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    I want to use my Birma kitten - this is not good news. @Pann can you assist me? Send me a pm when you`re available, @Pann
  2. I can`t change my profile picture - I even added my email to my Gravatar account. Anyone noticed a similar issue here recently?
  3. Heed the Call:

    /approved by New York Rangers franchise, sponsors, and a personally blessing by Glenn Sather - president. Only if Jeff Gorton can find us a decent sniper in the next year summer draft 2018! Just one question - u need to be drafted right to Heed the call? hehe, have fun!
  4. I just like to mention before Crowfall is in the open beta stage, @Tyrant - make sure that the game client get noticed by Windows 10 when you install and patch the game since 97% of all pc users are using windows 10 now, and it will soon be one of the few operation windows system from Microsoft which will be updated. I can`t find the crowfall game client with my control panel in windows with your current file system related to the game client hence why I can`t load the world map and a campaign even if it`s online on your servers. It must be a window 10 issue in connection with the game client that does not ask windows for permission to use the game ports on internet. And the game exe file need to ask window to access internet and most games do exactly that ask windows for internet access in windows 10. And it is crucial so the pc don`t think the game client is something else like a virus.
  5. A contemplation for all SB veterans

    Yes, @managainsttime I had a break again from this forum - so hard to keep up sometimes. I wish that this game was developed differently. Yeah for sure and some old SB pvp templates was a long kept secret for a long while on the original SB servers! `grin` And some SB vets created the meta indeed who figure out the strength and weaknesses in the game with various character templates much like pubg with weapons, and mouse sensitivity related to aiming FPS details to compete in that game since so many e-sport teams are interested in that particular game. (On topic) - There are some SB guilds who are creating alliances while I write this, but with my current CF guild will wait with guild politics. And just a note, I`m not involved in that process at all, but just sad I can`t support the guild at this stage of development and get involved in the game. - (It`s off topic) But what @VIKINGNAIL don`t understand since he often post off topic comments. I`m a fps player too and if a game have a strong connection with e-sport teams it`s usually a logic reason behind it and the game itself have a lot of depth to increase your overall skill and understanding in a game like pubg. I just refuse to believe that the old SB game did not benefit from a certain skill differences among players and it was usually based on time investment and their overall in-game knowledge related to pvp in that game. My point is that an mmo have so much level and item differences alone so it can be difficult to notice skill differences between two players compare to moba or a fps type of game. And I know I`ve mention this @VIKINGNAIL, but true skill differences among players in NHL is much easier to spot and notice in that sport compare to a pc game with a keyboard & mouse. And so few people get drafted into NHL, so those who are active are really gifted which is why I love and enjoy follow hockey as well when it`s on TV. Destiny 2 for instant will probably not be an e-sport game, but the pvp arena modes are quick pace and fun if u enjoy fps and sci-fi.
  6. Yes same issue here it stop loading when you try to enter the World campaign US East Siege2, and it show this image.
  7. Another thing I like to talk about is that all can live stream this game on twitch and it`s not a pc & mic. hardware requirement unfortunately to get a high end quality stream, and those who live stream CF earlier this morning had horrific bad quality mic. and not good for advertisement at all of the game, because they clearly had no clue what they were doing related to OBS software. And if ACE want to get their worlds populated wait until the final stages of the game before you invest into good quality twitch live streamers like Lirik or Summit1g, but I`ve a notion it`s wrong genre. And for some younger generation of players are not always aware it`s an EA product and think the game looks unfinished based of lack of knowledge what EA is all about.
  8. I`ve been busy with Destiny 2 on a PC!! And it was a fast pace 3 days beta some days ago with pvp action in 120 fps vs other players! I personally wish that ACE involved investors to be honest years ago if we could go back in time. It just feel bad for the project since there are some good quality designers and well known persons who are working on this game like @Tyrant, because I believe in the old method how to develop games and don`t reveal too much before it`s released to avoid getting burn out on early access games in development which might explain the low population. But I`m not updated how many who are invited to test this CF patch.
  9. Why is`t limited to 60 players if the map support a much larger population?
  10. Conan Exile

    Free Map & game expansion in Conan Exiles and the launch of Xbox One release 16th of August 2017! Funcom official trailer
  11. I like the new different tree designs - great art artists!
  12. The worlds or EK does not load for me - not sure if the new gaming ports is in this build 5.2.
  13. Shadowbane 2.0

    What VN do not understand it seems - that most professional players with unique high gifted skills in a sport like soccer - most don`t have the habit to talk about their overall skill set at all like players Messi on Barcelona for instant, and you sometimes read about such players when he was getting married about a week ago. And what to prove? Many here is above 30+ in age @VN, and I`m 41 years old, and most of us don`t care about a simple duel in an massive multiplayer siege game. And your 10 guys were non factor in 2003 until you obviously had a bad time and left SB before it become interesting without the huge guilds like KGB who openly recruited in 2004 even though the guild continue playing for some years after the main release. And CF is about larger movements of guilds and players who will create larger alliances in-game - how to coordinate and be successful in an active Dregs campaign. And the guild politics based on that topic shadow the whole skill related topic in pvp like duels. If a guy can take out 2-3 players great due to skill, but he can`t stop an army with siege weapons - it`s a number game and guild politics. If you can grief other players like VN fine that is possible indeed, but the main goal is to win campaigns within a well coordinated alliance. Hopefully the core game mechanics will shine enough that the game get interesting and attract new players to the active campaigns.
  14. If it`s hard to get advance/legendary items - inventory loot, if not full loot. A system that work against to use your best items - is not a good loot system. I had to throw it in here, but amazing explanation @Anthrage,