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    Rudedawg reacted to yianni in Most Pressing Pre-Release Ask   
    This ... and bring back conquest PENALTY. People are buying as many keeps and only building a belltower. Losing it means nothing because there's no penalty anymore. 
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    Rudedawg reacted to BlackBlood in [NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!   
    Join us to support your small, locally owned businesses. Now offering Doordash for blue quality vessels.
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    Rudedawg reacted to FatherJim in [NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!   
    Been playing the game for about 15 days now.  Found Acolytes on day 3 and they have been an amazing group to run with.  My first real dregs campaign we take 1st overall and for Divine Favor.  The experience and knowledge the vets have is incredible and has helped a new player like me learn a great deal about the game in a short amount of time.
    Our PvP is fun and exciting, often times going into battle more organized than the zergs that roam dregs, winning even when outnumbered.  We know how to build characters, we know how to gear them, and we know how to win battles with them. 
    If you want a fun group to play with who understands life comes first but still has the drive to win, join Acolytes. 
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    Rudedawg reacted to Dheth in [NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!   
    Haroo Acolytes! The Qualifier 2 stream kicked ass today and we were the majority of the highlights. We'll be advancing to the first Wildcard event on May 22nd. If -anyone- wants to play some of what ya'll saw OR the bigger guild vs guild scale PvP...there are tons of beta codes available and we'v got several new players with us already we are teaching the game so we'd be happy to have more!
    Join us in Discord at https://discord.gg/WxjVUfg Just PM me or Tag me in #crowfallpublic and we'll get you sorted.
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    Rudedawg reacted to RadisonMGS in [NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!   
    You gotta watch for that Riingo character
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    Rudedawg reacted to FatherJim in [NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!   
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Want a guild that is innovated?  Want a guild that lets you play the game you want to play? 
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    Rudedawg reacted to MacDeath in The reasons I had quit the game   
    Veteran players shoud get a massive debuf when entering lowbie areas, WAR turned em into nearly helpless chickens.
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    Rudedawg reacted to AgentZer0 in More Conquering and Less Scoreboards.   
    The biggest let down about the Dregs was the fact that Ace couldn't pull off enabling us Guilds to build our own cities. It interfered too much with how the maps generated. The initial concept was supposed to be a more sandbox type experience where we'd leverage stone masons to erect walls and fortifications within the map to claim territory. We were supposed to choose between different types of upgrades that had an impact on how your player built city would operate. You could decide to develop it as a major trading hub increasing caravan and refinery yields or make it more militaristic by leveling up barracks and such.
    The EKs were the initial testing ground for this and then they scrapped it almost entirely.
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    Rudedawg reacted to AgentZer0 in More Conquering and Less Scoreboards.   
    You can do this by simply taking The Infected and apply the same or similar ruleset as the Dregs campaign. I see no reason why Ace would eat the cost of developing an alliance system when the faction system already fulfills this purpose. No need to build a coalition... Prior to the Dregs all we had was the Faction play system which works very well. Where do you think the current alliances between guilds came from? They carried over from Faction play. I don't understand this obsession with creating an Alliance system for Dregs... The whole point of Dregs is to pit the Guilds against each other, but you guys rather nutcup with each other and then decide offline who gets to win the campaign. lol
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    Rudedawg reacted to Prometeu in More Conquering and Less Scoreboards.   
    When your life it's at stake then it works. When it's a game people can ignore you and go their merry way to minecraft. So if you actually want population you need ways to keep them having some fun or objectives to pursue even if they are not going to win the iron throne.
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    Rudedawg reacted to bignick22000 in More Conquering and Less Scoreboards.   
    I absolutely LOVE these ideas. Don't think it will ever happen though. A small vocal niche group and i think the DEVs just love dregs's, or at least the the idea of it. Personally I think Dregg's is just to unfriendly to ever build a decent player base.
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    Rudedawg reacted to Pystkeebler in More Conquering and Less Scoreboards.   
    Disclaimer: This is entirely a daydreamy, fun, "What If" post. So just sit back, and suspend reality with me for a minute...

    Crowfall has laid the groundwork for what could make a great PvP Throne War, but it hasn't quite figured out how to make that fun, or how to make people care. So, what would people care about?

