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  1. Well thanks for the warnings some years ago and probably well deserved. And you did a good job and it`s not an easy community to moderate with old pvp guilds waiting for a game with demands and wishes to fit their play style they love concerning the PvP aspects of CF. So best wishes, @Pann. It really depends how old your guild is...
  2. Another good example is the new game Valorant which is in closed beta. You don`t start the game and the map 5v5 in a rank climb without Valorant map knowledge, or before you know exactly how the weapons are working in that game; recoil, rate of fire, and damage, mouse sensitivity just to mention a few things which take hours to practice in Valorant pratice range and a new player guide how to PvP (player vs player) in Valorant. It`s the same in God`s Reach, you need an option to practice PvP and powers to climb on that PvP learning curve so you are not totally clueless joining a Dreg campaign after 14 days of practice. Crowfall start in any given campaign and world with different PvP settings with a card point system like the Dregs which is Guild vs guild and almost FFA, at least for new players without a guild.
  3. Once upon a time. ..you cannot simply fight demons with cantrips, how can I explain it @jtoddcoleman? God`s Reach has no world pvp experience learning curve, and classes are very limited world setting fighting monsters, (PvE). God`s Reach ---- Gate ----- Dregs boom! Full FFA PvP world setting and rare rank 10 nodes with ancient monster and other evil spirits.. Let us say an average new player use like 2 weeks in the God`s Reach learning their basic class powers, and after that they will end in Dregs with full FFA environment with PvP setting? At least there are no inventory drop on death which is a good thing consider how quick players swap gamese these days. So New players need experience and levels concerning the PvP topic. How are they going to fight demons in D&D 5th edition? At least you need a wand of magic missile, a scroll of Icestorm and Cone of Cold since a demon weakness is cold damage, and a ring of protection from fire, because some older demons use swords of fire, and D&D character need at least reach levell 10th in any class! New players in Crowfall is like 1st level in D&D just starting out in God`s Reach with a new player guide eta soon. And fact is most of us are all Demons in Dregs waiting for new players to support a guild goal, or achieve victory in a campaign and recruiting! Winterblades, LoD, Sinister, Sugoi, Sir Robin & QFT, I had to mention the guild since Shadowbane back in 2004! Are all old PvP focused guilds in the Dregs right now who has been here since the game launched almost, and some of us have played this game since grey scale launch of Hunger Dome! A small % of us are old veterans who knows Gordon`s Ultima Online and trammel, try to avoid it in a PvP focused mmo like Crowfall, at least give new players an optional PvP flag system in God`s Reach.. So what is the point of this content? @jtoddcoleman is experience in D&D 5th edition systems, and he knows you need at least a flag pvp optional PvP in God`s Reach to learn the basic of PvP to get a chance of survival in that Dreg campaign and how PvP is different from PvE and monster fighting, and that will be crucial for new players after some weeks learning basic crafting and class powers, and while they reach level 30 in current version of God`s Reach, and alpha. But Crowfall begin in Dregs, all the treasure and ancient mysteries in this universe is all about risk vs reward factor, and guild in game reputation, player pvp reputation, build a class to approach Dregs succesfully how to train new players to learn Crowfall properly, and player vs player! Guild vs Guild, alliance vs alliance, huge siege fights and large battles, watch my signature below, chaotic wars, death is just the beginning, until you fly back as a blue mystic crow for the first time!
  4. The best option and start of the new player guide is to remove God`s Reach, or in other words; put hunger to work in a true CF lore dynamic, nom nom, give a new player 30 days until he/she need to dip her toes in the lake and learn to swim properly in Crowfall. And he/she learn the rope of PvP, in an attempt to be a master of PvP experience, and be a champion, a true PvP elite veteran that name and reputation is everything you work hard for. A true PvP legend in Crowfall!! And that is the way of the crows; we learn, we adapt, we try again, we die in battle, we fight, reborn, to try again and get better at it with each new attempt, to harvest souls in battle, until our spirit is satisfied in our throne room in our Castle in EK with victories and defeats.
  5. Anyway off topic; it is our national day in Norway 17th of May, so enjoy the weekend, take care and be careful out there. On topic: @mystafyi said: "This is human nature. If the players goal is to farm some PvE stuff, then engaging in PvP would be less efficient. Fairly typical in pvp games that gate pvp behind pve grind." Yes sad but true in the mmo genre; if they only looked at Twitch and Valorant closed beta! The game is all about pvp and rank systems player vs player 5 v 5 in that shooter. Crowfall is a Player vs player focused game in an open sandbox world with different settings. It is simple like that @Tyrant, and if new players dont learn and adapt in such environment - it will be really difficult to be successful in a Dregs type of setting.
