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  1. More specifically, they need to hard reset if the crash happens during the Myrm ultimate. It's a fatal mistake to use the ultimate as an intended failsafe function. Since it wont reset your stacks after the crash, on your next berserk you will lose stacks as you're trying to build them. You get into this constant push/pull situation that even whirlwind cant bypass (maybe it gets bugged?). In most cases, you can see a 7 stack drop down to 3 just before you take the crash.
  2. Worst part is this boss seems to roam more than the others or maybe just ports through walls? One moment you gauge where she's at, the next she's on the other side of the camp where you've been safely pulling mobs. Meanwhile the vsible raid boss just chills in the same area. Her stealth is also extremely high. Having a steath detection is not enough because when you see her it's already too late (at least as an elken).
  3. Maps are way too small. I've had more fun running around on the nearly dead starter worlds (the only time the small map seem like a positive) than playing the zerg game in dregs today. If there was a bigger map, big daddy zergs would go one way and smaller groups would go the other. In dregs, there is only one playstyle and if being the big boss zerg of the zone map isn't your thing, well, too bad. There's no real place for you (at least that's my first impression). For me, it just makes me miss games like Darkfall when I should be more focused on building memories here. I see a lot of old names but get none of the same feelings in this new arena. And, yes, I'm part of one of the big zerg alliances and am all for it winning. It's not my preferred playstyle but I'll play as the game dictates. With so few room to breathe in each zone and so few camps, I don't see today's gameplay changing much if we assume the game's population stays at healthy levels.
  4. Not really about 6.4 specifically (although I've been testing it). I usually avoid these threads but decided to give my overall Top 5 opinion since I keep hearing this game is readying up to release soon. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). Classes. Crowfall offers enough class variety that I think everyone should be able to find a class they can vibe with. This is one of the most important drivers for any game to be successful. Crafting (although lacking in a ton of QOL) is interesting enough to promote how you build your class to further separate yourself from others. Races. Again, variety is the spice of life. I hate there are no Werewolves or Orcs but it's not everyday you get to be a Mino or Centaur. Domains. It's a concept I'd like to see further expanded/improved upon but foundationally it's a step in the right direction. Theorycrafting. I'd like to believe I'm a hardcore theorycrafter just as much as a hardcore pvper. All the pieces above (and some not mentioned) helps make Crowfall one of the more enjoyable games to theorycraft in. My likes do not come without any pain points but the game is still young and finding its way so that is to be expected. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Dodge needs an iframe. Combat should provide more skillful reactionary gameplay besides just being proactively tanky enough to survive the dps race over your opponent. However, dodge should not avoid ground AoEs or Ults. Blocking feels too sluggish and the self-snare should be removed. Maybe it's just the animation and the buff having a visual delay but it feels unresponsive. The self-snare while blocking is too severe and kills the flow of combat. The base in combat movement speed already feels slow as is. I'd remove the slow on block entirely for that reason. A good word used in 6.4 patch notes is momentum. Having high momentum may not be realistic while blocking but it makes for a more engaging pvp combat system (see: Darkfall, ESO, BDO). Weapon Swapping is too clunky. There's a noticeable and annoying transition delay. Also, the Melee to Range camera transition is not smooth enough and has a jerky disorienting effect while fighting. Ultimates are mostly boring and get stale. I'd like to see more tide-changing ults. Each class should have 2 - 3 functionally different ultimates to use. ST burst nukes, Heavy DoT, AoE Suppression effects that nullifies magical abilities, etc. Let the imagination run wild and tone them down as needed. You could even have domains and promotions provide these new Ultimates (or just one of those for now if resources are an issue). The game is adding more build mix-ups but the combat is still not as polished or engaging as it could be. Siege battles and owning territory should feel like fighting for your home and less about point scoring. There was a level of dedication to owning and building your castle in Darkfall (and I hear was also the case in Shadowbane). From what I've experienced in CF, running from place to place on the map like a headless chicken feels more like stale GW2 or ESO gameplay (I love ESO combat but Cyrodiil is just a glorified BG and not a territory war). If CF is the "first throne war simulator" then I have bigger hopes that it can make its players feel like they have a stake in the land they claim, even if it will implode at some point. This also shouldn't be limited to larger guilds. Allow small claims that smaller guilds can own and become "vassals" to the the bigger guys running around. These hit squads are how smaller guilds often rose to fame in games like DF, despite not being the "winners" of the big picture. CF should be more political and tactical with territory expansion but the game doesn't promote it. Thanks for helping out with these feedback threads! If you have something you'd like to see focused on in these threads feel free to let me know! Honorary Dislike mention: Please remove the chicken ticker. We're so close to this finally happening since its original introduction. It just needs another push!
