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  1. Now imagine this game in epic's engine where people can actually utilize their powerfull gpu's 😅
  2. Managed to squeeze in second match, split second character selection screen, game starts loading match no chance to actually select a premade character. That feeling when you spend your holiday figuring out and putting time into something just to have an experience like this. The biggest issue for me with the dome is that level cap to 35 right now as its in testing phase why not just scale down all players to 30, essentially taking away their stats from vessels to have a more balanced testing enviroment?
  3. Doesn't really matter what was said the real question is: Do people behind this game want to shower in money(potentialy loosing their dignity but who gives a f?) or do they want to scrap whats left on the bottom of the box? Ban me, for all i care is to see a single mmo that is played and loved by masses not some bunch of regulars. Grind the dome with blood if needed, take your time with polish, then it just needs a single spark
  4. Hi! My name is bad as my taste for games dont judge me for this post. Im noob but have been playing on test server to go trought some classes and most of proffesions, biggest bug i got yet is it rains inside buildings and crafting is a big bug in particular. I cant imagine how does gvg feel like running around all these empty-same-looking-open-world-maps. Also, menji pipl ask mi Nikkita vaj du ju du ju do.... Game becomes more P2progress-faster but noone even wants to play the gvg. MegaMFers want to bash other people in arenas, fast quee, no regrets. What was shown in HG with br style it can potentionaly bring a storm of people and if not all of them will only be interester in this not the boomer p2w running simulator like any other mmo. Also why the f s on them even more with 'gathering' bonus gear. Poor fs dont even stand a chance with their regular gear on. delete half of the game this post ripps your b edit: post was too cruel;
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