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  1. So throwing a combat character with 0 passives up against a combat character with 100% passives in every tree, the advantage is notable. But it's not the guy with 100% sneezes and the newb explodes into a billion pieces of glitter before they are booted to desktop, their hard drive wiped, and their account password changed. The difference between a starting crafter and and endgame crafter are much more that way I feel like. What the heck is the point of feeding resources to any newb crafter if you have a maxed crafter of the same prof in guild? Perhaps addressing that issue would in the process allow them to address the fact that the mob dropped gear is lightyears ahead of anything a starting crafter can make. Because it's not just that starting crafters are useless because of mob dropped. It's that starting crafters are useless the moment any alternative way of getting gear presents itself. Be that mob drops, or an actual decent crafting account. If we're saying combat, crafting, and gathering are three equal paths of progression you need equally useful things for all three of those professions to do at every stage of progression. I know good ways to put newb combat accounts and newb gatherers to work in such a way they benefit their group. What the heck is a newb crafter good for? Campfires? A paper weight?
  2. Things that have happened concerning the new ability bar system since I've started testing it: 1. Hey I've got this new whistle ability for caravans. Lets just slot that on my util.... oh nevermind. Guess I'll swap it for a combat ability and swap it back out for the combat ability when I'm done using it. That's annoying. 2. Hey I've got resurrect. Lets just slot that on my util.... oh nevermind. Guess I'll swap it for a combat ability and swap it back out for the combat ability when I'm done using it. That's annoying. 3. Hey I'm skinning an animal but the crit isn't really hitable if I stand in too close. Let's just do what I did before and harvest at maximum harvesting range to ensure I can turn properly to hit the crits. Oh wait. I need to be so close to this that our ten kids are attending our 25th wedding anniversary before the game will register I am trying to harvest it? And it still doesn't work every time??? That's annoying. Conclusion: Just give us back the utility bar. If some people feel that "clutters" the UI too much let THEM disable it. Running any single ability bar class right now is just frustrating though. I don't want to swap out regularly used skills for non-combat skills anytime I do anything related to one. I appreciate you getting rid of the dizzy mechanic and not making me need to switch bars to activate trailblazer / trailmaster. But your placeholders for the ability bar simply don't replace all of it's uses, and having to work around the lack of it has made many simple tasks more tedious / less enjoyable. When you have non-combat skills in your game, there is nothing wrong with having a specific bar for the usage of those skills. You don't have to make going into it auto-drop us from combat like it did before. Just let us use it if we want it.
  3. None of the GROUPs I took part in had issues gearing either. In-fact we were one of the only groups to show up in full gear to the the first siege of the no-import campaign I took part in. But when there were like 5 people active on the entire faction because the game basically died for awhile, then I did have issues getting gear. Nice flex but it's kind of just that. Doesn't address the point I was making at all. We shouldn't make the assumption that every campaign will have a high population that has the numbers it takes for each group to have a full set of crafters. We can HOPE that will be the case. But we shouldn't ASSUME that will be the case. A lot of sandbox MMOs have gone down the of "this game won't be solo friendly" and I would daresay MOST games touting that in alpha in beta end up with a population that ends up making that decision horrible. It's worth it to make sure fun can be had solo.
  4. Yes. I am absolutely denying that. In nearly every MMO I have to do questing until I am bored out of my mind to even THINK about doing the content I actually want to be doing. Days, weeks, even months of grinding sometimes. In Crowfall I can get into the content I want to be doing within 5 hours of starting a fresh account, with zero assistance. That's one of the biggest reasons I like this game. Gamers can have a short attention span before they move on to the next game but if they can't handle 3-4 hours to learn the game before being thrust straight into the "endgame" content then... no major loss. They probably shouldn't be playing MMOs at all. Honestly a few hours grinding can be enjoyable sometimes. I enjoy running a new character up to 30 and getting a feel for what it does / how it plays in the process. I'm super glad this game realizes I shouldn't need to do that for days or weeks on end when I came here to PvP though.
  5. I just don't think it's at all fair to call it a tutorial. Most games give you a "tutorial" that teaches you WASD and some really fundamental mechanics. GR prepares you with the character skills and starting gear you need to semi-enjoyably take part in end-game content. GR isn't a tutorial, it's the entire leveling experience of your average MMO packed into one casual players day of playtime. It's where you learn how to play your character well enough to participate in end-game content. That's not too long, that's flipping amazing.
  6. In the original GR there were factions and the final zones were PvP zones with objectives. I'm not sure why they changed that. I felt like that was a good place for newer players to fight each other and get their introduction into what the game is about. If anything they should go back to doing it that way. I don't agree at all with using PvE mechanics to Mimic PvP though. These zones establish PvE as it will be at later levels. It's a lower level version of endgame PvE. I think it sets players up well for "The game is basically this, plus PvP over territory and resources."
