "red", and enabling Permadeath for yourself, no turning back, you can now permanently die, and people can put bounties on your head. Continue XP'ing now unguilded/errent, doing your own thing, you still can't permadie, and you can defend yourself when attacked at no cost. If someone random kills you, they won't get a Kill Mark, since you are not in a guild, but considered an outlaw. Join a guild, now you can attack, and be attacked, by whomever your guild is in war with, at no cost, no permadeath. If you attack innocent people (aka people in a guild you are not in a war with), you will still get a Kill Mark, and again, if you reach 5, you can be permakilled, by everone NOT in war with your guild. That means, if you turn red, you can still fight in the war, but should some random person, defeat you in a 1on1 (or get the KB in a zerg?), you will be permantly dead. This opens up for some interesting political... tactics. This also means that if anyone outside your guildwar kills you, they will get a Kill Mark. Be an unguilded/outlaw player killer. Hunting everyone, and being hunted by everyone. You are the good old Player Killer from UO, anyone can kill you, and if you die, you are permanently dead. You can however, kill anyone, but won't have any safe spots, except for your own house. People will be able to put bounties on you, which will be paid upon your death, to your killer. At the end of your leveling career, you are either: Dead. At war with a guild, versus another guild or even multiple guilds. An outlaw, killing everyone on sight. In a PK guild, where everyone is red/able to permanently die, but never going alone, zerging your way to world dominance, loosing a few scrubs on the way. Sitting inside a safe town, wondering why you even joined this crazy campaign. So... i am sure, if someone more Developer minded, would brainstorm abit, they could come up with a super nice ruleset, a thousand times better than the one i just posted, but hey... i would play this.
  17. Yeah, i am not saying it would work. I am just saying... damn it would be fun if it could work. The way Crowfall seems to be developed, makes this a unique chance to make a server with such a ruleset. Again, it could fail miserably, but i still feel, done right... it would be an amazing experience, with tears, hatred and joy. Mostly tears i guess.
  18. I felt my testing was really important for the games progress, so i gave it all, and typed report after report after report. I honestly don't feel like that in the games where i have paid to test. Now, as sarin wrote, i might just be to old for this stuff. But hey, this is a place to voice concerns, and the constant paying to test, concerns me.
  19. Ah ok, a troll. Nevermind, let's have some fun. What PvP games have you been playing the last 15 years... "bro"?.
  20. Are you for real? Enlighten me, what is meaningful PvP in the minds of the oh so great checkyotrack. I certainly do not want "quick instances", granted, it could end quickly depending on the ruleset, but i haven't seen anywhere, that you cannot delete the now dead character, and roll a new one? Do you see me come into your "meaningless" threads, and spam "oh you just want carebearish safemode PvP without any consequences". Heck even in Shadowbane they went carebearish and dropped the full loot on death, so you only lost your inventory. No, the most satisfying PvP i have tried so far, was in good ol' Ultima Online, man vs man, no gear, pure skills (and some ping advantage perhaps...). I died alot, but i knew i died because the other dude was better than me. And heck, when we PK'd it was permadeath, and the adrenaline rush you get from close calls, are undescribable. Leveling and building a toon for months, only to take it out for a trip, knowing if you die all that work is gone... now, that is most certainly meaningful PvP, and the experience you get from those PvP fights, are those you will remember for years to come. Source: Me... i still remember loads close calls, and even 1 death from good old Ultima Online. Edit: I see alot of people saying "it will last for a few days only". In Ultima Online you could run around as a PK for months/years without dying, it just took skill. Granted, there were alot of escape skills in Ultima Online, and if being tagged in Crowfall, disables all your escape skills, sure, it might end fast. But if the game is properly build, and fights are not just "oops i critted, enemy dead", i can see it be perfectly viable here also. Anywyas, good debate all around.
  21. Wonderful post Bluddwolf. I agree, there has to be alot of thought behind such a server, maybe that is what makes it not-viable... time will tell. We can only give feedback the best way possible, and in the end, if it does not work out, atleast we tried. You make alot of good points. The permadeath in the last season, being one of the best. Well put!
  22. Ah, so that makes it OK. Back when i alpha tested Shadowbane, it was INVITE to test, not pay to test, and it was a wonderful experience, both for us testers, and the developers, no doubt. After paying to test (and support!) EQ Landmark, Camelot Unchained, Shroud of the Avatar + more... well... something is just wrong about it. In the alphas and betas i have been a part of previously, which were on an invite basis, i honestly felt like i made a difference, and i also worked much harder. Nowadays, i just feel like i am another purse to be opened, and ignored. I support kickstarters, but don't put Alpha/Beta test in there only, if at all. If people really wanna support/fund the game, they will.
  23. No, certainly not every world should have permadeath, not at all. But just one, for us crazy folks.
  24. I think the ruleset could have a "permadeath when you sign up for a (old SB Bane) fight...". So, you could run around and play, and die normally, but when you sign up for a siege defense, or siege attack... its all or nothing. But hey, im down for permadeath no matter what...
  25. I fear you that the "sign up for beta test" is just a bait thing. If they go down the same road as everyone else, its PAY TO TEST OUR GAME. Sadly...
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