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  1. Thanks! However like Yianni posted will there be anywhere for us to drop bug reports?
  2. While I thank you for the extra goodies it would be REALLY nice to get some semblance of an update on when the 5.11 update drops.
  3. Its possible but if thats the case all they would need to do was make a small post to their twitter or something simply telling everyone and there would be way less expectations for the update to drop soon
  4. Just fair to point out that the Dregs part of the update will come a few weeks after the first part of the War of the Gods update drops. First part adds talents, updates to multiple things and essentially lays all the groundwork and foundations for the big part of the update aka dregs
  5. Im just holding out hope for some semblance of news this week. Would suck quite alot for yet another month to go by without an update to the game and most of the month to go by with next to no communication except slight updates and articles
  6. Oh boy. That place is a hellscape. Especially during the Blitzchung situation. That was one of the worst forum wars I have ever seen and the fact Blizzard left those forums open for days says alot about just how disgruntled people were at that time.
  7. Now somehow I doubt this is true. If you want my honest opinion you come off as someone who dropped in here. Wanted to stir the pot and get drama going. And thats it. If thats the case. Grow up and just leave the forum if you are this heartbroken about the game.
  8. Why post repeated spam messages about how another guild needs to burn in a fire and then proceed to go on now a nearly 45 minute rant about how horrible the game is.
  9. Coming from the guy who just went on a 14 post rant about the game thats not saying much. If you want to have a civil conversation about what the pros and cons of the game are thats fine. But there is no point in doing so if you are going to simply be a nuisance and rant about anything and everything.
  10. Like APE just said. Show us the badge. If you are so upset then give us evidence to believe you payed any money at all. If you didnt then why are you here being a buzzkill to begin with?
  11. Couldnt tell ya atm but its looking doubtful right now.
  12. I have no idea. Seems like someone who just wants to stir the pot and upset people atm
  13. While I am incredibly antsy to play this game as well MMOs in general take much longer to develop then most other major titles. In fact 5 years is the AVERAGE to make an MMO. Sometimes it can take nearly a decade to make one.
  14. I fully agree that I am in part at fault for just being antsy and hoping for it to come soon. However I would be quite surprised if we dont get an update today simply based off the teases JTodd has been giving today on his twitter. Not saying he cant tease but it will put a sour taste in peoples mouth if nothing occurs today. Im personally fine with waiting if it means getting a complete product as promised though. That and Im far more interested in the game now following watching Chronicles of Elyria crash and burn
  15. Oh I believe in them wholeheartedly. I think they are one of the better teams working on an upcoming MMO and I think they have the skills to get it done. All I wish is for just a tad more communication is all . Im just worried this will turn into a several weeks scenario of minimal communication which I really hope doesnt happen as in my experience with MMOs it always backfires when that happens.
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