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  1. Very on board with /who being nixed as a general rule because of it's rampant misuse however I hear it's also been nixed for guild chat? Until we have the feature to see who is online in guild by looking at some kind of guild list it should remain for guild chat and guild chat only.
  2. Fall/Winter are capping time. Spring is resource gathering time. Which season is preferable depends on if you want to fight, or if you need to be advancing characters. I think improvements to the capping system would make Fall/Winter my favorite seasons, especially once I've advanced a bit more. For now it's bittersweet.
  3. Andius

    Zone Caps

    I suppose. Managing expectations is important though. When you ask who wants to go pick a fight people may get cranky when you want to take the group of 5 people you have, ignore the 40 stack of balance, and go cap somewhere else. When it's clear the objective is to put points on the board then people might get less cranky about playing smart rather than smashing your head into a wall over and over for the sake of "PvPz".
  4. Andius

    Zone Caps

    I think risks are very worth taking at this stage of the game but I also thing if we aren't trying to win we aren't learning how to win. So we should be attempting to balance bold plays with plays that allow us to defend our keep. After all, keeps are very important crafting/economy points so it seems that any viable faction wants to keep at least on in their control at all times. But you're absolutely right that ultimately, if we do lose our keep, it doesn't mean much at this point in time. So a bold push with maybe a light defense wouldn't be a terrible thing to try as long as we think that defensive force we leave behind actually has a shot at holding our keep. That was the problem the first day when we let Balance take all three keeps. There was no chance of defending our keep with what we left behind so best case scenario we would have traded one keep for another offering no real strategic advantage from just going full defense on our own keep. Really though, if Chaos were serious about winning this campaign (which we don't seem to be) I think it would be smarter to focus on forts and outposts than keeps. I don't think we can win the fight for the keeps. Balance is just much stronger than us at blob fights. We could win the fight for the greater map if we were more motivated to do so as whole however. But doing so would mean me asking "Who wants to go cap stuff?" would be greeted with more than silence 90% of the time I ask that question. Partially though, I can't blame people for not caring as little reward as they receive for capping things. It doesn't stop me from caring but I understand why most people don't. Hopefully the devs see how little people care about standing on points and endeavor to make it a more rewarding (and less tedious) process.
  5. Andius

