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  1. I agree. Please no arena PVP, please no factions other than those made by PLAYERS. No in game horde vs alliance crap. Sorry to bring up that game. Forget about every friggen mmo that has ever been, except for maybe Ultima Online and Shadowbane, and go from there. No factions, no duels, just real-life options, and real-life consequences. Sure give a newb a safezone to roll a toon in peace, but then throw them to the wolves as soon as possible. Less in-game limits and more player-made limits. PLEASE AND THANKS!!!! (respectfully) It will be an easier game to make without them!
  2. No doubt bro. I invested some time in those. I lost the originals too - hard drive crash about 5 years ago. Oh well - Hopefully Crowfall will have safezones and ways to bring high level mobs to them. I'm always up for making new friends.
  3. I want to play an mmo where if on a day I feel like playing with others in groups, I can choose to make friends and be nicey nicey with the common folk... On other days when I want to solo PK and grief people for hours on end, I want to be able to go out and roll those same people that I was nice to just minutes before. I want to play an mmo that allows this and doesn't have a problem with me doing it. Not that I'm a douchebag or anything - it's just my way of RP I guess. Shadowbane was the only way I've ever had this kind of experience in an online game.
  4. Totally agree. Also, can we give the elves, ogres, and dwarves a rest just this once? I'm so tired of it. If it's gonna be medieval, let's do something different if possible. Maybe some kind of parallel world where the medieval world of the past meets technology of the future or something like that. I dunno, just no elves please. There has to be something more.
  5. Re-roll and reinvent yourself, or raise an army and change poorly made socks up!
  6. Ben! Can I get an insta-level to 75 ???
  7. Do you want: One massive ever-changing ever-expanding online world to influence, conquer, and explore... opening the game to all players throughout the world, Europe, NA, and Asia in real-time? Several smaller mirror-image worlds or with slightly differing mapsets, limits to members in different parts of the world based on locale and/or timezone, and various other restrictions?
  8. When defeating a fellow Crowfall player, should you: 1) Have the ability to loot that player's inventory BUT NOT their equipped gear? 2) Have the ability to loot that player's inventory AND their equipped gear? 3) Get some ****ing worthless reward for a PK like a badge, medal, or trophy?
  9. Open-world, free-for-all, pvp with the ability to loot inventory! Looking to get my PK fix. (Please and thanks)
  10. I played SB Live from 2004 to 2009 on Mourning, Vengeance, Redemption, Thurin, and Test, and I am currently playing Grief (Magicbane emulator) and DalgothBeta (SBEmu emulator).
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