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  1. Yeah it was a bit of a desperate moment and panic thoughts some weeks ago, but I really enjoy Crowfall and will promote it until game is officially released. However what I can do is limited compare to the big name streamers on twitch like Shroud, and truth is barely 1% of the total twitch community knows about CF existence.
  2. Vessel system & Necromancy is still clunky and hard to get into to upgrade from a white vessel to a unommon vessel for instant. I know some new systems related to rune upgrades are recently added so we need upgrade white discs runes into a upgraded vessel. But that is the most important branch in the whole crafting Tree which is Necromancy and it have a major role into the character progression system up from basic white stats to end game which is a legendary vessel. It`s important for ACE to create that Necromancy branch less clunky as possible since it plays a major role with our character progression system, and ACE need to continue to improve it until the soft launch, because that vessel information is cruicial to the game CF based on reasons below. White vessel compare to legendary on the power curve and stat differences is huge in % and it involve a lot of work to get there including upgraded disc. runes. In small scale PvP in Dreg campaigns permanent vessel upgrades will have a much larger impact related to balance and PvP - compare to huge siege fights in Faction campaigns which is more about total numbers and players on each side. Necromancy is the most important crafting branch in the game since it is connected to our character progression so all will be affected by it. Well It`s my feedback this evening - I`ve almost all 6 characters in white vessel at lv. 30 in this new patch which is quick to level and fun, but the vessel upgrade system need to be improved by ACE so character progression information is well known to the player base before the soft launch even if it require team cooperation to gather all crafting materials. Personally I would avoid character progression with a crafting branch and system, because all will do it and not all enjoy crafting in an mmo which is focused on PvP like CF. There are no quests in this game, or raids like in WoW - so the most important aspect of Crowfall is PvP - so characte progression is vital if this game will be successful or not in the future. So ACE need to go through this and talk about it how they are going to solve the vessel system before it soft launch world wide.
  3. yeah hopefully some more interesting minor disc. in the future or some changes.
  4. Yes spot on and overall I enjoy Crowfall a lot more now after the huge AI improvement update with creatures. Crafting is really complex with lots of depth, and it can be interesting and fun when you get into it and start to learning the different crafting systems. So I recommend to try it out Crowfall now! And learn the different classes before the soft launch so you get an advantage before the hoard arrive in open Beta with big name Twitch streamers like Shroud & Lirik probably who will get the worlds populated for sure. It`s the most promising western PvP mmo in a sandbox world when the new Dregs world setting is out in the next major patch update with (Guild vs Guild systems.)
  5. Yes it`s probably a bug @Staff - if a character can enter the campaign they should be part of the scoreboard. Afk timer in God`s Reach and in the Campaign is too aggro like my x girl so I need to take precautions which seems unneccessary until we get full servers. Bandages with over 59 seconds cool down is a bit much and I am aware of sustain powers on some major disc. runes and some classes, but maybe tweaked and adjusted down to 30 seconds. You cant do anything while bandage based on the animation so it feels spot on.
  6. Need cool shadows in the guild crest system so I can create my guild in game, and T. Blair kitten paws.
  7. When you logout near an enemy outpost a simple camp with fireplace not even a tower you get recalled back to the nearest Temple gate - I believe it should be possible to logout near an enemty Outpost without getting recalled to closest Temple Gate. It took over 10 minutes to run back to the same location through enemy territory a risky path in the NA Campaign to get back to the enemy Outpost to capture it, but I had to log out earlier today since I was busy. I understand if a person logout inside a Fort and it get captured by an enemy faction and he/she get recalled back safely.
  8. Well some character animations issues on test some weeks ago, but I think u saw it and fixed it on the wood elf.
  9. What.. they can upgrade hardware, but the FPS hit is really hard in some area of the game in Temple areas and they have barely started on the game optimisation, and Unity is not the issue - they can upgrade and improve the engine for sure.
  10. They are busy creating the fancy test mug.
  11. You need to have World of Warcraft background to think like that, no way around it. You did not have a single day in Shadowbane when it was active from 2002-2009 or Darkfall. But hey they are testing the new patch - maybe R8 creatures were too high ranked in God`s Reach, but it`s actually fun when you are not completely safe inside a faction campaign farming R9 or R10, or Spider queen. You can even instant bank items without being near a Vault.
  12. I get instant killed when I try to enter the Chaos temple Rune gate as Balance in attempt to find PvP in the campaign. I know it`s to avoid camping other temples, but I like npc guards a lot better like R10 around the Temple area and remove instant kill effects when you are too close a hostile temple gate. But when Dregs is out I won`t bother with the faction system.
  13. No @Marth - I usually avoid the place - IGN have actually journalists for instant. sigh now I feel bad, @JamesGoblin - I like mmorpg to read up on new games, but it`s easy to comment negative if too many have an agenda for instant which is why I like gaming articles without options to comment on it.
  14. I know @JamesGoblin we had grobold king in SB a powerful goblin - so it make no logical reasons to exlude the goblin race in CF or maybe even a playable race in future updates. They have-had so funny noises too. (
  15. Goblins should be fun at least as AI creatures - it could be a playable race too, but such things cost a lot of money.
  16. Wood Elf Ranger they lose their race ability to stealth when I promote to Brigand in the talent tree at lv. 24 Into the shadows is the talent tree and gain stealth tray, but I see it as a bug, because I can`t race stealth now. Ranger Stealth Tray Brigand - I can`t place any passive powers into it from minor disc runes Mathcing leather, or dissipate teleport or ultimate sustain at lv. 24 - I use no major disc. runes right now. Fae/Minotaur Dodge break autorun hopefully they fix it. It`s a minor bug, but it works for Wood elf Dissipate now without breaking autorun which is gr8 - quality of life fix. 5 pips Kidney Shot 6.25 seconds stun it need to tone down a bit (nerfed) with the assassin power u can almost take vacation when he is stunned then finish him - hard long CC is too rough with group oriented combat system like CF, because it`s often large scale siege/mine combat.
