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  1. Even though fully buffed by a doc and cantina visit included a nightsis elder with a stun baton was hard to play. I remember those hunting session on teamspeak, someone yelling: "OMG she is pulling out a stunny .... ruuuuuuuun!" Cheers
  2. Getting your hands on 5000 units of the best spawn of some ore on the server for at least 5 years makes those materials pretty expensive, then add 10 other materials of the same quality, plus some krayt enhancements in order to built the best weapon buildable so far. Luckily 3 of those crafted weapons were better then the rest and then it comes to slicing, and damn i need it speed sliced ... leaves just 1 out of 10, and this one is decaying with every shot you deal. But however this gun makes descent advantage compared to all other weapons ingame, so every single shot fired is more fun then anything else i´ve ever experienced in any other mmo since that days. If only i was so clever to survey for more then 5k units that day out on Tatooine ^^ Anyone else came to this situation in life once in a while? Nah sry, that was just a game Cheers
  3. Infinity? Played there as well Cheers
  4. You can´t remember what server you played on? Shame on you ^^ Cheers
  5. Hey guys, more then a decade later, still thinking of the times we played SWG together nearly every weekend. Every game must step into comparison to SWG, and every game failed so far Anyway, we played on Infinity as it opened up a little later then the other servers. Our town on rebel side was called Altera, located on Naboo. Maybe someone coming along this article over the next months might remember Fumanchu und Fumantau (both 20/22 Holocron oldskewl Jedis) - i do remember that night i unlocked my Jedi, made it to the room of my brother who was sleeping next to his girlfriend and just said: UNLOCKED! - he was awake in 2 seconds and we did some party on the bed, his girlfriend was not amused and thought we are freaks. Anyway she is gone, that moment live forever! C U near squillcave in some days! Cheers Ved Grakosh aka Fumanchu aka Cappo Altera (at least a minimum of 2 accounts was necessary at that times ^^)
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