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  1. The common advice I give people is to do combat and gathering on their main, and if they want to be a crafter get an additional account. The reason I advise that is because combat/gathering make you a fully viable contributing member of a group. You can help in fights, and you can feed resources into the gears of industry that push your group forward. It's an ideal playstyle for someone who is more casual and even good for a hardcore player who wants to be very focused on doing 2 things well. Crafting IMO is for less casual players unless you would rather opt to be a crafter than a combatant. Which is a viable option, someone trained in crafting/gathering is not useless in combat they simply have a moderate disadvantage versus someone who has trained into combat for a long time. In general crafters have combat mains and one or more dedicated crafting accounts to maximize their training. If you're out fighting all the time, and you're out gathering all the time, and you are filling one or more of the crafting functions for your group though, you'll find yourself spread pretty thin if you aren't a very hardcore player. So make sure you love the game before springing for that 2nd account.
  2. The site is currently under construction and this guide is a rough draft version. If you're an experienced crafter feel free to call me on it anywhere I'm wrong. My point in posting this as of now is to get feedback so I can make this as good of a guide as possible Also, this text guide is a precursor to my next video guide which will cover the same subject, but will likely be followed by more text guides while I order in a new microphone and setup for more professional quality videos. Both will exist alongside each other once that is made. That being all being said enjoy: Roleplay Inn Crafting Guide
  3. Yeah K:D ratio seems like a win condition that will only last one trial. Way too easy to game that one. 20 kills 0 deaths would beat out 199 kills 10 deaths. I imagine a lot of your top K/D winners may end up being alts that get fed. Something like kills minus deaths would probably be a much better measure. Or if you want to go super fancy (Kills - Deaths) x (Kills/[Kills+Deaths]). In simple terms it is the difference in kills and deaths times the percentage of your K/D that's kills. Netting to 20/0 a total of 20 points, while 199 to 10 would get 179.96 points and someone with more deaths than kills would get a negative score. It rewards people with a high KD ratio but also rewards people who made a hell of a lot of kills more than people with higher KD ratios but far less kills. For simplicity's sake you could call it "Lethality Rating" Either way though, with captures being a victory condition I'm not too concerned as a character that goes after assists over kills. Looks like caps will be what I'm after this trial.
  4. To be fair I've been active enough in the last 3 trials to get a gold from each and I don't know who you are if @Armegeddon is your main. APE seems to give a lot of thoughtful input from what I've seen of his posts.
  5. Encountered the same bug and fixed it the same way. Loading into GR then back into the campaign. A guildy logged on and encountered the same bug too. @Pann @jtoddcoleman Please make sure you guys account for this when selecting importation rules for the trial of Maeve if it isn't fixed by then. We may need to go to GR and back quite frequently if the bug persists. On the upside I have yet to encounter the loading zone bug so if you guys were trying to fix that I think you did.
  6. Having played full loot games like Darkfall, EVE, Epic on Wurm Online, Mortal Online (Which failed because it was the worst of the games listed btw.) and PvP centric MMOs without full loot like ArcheAge, and always going for groups that are underdogs when I initially joined them, I can tell you playing an underdog in full loot was A LOT more fun that playing the underdog in ArcheAge. Full loot can be very fun for smaller groups if you adopt the right mentality and strategies.
  7. Loot rules aren't really a primary factor in determining if small-elite groups can be viable in the dregs but to the degree they exist as a factor they favor smaller groups because they make guerilla strikes more effective. The reason guerrilla warfare is so effective at allowing smaller groups to contest larger ones is IRL is a permadeath campaign. In other words, the harsher you punish people for dying, the better guerilla strikes become. The better guerilla strikes become, the more effectively a small group can contest a large one as larger groups need to spread out to gather all the resources they need (and if they don't then node concentration will need to be lowered so they do.) If small groups aren't viable with full-loot they CERTAINLY won't be viable without it.
  8. Uncle Bob's favorite mechanic is permanent stat advantages. See ArcheAge if you want to see a game that is Uncle Bob's paradise. The top players can one shot someone, who can one shot someone, who can one shot someone, who can one shot someone, who can 1v5 max level players. And it's ALL based around gear. And that gear is permanent/something you can never lose. So you get players who swipe/no-life their way to the top then run around harassing everyone else still earning their gear solo all day. What full loot means, is that if your faction gears up a champion into full oranges, and they go out thinking they can solo harass the enemy cause dey gots da gearz, and then you kill them, that full orange gear now belongs to your faction and they have a champion who needs a new set of gear. It also means when you get together a small-group of skilled players and run around ganking members of that 100-200 man zerg who are all spread across the map that your strikes actually mean something. Full-loot is a fairly easy system to turn against zergs. People being secure in their gear lasting a while is a very easy system for Uncle Bob to use in their favor. Now if you are bad at it, don't have spare sets of gear, play too risky, run around solo all the time etc. yeah, full loot sucks. Dregs is meant to be the place for more experienced players anyway though. The group I would expect to benefit the most from full loot is these guys: Small, coordinated, skilled, and constantly out killing people. They would be fearsome in a full-loot dregs.
