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  1. Yes. The feel of a build is very important. For instance if I beam someone on my earthkeeper (Pure buff effect) there is a nice visual and then they get notably stronger as I watch my target shred their target much faster than they were doing before. While the beam itself is a dead simple click and hold, weaving it into combat with proper timing, and balancing it against the fact earthkeepers have the potential to pretty much constantly be summoning healing for their team preemptively before damage is taken, gets the blood running. In Archeage the song mechanic itself was as simple as 1>2>3>4 and then occasionally shooting out one of my two targeted abilities that didn't interrupt my songs, but the build took on a whole new level of complexity trying to work in my more powerful heals, most of which interrupted my songs, and then re-upping my songs before the interruption caused them all to expire (Which was like a 3 second window if I remember right. Small enough it definitely required some intensity of play to manage the build to it's full potential.) I CF, I click my abilities once about every 20ish seconds and they do stuff, with lackluster visuals, and their effects far from evident or rewarding. Nice for a splash into a more engaging build, not great if songs are meant to be a major pillar of the build. Why should we be satisfied with that because some of their abilities can be splashed into other builds? The game sets up the ability to run every single major and minor in your build dedicated to songs. Then it makes most those minors underwhelming to entirely useless, stifles the potential of two of the major songs to the point they aren't worth running in any build, and the entire kit a frankly boring supplement to classes that hopefully make them feel more engaging. Why should we be satisfied with anything less than engaging song based builds that make full use of the many discs that seem intended to allow just that? Wouldn't you enjoy if they were a bit harder to play but had an approriate payoff in strength?
  2. I'm not saying the other songs aren't useful in some builds. They just don't feel particularly rewarding to play. What's made bard classes feel rewarding when I've played them in other games is actually seeing something happen. I play a healing song and actually watch healthbars go up. I damage debuff someone and actually see their bar ticking down. At a rate that I actually feel like I've done something. Buffing/Debuffing in crowfall is insanely simple, and you don't see the effects of what you're doing near as easily given the damage and healing songs are darn near useless. I'd rather see something higher skill cap that has a more rewarding feel to it.
  3. I've run the troubadour damage song on both DPS and healer builds as well as the bard healing. I've also tried the troubadour damage song with the damage buff minor on a damage build. Every form of those two abilities feels like a waste of a bar slot. Like not counting the need to run the major and the minor slot used up in the process of buffing song damage, it seems like the ability bar space is more valuable than the damage and healing songs in their strongest forms I've seen them. The rest are alright in terms of what they say they do. They just don't feel particularly fun to play on any of the builds I've run them on so far.
  4. The Allfather didn't die so much as he is missing and presumed dead. I doubt we've seen the last of him. Probably clues to what happened to him lie waiting on worlds we have yet to explore. There IS a lot of lore to this game it's just scattered across various pages of racial and class descriptions etc. Here is what I can piece together. The allfather had two sons. Arkon who was gifted the sun and Kane who was gifted the moon. Arkon was wedded to Gaea, the mother of the earth, and with her fathered the humans and nethari. However, Kane had an affair with Gaea that resulted in the Stoneborn. The birth of the Stoneborn killed Gaea and as a result the bastard race despise their own father for killing their mother and the world with her, because her death brought the hunger. They tend to the earth seeing it as their duty to prolong existence and combat the hunger. Sometime after (at least I think it's after) the events described above Malekai created the first crows. Souls of heros who died turned immortal to fight for the gods endlessly. The first Crow created has an original name lost to time and has become known as "Hero" now. A minor deity in his own right. Now the crows possess reanimated bodies or "vessels" to fight endlessly on behalf of the gods. The god's send the crows into dying worlds to extract what resources and souls they can before the worlds finally die. That's a summary of the core lore of the game. There's a lot of other tidbits to pick up. It's also important to note a lot of time has passed since Gaea died. Given neither the stoneborn nor guineceans (A race born of a guinea pig Gaea gifted sentience as her last act because it comforted her as she died) existed until the death of Gaea and both races seem to have extensive history at the time of the game. For instance the maps are litered with stoneborn ruins.
