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  1. I`ve a San Miguel, but I`ll save it for tomorrow. One thing I don`t understand about the marketing strategy of ACE - even though you recently hire someone to work with marketing. But why no E3 in US, but you went to Gamescon in Germany? You need to travel (7-9) hours by air instead to attend a game event which is located in US and E3. So my main question.. Will ACE be at E3 in 2019 which I believe is essential to build up for your soft launch of the game? And another question @Pann - the mobile market is huge and it`s much larger than both the PC and console market combined. So will ACE figure out a small mini game to advertise Crowfall or the company itself to the world who don`t own a PC yet or a console? My point is maybe he/she consider to get into Crowfall in a later stage on PC since they know about the company mini game on a Mobile which is maybe an iphone?
  2. Druid VS Druid: Life and Death

    Almost 15 min. pvp druid battle!
  3. Character Diversity Numbers SB vs CF

    It might be a good reason for it @Angelmar - it cost much more since it`s an action combat system compare to old SB.
  4. Character Diversity Numbers SB vs CF

  5. Yes the map is extremely slow - they need to look into that for sure. I`m almost certain it will get me killed looking at that map or waiting for loading time on it.
  6. A new bug: R9 Hellcats have the same loot table as a R2 Hellcat which is much easier to kill so some loot table issues concerning rank with cats. A R9 hellcat should drop 120+ gold while a R2 creature usually drop (20-30 gold.)
  7. Yes it`s the same with all nodes - the last hit to destroy the node only generate rare math. But I guess it`s important to use Runemaking skills and have blue tools while harvesting + harvesting specilization skills like ore for instant.
  8. New players catch-up and skill system

    The game need character progression, but I suggested an active in game progression tree like Ultima online as an additional progression system that reward a player for playing the game and put some hours into it compare to a whole tree of passive skills. Maybe increase combat progression a little while using combat related skills and weapons. And you could use the same bonuses for crafters and harvesters who use the skill many hours a day get naturally better at crafting or harvesting nodes, and a person fights other players or monsters all day pvp/skill experience related to combat skills and time bank bonuses. So he/she should gain some extra training time bonuses in combat related skills and it make sense compare to the current passive system which is extremely tedious at the moment. - ACE need to add more options to get access to skill trees with maybe additional rune disc. slots for either 1 crafting or harvesting specific runes. And maybe speed it up related to crafting fields so you can train both Leatherworking and Jewelcrafting at the same time for example. But I like some of the suggestions related to reset skills and respec due to class/race and power nerfs which will be coming, and players will quit instead if he/she needs to go into a different class/race 2 months after the soft launch. And she would be months behind in skill progression. It need some sort of reset mechanics related to skills. It will come in Crowfall, because Todd had such a skill reset even in SB which took only days to reach the end game content with max out character in pvp.
  9. bug @Ussiah? or was it DMG 85-120
  10. The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

    @Tinnis The AI will be more advanced for sure.
  11. Crafting Risk Asymmetry

    If ACE add full loot drop in the Dregs guild setting and limited locations to use a spirit bank it will not help that much, because very large guilds will just play the number game and those with most players usually win at least without friendly fire in this current combat system. So to help out small guilds and how to stay competitive in Crowfall is to create a system that is much easier to access with different skill progression trees with one character. So you have more options related to harvesting/combat/crafting without buying 3-4 accounts for different roles. And I believe that ACE need to look into a guild system which involve friendly fire for example outside the group before the soft launch even though it will be more tricky with casters like the Confessor and probably Frostweaver concerning Area of effect damage types.
  12. Stealth OP. Toxins OP

    It`s not proper balanced similar to some other heal powers in other warrior classes.. (13-15 + 56% weapon damage) power will be even more op with legendary and end game items.
  13. Stealth OP. Toxins OP

    I don`t know if I enjoy the thought of a reveal stealth disc. rune, but it should be a class specific power. Because there are some OP classes already being more op if they access to a bounty hunter type of rune in the future. And ACE should really restrict anti - stealth powers to certain classes and don`t create a dics. rune out of it which is my point. Ideally concerning balance and other classes in CF - let the Rangers have the anti stealth mechanic built within the class, and they can use a bow + axes as well. And Shadowbane is a poor example how to not balance the game around disc. runes and get too many classes access to such powers.
  14. Soft launch 2019?

    ACE need to polish and test end game stuff so balance with end game items/skills, Pack pigs, Mounts, an active mine system, siege mechanics need to be balance - guild system with buildings in a campaign, vendors. I don`t see this game soft launch before next summer in 2019. We are soon done with August now in 2018, and the time go really quick and we are still stuck in the 5.7 campaign with factions.
  15. Fps issues with 5.7

    Yes, the game is not great optimized at the moment, but they have a team with engineers so it should be better when we are closer to beta for sure.