    Re-imagining Campaigns:
    Real Conquest: Delete the conquest system. No great Throne War was ever decided by "points". Winning by out grinding your opponent is boring. What's not boring? Smashing your enemies stuff and kicking them out of the world. What makes winning fun? Telling those you beat to go back to God's Reach and get their shine box. Winning should be about the last Faction/Alliance standing. GvG -> Alliance Wars: re-imagine Dregs as a competition between 5 Alliances (it's practically that anyway...). Big changes have costs and compromises, and this is one of those compromises. Alliances need to have more impact in the world, and this is meant to enable the necessary changes to allow for that. Basically, Alliances could function like large, player-driven Factions. Guilds will need to build a coalition prior to the start of a campaign, they pledge to an Alliance for the length of a campaign, and victory/defeat is shared across the Alliance. Campaigns launch as a competition between signed-up Alliances based on the first to come, or some other arbitrary system. Castle/Temple zones as a home for Alliances: Each Alliance begins the campaign with a Castle or Temple zone (for brevity just call it a Castle) under their control. This is their home. If an Alliance loses its Castle, they lose the campaign, and are ejected from the world. They can invest in this area to build up services, defenses, set up vendors for trade among guilds that make up the Alliance, etc. The Castle zone is normally protected with Alliance-only gates connecting it to the primary campaign zones. One could imagine this being a place for free building, eventually. Territory Control: To win, an Alliance must push out into the campaign worlds, expand their control by capturing forts and keeps, march their zone of control to the doorstep of an enemy Castle zone, and siege it. There are many complex ways to realize this, but an outline for territory control could be described as: 1) Handshake sieges for keeps, 2) sieging a keep requires control of one fort in the zone, 3) Only keeps have respawn locations. This minimal set of rules does not create true territory control, but makes it substantially more difficult to contest and siege objectives outside of regions you control due to spawn disadvantage. These three create loosely defined zones of control. Spring is for preparation, Winter is for War: Normally, Castle zones are protected, and cannot be entered or sieged by those of a different Alliance. At the start of summer, if an enemy  Alliance controls a keep adjacent to a Castle zone, then they can use the gates to enter and initiate a siege. This could, instead, require building a unique building in a keep adjacent to a Castle zone. If there is no victor by the end of Winter, everything becomes available for siege for an extended window, and the victor is decided by the owner of the most land at the end. The Takeaway:
    Winning is about actual conquest, and not scoreboards. I think Conan put it best: winning is "to crush your enemy, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women." This makes the primary objective of a campaign very clear and focused: Crush. Factions/Alliances gain a home in campaign that must be protected which creates greater identity and shared purpose. This engenders that feeling of "realm pride." The world map gains more meaning. Zones forts, and keeps gain new strategic importance that changes as the map changes. You can't just win, but you can also decisively lose.  
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    Rudedawg reacted to DocHollidaze in The sad trajectory toward Crowfall being DoA   
    As somebody who has advocated making the game offer more for people to do in a 1 to 2 hour timespan, I can't say I've ever expected to be "competitive" with just investing a few hours.
    But I certainly demand that my short amount of playtime isn't wasted on mindlessly boring activities that contribute to a largely meaningless and uninteresting outcome.
    If the game is supposed to make people grind, make the grind worth it.
    But if the grind gives you a lot of power, and that contributes to uncle bob, also consider that maybe many of the game design philosophies in play here are mutually incompatible.
    Embrace the reality that the game design concept of Dregs was potentially DOA before it even hit the drawing board. And by DOA, I mean able to be designed and attract sufficient numbers of people to make the game mode viable.
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    Rudedawg reacted to veeshan in The sad trajectory toward Crowfall being DoA   
    Desperatly need some territory control system as stated above post

    I also think we desperalty need better PvE that functions well with pvp in mind im a PvPer at heart but even i know we need pve to draw content for pvper.
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    Rudedawg reacted to Pystkeebler in The sad trajectory toward Crowfall being DoA   
    I sincerely doubt this.