  9. I think you would turn away a huge portion of the playerbase if you removed passives or made them restart with each campaign but everyone is here for different reasons and I think some style of fresh start campaign that has everyone rolling new vessels with a seperate passive tree from their main accounts would have huge appeal. The things that draw me to a game like Crowfall over Overwatch is: Open World PvP Mass Scale Combat Crafting/Gathering/Economy My first thoughts of MMOs before I even realized they existed as a genre was while I was playing Age of Empires II back in the day and thinking "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a game where each individual unit was a player?" That drew me to MMOs and made me fall in love with the genre DESPITE the power disparities. Personally I'd love the game even more if I had the option to participate in full reset campaigns. Essentially it takes your "Here's your bonus for playing longer" which I don't need or care to have and turns it into another dimension of building up properly, with proper passive allocation being important to the progression of the campaign. That's exciting to me because it adds a new layer of strategy.
  10. Honestly that sounds great to have a style of no importation campaigns that has a total passive reset. I think a lot of people would be 100% down for that. You'd probably want to just have those campaigns work off a different passive skillpool than the general account so you're not losing passive training for other campaigns by participating in them. I made a similar suggestion during the Kickstarter days and people threw a fit about it but like I told them back then, they have no obligation to take part in such campaigns.
  11. Longer progression will actually make it harder for a new player to get in and be viable in terms of power gap. Going by the EVE example. It's very possible for a new player to nearly master a single style of play in a very short amount of time, and fully master it given a moderate time investment. The thing is variety. What a moderately experienced player can have is total mastery of their role while the veteran has total mastery of multiple roles. So a really complex skill tree that you can rush to the end very quickly is a major benefit to the incoming player. The thing that .25 progression with 2 trees would benefit is it means: A. Single accounters do not need to make a choice between combat skills and gathering skills making them more viable vs. multi-account players. B. There will be a longer period of time between game launch and the point that, if they haven't added new skills, you will have veterans who will have literally maxed every single skill in the game. It hasn't even been half a year since the last skill wipe (I think) and we have people posting screenshots of their entirely maxed out upper tier trees such as mining. Heck, my fiance's account is nearly maxed efficiency in Runecrafting and she joined during the trial of Valkyn. For me that raises some serious concerns that day 1 players will have way too many trees maxed at year 2 or 3 even with a XP or .5. So that's why I'd support a .25. Probably the ideal solution in my mind though would be 1x with 2 trees and far more paths to train down. Make the chests found in the world have locks that need to be picked. Add fishing with when we get water. Flesh out construction more and add agriculture. Create more weapon options for each class and have trees in combat dedicated to each weapon + shields etc. Remove leadership from gathering and make it it's own path. If they can do things like that with great enough frequency post-launch then then 1x w/2 trees should be fine.
  12. The thing with dual learning is that it makes single accounting viable. A character with combat + gathering is a fully competent player. They can fight at sieges/fort fights, they can also gather for their guild during downtime between large fights. If they are hooked into a good guild they don't need crafting alts to be a big contributor to their group. The only players who can get by with full combat will be dedicated gankers / wartribe farmers. But if nearly everyone with a single account is full specced combat then there will be much greater supply of players looking to play those roles than there is demand for those roles. And that's my counter to "Multi-accounting = Pay to Win". Multi-accounting = Pay to work your butt off for the guild and spend your every waking moment making gear on various characters in addition to having a combat/gathering main. It's not for the casual player even if those accounts were free. Single accounting = Do your chosen combat/gathering role very well as you have time to focus on your single character with only 2 roles. If we think dual learning makes things too fast for a .5 progression rate as you suggested (and I tend to agree with unless they really expand the skill tree pre-launch) then go .25 progression. But keep the dual tracks in there.
  13. In terms of combat passives, as someone who's very much against too much gap in power based on anything but the skill/strategy of the players involved, I feel like they are right about where they need to be. Most people who will be in on day one feel they are too weak and that's a great indicator that they are done perfectly. If vets are sour they won't get too much power handed to them just for playing longer you're probably doing things right in terms of building a game that can actually attract new players. Crafting/Gathering is another story. But I hear after 5.9 everyone is sour about purple+ drop rates so they are probably moving the right direction there too. Just adjust it until about 90% of the vets are whining that passives are useless but most of them stick around because they know darn well they have an advantage that should easily keep them on top if they are actually better players, and you've likely hit the sweet spot.
