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  1. But their size (or lack of it) is an advantage.
  2. The only place Darkfall players are going to dominate are the forums. You all know it.
  3. I'm going to go for an answer that may be a bit left-field, but I'm going to think her role will be an assassin. Not sure what tips me off, just a general vibe I'm getting.
  4. I wasn't talking about the gender locking but the background. It seems the Fae kill all their males at birth under the misguided and hypocritical belief that only men become tyrants (hypocritical considering murdering children on the basis of their gender is completely tyrannical). I wouldn't be surprised if some fedora-clad MRA is going "This is what's wrong with feminism!" And on the other hand a tumblr SJW is yelling "We're not like that, you're putting feminism down." Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes an actual argument. Anyway, really, this was a bait. All in jest. It's obvious that this particular trait of the Fae is meant to be a serious flaw, and I highly doubt that the devs mean anything more by it. I can't wait to see more Fae archetypes.
  5. Or just a spin on the whole Amazon society trope? I'm going with the latter, but I'm still grabbing my popcorn and waiting for the MRAs and Tumblr SJWs to clash over this one.
  6. How can people who're initially interested in a PvP game with looting be so put off by the prospect of losing things?
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