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  1. @Arkade @jtoddcoleman has much experience and he knows how to create a fantasy setting so use it in his game which is not directly baased on winning or losing which is good in my opinion. And summoning magic could be a new class "summoner" school of magic - he/she could summon a minor fire or ice elemental to aid in battle or create an own system based on summon magic - communicate with other planes in the fantasy universe where elementas live. And add some mystery in the world with ancient lore - maybe some underground races who enjoy live deep in the mountains, goblins, orcs, trolls - basically what I`m trying to say here is it need more rpg features and fantasy it attract Timmac and the community on twitch is huge around the rpg. topic
  2. Well some sound issues, but I enjoyed the interview and rated it 5 stars. My main concern however is lack of core mmorpg features if u exclude crafting and sieges for a moment and reflect about the whole game Crowfall. It need more content like taming, summoning magic, treasure hunting, and something to keep players busy which don`t involve crafting at all.
  3. Still waiting for taming dragons and Gordon`s UO patch to get some PvE players to the game, lol. A true publisher patch - they will all say; Todd u crazy and think about economy. You need to include players - don`t exlude them and he mention the same in Dregs that tiny and small guilds will eventually quit in the process to name a winner, because it`s all about the hoarding guilds it`s in the design how crafting works - that some use 3-4 accounts to train in different skill professions to create end game items with cross crafting resources.
  4. I`m not sure what u are trying to achieve with this topic since all mmorpg I can remember have a progression system with an experience curve, but talent system is new in CF. It was one of many design decisions which was poor executed recently due to the testing phase of Crowfall is over, and the active campaigns started in 5.8. About the wood & stone frames sac. value experience it need to balance with creature experience, but one of those things that ACE need to look at concerning the experience curve and items sac. values. We also need pvp experience, harvesting experience inside a campaign when u bang at wood, rock & stones - and not just unbalance ganking heaven when a harvester lose all resources due to a gank and get 0 experience out of 1-2 hours of harvesting for example. An that is a huge balance issue compare to combat & harvesting - my point is when you cut down a tree - u get better cutting down trees after u have done it for 1000 times so character experience. It`s just bad executed concerning the active level progression system now with new talents, and the sacrifice item value for experience with the current design.
  5. It`s not balance yet @PaleOne - if u played a pvp game since UO u know that stat character vessels beyond uncommon,rare, epic with stats will buff all classes concerning dps.
  6. Yes that is correct concering stone or wood frames, and spot on about creatures @Eckce - welcome to craftfall. I thought it was a design level exploit - not sure what is going on.
  7. Yes the whole Necromancy system need changes which has nothing to do with character advancement and additional stats and soft caps. I dislike the whole EvE online concept related to passive training and u are only suppose to have one character type of approach in Crowfall. But we have talent level up to lv. 30 recently - why complicate it with Necromancy? All who play EvE knows that Crowfall used the comparison to reach out to EvE players 4 years ago, but it`s not a sci-fi game, nor do it have the economy like EvE with high sec. to low security space 0.0. and you have huge hoard guilds with 1000 of members. And where is Xemise? And educated guess he is gone, because Todd have never played a moba game like league of legends or Dota 2. I need some sleep, back tomorrow, night nite, and thanks for discussion.
  8. I`m sad that all the old pvp focused guilds in SB are gone or inactive to assist Artcraft to get a less painful pvp design which actually make sense in Q4 of 2019 soft - launch of Crowfall. It`s a good reason we had class advocates in old SB - it was to improve the whole game experience which most did a very good job which was not paid to support the larger picture to have fun in strategic war game. And to tell the truth it`s end game where the game start in Crowfall and in Shadowbane with castle sieges, spec. characters, meta game and all that. So the whole vessel system is just a traditional mmo time sink to reach the end game until a new meta occure in a campaign world. And we need to power level a new character, new flavour of the day related to large scale warfare and tactics. But why complicate end game character at lv 30 - we have like 6 character slots for meta gaming and in depth strategies concerning group combat and large scale battles? To tell the truth I`m really custard worried guys - I don`t know how to solve this predicament Necromancy. Is`t possible to change it completely back to dark magic summoning magic so we can create undeads to guard our cities instead like AI. What we dont need is 4 layers of experience curve to reach the end game. And lv. 30 is fine in a pvp focused game like Crowfall, especially how item and crafting and the power curve is balanced around a 50 player guild design system. It`s not even included for new players until recently when they created major crafting runes to hurry up the passive skill progression tree related to crafting end game items with rare resource system and harvesting.
  9. Thanks for doing this @ZYBAK Summit1G love treasure maps in Sea of Thieves. So crafting is part and have a major role in the core design in Crowfall, but will we see other methods and a new core design feature to acquire pvp end game items if you avoid the whole crafting topic?
  10. I follow talents all over the world, but I enjoy Zucc and his career since we have very few good talents in hockey @Arkade Elias Petterson by the way from my second favorite NHL club Vancouver is hot in his first NHL season!
  11. @Pann a good suggestion for the Crowfall forum since the acitivty will go up later this year in 2019. I`ve soon 10k post on https://hfboards.mandatory.com/ - a hockey sport forum the last 5 years. So based on my experience when you edit your post or content on HF it won`t says edited by me instantly. So a suggestion on Crowfall forum is to let it go (2-4 minutes) until it says it`s edited by the person who created a new post and often are edits based on grammar reasons. So if a person edit a post like ( 5-10 min) after they created a post it should be mentioned with an edit, of course.
