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  1. Not really about 6.4 specifically (although I've been testing it). I usually avoid these threads but decided to give my overall Top 5 opinion since I keep hearing this game is readying up to release soon. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). Classes. Crowfall offers enough class variety that I think everyone should be able to find a class they can vibe with. This is one of the most important drivers for any game to be successful. Crafting (although lacking in a ton of QOL) is interesting enough to
  2. Agree. Hiding the helmet is the baseline standard of RPGs. No reason not to have it.
  3. Both of these explain the core issue that I hope the devs realize. The core issue isn't an easy fix. I'd argue there are many variables affecting this outcome but adding an iframe to dodge and the previous damage mitigation to ults is a step in the right direction (and promotes more skillful counterplay). However, it's worth noting that races with the 22 sec gap closer will be at a clear disadvantage over those that can spam an iframe more often. It's important to keep in mind that versatility will always dominate the PvP meta. The more spammable iframe fits into that perspective as you're bet
  4. Your "resource" is whatever the class utilizes when using abilities. So along with the above examples, a less obvious one would be Templar and its pip resource. Although it appears to be a combo point system it works similarly to other resources and is affected by resource gain passives.
  5. I think overall 6.2 is missing the mark. I agree that past major updates seem to have always been an improvement over the previous one but my hype for 6.2 is falling fast. My Secutor Knight build went from having fun interactions to being ripped apart and divided among discs and a more restricted talent tree (some of which are not accessible or are removed). There are no alternatives that leave me feeling satisfied. "Hard choices" as a design goal appears more like artificially creating a struggle to feel whole. Honestly, if 6.2 was released today I'd actually miss 6.1. While the idea is great
  6. Adjudicator can be used by Templars but Adjudicate still requires a blunt weapon. Is this unintentional?
  7. Just going to say, thanks a lot for giving Templars a ton of ways to generate more pips!
  8. LOL what? I hope this isn't directed at me.. Like almost everyone else, most of us stopped playing to wait for 6.2. I don't even know why the couple still hanging around even bother to show up for the slideshow or "stand around to do nothing" sieges.
  9. You're no stranger. We're practically married at this point. My oldest recorded video of me PvPing in Crowfall is almost 3 years old now so I'm not that new. Their original intended design goal does not at all fit how the classes were back then (also Templar was in a slightly better position) and it does not resemble the evolution of the classes since. A lot has changed. Sure, some specs have varying degrees of heightened success in certain situations but they're still functionable. For example, Archdruid is great when they can setup, not so great in mobile fights, and yet if played well c
  10. I don't know if you're trying to troll and it's poorly done but you just come off as clueless when you don't even attempt to refute my points. If you're just trying to provoke me I'd save it because I'm already hardened from the Darkfall forums. Nevertheless, how is more reliable pip generation affecting your gameplay in a siege (answer: you won't notice a change in zerg battles)? I'd respect your input more if you at least attempted to refute my point even if we never agree on this and go our separate ways. At the end of the day, if the devs want to keep their class gimped because you feel li
  11. Why shouldn't you be able to? Would you guys be so upset that some Templar main can happily play his class outside of siege timers? Also, the game does not clearly tell or encourage you to play several classes because it doesn't clearly tell you much at all. Besides, the investment into one character only increases with time spent. Have you noticed how many points it takes for 1 pip in the specialized passive tree? No way I'm going to invest in 2handers then switch to become a Knight without feeling penalized (or worse a Ranger). Not to mention the time spent working towards a legendary vesse
  12. They say and continue to say that you shouldn't be the best at everything. Viability =/= Best
  13. Not every class needs to be the best at AoE, CC, Utility, Burst, mitigating damage, or other measurable attributes. What you just said is that in a PvP only MMO it's ok for one class to not be viable in one aspect of PvP. I think you should be able to play any class without waiting for a siege timer to be viable. Small scale is the biggest part of PvP in Crowfall even if it's not the most valuable in terms of "winning." Besides, there isn't a ton of other content to delve into so why do we need gimped classes? Making Templar an enjoyable experience in any environment (like every other class) i
  14. Yea there is no way you could hold that statement outside of a zerg battle where you go around holding right click and you get free melee hits and divine light procs in the confusion. Templar is a builder/spender with mechanically poor ways of building in a PvP environment and yet a ton of costly skills to spend pips on (especially since they made the change to all disc skills costing pips). Nobody in a good small scale group is standing in your circle and blindly spamming into parry without counters.
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