  5. Agree. Hiding the helmet is the baseline standard of RPGs. No reason not to have it.
  6. Both of these explain the core issue that I hope the devs realize. The core issue isn't an easy fix. I'd argue there are many variables affecting this outcome but adding an iframe to dodge and the previous damage mitigation to ults is a step in the right direction (and promotes more skillful counterplay). However, it's worth noting that races with the 22 sec gap closer will be at a clear disadvantage over those that can spam an iframe more often. It's important to keep in mind that versatility will always dominate the PvP meta. The more spammable iframe fits into that perspective as you're better prepared for the dynamics of pvp combat in both large and small scale.
  7. Your "resource" is whatever the class utilizes when using abilities. So along with the above examples, a less obvious one would be Templar and its pip resource. Although it appears to be a combo point system it works similarly to other resources and is affected by resource gain passives.
  8. I think overall 6.2 is missing the mark. I agree that past major updates seem to have always been an improvement over the previous one but my hype for 6.2 is falling fast. My Secutor Knight build went from having fun interactions to being ripped apart and divided among discs and a more restricted talent tree (some of which are not accessible or are removed). There are no alternatives that leave me feeling satisfied. "Hard choices" as a design goal appears more like artificially creating a struggle to feel whole. Honestly, if 6.2 was released today I'd actually miss 6.1. While the idea is great the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. Adjudicator can be used by Templars but Adjudicate still requires a blunt weapon. Is this unintentional?
  10. Just going to say, thanks a lot for giving Templars a ton of ways to generate more pips!
  11. LOL what? I hope this isn't directed at me.. Like almost everyone else, most of us stopped playing to wait for 6.2. I don't even know why the couple still hanging around even bother to show up for the slideshow or "stand around to do nothing" sieges.
  12. You're no stranger. We're practically married at this point. My oldest recorded video of me PvPing in Crowfall is almost 3 years old now so I'm not that new. Their original intended design goal does not at all fit how the classes were back then (also Templar was in a slightly better position) and it does not resemble the evolution of the classes since. A lot has changed. Sure, some specs have varying degrees of heightened success in certain situations but they're still functionable. For example, Archdruid is great when they can setup, not so great in mobile fights, and yet if played well can still 1vX while not being ideal. The key here is that the player is not shackled by an oversight. Templar relies on you standing in my circle and beating on my parry for me to use any of my abilities. No other class is currently that dependent on the bad play of their opponent just to function at a basic level. We're not even talking min/max and using the ideal tool for the job. I'll reiterate it's not about a class being the best in every situation. Templar is the only one that doesn't function at all here but if that's working as intended then I guess there's nothing else to add to this discussion.
  13. I don't know if you're trying to troll and it's poorly done but you just come off as clueless when you don't even attempt to refute my points. If you're just trying to provoke me I'd save it because I'm already hardened from the Darkfall forums. Nevertheless, how is more reliable pip generation affecting your gameplay in a siege (answer: you won't notice a change in zerg battles)? I'd respect your input more if you at least attempted to refute my point even if we never agree on this and go our separate ways. At the end of the day, if the devs want to keep their class gimped because you feel like it should be for some arbitrary reason like "muh siege class better not be viable anywhere else" then fine. It's easy enough to never play Templar and enjoy the full game with the many other, more well-rounded, classes that are also good in sieges.
  14. Why shouldn't you be able to? Would you guys be so upset that some Templar main can happily play his class outside of siege timers? Also, the game does not clearly tell or encourage you to play several classes because it doesn't clearly tell you much at all. Besides, the investment into one character only increases with time spent. Have you noticed how many points it takes for 1 pip in the specialized passive tree? No way I'm going to invest in 2handers then switch to become a Knight without feeling penalized (or worse a Ranger). Not to mention the time spent working towards a legendary vessel. The game shows me that constantly switching later on is a poor decision. You can also achieve some success in 1vX on: Confessor Druid Ranger Knight (which I'd argue is easily a king in small scale in 6.1) Champion Cleric Myrm Duelist Frostweaver was decent until mechanically destroyed recently Assassin is also mechanically busted but getting fixes in 6.2. If we're talking about small group pvp, you can add everyone on the list except for Templar (and of course healers are not considered on these lists). You guys are so hung up on some superficial "best" nonsense yet completely miss the point entirely. How is fixing design flaws "trying to force templar away from being the best frontliner into something it's not?" I've already stated that you can fix Templar without changing its identity. It's poor pip generation is not an identity, it's a flawed design. The number one overall problem with Templar in small scale is that it needs its opponents to be braindead to be effective. Which is why it's a king of PvE mob grinding. Too bad for Templar it's a PvP game.. Increasing its ability to reliably generate pips like EVERY other builder/spender class in the game and you give it a shot at being viable in small scale even if you don't fix other flaws (and for the third time mobility is NOT what I'm talking about). That would have ZERO impact on zerg mosh pits where you can spam hard and faceroll through the lag.
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