  17. Confessor animations too slow. Spell animations too slow on cofessor compare to other class powers - they need quicker animations to improve the class. When you hit hot keys things should instantly happen. So avoid slow combat syle and visual indicators - and players should learn the class instead and be aware of your positionning just like League of legends a moba game. So go away from visual indicators on player classes, but keep them on your creatures mob AI. What we love is a fluid combat system that feel smooth and not a clunky one so u sleep through slow animated spells until you are stun behind from an assassin and rip based on instant speed powers by other classes. The confessor need a rework on powers sinc the Hunger Dome days years ago, and cross fingers that Frostweaver have more instant type of spells so when I hit the hotkeys I want to affect the battlefield, and not wait seconds to cast a spell and go through all the animation delay. I know it is a huge change, but if ACE have plans to recruit moba players millions world wide from league or dota - they need to adapt their combat system, and visual indicators on player classes should go. L2p and learn positioning with different classes - and get rewarded with a more fluid combat system.
  18. Yes spot on @coolster50 - I was farming CN chinese farms in Shadowbane with end game item sets - it`s to delay the obvious gold farming, but it`s not as exciting combat as a siege or an active mine windows with full armed and ready groups of players in a large scale combat events. I don`t see the God`s Reach farming an issue - it is just very low population in general so hard to test the campaigns properly without stress test and open beta in the future before the soft launch starts to test out map scale and stress the server network at ACE.
  19. Yeah I agree with your latest reply @Yumx - yes true @mandalore. Personally it`s a thing from other mmos who use visual indicators, but SB did not use it fortunately, but they had powerful healing powers back in 2002 which had combat depths. In moba you need to know all the classes and their powers and be good at positioning espeically in rank play - very little visual indicators and delay powers on spell animations to warn other players when I cast a spell is not a good fluid combat experience or mechanic. But it`s fine with visual indicators on AI or creatures to show what their plan is in their next attack.
  20. Well done! )) It`s for new player tip, but if u use other type of wood you get better bandages at least on the test server yesterday with the newest patch.
  21. Who are playing the game now like active guilds Dregs is not even patched yet the guild campaign? I`m on the test server trying to get the Mug and test stuff, and just talked to Phylor earlier this morning.
  22. mythx


    or play to sleep - dont go confessor with their current power animations.
  23. Brief combat is garbage and slow - it`s a huge pile of slow animated spells in the confessor class which take too long to cast which should be instant not slow animated spell animations. I nod off everytime I try out that confessor class since Hunger Dome so I decided to avoid the class completely until they rework the powers and animations on their spells. So cross fingers that the Frostweaver have more instant spells that hit the target instantly when you click on the hot keys. Besides 20 v 8 if they know wtf. they are doing in this game you guys should be dead, but everything is so clunky and slow which look like a basic pvp system with no depth. I usually troll here in the past, but combat could be improved. I am aware that guys enjoy to defend the current combat system with powers who play active right now, but a lot of things that could be improved on different aspects of the combat system including old spell powers since this projected started and in Hunger Dome and I mention the confessor, because the class could be improved and be fun to play a fire elemental mage. And Nothing wrong to call EA to get a well known publisher - so delay the launch couple of years and get rewarded when the game is polished, and I am not even talking about advertisement cost and other benefits with a well known publisher like EA. F2p Apex Legends still have millions of players world wide - in an attempt to save CF.
  24. A great video and a good guild @Yumx good quality players, but the combat feels really slow paced - like when you rank up in Apex Legends and used to that kind of pace, but it is not an mmo. However I wish ACE focus on healing/armor/health factors and balance it correctly with dps, because it need to be quicker pace with focus fire as well in group vs group combat. I look back to Shadowbane after 7 years in that game - and that is kind of pace I think about it was much easier to focus fire in large scale combat with org. guilds so that need polish part of overall armor/healing powers/health, and damage from powers. And I know that some healing powers is too op with the champ which need to be nerfed. Also some part of the animation feels kind of slow in combat especially the mage class. And I hope the Frostweaver have more instant cast type of spells, and I think ideally you need to re work the whole fire mage/confessor class to give it more instant type of spells so combat get more interesting, and not too slow pace animations, and try to avoid that espcially on spell casters. I would love to see the Cleric re work too with similar reasoning some spells are too slow animated. @jtoddcoleman I mostly play moba league of legends rank, Apex legends rank, Pubg. I hope they add another dev. team and delay the launch with some years and hopefully @Tyrant call EA, Respawn Entertainment get combat help from experienced game designers concerning combat animations. It could be huge and want the game to be successful and attract other players into the game who are not into mmo as well.
  25. @APE Bloodstone ruleset is from year 2015. Well contact/call EA @Tyrant and if we only had 1% of Apex Legends member base at Respawn Entertainment - give them Trammel anything to keep the boat floating above the water. I hate to see the project die out since Shadowbane was such a classic strategic wargame and fun. We could need more experience developers to create a more exciting combat system, and simplify part of the crafting systems, and contact Twitch Rivals for an e-sport competition and give out start with 1000$ prize pool divided among top 3 guilds to motivate guilds & new players to get into the game so people want to actually learn it. I said it in year 2015 dont make the game too complicated to compete in pvp - variety items are nice and powers, but the vessel system is a nightmare and really bad executed by ACE - if necromancy had anything to do with summoning and creating creatures instead of character advancement..
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