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  1. A glass cannon, lightly armoured, but pure DPS sword wielding class, would be pretty awesome...
  2. As long as we can raid, loot and plunder these ships and they do not distract from the overall theme of the game, why not?
  3. Certainly interesting
  4. Whilst I agree with you, the advantage of static spawns is the consistency of PvP in that area.
  5. PvE is necessary to a certain extent, as long as it is not the focus of the game - I couldn't give a crap.
  6. drenai


    Hey Lux! Lets see if we can drag the rest of Heretics and PoC here with us!
  7. If it is anything like Shadowbane, then it hope so.
  8. Questing makes me dizzy, but PvE is decent as long as it is only a tool used to get PvP ready.
  9. I couldn't give a damn about graphics, as long as they are semi-decent. It's all about the content and PvP.
  10. drenai


    Indeed it does, good thing we are starting the hype on our forums!
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