  14. Pretty much all that has to be done to make an economy full-loot friendly is you make the durability of items low and the crafting cost as well. Very doable with the current system, and it may be a large portion of why they are fiddling with gear durability so much. I have the feeling we won't really understand how time-to-create and time-to-consume will work out in terms of gear until after thralls have been implemented and they've perfected it a bit past that point. One thing I wouldn't assume though, is that when the final system is implemented that regularly running anything beyond blues is intended as a feasible style of play. If games such as Darkfall are any indicator dragon (Darkfall's legendary equivalent) was very rarely used in ordinary (non-siege) PvP and even in sieges people in full sets of dragon were still pretty rare / generally exceptionally high profile players, and infernal (Darkfall's epic equivalent) was primarily used to supplement sets of bone, with full sets also being rare in ordinary (non-siege) PvP. People have gotten used to epic and legendary being more common/permanent here, but I wouldn't assume it's meant to be that way. __________ That being said I agree. I'd like to see everything but discs/vessel lost upon death and vessels have a set number of deaths before they break as well.
  15. There are two important quality of life changes you guys should make that will make the game a lot more functional to play. Especially while we're having to constantly reload the game due to loading zone bugs. 1. Re-entering my 2 factor authentication every time I reload or switch accounts is a serious pain in the butt. There are other games such as Star Citizen that use 2FA that you can tell to "Trust this Device" and then set a period of time. For that period of time you should never have to re-enter your 2FA. Having this option would save us A LOT of time. 2. In the same general theme as the first suggestion, make it so we can set the game to remember our passwords as well. Create a drop down list of accounts that we can just select one and if we've set the game to remember it we can open it up without re-entering our login info. These may seem like small changes with an insignificant impact, but with the frequent need to reboot the game I think the seconds this would shave off each login and account switch would start adding up for us rather quickly. Especially when say, you get booted while zoning in a siege and you're trying to get back into the game and catch up with your factions forces as quickly as possible.
  16. While the guide in my signature covers everything in the poll I was briefest on crafting because it's a very complex system I didn't fully understand myself at the point of making the video. Gathering and Crafting are the first things I want to branch out to in in more advanced guides. The problem with making more advanced guides is the game is in a constant state of flux. For instance in the video I made, majors were still craftable and gold came from all mobs. If I were to remake the video today I'd have to update it to reflect that. And those guides came from just after the release of God's Reach, so not very long ago. That's personally why I won't be investing too much of my own time into advanced guides just yet, and why I think any tutorials coming from the dev team should be pretty basic. Most of what you do now will need to be redone later. The other reason being that it's late in a college term (So you guys can expect some new guides from me when the term ends) Also on an semi-related note I'd just like to add the recent performance upgrades you made to the game should be great when it comes to making higher quality videos. Makes me look forward to doing more this summer.
  17. One of the major problems I have with thorns is a major problem I have with minor discs in general. You slot the disc, the disc gives you access to a passive or active. So I know there are at least 3 different minors that give/feed thorns. And each of these give passives or actives. So a thorn focused build = you lose all 3 minor slots + 3 active/passive slots. There is a reason Hand of Glory, Fashion Statement, and Demon's Pact are WAY more popular than like every slotted passive but Sturdy. A lot of minors would be a hell of a lot more useful if you didn't have to give up actives and passives to get the benefits. We need more the minors to be like Elven Eyes where you just slot them and get the bonus. I think the support minors for protective thorns would be ideal candidates.
  18. Map improvements actually would be a huge quality of life improvement. I'd like to see the following 3 things eventually. 1. North should be straight up. It would simply make the map easier to navigate using the compass. 2. The ability to right click the map and set a waypoint we can follow on our compass. These should be viewable by everyone in party. 3. I realize this one will be most controversial but I think a mini-map would be hugely preferable to tabbing in and out of the map. I'm fine with a game that has no map you can see your location on that makes you navigate by landmarks such as in Wurm Online. But if you're going to have a map that shows your location unerringly make it convenient because people are going to use such a map so having to tab in and out and in and out is just a waste of their time.