  12. @blazzen mentioned it in another topic and I thought it was a good idea; lower the resource cost on items and lower the durability a little. The end of the day you create items a bit faster and quicker into pvp, but the demand will go up since items get used up faster as well so win win situation for both crafters & pvpèrs. But I`ve a notion it will come an additional game feature how to accuire items since it`s an mmo like treasure maps which you see in Sea of Thieves for instant.
  13. Yes true I`m advocating different core game features into this PvP game with different options when we start in a campaign world to be viable in PvP including PvE creature harvesting which is already rank based which means they hit harder and have more health. I know it`s suppose to take time to get rare resources and better quality items weeks into the campaign with better passive training & harvesting tools, and you need a friend for the big rock. But harvest rocks, stone, and trees are usually peaceful. They mentioned they might increase node resource gains while harvesting though. So maybe u get 3 lumber instead of 1 from 1 tree in the sanction campaign setting. Maybe you find a treasure map like Sea of Thieves, and u need to dig up an ancient chest inside it is a plate or leather gloves or boots for example - treasure hunting is so popular now on twitch - summit1g love it.
  14. I thought about something @veeshan- if the item cost 1/10 of what it cost now in the 5.8 patch to craft an item - 200 average players can get the economy going much more easy - the grind is real with the amount of maths u need for advance items and armor sets. And think how exciting it`s if u found a leather piece of green quality on a drake or a creature with Rng stats on it even with much lower durability compare to a crafted one or maybe a sword with Rng stats on it.
  15. yes I agree @Makuza they need look at core issues with the current design based on items and how to accuire it in a campaign and consider different systems including PvE and item drop since u cannot repair items. The main aspect of the game is PvP so item distribution outside of the crafting window is really important and ACE should add different features to keep players happy who have different play styles outside of a guild. Always a player decision to guild or not even in CF - it`s not something that should forced upon to enjoy the open world sandbox experience without being miles behind in the item power curve compare to a guild with 50 members and 20 crafters.
  16. Whirlwind power on Myrmidon animation and damage is not synced correctly so u need to cancel it before the animation is over since it deals 0 damage - probably a well known bug, but I will post it here.
  17. mythx

    LF Guild

    Not recruiting yet, but the kittens will be in force - not sure if Lirik going to live stream it yet though.
  18. The armor leather & mail armor set pieces is really soft compare to plate and should be considered in an evaluation in a balance armor patch, but I`ve a notion it`s based on crafted vessel too with all the bonuses you get when guilds crafting legendary weapons and really high crit damage & attack power damage.
  19. Yes that is what I am talking about and u have EPIC Necromancy vessels upon that.
  20. And some Wolf creatures when some of them dies they just vanish - you cant loot them.
  21. I thought Necromancy was going to be something fun like raise some undeads and create some AI mobs to guard you some undead magic in a fantasy setting. But instead we have a balance nightmare for characters with a small dev. team who struggle to deliver a quality mmo game concerning combat. It`s a little off topic, but cooldowns need be considered as well - nerf dps and create a more interactive power system so you feel more enganged in combat and that include all classes with slow boring cool downs on powers.
  22. I`m fine with no repair options in CF - it kind of ruin the economy concerning items. It`s much better to let some Rng items drop from creatures with maybe lower durability compare to crafted items. And one of the main reason for that it`s only inventory loot in CF, and not a full loot when you die in a campaign.
  23. All this, and I agree with @mandalore too - start at lv. 1 Anyway u need to balance necromany or removed it from the game @jtoddcoleman soft cap at 350 ability score is silly - especially so few tested legendary weapon stats etc.
  24. Hoard guilds will always be an issue when they create a game design that support those type of guilds. If ACE try to limit with 50 guild members you always have a hoard guild creating division I, II, III, IV, V etc. so limit amount of guild members dont help except friendly fire, but why not implement friendly fire it right away outside of a limit group size? A hoard guild only care about winning so they will probably try to fill up a campaign with as many as possible to get little resistance as possible since campaigns are rumored to cap at 1650 players. Then u have the cheatter guilds who hate losing and exploit the custard out of the game to get a tiny advantage in pvp like Ebonlore type of guilds, dupes, exp. exploits, or broken class issues that seldom get adressed and reported there are quite a few such guilds playing CF right now and I know some of them since the UO days. But I agree with most of @ZYBAK view in this topic. The game should be fun even if u are on the losing side of the war, but I know how many guilds resigned in shadowbane after their city lay in ruins so we will see how it go especially in the guild/Dreg focus campaign world setting.
  25. Yes, but strongly advice to upgrade ypur cpu - most should have i7 in 2019 with current game graphics. I know it`s expensive, but worth it and I would sell the 1060 to upgrade to 1070 OC - also a huge difference concerning fps performance. Don`t overclock yourself, but let Nvidia do it for you much more safe for extra performance. Only BFV use the latest graphic cards RTX from 2080 series in their game, and it`s too expensive at the moment so not worth it unless you are an esport player and need really high FPS in shooter games or BR. But in an mmo like Crowfall - nope, dont need it at all.
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