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    Crowfall & Ashes of Creation; going bounty hunting..
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    Mirabar an ancient dwarven guild - A noble house of Iceleaf clan of Mirabar.
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  1. I agree Crowfall combat is much better @veeshan.
  2. New World is dieing it had 850k at launch some weeks later we are down at peak 485k players. I am back for Crowfall for sure. Let`s go! 🤗
  3. #NaEast servers NW: Above 15k queue on #Valhalla, Above 5k queue on #Olympus Above 8k queue on Morrow (The Official CF server) 🤭
  4. The old KGB guild is aiming for NA east server in New World: Morrow server - hopefully a great mmo launch tomorrow on the 28th. And hopefully we will see some of you there.
  5. The old Shadowbane KGB guild is aiming for NA east server in New World; Morrow server - hopefully a great mmo launch tomorrow on the 28th.🤗 As I mentioned a long time ago I was worried back in year 2015 when Crowfall compare this game to the sci-fi genre EvE online and use words like soccer seasons and FIFA sport game.🤣 It is an action game - pvp just a minor aspect of a theme park mmo game like Lost Ark, or New World, or any other large scale mmos like ESO. The AI and challenges for PvE is really important in these type of games, or at least a good story in an mmo setting. It needs a lot more depth than CF can afford now - and as I mentioned before CF launch. It is probably better to just start a new project, because it is in that bad state. The CF game is really limited, because very little content and too few players since througout the game development and open beta. Ashes of Creation might be dead too; the mmo market is really difficult now and hard without proper marketing.
  6. The main issue is the game lack good content like an NPE Dungeon which could result in legendary drop and a good challengem outside of Siege windows - since siege game design is really limited in CF compare to Rust or any other house destruction games like Age of Conan, or Ark. Keep in mind that Rust has a much larger game population like these stats right here today on Steam. Top games by current player count CURRENT PLAYERS PEAK TODAY GAME 669,793 780,285 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 558,980 599,916 Dota 2 224,463 381,883 PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 190,734 266,344 Apex Legends 174,725 190,517 Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer 119,077 141,165 Grand Theft Auto V 98,132 142,277 Destiny 2 85,060 98,868 Rust
  7. It was an old alpha bug, but too lazy and dont get paid to report bugs.🤭 Crowfall was dead in open beta so that has been a major headache before they decided to soft launch it. Where are all the publishers like Bethesda Softworks who usually support new mmo projects, it were "none" - they saw major flaws with stubborn old Todd game design that drove away single players or they got harvested - they only had their vessel left when they bought a white math vessel in Sea dog rest or in Temple until they figure out 15k on a useless vessel is kind of waste of my time in this game kind of experience. Anyway do not mix up the names with Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard and Starfield will be a huge sci-fi game!
  8. Well dont spent too many years into it like SB - there are many other options out there Winterpaws.🤭
  9. What is that craft 10 legendary swords or make sure to not lose the castle?
  10. <Question> Can we start over with a new mmo project which is more single player friendly and some in-depth lore and story telling similar to the Elder scrolls online?🤗
  11. When an Eve Online Goon cant log in...🤭
  12. wow less than 1k players active playing - this is obviously not needed👀
  13. CF ded at least New World open beta Septemember 9th 2021, only 3 days test to get u into it for FREE, and they have dungeons! 🤗
  14. But why not create something similar to World of Worldcraft 2 with 2 milion subs - why create something which is dead on arrival? It is waste of everyone time. CF is an improved Battleground in WoW since the Unity maps are so custard tiny - I dislike the whole game engine. 1-2k population that number is dead on arrival @mandalore- I know we`ve spent too many years in SB earlier, but the game do not appeal for anyone outside the most hard core guilds with history in UO and SB, because the core game design is too narrow minded and with a really tedious over compicated crafting system especially for new players and without any content. In custard SB you have rune hunting and vorgrim drops, at least something or active mines which was also really custard limited game content, but it had more than Crowfall. You could also build cities in SB which lack in Craftfall, and the forts & keep dont feel like something special to defend and use hours of time in a scoring system which is more related to crafting than anything else, and 0 player vs player experience in combat in a PvP centric thing. My point is Todd lost it and had too many years with pirate101 or wizard101 concerning the game design and I was very sceptical when they talked about soccer matches and Eve Online.. A new mmo need lore, questing, dungeons, raid content, and some have factions like New World or Lost Ark. No content is more posts on an almost empty forum and less activity in actually in the open world campaigns. No players is no fun in any online game.
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