  7. If we're going to say that GR doesn't cover the core mechanics of the game because this is a PvP game and there is no PvP then I would say a mature ArcheAge server has several months of tutorial because that's the time it takes to get the gear to participate in PvP on any enjoyable level. Otherwise I'd say GR is much more than a glorified tutorial. It contains essentially all of the PVE elements of the game. You need to walk before you can run. GR teaches players the fundementals of the game in a safe environment but it also allows them to level a white vessel to 30 and get it equipped with mob dropped gear. I'd say it's a 3 hour barrier to entry to semi-viability in PvP (Which can be shortened to 5 minutes if fed). And that is the shortest of any MMO I've ever heard of. So we can think of it as the longest tutorial ever. Or we can think of it as the shortest level 1 to max and decent gear grind ever.
  8. When I made my beginner's guide I think it took me 4 hours to get through GR. That's while actively filming and commentating on a guide. In that guide players where taught how to make all of their own intermediate gear from scratch (so making basic tools, gathering the mats for intermediates, turning those into a finished product etc). If I re-release that guide that step will be removed entirely due to mob dropped gear. Infact I would probably making a beginner's guide to combat, and beginner's guide to crafting/gathering as two entirely separate videos. At this point I can fairly easily get a character to 30 in under four hours play time solo. Faster in a group or if I'm fed sac items. Infact if I'm fed it's what, a matter of going to a fire and saccing stuff for a few minutes? I don't think the GR break is unreasonable. It's so incredibly easy to breeze through. Especially if you have a group to play with or it isn't your first character. And if neither of those things are true you probably should take the time to learn the game in GR.
  9. Organization isn't the problem. The problem is last time I played, the game died, and there was nobody left on any faction but one to organize with. Which resulted in even more people quitting because we all needed to change to new builds to reflect the reality that we'd be running solo 90% of the time, and for those not already running solo builds there was nobody to get that gear to us in a reasonable time frame. Guilds that formerly had no issue gearing all of a sudden did because, nobody was playing the game. You don't want mechanics set up in such a way that if there is a dip in the playerbase the game becomes nearly unplayable for anyone not running 8 accounts or whatever it takes to have every crafter. HOPEFULLY, come launch, hundreds or thousands of players come pouring into the game and this never is an issue. But we can't really say that for certain, nor that every campaign will be well populated. If you've learned one lesson from Pathfinder Online I would hope it's that games sometimes fall well short of their optimistic predictions of player-base growth. It's good that now we are in a position where if the population dips players can be somewhat self-sufficient, making a recovery in population more likely as opposed to population losses compounding into even more population loss.
  10. Trailblazer / trailmaster are not usable in combat (Including if you've recently spent dodge pips as I've tested on the test server) and also don't stack with being mounted. Centaurs logically should have the best movement in the game, and IMO they do. Why they no longer have trail master they cannot be dismounted by damage now. I started the game wanting to play a Centaur cleric and TB/TM were so circumstantial that once I learned what they did I immediately rerolled a new race because I was like "So if I don't get the bonus in combat, and I don't get the bonus while mounted, precisely how often will I actually be using this bonus???". I feel like that bonus is WAY less circumstantial than TB/TM. A worthwhile trade. Not probably strong enough to make me want to play a Centaur Cleric over some of the other race options, but definitely stronger than than a bonus that won't stack with your current movement style 90% of the time.
  11. What if instead of mob dropped items being a competing line to crafted items, mob drop items became a line of upgradable items? The upgrades could range from minor to major upgrades, with the minor ones being something a low level crafter can do right out of the gate. It preserves the low barrier-to-entry mobbed dropped gear is supposed to provide and also gives low level crafters a function / allows for them to make useful contributions to their group until they are capable of making better gear than mob dropped gear.
  12. It's the new victory measures for campaign. At least three of those cards say "Any Landless Guild". Very interesting. The seems like a catch-up mechanic for guilds that won't be able to control as much territory. I'm wondering if they will use that to make landless hordes of marauding nomads a viable playstyle. Also wondering if a single outpost counts as land or if you will need something more substantial like a fort or keep.
  13. Yeah, I'm far from sold on it being a class I would switch to, but I'm also certainly not ruling that out or disappointed yet either. It's interesting. Once I max it and play around with it a bit at max level I should have a much better idea of it's a class I'm interested in mastering or if it's not really my cup-of-tea.
  14. Andius

    Crotch Chop

    Have they added /dance yet, and if so have they disabled it for anyone with the "Careless Whispers" disc slotted?
  15. I'm no expert on druids but it seems pretty different to me. As far as I know Earthkeepers spawn healing orbs that heal themselves and team mates when you pick them up. Archdruids spawn the same thing but their healing is crap and you don't want allies to pick them up so that the ArchDruid can explode them Hence why I made this topic. The Frostweaving is more you drop a single ability. Some of them affect an area for a time like a cleric or paladin circle, some of them are just instant AoE effects. There are like 4(?) different ones. So you're weaving in a bunch of AoE effects and mastery of the class is mastering your combos so you can get them all off reliably / picking the right one for the right situation. It seems very different from other classes to me. I'm not sure if it's GOOD or not yet. But it seems different. I'm also confused why it would take years to make that one mechanic work, buy my guess is it had less to do with the difficulty of implementations and more to do with just not being a super high priority.
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