    Zone Caps

    I've missed 2 siege days this campaign but there was the fight the time we went on offense and left no defenders, there was the two fights when we took two keeps the day after, and there was the fight yesterday where we crushed the balance that pushed into our keep that I can remember off the top of my head. Chaos on a whole has been overly cautious since we made the mistake of taking everyone off defense and losing that first keep. I wouldn't mind to see some bolder tactics but I'm glad we've learned from the mistakes that cost us our keep that first night.
  6. Yeah and I think that's the issue. People are saying "rangers are useless" even at sieges. And I've killed two different elken rangers on my own as a cleric when they attempted to interfere with me capping outposts. We have some people in guild that do well enough with the class in small group fights, but they tend to play them as more of a CC class than a DPS. Something is obviously very wrong with their ability to apply damage that requires some kind of adjustment, whether that's on their end or just a product of the current state of armor.
  7. You forgot to add there was actually a fight tonight when we did fall back to the keep, a pretty fun one too:
  8. Yes. I sent you a PM if you want to discuss PFO as that would take this discussion rather far off topic.
  9. It's more about the type of imbalance we are shooting for. Resources gained vs. resources lost is going to generally lead to a progression of the average value of resources you can sustain. In EVE terms. Who has an easier time earning the isk for a capital ships, someone already flying a capital ship, or someone flying a t1 battleship? There is always going to be a progression in your earning capabilities, and intelligent players use this to pad themselves into a position where their losses don't mean as much. As this game is currently set up (and accounting for the fact that we'll be training at a third current training speed come release) I could see myself with multiple sets of full orange gear for multiple characters at the end of the first year after launch. I'll take losses sure, but my earning potential will keep me in a position where I can maintain max power constantly and I'll be sure to have backups for anything I could lose. But even if you fix that to the point that say, orange gear is completely unsustainable and it can't be constantly worn due to resource investment vs. durability loss I'm going to constantly maintain at a higher level than people who haven't reached their maximum earning potential. With a reset every campaign, the crafting/gathering passives will still put me at a huge advantage if they stay as they are now, but I'm still going to have to go through the progress. Limited access to certain resources and crafting facilities because my enemies took key points early on could still set me back.
  10. I think you'd see price fluctuations of decreasing severity until they nearly evaporate a few campaigns in. This is my first campaign and already I'm planning to stockpile hunger additives at the end, and stockpile all the other resources at the start of the next one. Except dust because its constantly spring in the EK so no reason to stockpile more dust than what my increased gathering in the spring will provide. This is probably similar what Jah's guild has already been doing since the last wipe, and essentially what every long time player will do if a persistent economy is a thing for most campaigns. @Marth, I'm just throwing out a number based on the fact the current campaigns are 2 weeks. If the general campaign is longer they will probably balance around that instead. Either way there are many variables (Campaign length, import/export, loot drop/dura loss etc.) and in order to keep them all balanced they will probably have to pick one standard ruleset and balance primarily around it. They simply won't have time to make every campaign type balanced. It would be like programming fifty different versions of the game.
  11. Crowfall is essentially a Massively Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MMOBA). With which style of game do you associate matches with a start, and end, and a victory condition? MMORPGS? Or MOBAs? So while Crowfall is an MMORPG, I would say it's a hybrid of the two systems hence my term MMOBA. As such it's very important to compare its various features to similar aspects to both. Like any other MOBA, Crowfall can only balance around so many game modes. For instance setting up an economy that works for a reset every 2 weeks vs. an economy designed to be persistent and allow players to carry over from campaign to campaign with the same resources are two entirely different things. Balancing one will imbalance the other. So they're going to have to choose unless they want to completely redo the economy for every possible variant ruleset. If they're going to balance around persistent economy, the seasons feature makes no sense, nor the idea that this will somehow shake up the power structure enough to meaningfully hinder one group from dominating for forever (As we're seeing right now). If the game is getting reset every two weeks and everyone is rebuilding an economy every spring, then the whole seasons mechanic makes sense, and there is a real opportunity for a new group to rise to power if they play smart early on while an incumbent group makes bad plays or is too complacent.
  12. In Overwatch there is a 6vs6 mode. Where two teams compete over objectives with each side only being able to lock a single hero once etc. There are also multiple arcade modes. Free for alls with randomly assigned heros etc. Some are pretty lame some are incredibly fun. But they don't balance around arcade modes. They balance around that primary 6v6 mode. __________ That's the difference between campaigns where you need to build up in the spring to prepare for all out fighting in the winter, and the possibility of campaigns you will just import all your gear from the last campaign. The mechanics are built around campaigns that offer a meaningful reset. Otherwise their whole seasons thing is useless. Their promises Uncle Bob won't dominate forever empty. Anything else is just a sideshow. It can exist, but the focus on balance probably will be, and should be, on campaigns that reset resources.
  13. Explain to me why gathering rules and capture bonuses change throughout the seasons with spring being the most advantageous season to gather and winter being the most advantageous season to fight if the intended meta is to import everything you need for a campaign from previous campaigns. Explain how "Uncle Bob" is prevented by campaign resets if there is never any reset of gear and resources. It is the intended way the game is meant to be played. It's obvious in the way the game is designed, it's obvious in the way this game was marketed.
  14. To anyone saying you can't important anything useful from the EK. What resources are more critical to crafting than dust and embers in the current meta? There are some people out there harvesting several hundred dust an hour in their EKs. Hardly "apples"
  15. Believe me I will once they are made available. But while we're all playing by one rule set probably better to use the one that the game is designed to function around rather than unlimited import Uncle Bob campaigns.
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