  5. I forget which disc but there is a major that makes all attacks count as backstabs. Possibly blackmask? If one of your other majors isn't 100% critical to the build and you're having trouble getting the backstabs that could be worth it for you.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of talk about this class spill over from other topics so for the sake of not distracting from those discussions, it felt like it needs it's own topic. For sure. I saw it suggested in another topic we do a party size of 8 to cut down on the healer:everything else ratio for viable group comps. This makes a lot of sense as a suggestion, as someone who has done A LOT of healing over A LOT of games over the years, there is always a demand for healers, and making 2/5ths of players play 1/4 specs of healers really is kind of forcing people into roles they don't want to be playing. Certainly upping the number of people who received group buffs like bard would also just make it a more viable spec. And if you did that to bard it would also be advisable to change troubadour to hit 8 players too. For me though, part of the issue is bards/troubadours just don't feel that great to play in this game. It's kind of a matter of, say you're running bard with all 4 songs. You hit 1,2,3,4 when your songs get low, everybody gets their buffs and you throw out your underwhelming healing or damage if you wasted a slot on them. (Really, even if you run the +20% damage buff disc for the troubadour songs, that damage is an absolute joke). It just doesn't feel rewarding or engaging to play. Like when I threw out my healing song in ArcheAge, I saw healthbars actually moving. I won more open world 1v1s than I can count dancing around my target with my buffs on me and me debuffs on them while my usually weak pet supercharged by my buffs ate them alive. When I tried a Centaur/Bard/Troubadour/Cleric build that ran all the songs and Vengeful aura during test... even knowing those buffs actually stack up to some notable overall effects, it was a drudgery of spamming 1-7 and 8 if I get CCed. There was no fun or life to playing it. Just tweaking the existing effects probably won't be enough. I feel like it needs an overhaul. We should be considering things like a new music tray and instrument slot. Removing existing toggle abilities in favor of new ones that can be used to set up combos that produced various effects. Something that would really breath a sense of life into the build. Having a feeling of satisfaction when you fire off that combo of notes and see your song blast out from your character, producing noticable effects in the process. Right now the most interesting aspect is the song twisting which is really just a matter of using 4 songs real quick to get a more powerful effect on the 5th, and then that 5th effect stays more powerful until you lose the buff. Once you realize what it's doing it's really easy to just pick whatever song you think is best and keep it constantly twisted with no effort.
  7. I disagree. It may not 100% determine the outcome of fights in melee vs. ranged but it certainly has a major effect in any fight where one target wants to fight closer and the other further away if whoever has it is making proper use of it. I suppose it has no effect when both targets are running it as happens in many fights right now though. Suppose you're right though. It's crap right now. No notable effect. Imagine Illusionist got split in half. The LMB effect of illusionist becomes a DoT or debuff to enemy defenses that combos with the +20% damage buff. This keeps the glamour weapon and +3% crit rate portions of the disc and picks up a new 2nd effect for slotting it and something damage oriented to replace the loss of the stealth ability. The other half gets turned into the slow effect and stealth buffs. Having lost all the damage bonuses, the slow actually gets made stronger and you get some more worthwhile CC stuff such as a cone attack that applies root or something. If the slow is "completely ineffective" now, and is buffed to a point of being useful because it gets it's own disc. Isn't that MORE in line with what you guys are asking for? Worthwhile majors and more control over character customization? It sounds like if you don't like the slow, that the damage oriented disc would give you back everything you currently like about illusionist.
  8. No. Illusionist is the best damage disc in the game because it gives a +20% damage bonus based of an effect given by LMB attacks from the disc itself and Glamour Weapon which is an active useful enough to make it into a ton of builds at least until gear starts capping attack power and +3% crit strike. It is also very arguably the best CC disc in the game because it applies a very good soft-CC effect from LMB attacks (slow) and can keep it up most of the fight. Because slow is a soft CC effect you can't retaliate out of it either. And then you get some minor stealth buffs. So two really good effects and a minor tertiary. Even if it's power level is appropriate, it really should probably be broken into a damage and CC disc to give people more control over what they are buffing by choosing a major.
  9. I love the concept of bard and troubadour, but the healing song has crap heals, the damage song has crap damage, and with every hard CC disrupting active toggle abilities they are kind of just straight trash atm. There are a lot of ways they could be fixed. Their own music tray and instrument slot. Combining the songs into combo effects that raises the skillcap of playing them in addition to condensing all songs down to one active. Etc. But when you really get down to the heart of whats wrong with them it's pretty simple.... their songs suck. Particularly the damage and healing song need to be WAY stronger. In ArcheAge as a cleric running songcraft I could buff half a bazillion people in a huge radius and apply some pretty powerful off-heals then weave in my vitalism effects as needed to be a superpowered healer/buffer and I LOVED it. Wish the CF bards/troubadours felt half that good. Their healing and damage is entirely forgettable and their other buffs while decent are hitting 5 people max. I wouldn't mind giving up half my bar, both my majors, (and most my minors too) to be a bard/troub if the songs made it feel like it was actually worth it to do so.
