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  1. Bout time ya show up boyo. The legendary cent sader duo must return ta pillage 'ese fancy lads.
  2. Arrr unfortunately 'at boyo Bob lost 'is wits a few years back an tha crew had ta send em off tha plank, never ta resurface from davey jones' locker. Tis a shame...one of tha best priests an' all-around sieger out there.
  3. Kish! I been wonderin of yer whereabouts fer years now. Bein tha official scribe o' TSP lore ain't a job 'at just anyone can fill.
  4. Angler, ya ol' fancy lad! Where have ya been hidin? Can't remember tha last time ya surfaced from tha briney depths.
  5. What was tha UDL city up north in elven lands? I remember siegin up there...but tha details are hazy.
  6. Yarr...had ta put those fancy lads in their place! I hope 'at we can get back to that level of pillagin soon.
  7. We got an irc server runnin lads? Time ta get back to our roots an' prepare for some pillagin an plunderin!
  8. This thread is for reminiscin' lad. Not some recent fancy lad escapades. Off tha plank with ya!
  9. Post em up me hearty! I'd love ta take a look.
  10. http://www.angelfire.com/ex/xanten/ Yar...look at how empty tha map was. Them were fine times boyos.
  11. Welcome lads. Time ta gear up fer some pillagin an plunderin!
  12. Found another memory. Them fancy lad HoE challenged tha crew to a 10v10.
  13. Har! Take what ya can an' give nothin back.
  14. Har...ya can see me fury Amalia bailin an' leavin poor ol Grombald fer tha sharks at tha end. Sorry lad, a pirate is always lookin out fer 'is own first.
  15. I seen barnacles 'at cut deeper 'an ya nancies. Prepare ta be boarded!
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