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  1. Much rather that than spending millions on combinations as other MMOs do. Read the news you filthy jews! They xplained about it.
  2. Stop this at once, i've seen you in other people's posts doing this several times. Make your own topic you spineless custard.
  3. Mkay looks like it already exists then.
  4. The devs already said the mines and quarries and lumbermills will "generate" wood so i think it's safe to say that hard resources will be generated there only to have to be loaded on a caravan and brought back.
  5. It could be pulled off but it would have to be done well, it just reminded me of The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings, the Prologue where the neutral Dragon interrupts the castle siege. I LOVED that.
  6. Bruh... from the few gameplay videos we've seen and even one of the developers saying "Monsters are just there as an extra threat" i think it's safe to say the game is mainly PvP oriented, seeing as how you can go anywhere monsters will probably be really easy to dodge and will only have crafting materials you will need for rare recipies. Read the news mate.
  7. borbor


    Maybe somebody already suggested this or it is already planned, but i just want to say having Ships in the game would be infinitely cool as it would add a whole new layer to combat. Also, PIRATES!
  8. Oh and by the way you don't have to be forever a virgin to join this guild :3 .
  9. Hey there i'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in a guild inspired by Game of Thrones that would be called The Night's Watch. It'd really fit the game since there's a ranger class and The Hunger to fight and defend the Kingdoms against... this isn't a real guild or anything yet, just wondering if anyone would be interested. If enough people are interested, I might develop the idea more. Crows before hoes amigos!
  10. Well i guess i'll just wait for more hints then.
  11. Won't work 'cause of the loss system, as the items will decay and be destroyed quickly
  12. What i've connected so far: -its from the past -its written on cloth, it can be bought -souvenir Was there a collectors edition of Shadowbane? 'cause that is a game from what seems like the past... and the souvenir part makes me think of collectors edition, since the Ultima Online collectors edition had this nice UO souvenir... and it also came with a map that had certain stuff written on it. Map? Piece of cloth? If Shadowbane had a collector's edition or anything close to it that came with a map and/or a souvenir, my first instinct would be to check it for anything that sounds like a password that would fit... that would be if i had ever ordered or played shadowbane. If anyone happens to have this, please inspect. Can't get over the riddle with spies and curators tho. Allso it just hit me he urged us to keep our mouths shut in a message so i hope this doesn't disqualify me from the riddle.
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