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  1. um no, but actually, no. "support" would indicate that there is an problem which can be resolved. There's no "problem" because there's no option to do this at this time. This is an opinion on a feature that I would like to see implemented. So general discussion, or even theorycrafting would be accurate. Good attempt though, better luck next time.
  2. u wut? What does that have to do with anything in this thread? LOL "target audience" hasn't been mentioned once, nor is it even relevant.
  3. Just a post for the people still guessing or looking for info. If you can, put a reply or reaction to push the post up so it will be seen more easily.
  4. The rare, but intensely hilarious, triple down. Yes, we would like to be informed. But since youre so committed, I have a timeshare investment that would really interest you. You don't need to know anything, or if it will even work. All you have to do is just give me money.
  5. Oh boy, you're doubling down. I love when people do that. *deep inhale* Here's the deal. There's a massive difference between saying "There's been some DDoS attacks, as well as, server load issues" and "Servers Will Be Down For Maintenance" I'm not a developer, I don't know how to interpret lines of code or how to make a game. I understand common issues for games like server loads, crashes, DDoS attacks, or gamebreaking bugs. We're not talking about giving us the exact line of code and how it affected 10,000 other lines of code, just a summary.
  6. Yeah that's the way to treat your customers. "You're too stupid to understand what a DDoS attack or server instability etc. etc. is, so we're just not gonna say anything" Damn, you should start a company, like time meow.
  7. nah man, I think everyone is just as riled up, but I wouldn't refund. It's a great game and we are all passionate about it. Best we can do is give stern, but fair criticism. Not full blown riot, or jumping ship. In my opinion, there is a big difference
  8. *shrug* Businesses make the same mistakes over and over, because they're too scared to trip over their own words. Who knows if it'll change. Best we can do is keep giving stern, but fair criticism, as well as, possible solutions until something sticks
  9. nah, you're fine man. I was genuinely not trying to dump on performance, just something that I'd really like to be implemented
  10. I have a 3080, ROG STRIX B550-F, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor, and 32GB of RAM. It's not my rig. If you cant notice a difference between screen tears and frame drops, that's perfectly ok. But I do, as well as, some other people I would imagine. It's just a QoL change that I would like to see implemented, not sh*tting on optimization at all.
  11. If you actually read the responses, you would see that others are perfectly able to comprehend or understand the intent. You evidently have poor reading skills and/or lack of reading comprehension. Might I suggest this hand dandy reading comprehension practice sheet to help you out in the future?
  12. Yet again, you've completely missed the mark with the intent of the post. Way to go you! The intent is to share the collective sigh about launch issues, while stating that COMMUNICATION is the issue. (or lack, thereof) Sick white-knighting though 😎
  13. Way to be a literalist. This guy over here is goin places LOL
  14. I paid an unchristly amount of money for my PC to run games well, and look good at the same time. Would be phenomenal to be able to play in fullscreen 1440p with 165hz refresh. I feel like that isn't a big ask. I never said anything during closed because I chalked it up to there being much more important features and aspects of the game to work on, but on release? I don't want to play a jittery, screen tearing game in 2021. Framerate and optimization can always be worked on or improved in any game, but not supporting resolutions or refresh rates is kind of subpar in my opinion.
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