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  1. Players should be rewarded to be active and sprudling @Helix. I agree with you, but they started on it and put so many hours into the passive system. Hopefully they figure something out.
  2. Will it be an own dedicated server for well known streamers like Shroud, Summit1g, Lirik, and CohhCarnage type of streamers? Assassin need a buff in their core class since health is balanced around a full party. So will we see some new assassin powers so they can stay competitive before the main CF launch?
  3. Besides it is fine with this kind of bad review. ACE dont have server capacity to hire Lirik to play this game at the moment with thousends of kittens trying to snipe him on Twitch. I sold my house recently so I can easily buy Lirik to advertise CF for couple of hours, but it is no point at this stage of development to get so many players involved. However there are many who are concerned only based on the Dregs ruleset, because neither WoW or ESO have this option so many afraid that CF will be a success, because players who enjoy Darkfall kind of games with open world survivial, strategy war games like CF tend to be the other Ultima Online crowd in the beginning who enjoy PvP large scale. But those who don`t often stay away from PvP, because you compete with other players. It has been a debate on mmo related topics since 97 in Ultima Online, and WoW & ESO decided to carebear it out, same with Ashes of Creation, all hand holding singing glorious deeds without any open world risk involved at all in their world setting. God`s Reach is exactly that learn the basic of your class a test module with crafting, exploration when it get online with tracking which I`ve been waiting on for the last 3 years.
  4. Assassin. I`ve experience both in SB and CF, and they need more tools blind/stun, power blocks even their shadowmantle is a huge disappointment compare to SB. Many other start to notice this when they dont use legendary items vs new players and harvesters they are quite weak and fragile now. In consider they nerfed stealth a bit, but my main concern about the assassins, they need some solid tools to do what they are suppose to be good at. Shadowmantle in CF is a joke and more like a support power like playing a support champion in League of legends. powerblocks, stuns, blind effects, some solid pierce debuffs. And without proper Major/minor runes the class itself is almost borderline useless.
  5. cant launch EK, Gordon, trying God`s Reach now, but soon sleep 3 am here.
  6. I thought about it too @KDSProm and such a random loot table would be more advance indeed, but I believe it`s possible.
  7. Yes preach on, fix us, we need at least 1 solid additionnal stun, teleport shadow step to close the gap, and a solid pierce debuff with toxic blind effect! Devs. robbed us and we are almost defenseless, naked and hungry in the open world and they nerfed stealth!
  8. About Zybak he is geared up with legendaries and attacking AFK`s or resource harvesters is nothing to travel back to Rome and tell war stories to the senate of glorious/heroic assassin deeds. So if something wrong with the assassin it is just a bad player - so nothing to worry about, quote, Todd or maybe the game is health balance around group or party of 4 players who knows, or too many options how to gimp your assassin build!
  9. Yeah true @APE, and why the health is relative high at lv. 1 4.4k health with a High elf Frost weaver. It is based on larger scale combat which is fine.
  10. Yes we will fight with basic items which is not very exciting for months until the crafters gain access in advance/epic/legendary items, but it`s a balance thing vs advance armor/weapons some months into a new campaign. And when advance weapon/armor hits it is a power curve hit that those players who still using basic items are left behind helpless and kind of limit their chances in pvp to be successful. What is fun to see what drops or not, fun factor which is random items which might be viable later on in specific strategy the guild is doing next in a siege etc cold resistance vs nasty Frost weavers.
  11. I dont understand the question @Tinnis about Advantages and Disadvantages to crafting?
  12. It is not the solution @pamintandrei - we tried it years ago and why random loot tables was implemented. But what you actually against it`s the amount of time to reach the end game content related to crafting compare to the loot table item power curve. And you can say the exact same thing about combat skill tree or Exploration to be a really good resource gatherer, or better at combat with passive skills.
  13. But I enjoy a good loot table for what it brings in combat variety in the beginning of the campaign. Because I will not craft in CF and what we don`t need are items which is rare and unique that only a small circle within the same guild can experience such an item aka artifacts in Shadowbane which was cloned and sold in Sea dog rest on the Mourning server. So a random loot tables will stay and u had the same thing in SB, but when the forges was up u still created more powerful items end game, but since progression system in CF take years we dont have much experience with the end game content. A good example in SB Todd other game were vorgrim armor/weapon sets that droped in the world so random loot tables will not be adressed and it will stay in Crowfall as well @srathor. I am not a huge fan of passive progression systems like in EvE online since day 1 when it was advertised before the kickstarter campaign launch. but it is what it is and tiny % progression in crafting,combat, exploring you need to get used to it, or do something else with our sparetime. But in CF I kind of get used to it and enjoy it for what it is.
  14. A 3 days crafter can`t, but we can`t wait on the passive training if it takes 60, 90, or 365 days to a year to compete with random loot tables. It`s the same in EvE online which the system is based on - it take a year in that game to do anything and be good at it including space combat. I`ve no idea why ACE used the EvE online passive system or systems, but Todd like character progression in small % numbers so you can impact the battlefield in small tiny % to notice improvements and do small combat tricks a little better than last week in combat basic - (passive skill progression tree. )
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