  6. Yes it`s the Mindflayer leaching on other souls, or brains in this case "new players" on their Tadpoles to fuel the ship and the elder brain in D&D lore. I`ve nothing against new players, but this game need both new and old players in active campaign worlds. A new players guide is important and new players who are new to mmos need to learn and climb the rope of PvP within the open sandbox environment, and you cannot do that in God`s Reach, and it continue to drain players from meaningful Crowfall campaigns; Shadows, infected, and Dregs. New players need to be encouraged to join a campaign that is active within the CF lore; the hunger will get us all eventually until our spirit fly back onto a new world with a new campaign challenge, and most veteran players looking forward to that in Crowfall, and that is the main reason most of us have invested in Crowfall PvP focused game. New players need to approach the Dregs as one of the main player goals and experience its beauty, the rares nodes, all the treasures that anyone will remember in CF who will be part of this game. Dregs is like hard difficulty in any other rpg. kind of games, and new players should try to achieve that to experience what Crowfall is all about, it is a siege war strategic mmo that involve conflict, drama, player coordination on grand scale, alliances, and glory! My brief point is we need to educate new players how to survive, survival, how to avoid Winterblades hungry war party, or LoD a PvP guild since old Ultima Online, I was there!
  7. 8. God`s Reach. That is the issue - it so easy to exploit to never hit level 30 just to farm resources in without thinking about PvP or watch your 6 in the Dregs, and it kills acitivty in other meaningful campaigns like the Dregs. My point is we have character slots. It is too easy to exploit God`s Reach with Node farming.. And we need something that is not a permanent world. The hunger need to make sure the world or ship or another location like a palace to learn the game need to be time limited. We have EK as well add some features into EK to learn the PvE aspect of CF and basic of your skills while you level up. I know mmos that will never be successful like the New World or Ashen of creation with their anti grief PvP mechanics and flag system that go way back to 1998 and Gordon Walton with Ultima Online. Felluca vs Trammel all over again 20 years later in the mmo industry who had thought.. There are so many griefing guilds here in Crowfall so why the custard cant we have a sinking ship event for "new players", because if any griefer knows how to exploit new players in dangerous campaigns they should never set a foot in, it is our game Crowfall and that is why most of us hate PvE, we enjoy PvP and a good challenge in battle. Most of us dont care about dieing while harvesting resources, that way of thinking is like me as Dungeon Master in D&D and sent @jtoddcoleman into the Abyss to battle demons with Cantrips in 5th edition D&D ruleset at level 2 Bard is not going to go too well. And I will tell you right now, guarding new players with God`s Reach is Trammel in UO, no PvP world, and it just take away competition that players who are interested to learn basic PvP. And you need to join Dregs, Shadows, or Infected with faction to get sandbox pvp experience and learn large scale sieges. God`s Reach will continue to drain players as long that world is active and not destroyed by hunger like any other worlds in the Crowfall lore.
  8. Well it is scientific fact that most dramatic events in a person life is usually easy to recall those memories. So a good CF trailer with a new player guide is crucial without taking away interest from the main campaign worlds like the current version of God`s Reach. Anyway it is late here, so a happy weekend.
  9. Yes I understand that @Durin, but an own campaign setting dedicated to teach new players like God`s Reach? The issue is that too many players are interested to farm resources without any risk involved concerning pvp, and that is not a good strategy, nor a method to learn sandbox survival in Crowfall. And that is why I suggested a brief location like a sunking ship to learn all the basic in CF. In addition if this new player guide is well designed/created - it can promote the game itself similar to the new D&D trailer in 2020. And open world Player vs player experience is essential mechanic both in character creation decisions, and how to survive the most dangerous worlds in CF.
  10. So I thought about Crowfall new rumor of a new player guide in recent Q&A of May, 2020. What is better to start on a sinking ship hit by hunger instead of this God`s Reach thing that promote PvE which most of us dislike? Because PvE is not why Crowfall started without any features like Baldurs Gate 3 in D&D setting; and that is a turn based rpg. at its best with story telling! Anyway a new player learn basic training on this ship until it start sinking, and he/she will learn basic Crowfall in a most dramatic method to grasp some of the mechanics of CF lore & craft like a hungry kitten drinking milk, and not an artic fox. Why should it be intense and dramatic? Watch the Baldurs 3 trailer and learn - when u start playing Baldur`s Gate 3 and you will have limited time like days to find a healer, or turn into a mindflayer and probably die in the process! Since mindflayers are not a well known player race in D&D universe. But if we grasp around the same concept in Crowfall, and new players will have limited time to learn the game. And they figure out they need to survive while they appear on this beach exhausted in a campaign they decided to join like the infected, shadows, or Dregs to start a new life and journey.
  11. I want CF to be successful @Andius and I know players get bored if theree are too little player activity on the map - the servers need life before the closed beta stage. I know we are in a pre alpha and still time to look at marketing, but cant say it enough how important that is for the community in a pvp focus game.
  12. However he has a point the activity need to increase both on live & test servers. And those who work in the market department need to start focus at it, @Tyrant.. I mention Riot & Valorant on Twitch with almost 500k views daily now since closed beta the recent weeks. It`s crucial for Crowfall that both active players and the company itself trying to get full servers croweded for stress test purposes and server hardware tests at least in closed beta stage. And a CF server busy with life is necessary for an old pvp minded players who enjoy pvp.
  13. A game that took years to fix with emu with broken code fixing in 2010 from 2002, no. And I mainly think about the old fahsion play style and character movements, and those old guys who still enjoy it need to adapt to 2020. The SB assassin can permanent power block another class if u time it correctly. Besides long duration stuns up to 12 seconds for priests is kind of nutty.
  14. Closer is the Dregs build online?
  15. Riot did some bag o tricks with Valorant, a new market campaign with shiny Crowfall keys on Twitch to get full Dreg servers at least closer to soft launch, @Tyrant
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