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    Crowfall & Ashes of Creation; going bounty hunting..
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    Mirabar an ancient dwarven guild - A noble house of Iceleaf clan of Mirabar.
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  1. dude Tools drops in the Shadow campaign kind of a bug upon dearth.. šŸ¤£
  2. Yes it is a sad decision, but I am too lazy to vessel grind above lv. 30 - so I just loot in dregs for epics while other are above me in lv. 30. In my view "Free respec" should be available for all players with the amount of different class combinations. It maybe help to keep players in the larger picture, and that was the fun of Crowfall to experiment with different Classes & Respec.
  3. All servers are light so no point playing against horrific AI mobs. 1 Moderate dreg server and thats about it and soon Winterblades fighting shadows 1 month after soft launch.
  4. Yes they murder most of the new solo players too with a secrect horrific guild progression systems related to character/crafting/harvesting, and most are not aware of when they buy this unfinished product.
  5. At least the other Todd Howard is at the other studio in US - he cant custard up The Elder scrolls 6 that bad.
  6. The whole class design and powers are really slow to execute especialy in small scale pvp - it just feel like a rushed Class so I avoid it completely. Artcraft lack an own combat balance developer and it is too obvious, and too few developers who are responsible for major mmo features like Combat & Crafting which is two very different topics and the overall quality with a finish product is simply not good enough for an mmo in 2021. I could say this about AI and mythological/fantasy creatures and how they are implemented in this game - it is not good enough.
  7. Yeah it sounds like Todd Howard marketing Skyrim back in 2010 at E3 "do whatever you want, whenever you like", until the new CF players is aware of the Vessel grind to lv 35, or the huge gold sink to reach advance tools and epic quality tool belts which is secretly tied to a guild progression kind of system! If somehow Artcraft get 1% of New World player base that is about 2k new players, because players need to wait 4 weeks until the official launch event end of August. I would be a happy kitten with my epic gear to get some pvp before New World official release or Lost Ark closed beta later this fall.
  8. You have no idea what u talk about this really slow combat system is not designed for C9 or TSM Esport teams in near future,
  9. I edit it away, because that is how we used to type in 2003-2009 with all the drama involved. If a guild had a name and reputation it was 50% of game play was forum drama, because the gameplay in SB was very limited just like CF. If someone calling or name a guild something, maybe the guild is doing well on the leaderboards..
  10. Oh well soon kitten101 by Todd special approach to Disney with T. Blair kind of fishing crafting adventure,. I wished for an expansion, but I will look for a new game @Jah Timmus was the highest IQ -W- member, because he went to GTA to not get burned out on the New World Beta by Amazon Game Studios & another company I never remember.
  11. wow I`ve 60 fps on high setting 2540 * 1440 with a Gtx 1070 Asus card.
  12. I tried to kill the guard npe, but it was too strong jumped down the castle walls and took fall damage and met 2 angry minos instanstly attacked me, but my blackguard was too strong and survived with dagger barrier with a Q and vanished like a true assassin, well done the event was fun!
  13. Map population has been an major issue since day 1 of soft launch with the total amount of active Dregs campaigns, and the total amount of Gods Reach worlds + EK`s drain life away from maps, and u seldom see another player in GR. And to be a PvP centric mmo which need players is really sad and poor decisions since all servers are Light - yes it is really boring with no players and empty servers.
  14. It is not enough population and that is the major issue for this PvP centric game, because it needs full servers, not Light servers since day 1 of soft Launch of Crowfall! All are spread out in different campaigns on tiny Unity maps so GR`s are almost empty when Dregs was announced 2 days after soft launch. All the old CF guilds joined Dregs and GR`s worlds which were too many and empty so free farm maps for guild harvesters who did not bother with Dregs based on poor tools on day 3 after soft launch. No population to speak about and that was so obvious in an ackward attempt on an open free beta release for CF, and it was even tedious for new players to even try the game. I dont even include how many players EK`s are taking away map activity from campaigns and Gods Reach to make sure that is really hard to find other players - so new players also believe the game is almost dead after they reach lv. 25. And the total amount of worlds are still an issue and concerning for a PvP centric mmo with empty worlds. Anyway it is no point to market anything CF now with 7.0 patch - it wont attract new players. Besides the Amazon game studios & Double Helix Games major mmo release of the massive large scale New World end of August 2021 concerning population.
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