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  1. Aye! Chain stuns were never an issue because of tha stun immunity an' dispels. Just got ta be smart an' dispel an' heal yer crew while they be stuck. It is way too early to be whinin about this lubbers. Fer all we know thar be archetypes 'at have shields you can throw on yer mates 'at are stunned to keep em up while 'ey can't move. Or tha knight can chain pull em back to safety. Ya got ta use yer brains an' quit cryin 'at "stuns make me sad." Yer actin like a bunch of wenches. Get off tha battlefield an' take up a new career as an inkeeper or tavern wench. You can spend yer time servin me crew grog after we get done plunderin yer keep.
  2. #28...got excited ta destroy ya fancy lads.
  3. What kinda fancy lad coward suggestion is this? Yer tha first victim we will be sendin ta pay a visit to ol Davey Jones. Maybe even while yer AFK lubber.
  4. Says you, fancy lad. Me crew tends ta hit with fine precision an' aren't all about just throwin shots in a general direction an' hopin ta hit a few targets.
  5. Ya need ta pay tha price fer bein a cowardly wench, ya nancy. I can see yer first up on tha list. Off tha plank with ya.
  6. Leavin early an' runnin like a wench should come at a high price lubbers. Thar should be a hefty monetary tax levied on tha leaver 'at goes into a pool 'at gets divvied up amongst all those 'at stick it out through tha end. Tha alternative would be a penalty in which 'at lubber can leave but loses access to 'at character(but not tha whole account of course ya fancy lads) fer 3-7 days.
  7. Yer under tha impression 'at ya need multiple chars ta be competitive lubber, when 'at isn't tha case. In yer mind ta be competitive it will require ya ta 'ave multiple leveled chars an' I feel tha same, but 'ats because our idea of bein competitive is bein able ta adjust fer any situation. 'at doesn't mean it is in fact tha be all end all. Thar will be plenty o folks 'at have one char 'at they play all tha time an' really well. Them fancy lads will still be competitive if 'ey workin with a solid crew. We don't each exist in a vacuum boyo. If yer tha type to want more 'an one char bein worked on at tha same time...pay tha price. If ya ain't got tha loot, stick with one an' ya can still do just fine.
  8. 'at worked just fine in SB ya wench. Quit yer cryin.
  9. Aye, tha answer is so simple. Tha healin firehose is easy to negate with proper debuffs an' coordination.
  10. Tha fact of tha matter lubber is 'at not every archetype should have tha ability to 1v1 every other an' win. 'at mindset is dangerous fer a team-based pvp environment. Some of tha roles may be weak in solo fights but strong when actin' as a force multiplier fer a crew when out pillagin.
  11. What if pots could be carried and used in combat, but had a very high chance of being destroyed(and causing self dmg due to exploding) when the player is damaged? The person with the alchemist disc would not be subject to that problem but the disc should inherently disallow the disc-holder to use pots in combat...or at all. It would add a whole new support role and would require a cost/benefit analysis based on the current fight, i.e. 'can I really afford for both of us to back out of combat to initiate a potion trade and spend time healing up?' On that same line of thinking, the enemy would be asking 'should we capitalize on this and push forward?' That said, it should play a rather small role in healing and I don't believe in consumables for buffs.
  12. Inspiration...best bard on Mourning! It makes me nauseous 'at bards ain't even in CF yet. Quit yer fancy lad EK trophy room business an' spend time where it matters like makin true support roles important. Already sick enough over 'ere from there not bein dedicated healers. Losin faith with 'ese wenches at ArtCraft.
  13. It will change over time as tha economy changes an' fancy lads get richer lubber. Same way it was in DF. At tha beginning, lots o folks fought naked and cast only basic spells so as ta not lose gear an' reagents. As time passed an' folks built up their coffers, ya see em battling in top tier gear an' carryin plenty o loot.
  14. If 'ats all there is to it then it will be gettin mighty boring pretty fast boyo. In SB, tha thing 'at kept us goin was tha constantly changing political meta. Who is on top now? Which of tha alliances will die out an' sprout anew? Server wars 'at lasted months ta years were tha best. There needs ta be more to tha campaign ending other than a fancy lad timer running out. We need a greater goal. Yar!
  15. Shadowbane style boyos...name an' crest.
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