  19. Retaliate is definitely a powerful counter to CC but people act like it makes CC pointless. When you are CCed and then retaliate: A. The CC sometimes interrupts your action depending upon its type. B. You're still CCed for the entire time it takes you to react and then finish the retaliate. C. You lose stamina. Depending on your class stamina loss may not be that important, but I've heard they may be switching back from dodge pips to stam based dodging soon which would make that a much more meaningful loss. A and B are what I see giving me the most value in the current system and it does so in large group fights as well as small group fights. I think the current system does favor anti-CC more than CC but not nearly as heavily as some would lead us to believe.
  20. On a totally separate note and thus separate post, one other minor tweak that could be fun is if illuminate not only added a stun to the next hammer throw but greatly increased its range. It's a long enough cooldown ability that it wouldn't make it more viable for fighting at a range just because you can occasionally fling a hammer super far, but what it would be great for is smacking an enemy as they try to flee a group fight. It would compliment the cleric's lack of mobility quite well to have an option like that.
  21. Yeah in terms of specific class changes the ult and support + damage for arbitration. In terms of CC, the argument I keep seeing is people saying that essentially all CC specs are crap. I think those people are underselling the value of CC in the current system, because I've noticed mine making notable impacts at all levels of play, but I won't argue the system feels finished / like it couldn't be improved upon greatly. It could obviously, it feels very janky in its current implementation. If all CC specs are crap though, then the solution is to address that issue, and not gut every single CC spec to do something other than CC. I think if we nix the current version of the Arbiter because current CC issues, we're killing a class that is fun and viable to play right now in a number of different PvP scenarios, and we can only expect to get better as the CC system improves. But I also feel like the idea of a buff/debuff cleric would be super fun. Buff/debuff is something this game is really lacking. I don't think the radical really brings that much to the table that can't be achieved better with other builds though for the most part. Nixing it to turn cleric specs into a mainheal spec, a CC spec, and buff/debuff spec all of whom have at least 600-700 support power baked in once you allocate talent points and consider the spirit of the average vessel, would IMO create three distinct and engaging styles of play that are supported by what a cleric actually is at its heart. A tanky support class.
  22. I feel like making the passive (when fixed) reset CC skills based off either healing or damage ult, and making arbitration build support power in addition to what it currently does would give the class options it doesn't currently have without making it massively overpowered or forcing people who like the way it plays now to play differently. I think they should avoid any major overhaul of the arbiter spec though. It's in a pretty good spot. Strong enough to be well-worth playing if you enjoy what it does. Weak enough that I'm not afraid of seeing a nerf bat anytime soon. I feel like if they are going to rip up any spec and rebuild it from scratch the Radical would be the way to go. I think if it was completely disassembled and replaced with a Buff/Debuff spec that also had a bit of baked-in support power like the Arbiter, that you would see a lot more radicals actually being played. In-fact I think a lot of people would be falling over themselves to play it. It's not like there is any lack of damage options and the cleric talent tree is well set up for classes that have a bit of healing to work with even if it's a side thing. Nobody would shed a tear if the cleric specs became three different forms of group support.
  23. I praised Order as a faction. Any self-glorification was mainly just projected by you guys on to me. But feel free to dig through literally every single post I've made in this thread and cite as many examples as you can. I think you'll be a bit strained to find anything other than where I said I've been a major contributor to Order's siege equipment stock. My first post was on page 4. Four pages into the debate that's continued up to page 15 and had already been posted in by some of those saying this topic is about me. This topic isn't about me, my argument is not about me, but just like you can see with how Jecht makes a point that's on-topic and is immediately met with a personal attack that's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, BALANCE wants this to make me the focus of this debate because Balance is losing this debate when it comes down to the actual substance of the argument. So Balance is having to strawman arguments about how I'm pronouncing myself "the greatest of all time". Anyway, I will back out because Neuby asked. Maybe @soulein & @Angelmar should make even half an attempt to control their own member's trolling though before they go running around griping that people are speaking their mind. If you exercised half as much control over your own members as you seem to want others to, the forums would be downright civil. Edit: As you can see in the responses they cut the "I praised Order as a faction" from their quote then posted an example of me praising Order as a faction. Point proven. This isn't about me. I've already said there are many in Order who deserve a lot more credit for our victories than myself and that my own part has been fairly minor. I just said Order is better man-for-man, stand by it, and you guys can't handle that.
  24. @Thromdeir - I absolutely was in a full set of whites + green vessel that siege and nowhere did I attack you guys for not being in blues and purples. The counter given was you had a ton of nakeds / intermediate wearers. TRA had the vast majority of our playerbase in white advanced gear within the first couple days, and I haven't shown up to any siege naked the entire campaign. Heck, in any campaign actually. Stop strawmanning and address the points I'm actually making. Why can't you get all your people into whites on day 11 if you are better organized than us?
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