    Most people I talk to don't want to be required to farm mobs on autopilot like it's a job. I also don't see many of them itching to break rocks, punch trees, or get their hands dirty in animal guts. They may do the odd bit of gathering, but most are not going to do it for hours a day just to keep the guild hall fires warm. I don't think I've ever seen someone state out loud, with conviction, that they just wish they could run MORE pigs. There's also a reason Factories are, generally, a popular addition. No one wants to be chained to the forge playing menu whack-a-mole while going through an endless list of guild requisitions. Now, this is not to say that these things don't need to exist; they do, or else the world is very shallow and empty.
    The thing that seems to drive the most consistent engagement and interest is fighting over "stuff". I would argue that the best thing for Crowfall is to have more activities that put players into direct competition for "stuff" that is required to build up their fighting force and territory, gain rewards, and to win conquest/victory points.
    Building up, holding, and destroying keeps should be the primary objective for winning, and hopefully some day this transforms to territory control. I think more emphasis could be put on these elements in the conquest game. Building Materials upkeep might be a useful driver of conflict around other objectives in the world, as opposed to "massive" gold upkeep which encourages just flat out grinding. Forts already do a decent job of putting players in competition for building materials. It is perhaps unfortunate that this happens once a day and not more consistently. It is also unclear that uncontested passive income is the best solution. Outposts, currently, seem to do very little to drive enjoyable conflict or provide "stuff" that is needed to meet the primary objectives. These feel more like a different form of grinding. It's not clear that having them reward conquest points is good or working. They should probably be iterated on to bring players into more regular direct competition, and they should probably produce something that is needed to build up keeps or sustain the power of your fighting force. Pigs are important for the building materials they provide which is good. However, I think it's difficult to say they are enjoyable or that they are regularly driving direct competition. They should probably be looked at with a focus on driving more regular fights, and mitigating the boredom of the running simulator. Hot Zones are potentially interesting if they can consistently drive direct competition over high-end resource nodes, materials, gold, and gear needed to sustain a strong fighting force. They are also potentially good objectives for Divine Favor that can be used to drive broader engagement through providing campaign rewards. So, I would argue that the most of necessary components are there, but they need to be polished and tuned up to get them functioning properly. The major elements that I would say are missing or not functioning well enough are: 1) territory control, and 2) the rewards structure
    Territory Control: right now, territory has no meaning making the world map feel like an random connection of arbitrary zones. All zones, keeps, forts, outposts feel exactly the same, with maybe the exception of castles. Nothing really gives specific purpose to capturing, controlling, or defending one area above another. I think allowing for more resource investments in locations (castles, keeps, forts) in order to significantly increase their conquest point values would possibly help here. There also needs to be something that builds more clearly defined zones of control. One minimal set of changes that could encourage that is: handshake sieges for keeps, sieging a keep requires control of one fort in the zone, only keeps have respawn locations. The idea being to make it more difficult to contest and siege objectives outside of regions you control Rewards Structure: for this, I think you want to take a broader view of the word "reward." More is needed to make engaging in campaigns feel meaningful and worthwhile. Making the strategy game more fun and more focused on fighting and conflict will help. More inclusive campaign rewards for Divine Favor would help. More cosmetic rewards for participating and winning would help. A progression system that revolves around engagement in PvP objectives would help. Giving the top ranked guilds and players more impact in the world would help. Let top 3 guilds build a guild hall in the free city. Give the top ranked players unique titles, temporary character vfx, and statues in the free city. These unique things that have impact in the world make winning more meaningful and fun.
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    Rudedawg reacted to Anthrage in The sad trajectory toward Crowfall being DoA   
    Building and ranking up a Keep or Castle is not easy, convenient, quick or painless. There is plenty to do, many things which are even now yet undone, and the world is not a fraction of how populated it is expected to be come release, when doing those things will be even more difficult. As someone who has even in this beta stayed up all night, done 24 hour sessions working to get a Keep fully built and operational, I find the idea that there is nothing to do, or that the things there are to do, easy, just a bit offensive.
    There is plenty to do, and there are plenty of things which are difficult. Not doing those things is very different from those things not existing. Apart from maintenance - which I do think is necessary but to address an issue other than things not being difficult enough - what exactly would you change to make things more difficult?