  10. I'm all for some good majors eventually. But like I said, if you split illusionist in half between the damage enhancers and the CC effects + stealth, it feels like the foundation of two different very good majors. Do we really want every major giving 2 different high value effects (top tier damage buffs and near constant slows) along with a tertiary effect (stealth)? If every major were that good you'd get 4 high value and 2 tertiary effects per character ontop of class but you'd have to pick between just two majors to get all 6 effects. If the intent is more customization and greater control of your character, I'd rather have majors fairly limited in scope but do the things they specialize in very well. Using illusionist as an example, slow is one of the best soft CCs in the game. If the slow effects were split off into their own CC focused major it would be an excellent major for tanks who want some more CC in their kit. A DPS would run the slow in combination with a damage major. A tank would run it in combination with a tanking major. But since it's a damage/CC major you're forced to take both elements of that build, with the damage buffs being distinctly less useful for someone trying to fit the role of a CC tank. If we're wanting more than 2 narrow specializations worth of customization, then lets talk more majors per character. And if 2 fairly focused majors are fine then lets stick with that. But if every major has 3 different purposes they're harder to balance and take a lot of build control out of player hands.
  11. Are you ashamed of the fact you play Stormcaller? I wouldn't be. It's a good pick in the current meta. So that's not a personal attack. Just pointing out you have a large personal stake in this argument. Currently I'm not maining anything and may not settle on a main until this hits live. It's a good time to test things when I know all our characters are so temporary. So I have no major stake in seeing any build become the new top meta. Though I will add Stormcaller is one of the classes I might consider maining if it isn't nerfed before live.
  12. As far as I've heard 6.0 is going to be when all the existing systems are functionally good and they go back through and re-balance everything. That would seem like a great time to say "Lets revisit all the discs, add a few new ones, and make them all relatively balanced." "Just wait until 6.0" doesn't seem like a very reasonable to say. They've been doing minor things to keep the game balanced all along as evident by the recent 6m range buff to melee classes. Just not the major balance overhaul we'll need immediately prior to launch. You sure this has nothing to do with you maining a LMB heavy ranged class that's currently one of the top builds in the meta?
  13. Buffing and nerfing both have their places. If something is weaker than the majority of it's counterparts, the easiest solution is a buff. If something is stronger than the majority of it's counterparts, the easiest solution is a nerf. And if you are claiming the entire category is all underpowered and everything needs a buff up to the level of something that's clearly better than 90%+ of it's counterpart... The solution is a major patch that implements widesweeping changes to that system. So is the suggestion at this juncture, while they are doing so many other important things in the game, to shift the focus over to a major disc overhaul patch that buffs everything but illusionist? I'm not even going to disagree that's a bad idea. Just a poorly timed one. A simple illusionist nerf seems better for now.
  14. Most all of the DPS builds I've made run illusionist. +20% damage against targets with (insert any effect here), every third basic attack gives (insert any effect here) is a really good combo of bonuses on it's own. When that bonus helps you kite as a ranged build and avoid being kited as a melee build, it's a very good effect on any build that can reliably get three basics off on their target. As much as I love it... it's true that it does feel like a darn near requirement to run on most DPS builds. I feel like the issue may be it's really the best parts of two major discs for the price of one. I might remove all of the damage elements from illusionist, buff it in other ways, and make it melee only. Then take the +20% damage off of a basic attack effect given by the same disc, glamour weapon, and the +3% crit rate and give it to a new damage oriented major available to all classes. Honestly the 2nd disc sounds worth taking for a heck of a lot of builds just given the 3 stated components. Even if that basic attack effect is like a super weak DoT or something. I think it should still have the usual two bonuses and probably some more actives or something. But you really wouldn't need to make it THAT much stronger than the parts you took from illusionist to be worth running in quite a few builds.
  15. That's a good point. If they made anything that increases hard CC intensity raise the retaliate cost instead it would be a major buff to nearly every CC spec.
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