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  1. The Thrall variant of the Half-Giants has that covered.
  2. could have been ping related then, having a hard time recreating it
  3. In the video I recreated it with a wall piece
  4. Bugs: Fort Castle Bugs - Collision with invisible boxes - Blinking into structures - Taking fall damage on any floors or terrain above the first I've tried picking up the Fort Castle and replacing it, as well as placing it in different spots. All areas retain fall damage above the first floor.
  5. Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    Everytime someone reposts this gif I smile... then frown because I regret the speed in which I did this...
  6. Pulling Horses and giants minos

    This would be awesome on a Guinecean Knight. 10/10 Dont forget about grapple from that thief rune teaser tho
  7. Hey another idea :)

    This topic was thouroghly discussed in 2015 during and after the KS was up. The general consensus is that people will use external channels regardless. Also, it would lead to mic spam similar to Rust/Ark/DayZ/H1Z1/ect.
  8. Ban from EK = return items to Spirit Bank

    It would be wasted efforts as the Soul Bank won't be functioning as it is currently. Also, If you don't want to lose things... don't do stuff that would get you banned from someones EK while wearing your shinies. The players allowed in someones EK is at the discretion of the owner of said EK.
  9. I would imagine Bard could be Race related,(e.g. Woodelves, Elkan, and Human?) Or to classes.(Druid and Cleric)