    There is enough farming that needs to be done as it is. I want to spend the lion's share of my time fighting, not farming...are you really proposing to shift the current balance away from fighting and towards farming, towards a world where we "...crave every piece of trash loot, and every scrap of leather, and every coin that drops..."?
    That would be how you kill Crowfall, move the game away from it's one real strength, the PvP. There are plenty of other games to grind your brains out in already.
    I very seriously and sincerely would like to now what you would change in detail, specifically, because your DOA warning has me feeling like we are playing two different games.
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    Rudedawg reacted to Charlie_Bronson in The sad trajectory toward Crowfall being DoA   
    Unless they actually create player bulit cities, or "free building" on a large map, or map network, I (as wel as many in my guild) will not be revisiting this game....

    We are having a blast in Mortal II Online though...
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    Rudedawg reacted to McTan in Vessels and leveling....   
    Well, I'll wear the black hat that Yianni is donning.
    I would consolidate essentially all actions to dregs. The reason I want leveling to exist and happen in dregs is because it provides a constant desire for xp camps. You may not like leveling, but I suspect we can all get behind wanting to compete over things we need in the world. I didn't like leveling in Shadowbane, but I recognized it (and gold maintenance costs) as primary drivers for the world being full, and camps being contested. 
    I did not like leveling my new vessels after the item and character wipe, but I loved the PvP fights with people who wanted to kill the same bog bears as I did.
    The fewer things to do in the world, the less PvP. This is a fact, even if it's an unpopular one. We have been purposefully pulling everyone to Dregs at 20, just for something to do in the world. And because we are forcing ourselves to do that, we constantly are around so gank groups can find us in the wartribe camps. Yeah, we die, and noobs get ganked, but it's better than twiddling my thumbs not getting any fight at all. And dying encourages us to call more people in, and so on and so on.
    This is all to say that it's not the only possible lever, but it is one that they have in their game, and with a few tweaks, would encourage us to compete over things that are lower stakes than keeps and forts - and therefore amenable to smaller-scale PvP conflict.
    Sometimes, and only sometimes, we should need to do things that, even if they are not fun in a vacuum, promote a landscape for PvP fun. I do not think a fully crafted vessel auto-leveling to 30 populates the world, and that's where my mind is with this game. For the love of all that is holy, push us out of the temples, out of infected, and above all, out of god's reach.
    Wanna bring that new build to the fort fights tomorrow? Fine, spend a few hours playing the game and leveling, and dying and killing. Don't spend it logged off because the fully crafted vessel is already ready to go. This is supposed to be a PvP MMO, not a PvP full-kit drop-in game.
    That's my unpopular take. While they're at it, add gold cost to every buff taken at an alliance keep. Add daily maintenance costs, more ranks, and de-ranking. Add protection costs, make guards always vulnerable (they respawn for crying out loud). Yeah, a crafter is going to die in their keep with mats on them, and they will rage, but the game needs the thrill of risk to have any chance at all. Push us out of the keep in order to maintain the keep.
    n.b. I would gladly trade leveling camps and grinds for a much more interesting territory control, outpost system. But that's not going to happen, and I work with what I see as possible.
    p.s. I do like PopeUrban's ideas, and it is a potential alternative system that could work. As long as it requires activity in the risky world, I'm for it.
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    Rudedawg reacted to yianni in Vessels and leveling....   
    Well if you level outside of GR that is. In SB you were only allowed to be on noob island up to a certain level then you're gone. Guilds would power level, or level normal as people rolled different spec groups or just another character. That promoted a lot of PvP
    Which I'm going back to @McTan idea of kicking you out of gr OR lower the max level you can get in GR or only allow higher quality vessels up to a certain level then you go to campaign or infected. Personally I think infected needs to go or to be lower level in itself
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    Rudedawg got a reaction from McTan in The reasons I had quit the game   
    Actually I am a very new player and I do not gank low levels.
    But when I have been ganked it just makes me want to get better, get better gear, try different skills etc...
    I guess everyone responds to pvp differently.
    Actually I am jealous of you - at least you got ganked.
    I love getting ganked, gets the blood moving - I play this game to pvp not to farm mobs.
