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  1. I think this is a necessary step. It isn't going to add to or change the reasons people fight but it will help to increase the fighting overall. People fight over things in games for different reasons. Some will not care, some will do it for the points, others will become emotionally attached and defend their territory simply because it is theirs. This mechanic does not change that. It just makes the fighting that was already there easier to find. Personally, I view the faction campaigns like I do Battle Royale's and MOBA's. There is no emotional investment or attachment. Forts are points that serve a specific goal; to win. Easy come, easy go. This works well for certain personalities and playstyles. I expect the Guild vs. Guild and Dregs campaigns to offer a different option for commitment and investment. I want to protect my home and defend it. Not because of points but because there is a sense of ownership and responsibility. Assets in these campaigns should not be easy come, easy go. Here, we should feel the need to invest in them, rule them, and defend them. TL;DR: A siege window will work fine in both types of campaigns. It is not the deciding factor for what drives people to fight, all it will do is make it easier to find one.
  2. Yeah I just tested it on my duelist and it worked from survival to melee and stealth trees but not from melee to stealth. So it seems to be survival specific.
  3. You don't have to do anything intentionally to exploit it. Just having the passive slotted in survival tray is enough to make it work for all trays. Meaning, anyone who is using multiple trays could have the bug by default and not notice. I thought Sol's follow up video explained this quite clearly.
  4. Thanks for posting the video to clarify Sol. It seems anyone who is tray swapping could be exploiting and not know it. I will try to be more aware of it and avoid it if possible. Sometimes you need different buffs in different trays though, so I am not sure how to stop it entirely.
  5. If minor runestones don't need to be crafted they definitely don't need to be dropped. The only reason to have them as an item was to give crafters another specific crafting niche to feel productive. If this is no longer the case, please just have them always available as part of the character sheet. I see no reason to make them rare and even less reason for them to exist as insignificant drops.
  6. Thank you for writing this. I don't agree with it but it is appreciated that you took the time to explain your thoughts on it. Personally, I think heavy handed use of RNG can become exploitative and abusive. It works because it manipulates the addictive and protective mechanisms of the brain, not because it is enjoyable or because people want to be used in that way. Yes, you can exploit the brain to get what you want but that doesn't mean you should, and I would definitely not attempt to justify it as a good thing. Most sane people will realize that they are being manipulated and begin to resent you for it. I would proceed with caution.
  7. It is a gamble on who has the resilience to stick around through the abuse and not become disgusted or resentful. This sort of thinking will work but there are much better options that don't make people miserable in the process.
  8. Very nicely done. I know that making those roads line up was not an easy task, so good job on being patient and taking the time to connect them. I do hope the roads are just place holders and they will be able to be constructed freely in the future. Roads are important for appearance and function, so being able to place them where we want or need them will be vital. Overall great video and good explanations. I didn't want to mess around with my own EK much, so the detail and effort you put into yours and this the video is appreciated. I feel I don't really need to experiment with one myself now, as I was able to get a good sense of how it works from watching this. It is exactly what a community based EK should be and I am excited to see the potential they have come to life. Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to joining in on your community events soon.
  9. I am very sad to hear this. I really enjoyed watching his stream whenever it was up. I didn't know him but I was drawn to him. He had a calming presence and was an amazing leader. I will miss listening to him and the opportunity to play Crowfall with or against him. I am so sorry for your loss LoD and those who loved him.
  10. I honestly was unsure what to make of Cool when I first met him. He was brash, opinionated, and oh my god did he love to argue. He set off all my buttons. And then I got to know him and meet him in person, and all the uncertainty just vanished. His absolute genuineness, his passion, and selfless decency to those he cared about was just so clear that the knowing was immediate. He was one of the most authentic souls I have ever met. His bluntness was not malicious. It was just him. And who he was was awe inspiring. I want to scream at the universe as loud as I can and tell it to custard off but I also know that we will get through this together because that is what families do.
  11. This game looks interesting. I do think Crowfall should take a look at why survival games are so popular. There is something satisfying about being able to focus on playing the game in the now rather than spending hours preparing and waiting for that theoretical time in the future when you will be "ready." I do think some survival games swing too far in the instant gratification direction of the continuum for me personally, but I also worry that Crowfall is going way too far in the opposite direction.
  12. I don't think people are purchasing multiple accounts in Crowfall for a power advantage so much as they believe them to be mandatory to prevent a disadvantage. The appearance of poorly designed skill trees, a nebulous idea of the economy, and irreconcilable differences in how the game loop should function is creating a whole lot of fear and uncertainty, reinforcing the idea that multiple accounts are mandatory. I understand that people giving in to this fear is good for ACE economically but it could end up backfiring, so it is very concerning that this subject has been ignored for so long. Also, EVE's skill tree only functions within the context of EVE's massive and robust economy. We have absolutely no information to suggest that Crowfall will even begin to compare to what has always been the leading standard for how a game economy should function. I am not saying that it can't or won't be, but we need more information to even hope that it can even come close.
  13. With the way the skill trees are currently the only "social systems" that might fix the problem on non-faction based servers (I am not counting the faction ones because I don't really know anyone who plans to play there) would be regional resources, a global auction house/safe zone for trade, or free transfer between EKs and the campaigns. My personal preference is to just fix the skill trees and/or VIP, but if forced I will always pick multiple accounts over any of these other possible alternatives because they are all much, much worse.
  14. See, this is what happens when you've been so bored for hours with no pvp and then when you finally get into the mood for some harvesting, there's Facerip. You can have the rock, I think it was defective.
  15. Yeah, I dislike how healing still appears to bend in favor of something that is barely above a meme. Essence already ensures that any potential "firehose" healing from the Druid will always be limited, even to her detriment, so having a long cooldown on her heals is probably not necessary. It is hard to know without playing it out though, so hopefully it will make the list of changes that we will be able to help test.
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