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  1. Everyone knows it was over the minute Bone quit the game. Don't even pretend that you have defeated the real R30s or Sinister in any form of competition ever. I don't even remember anyone named MadCams. What you are really saying is that you couldn't get the job done until everyone got tired of the game and some random recruit was left in charge of what was left of the alliance. Bravo! I suggest you go raid molten core or whatever it is that baby sitters club you call a guild does these days.
  2. Is this cattboy from whatever guild he's in this week? I think you should feel bad.
  3. I'm not sure how sticking around in a broken dead game to wait for the inevitable sunset raises your standing. It's like having your dog stuffed when it dies instead of going to the shelter and finding another dog that needs a home. "You stuck with your dog even after death, what a great owner!!!" No it's just creepy and unnatural.
  4. I'm sorry if the truth hurts.
  5. It still has more players than Shadowbane.
  6. Or maybe you just couldn't cut it in other games? I'm sure it was easier for you to stay in a dead game where the population was low and the competition was mediocre. Where is this R30s website you speak of?
  7. Six weeks is all it took to: 1. Pound any and all opposition into the ground and raze all of their cities. 2. Realize that the "miracle patch" did not happen and the game would never be fixed. 3. Get frustrated with the sb.exe error that occured every 2 - 5 minutes of play.
  8. We quit the game the week before e3. Anything after that was not the real r30s. At that point none of our core infrastructure had even been scratched.
  9. They were mad and influenced by misinformation when that was written. Nobody has updated that stuff in years to reflect the truth. You might notice that no history has been added since SB because nobody wants to write it down. My conscience is clean. But yes it was fun times. Angus was actually mad at me at the time too because I wouldn't hand over the crafting buildings. I was also threatened with a boot from the nation/guild. Everyone quit the game shortly after that so nothing ever came of it.
  10. Looking at the nurfed website is painful. It seems the years have not been kind to nurfed. It's like seeing an old friend dying from cancer.
  11. It costs more money to refine tears into salt. I would rather dupe the salt directly when possible.
  12. No desire to play a game that wasn't good then and isn't good now. It's like telling me to go watch The Phantom Menace to see if it got better since the last time I watched it. I really liked the ideas behind shadowbane. I did not like the finished product. That's why we quit.
  13. 0 gold? I've never cheated in my life. The only things getting duped here are the tears and salt.
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