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    Rudedawg reacted to Darkstar412 in Base Ranger Reveal Change - Long Reveal Long Cooldown   
    i think the ranger talent with the reveal and flare needs some love. You can just take hunter instead of considering this talent, it has a longer uptime and does the same thing. Use to flare would burning dot stun and expose the target with rapid fire having an expose punish built in was really good. But i think having a passive perception always on would be better than finding the sweet spot on cds .
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    Rudedawg reacted to Alot in The reasons I had quit the game   
    It is particularly egregious currently because it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Veteran players know where the noobs will be, and many of us have vessels, gear, disciplines, and badges that new players couldn't compete with even if they had game knowledge and skill. 
    I'll say this again for those in the back: the power disparity between the haves and the have nots is way too high. It isn't fun for either side because there is no satisfaction in winning a fight that takes no effort, and it feels bad to engage in a fight you most likely cannot win. 
    Now, a lot of veteran players will attempt to side step the issue by saying that skill disparity is more significant than stat disparity (as if that is relevant), but notice how many of those same players also complain about smaller power gaps in Hungerdome.
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    Rudedawg reacted to MacDeath in Server wipe before the launch of the game   
    There will be a complete database wipe at Launch. This includes our characters. It wouldn't be fair to allow some folks to keep high leveled / equipped character at launch to compete against others that were starting fresh, so we ALL start fresh.
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    Rudedawg reacted to redfactor4 in 10 Minute Beginner Guide By A Beginner (2021-07-08)   
    Crowfall’s 10 Minute Beginner Guide (Updated: 2021-07-08)
    Foreword (2021-05-10)
    I am making this guide after ~1 week as a new Crowfall player and its contents stem from, and are heavily influenced by, the sorts of experiences I had in that time period. The objective of this guide is to provide a quick 10 minute read that will give you the information necessary to determine if you would like to try the game, and set you up so that you have an enjoyable experience while doing so.
    The structure of this guide will loosely follow the order in which I encountered these decision points.
    5 Point TL;DR
    The most accessible gameplay loop for new players is PvE combat (i.e. Farming enemies on loop). It is recommended to find a class where farming is enjoyable. If something doesn’t seem like fun, feel free to ignore it for now. There are a lot of more advanced gameplay aspects to this game. Don’t feel the need to engage with them all at once, or understand them from the get go. Little more than knowing how to kill enemies for gold is needed to start off in this game. The Crowfall discords (community + official) are fairly active and filled with people willing to help out new players. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/30146-crowfall-discord/ Join a Guild early on in your experience, in particular one that welcomes new players, is willing to teach them the ropes, and HELPS THEM FIND THE GAMEPLAY THEY ENJOY. Beware of guilds that just use you for your gameplay hours to achieve their own goals. We play games to have fun, if what you are being asked to do “for the guild” isn’t fun, don’t feel beholden to it. Find yourself a good playlist to listen to, there is a lot of farming, PvP, and riding around to be done. Picking A Class (2021-05-10)
    Not as important as it seems, pick something that sounds cool and you think might be fun to farm NPCs on. This will end up mattering more at level 30, but given how straightforward it is to level from 1-18, chances are any time spent here trying to figure out the “optimal class” will simply be wasted due to lack of information. Can’t go wrong with any class that has self-sustain and AoE, as farming is the most accessible gameplay loop to new players. For what it is worth I went with Cleric, intending to go Arbiter. Personal Recommendations: Warden Ranger, Arbiter Cleric, Any Champion, Vindicator Templar Archetype builds were released for the game's arena PvP mode (Hunger Dome). These might not be optimal builds, and some are tailored for the PvP mode, but they give you a baseline to working builds: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/244-ecs21-hungerdome-archetypes/ Leveling Up (2021-06-01)
    1-30 is fairly straightforward, hard to go wrong just following the quest marker and progressing through the questline. Worth noting that EXP does not overflow, so overflow EXP is wasted. If you are close to a level up and want to optimize EXP gains, go ahead and grind a few more enemies or sacrifice for EXP (this mechanic is explained in the new player questline). The updated New Player Experience does a decent job exposing a new player to all the different enemies in the game, and explaining most game mechanics. The focus of leveling should be learning your class while leveling and finding enjoyable farming rotations. I would set level 18-25 as the decision point for whether to stick with the current class or swap to one that you think might be more enjoyable. Don't think of it as having lost time, since if you end up sticking with the game chances are you will want alt characters anyway, and now you are a more experienced player than you were when you started. Level 30 - Character Progression (2021-07-08)
