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    Kiro reacted to soulein in [HoA] Hy'shen Avari - Group vs. Group and Light RP   
    Ok boomer
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    Kiro reacted to Barab in The Farewell Kiss   
    The battle worn Stoneborn was training weapon skills in an abandon unclaimed fort on target dummies when a shadows fell upon the earth around the Champion.
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    Kiro reacted to Tinnis in Frostweaver disappointing   
    i miss when the base druid had branching/chaining combo powers that meaningfully interacted with both each other and a coherent resource mechanic, before the dilution event.
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    Kiro reacted to Tinnis in A little something   
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    Kiro reacted to Vicid in A little something   
    I was secretly hoping you'd get rid of Recall somehow 
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    Kiro reacted to McTan in Today is not the day. :(   
    I kinda wish you could pin this thread and only take it down when it's time to replace it with "today is the day"
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    Kiro reacted to PaleOne in Today is not the day. :(   
    I'm home for two weeks with nothing to do ( Just got back from travelling internationally..)
    School districts all over the US are closing--
    You will have more active testers than ever if you drop this week!
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    Kiro reacted to miraluna in Today is not the day. :(   
    Thanks for the update, I'll be singing the Frostweaver song to keep my spirits up until the patch!
    "Let it go, let it go...."
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    Kiro reacted to Barab in Choices Matter: Racial Disciplines   
    Please give Stoneborn "strength of the mountain"
  10. Thanks
    Kiro reacted to Tinnis in visual noise: health bar options?   
    crappy minimal globe example

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    Kiro reacted to blazzen in visual noise: health bar options?   
    I've been complaining about this for a while. We really need options to toggle/scale all of the UI elements is what it comes down to. The UI is a FPS hog too if you ever try turning it off and then on you'll gain significant FPS with it off. 
    We need a much better HUD for what you do have targeted that shows name, hitpoints, buff/debuffs, etc. That way we don't need all of the names/hitpoint bars everywhere which clutter the screen. 
    In Darkfall there were no names or hitpoint bars above peoples heads, just different colored crests (blue = alliance, green = friendly, red = enemy, etc.). What many did in big fights was leave crests on for ally/friendly and off for enemy and then it became really easy to ID friend from foe even at long range. 

    There's a lot of good examples of visual clutter in Glavia's War Story video around the 7:00 mark.

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    Kiro reacted to Damarus in visual noise: health bar options?   
    Like the ideas for removing the hard bar per the OP.  Just to toss out idea, another way to simplify the display of health bar when it does appear, is option for circular view (think total war 3 kingdoms) - uses less area to tell the story. 

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    Kiro reacted to Tinnis in visual noise: health bar options?   
    mass fights still result in a large degree of 'visual noise'.
    a large part of this is the excessively large health bars, but there are obviously many other elements going on as well.
    any possibility of a client setting option that would allow you to automatically hide a health bar when it is full?
    bonus if you can set:
    - separately for enemies, allies and group.
    - to only display when lower than a defined %
    - to only display when either damaged/healed/shielded within last ~5 (X) seconds
    - controls over the maximum size/width of the bar (probably 2-3 times as wide as it should be atm...)
     or alternative shapes such as a minimalist globe [e.g. tyranny minimal 'traffic globe' example]
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    Kiro reacted to Yumx in Betting on frost weaver news this week.   
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    Kiro reacted to yianni in Make a evil type of race   
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    Kiro reacted to VaMei in Make a evil type of race   
    Evil resides in the heart, not the flesh.
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    Kiro got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Aracoix hype!   
    now that those are here, gib shade pls.
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    Kiro reacted to PAINDOTCOM in Item Wipe   
    @Navystylz sorry i messed up my decimal, guess I am getting use to blair math!
    @makkon you confuse me with a new player... I have been around, I was suggesting this more for newer players, I could care less either way. Hence a opinion/suggestion.
    @Gaulwa I am glad you see the logistics of the big picture
    @Arkade Yea if its that close, however, if it's not and its 5-6 months out... Again I don't care either way, in a few more days I will be playing a completely different game for a while.
    People keep throwing out the poster wants a wipe cause hes behind the veterans... I have been around since 5.1ish, had the game longer just chose not to play, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with me wanting whats right, if your against and getting defensive about it your taking this way to personal. This is a developing game that will be wiped thats how they get new data from the testing. And for the last time I personally could care less if they wipe from now till launch, I was talking to some of the "newer" players and they said things along the lines and i thought it wasn't a bad idea considering the 3 things I mention plus the ones that weren't mentioned. If you don't agree with a wipe that's fine, keep your passive aggressiveness to yourself tho (you know who you are and we leave that there).
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    Kiro reacted to Ussiah in Item Wipe   
    Agreed, but the good guilds will get everyone to 50% asap....
    I think a wipe is coming soon, I just think doing one for 5.8.5 and then almost certainly for 5.9 may be the issue holding them back.
    We have no clue when 5.9 is coming, if it will be a month+ id say go for it, less and it becomes more questionable.
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    Kiro reacted to Allinavi in Item Wipe   
    There's appropriate times for this, as each one of these wipes comes with another chunk of the player population wiping with it. While yes, your decent gear could be getting completely trashed by people who may be taking advantage of all the beneficial up-time, or bugged crafting. The fact is a great deal of the disparity is caused by knowledge bases. 
    I can tell you that our crafters are nearing the ends of every tree. Jewelry has been through multiple re-rolls to make every craft much more effective, as has our crafter's gear. To say certain people have been exploiting beneficial bug is even laughable. Those are people who know that Rune-making Seals go into gear, to make harvesting gear, which makes harvesting more effective. Nothing will change with a wipe, until somehow ACE makes it easier for new players to have access to the knowledge base experienced players have. 
    What I think you need to be suggesting is a massive overhaul of tool-tips. A much more comprehensive beginner zone that gives you a full idea of the game sans the ganking (which has been much improved with higher ranked mobs/resources in beachhead zone, just not crafting). And ultimately easier access into guilds from the game itself, as its utterly obvious you'll only become as good as the people you're surrounded by, not the gear you're wearing.
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    Kiro reacted to PAINDOTCOM in Item Wipe   
    I know alot of people will disagree with me here but
    I suggest a item wipe, my reasoning is due to people taking advantage of the 100% uptime of bene harvest, infinite trees on EK's for mass farming of dust/embers, bugged weapon crafting and a few other things that gave them an advantage over people who didn't know about these things or newer players. I know the fixes for these things are coming with the next patch but that wont change the fact that people are running around with godly rolled purple/gold gear that knew these things were not working as intended and exploited it, I personally don't care if it happens this is just a suggestion. I also am not accusing anyone in particular, am just stating the facts for people who still don't know, to understand why they may be getting pooped on when they think they have decent gear  
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    Kiro reacted to Pwca in Aracoix hype!   
    As a former member of Servants of the Shroud (all-shade guild on Mourning), I endorse this message.
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    Kiro reacted to PaleOne in Aracoix hype!   
  24. Thanks
    Kiro got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Leveling Is important and other   
    There is leveling ingame and functioning. Level 1 vessels have one or two active abilities and can't put on major and minor disciplines, and the ability to do so is acquired through the talent system. (Leveling up can be done by sacrificing or by grinding rank relevant mobs.)
  25. Haha
    Kiro got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Hello all, name's Putzin   
    Hail Player!
    Welcome to the Murder!
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