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  1. Darkfall online.. nuff said.. to bad they killed it
  2. Tried it afew months ago and hope they keep working on it because a darkfall 1.0 arena would be fun as hell. but to be honest it need to look better if they want none DF vets to try it out/Buy it. i know its early and i like it and like i said i wish them luck with their development!
  3. This is my favorite Ost http://mejeri-bryg.dk/img/svendbo1.jpg
  4. Loved this post. loved SWG and was interesting to see what was really going on.
  5. Nice update. will be fun to follow the progress!
  6. Depends alot on combat and how classes work.. i prefer ammo/regs but if its just wildstar combat in a EQN world i dont really mind it because im prolly not going to play it then anyway.
  7. Well i want a full loot server. thats it, i dont care if it only lasts 1 week (would like a 3-6 month server) I just want full loot and i really hope they provide us with a real PvP server with full loot no matter what season it is.. I know alot of people feel the same way.
  8. feel free to PM me man would love to chat about GW2 since i just came back to it aswell and never really got far into it but would like some tips for gambling and what to farm.. But yah i tried GW2 again and i liked it for the first 3 days then i was like what class should i play????!! and have been trying them all out for like 1 week and still cant decide Other then that i bought Reign of Kings and its what i have played for the last 3-4 days now.
  9. I have to say i didnt like the game one bit, it should have just been full fantasy in my opinion.. you have "fantasy like" classes but then run around in train stations and such.. im also not a big fan of gear that makes you look like a pimp or something strange.. i played for abit but got bored quite fast even tho the combat system was quite good.. im glad i didnt buy into the beta like i do 99% of the times because im not going to be playing skyforge..
  10. Hello there people, i wanted to see if anyone have played RoK aka Reign of Kings? I have to say i really like the game, servers are not super stable now but other then that the game is good for being an early access release on steam.. Its a survival game like rust, h1z1 but in medieval times and thats something i prefer over guns and zombies. The game focus on a King mechanic that works out really well. Basically you can claim a throne and become king and then put taxes on the rest of the players 0-20% and if you put the at like 20% people will be disgruntled because you take 20%
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