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  1. I was tempted to to send you 50$ - I had a good laugh, but I agree it has been a frustrating process for a while. Yes, gathering, harvesting, crafting, and finally we can PvP tuck on the end of the stick is not a good formula until we die, and you need more items & resources and less focus on PvP and combat. In my humble opinion - it should be a mix with items that drops from creatures like Vorgrim in SB, and hand crafted items for example. Why should crafters dominate the open market with items, and no other sources for armor & weapons and other items. No doubts it will be a rough ride for those who mainly play this game who enjoy to focus on the PvP aspect of the game.
  2. Why is he sad? Half elves are usually happy.
  3. Well the late 90`s gave me migraine related to old game system like UO. I think I need to riot here on the forum again for the second time - and create an org. with No to harvesting!! posters - and to promote more PvP friendly game mechanics in CF before game is fully implemented!
  4. 5.4 Ressource cost

    50 guys in advance armor then u can start the calculation @Kirchhoff- harvesting skill tree is as optional as crafting or mainly combat focus, and I`ve notion it will take a while to finish skill trees with the Eve online skill progression system. I never thought they would go back to the late 90`s with such a system. I`ve notion it turn away too many players with the current cost on things, and most tasks feels too tedious to even bother to start the gathering process. And most PvP oriented guilds want a healthy player base, and if you enjoy combat all enjoy see other players in a campaign - friends or foes, because it`s important to promote a game mechanic, or a system which is easy to get into without spend too much time harvesting to reach the next tier gear. it`s only stats, and it`s better than basic, but don`t create tedious and silly amount of math (resource cost) to get to the nex tier. Harvesting is a skill tree, but combat and territory control is what drive this game - and I hope @jtoddcoleman consider income mines like we had in Shadowbane after you claim it and it create small combat events in itself. It help with the whole tedious gathering process.
  5. Half elf race assassin class with bow mastery disc rune, and when I`m in Stealth-Tray I cannot go directly into U which is Range-Tray from stealth - I click on U for range-tray, but I end up in Melee-tray which is Z. It should be possible to go directly into U Range-tray from stealth so I post it as a bug.
  6. Random Ranged Assassin clips

    They have probably not tested properly with good weapons and many are deep into the skill trees with additional crit + dps increase from rogue tree among other things. :)
  7. Random Ranged Assassin clips

    What is your runes for that build including bow mastery? Nevermind I saw it in the video. )) I would go for Agent rune too, but u get less bow powers as an assy for self sustain related to heals. It`s one build of many and great for a range build, but the black mask rune with shadowmantle powers are really nice with daggers, and less healing on one target is important in a larger group fight.
  8. Happy Birthday Checkyotrack

    And happy birthday - I hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend!
  9. I thought ACE & Gordon Walton aimed for a dungeon here or a crypt like in UO! Is that a thing still in the world exploring a dungeon? - The vessel system sounds good, and we should start the game with a player character so it make sense with the updated information about the Crypt and vessel system, and campaign limitations based on vessel or older vessel from earlier campaigns. But the progression speed should be debated, because it`s more fun to have knowledge about advance armor, and start doing legendary items - instead of a long period of basic & intermediate progression in any campaigns or speed up the basic progression skill trees in any given campaign.
  10. nah, I trained tracking and it`s not yet implemented.
  11. Yeah it was an interesting Q&A.
  12. The same happen to me with the same rune Juggernaut on my cleric last weekend.
  13. 5.4 Ressource cost

    Yes, it need to be balance and based on a normal player play session which is usually/normally (2-3) hours a day concerning resource cost on items. And don`t get burned out on it, because combat is fun.
  14. I`m glad they accelerate skill training in this patch to test such things out properly before the main launch of the game, and maybe `Personal damage modifier` was suppose to increase your dps instead, who knows.