    Post level 30 progression in Crowfall primarily involves acquiring better equipment. In Crowfall, even the body your character uses is an upgradeable piece of equipment (called a vessel). Your first few upgrades will likely come from the enemies that you have been farming. This is decent starter gear, and more than enough to engage in the initial gameplay loop of simply farming NPCs for gold and drops. NOTE 2021-07-08: It seems some of the loot tables have been tweaked in the run up to launch. The gear dropped by any camp that includes mobs below level 30 (even 29-30 camps) has drastically diminished stats. It is recommended to farm camps that note an enemy level of 30-32. You can check enemy level of a camp by hovering over it with your mouse while on the map screen. Once you have a decent set of “War Tribe”(WT) gear, the next step is to acquire decent crafted gear. Well crafted White Rarity items can be better than WT Blue or Epic Rarity items. At this point, a guild becomes almost a requirement, as they are more easily able to guide you to decent farming spots, as well as give you better deals on crafted gear. While it is certainly possible to craft your own gear, the current design of the game makes an established communal crafting pipeline infinitely more efficient than anything a single player can achieve. Begin engaging in world PvP. Chances are if you have a decent farming spot, it will be contested at some point. Additionally, if your guild chooses to engage in the guild vs. guild worlds, you will start being pulled into larger and larger combats (as well as a lot of riding around). Crafting/Harvesting (2021-05-10)
    I have found this to be influenced by two factors: what appeals to you, and what the guild you join needs. There is no requirement to engage with Crafting/Harvesting at an individual level, but chances are that any decent guild will have some form of Crafting/Harvesting pipeline set up. These topics are rather advanced (crafting in particular), and beyond the scope of this guide. For an introduction there are resources available in the forums. Examples: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/30772-lfg-a-beginners-guide-to-gathering/ (Credit: @Altybear) https://community.crowfall.com/topic/30853-lfg-a-beginners-guide-to-crafting/ (Credit: @Altybear) https://community.crowfall.com/topic/30892-crowfall-new-player-guide-starting-with-harvesting/ (Credit: @Zenatos) In my opinion, harvesting is much more accessible to new players, as you don’t need much more than the harvesting discipline, and the harvesting tool. Yet, even here the game design pushes you towards collaboration, as most harvesting disciplines have a form of “motherlode” nodes which require multiple people to be harvested. Closing Thoughts
    This guide abstains from going into many details or tips, focusing primarily on painting a broad mental map of the game experience that I found most likely for a new player. I find that by having a clearer mental map of the various aspects of the game, a new player is better able to look up the relevant information and go back to playing the game, rather than going down a paralyzing rabbit hole of information. Tips & Edits
    There are many resources available in terms of leveling walkthroughs/videos or build guides, but beware of outdated information as this game has changed drastically over time. Recently, archetype builds were released for the game's arena PvP mode. These might not be optimal builds, and some are tailored for the arena PvP mode, but they give you a baseline to working builds: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/244-ecs21-hungerdome-archetypes/  The GENERAL chat sends messages to everyone in the current world, from all factions. It is a good place to ask any questions you might have, as experienced players will often note your question and answer it to not only your benefit, but also that of any other player who might have encountered the issue (or encounters it at a future time). Simplest way to make sure you are on the GENERAL chat tab is to type "/general" and press enter, making your chat swap to that tab if it was displaying another. (Credit: @MacDeath) The setting that exits your open windows on movement can be disabled: Settings -> UI -> Untick "EXIT CURSOR MODE ON PLAYER MOVEMENT". This makes it way easier to manage inventory or spells while running. Also helps so that you can pop out the cursor mode and read buffs/debuffs while autorunning. A really in-depth guide explaining all the in-game stats as well as going into other topics: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EDpkBVnxFDfA1-yQ5BCpmCh4FPg0RXaU3X4JU1E7bpE/edit. Probably something to bookmark for now and just refer back when questions arise. Credit to @Zenatos for this great summary slide on gameplay loop options 
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