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  1. There is leveling ingame and functioning. Level 1 vessels have one or two active abilities and can't put on major and minor disciplines, and the ability to do so is acquired through the talent system. (Leveling up can be done by sacrificing or by grinding rank relevant mobs.)
  2. Unfortunately, Assassins can no longer use Rapiers. Hopefully, it was an oversight and gets put back in through training.
  3. Reevaluate basic training, to short-term I think, would help a lot.
  4. Yes, its a Known bug that picking up a house (or object with a placement node for the crafting tables) will delete it. Eventually the entity will remember it has a table, but for now you have to pick it up every time you want it moved.
  5. After empowering you can also hold Nature's Avatar to Generate essence "quickly", you don't have to cast it on anyone for it to generate Ess. Also, Scimitar druid! Cleric = Sustain Healing Druid = Burst healing / Group dependence on picking up life orbs you put down. Druid is definitely the most flexible of all the classes, but like Tinnis, I too am Bias on that.
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