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  1. I have submitted numerous feedback threads - Crowfall imo is not "fun". They have lots of systems in place, everything "works" - but that doesn't make Crowfall a fun game. So many cool games coming in 2021, and if Crowfall doesn't get their poorly made dergs together and make a fun game, their doomed - and we all know it.
  2. AWESOME guild! Great leadership, good group of guys to chill and pvp with. Very well organized, with some solid players who understand the game and the better class builds. And most important to me - helpful to new players. Play to Crush.
  3. Then you never actually played Shadowbane. Because it did.
  4. If that is "generally" not what happens then how come I have no import tokens left?
  5. Actually I am a very new player and I do not gank low levels. But when I have been ganked it just makes me want to get better, get better gear, try different skills etc... I guess everyone responds to pvp differently. Actually I am jealous of you - at least you got ganked. I love getting ganked, gets the blood moving - I play this game to pvp not to farm mobs.
  6. Not if you do not have enough import tokens. As a new player this is not explained - so what happens I am in a campaign and my guild wants to craft gear for me - and I can't use it / equip it because I am out of tokens.
  7. Actually this is the last reason why I would quit a pvp game. The reason I may quit is a hundred other reasons - but not this. One day I will take the time to write a long post on all the things I am unhappy with about the game - but there are so many I just don't have the time.
  8. Well this and what if I want to purchase something in EK? How do I get it from EK to my character ingame? My guild gives me a fast mount - and I can't give it to my in campaign character? Do I have to spend 10 minutes, logging out my ingame character to log in to EK - equip the horse and then log him back into the current campaign? Not sure if I can do it that way - but assuming I can? Seems really clunky to me. Thanks Mysta, when you are new how do you know what is trivial and what is not, what you need and what you don't need?
  9. Yes, you would think so. Please note - as a new player I do not mean freshly made new - I mean I have been playing for 2 weeks. I am still learning about all of the game mechanics and tbh it seems like most of them hurt new players because of vet player actions taking advantage of loopholes.
  10. grrrrrr This vault system is really pissing me off. I know you have to prevent power users from abusing the system and new campaign launches. But, it also hurts new players like me who just want to transfer a mount given to me by my guild to my character ingame. Can you not make more import / export tokens a reward for capturing / playing certain content?
  11. Every campaign map seems to have an annoying grand canyon which imo serves no purpose. 1 = ok fine. But almost every single campaign map? Please get rid of them. Thank you.
  12. No, Crowfall is not pay to win. When you go to work do you work for free? Do you have any idea on how much money and how many people it takes to make a high quality mmo these days? Pay the $15.00 get a VIP account and stop your whining.
  13. Getting old and >>> boring <<<. Crowfall needs to figure this out. My idea of fun is not walking pigs across map, crafting, gathering or boring pve encounters for solo players.
  14. This is the fundamental flaw with the game, that the dev's need to address or imo the game will never really gain the traction it needs to be commercially viable. This is not a moba - where players can join a lobby solo and they are instantly able to pvp. So the dev's in all of their wisdom gave us mind numbingly boring pve and grindy crafting / gathering with layers of difficulty purposely baked in to keep us "busy" during downtime. Biggest problem I see is that most pvpers are not interested in gathering or crafting. Second biggest problem is there is no community within the faction system - players are not grouping up to take on content together in order to build community - because the content is not there (no open world raid bosses / no group content - unless you call running around a large empty map capping outposts group content 😛) and the communication tools for players interacting and helping each other out are terrible. You need reasons for players to group together in order to build community. I should be able to use the chat system in a more intuitive way that invites inclusion and faction mates to communicate and group together. How come there is no mouse look? How come I cannot click on another player to invite him to group / chat with him/her? How come the chat system is so clunky, I rarely can be bothered to use it? How come all the pve content is geared towards solo or duo's? It's just not worth it to have 3 people or more in a group. The gold is laughable, because levels are gated behind crafting. So I don't get exp, I just grind gold so I can buy a vessal - which requires crafters and gatherers - which most pvpers are not interested in, and let's be honest - this is a terrible way to build community. No one is going to shout lfg or I am forming a group in chat if groups are not needed. How come there are no major pve content that requires large groups (factions / guilds) to come together to take on for timed buffs and nice loot? When a raid boss is up - there should be people in chat asking for help, organizing a group to go kill. At the same time the other factions are probably going to be doing the same thing - group pve content = promotes group pvp content. As I have posted before for Crowfall to unwittingly put in systems and game mechanisms that promote solo pvp is a HUGE mistake. Solo pvp can be part of the game - it just imo cannot be the focus. Why not solo pvp? Why doesn't it work? Well for one this is not a moba, this is a mmo. If a games primary focus is on solo or duo content with poor communication channels between players - then the game "feels" dead - when I log in I do not feel like I am part of a faction - the world feels lifeless and boring. Do I feel like going to a pve camp solo and grinding gold? 9 times out of 10 = NO - so I log out = which means even less players for other players to play with = the maps feel big and empty. Crafting and gathering to me "feels" like a job. I for one have been sitting on the sidelines hoping Crowfall would get it "right" - they are so close and yet so far. The vault system / world / inventory system is "clunky" and confusing as hell. The leveling up system is "clunky" and confusing as hell. The NPE is clunky and boring. Loot system does not invite grouping. If I have to rely on someone to be honest to fairly distribute loot / gold / rare drops - why would I ever group with someone outside of my guild or with someone I do not know? The chat system is clunky - I just don't bother. Disciplines are a hot mess with little to no synergy between their name and their function and lets face it - their not specific towards a class. So I have disciplines that are not even useful or relevant mixed up with ones that are and as a player I have to "figure it out". and there is no sense of community outside of guilds. I like the game and I like the dev team - that's why I took the time to post - I would like to see Crowfall succeed, but as things stand right now - it's a very niche game that will die as soon as something better comes out.
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