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  1. The Shadows campaign setting should approach the free city building just like in Ark,Rust, and Shadowbane. It should be very different compare to the other two camapaigns (Infected & Dregs) settings in my view to caught my interest after 2021. I love open world sandbox PvP with some risk vs reward systems, but it need to be better executed & balance properly in combat. In a pvp focused game the one thing that need to feel good is actually combat, and it should be more impactful so less floating stats. The only reason I play Crowfall now is that I`ve nothing else to focus on and th
  2. @Woe is curious why he don`t have any nubs to gank, because most are busy in Ashes of Creation in early 2021. I believe she is on spot while she lack some in game knowledge, but yeah that is accurate players are lazy in 2020 that is how it is.
  3. This kitten will never touch a shovel - digging up body parts don`t even feel good.
  4. You almost max out attack power in white vessel and u have 1000 attack power hard cap with some min/maxing and that is with rare blue advance weapons. However the stats is so floating now and it dont feel impactful at all. I created an Archer Ranger Minotaur - so squishy and fluffy in leather without a druid shield or frost armor with a weaver. Yeah I got damage bonus on leather, but vs plate or mail it feels like throwing small rocks barely noticeable damage. My Frostguard had almost 6k armor fought a knight who barely scratch me, but the Frostguard was deleted vs a Druid, because low nature
  5. @McTanI agree with most of your content, but Wartribes is simply not enough for an mmo and that scale (massive mulitiplayer online) rpg it need more PvE content small vs large scale challenges/encounters which create PvP conflicts. And as I mention in other topics crafting knowledge is simply too powerful when it is the only viable method to stay competitieve and acquire top tier items is to be forced into crafting, because it is no other options to be updated with the cursed vessel system. (I am not fan of the vessel system, but it is what it is. I can talk more depth about it in another topi
  6. The Shadow world setting need to be a lot different compare to Infected & Dregs like Free for All (FFA) type of sandbox environment similar to Ark survival envolved, and the world maybe need to be permanent like God`s Reach, because I feel the state of Crowfall really lack in game features to caught my interest with a small guild, and personal interest and achievement is within this game. So the Shadows will be crucial for small scale guilds and lone wolf players, and I know many players will feel the exact same thing, because the current state of Crowfall is not in a good place and it rea
  7. <QUESTION> When will we see Loot table upgrades? At the moment crafting & knowledge is way too powerful in this game based on what is not in the loot tables like; rings, necklaces, advance assassin poison. In Shadowbane legendary items were dropping with an Event notice "Vorgrim" sets - you could also craft such items with much less complicated craft system.
  8. Yes true @Helix I still debating with myself to buy an alpha 2 or wait until beta 1 about Ashes of Creation. It got more meat and they have sieges as well. The downside is that u need to deal with Bounty hunters that can track your corrupted soul when u have too much fun in PvP, but I can live with dropping some random items upon death. Anyway a good example is what Helix is talking about are all the passive powers that benefit groups and that is fine since it is GvG or a Faction setting, but it benefit to run around with at least a full group of players based on in game rune powers, rac
  9. It will come @drakaiser they talked about it recently in a podcast. I agree it helps a lot about the overall immersion of the world, and some small rivers would be great in grassland bion too that u dont need to swim or use a lot of time with swim animations. I do full time sea scape landscape photography it really lacks water in the world.
  10. It helped with FF in SB, but it did not stop it. So I enjoy the idea that major of the keeps should be open at the same time so very large alliances need to defend as well as @ZYBAKmentioned. Maybe have 1-2 different siege times within a 24 hours period when most keeps & fort can be sieged so you can avoid some of the massive numbers in battle. But it is hard on this type of small map scale with full servers. However I miss more activities on the map that create pvp conflicts with interesting POI. In Shadowbane we had rune hunting and legendary item drops (Vorgrim item sets) within a
  11. I think the Shadows will be a better setting for me if they focus on FFA (Free for all) type of setting with less number of coordinated players on both sides like "Dayz Style" survival. I feel like this is more SB2 than Darkfall though, but a thief class who can pick pocket would be really cool addition after the launch if any new classes will be created.
  12. Not a word about the map scale one thing Lazy Peon nailed is why can`t we have 1 large map, all these layers of maps make me dizzy. I don`t think people understand how important small vs large scale is in an GvG open world sandbox PvP envionment and that is all map scale to be successful for those who are involved guilded or not. 1400 active players on this 0 import campaign map in Dregs would be just awful experience how the current loot table & camps are designed. I`m not even talking about low fps in large scale and possible engine issues. When AoC is going live it will be re
  13. Mole Hunter Rune Heads up power automatically detect stealth - it require no skills to detect a stealthed players. It need some sort of in-game mechanic a skill shoot to detect someone not random players u ran past. You cannot have Major runes that automatically detect stealthed players that is not balance anti-stealth mechanich vs Stealth. In my view Mole Hunter is broken at the moment and need a rework, but you guys in Artcraft said you going to look over some Major Disc. runes before soft launch so I reported here as a bug or just stupdity.
  14. Have you played the assassin recently @CrusaderW - the class has 0 impact in damage even though the stats looks good. It get much worse if the player use a mail or plate try it out in this limited beta version.
  15. A lot of stats looks great in the beginning, but it has little value for your character, because of necromancy and vessel system. I believe they internal was worried that players left the game when they hit end game progression. I was looking forward to a new class to be honest with necromancy, but it was all about character progression and upgrade your minor runes & vessel with a hard cap limitations. Attack power can`t go above 1000 for example and cap. Artcraft added legendary vessels common - uncommon - rare - epic - legendary. But they knew this was not balanced at all when the
  16. Yes PvE aspect need to improve for sure a dungeon would be awesome, mini boss raid would be fun indeed, and the loot table in general need a massive upgrade.
  17. It is fair to say the balance between small vs large scale with limited RG`s and a really small map don`t execute well in a 0 import campaign when all guilds need to gear up this early. So to be fair both map layout & timeing for a 0 import campaign in Dregs is off in my view. And the overall loot table in general need to improve so different kind of camps get more attracted for players and see player acitivty. The truth is when this game soft launch maybe 50% of the total Dreg population will not have a guild in the beginning so the balance between small scale vs large scale pvp hen
  18. Autorun + Map at the same time while moving is not working very well - you can`t really look and zoom while your character is moving, pls. fix.
  19. I believe it is a bug with High Elf passive critical damage racial bonus Hauteur +5% critical damage increase. See the normal vs critical damage in the link in the combat log. JPG In Game: https://ibb.co/0rq35DX
  20. MPD Recruitment open. We are not here to win campaigns in beta or participate in large scale battles at the moment. It is mainly a CF beta guild to experiment with character templates with feedback on CF forum. And we only focus on small scale PvP environment until the server performance improve drastically. Personally I really enjoy the challenge that involves with small scale combat in the campaign worlds. "At the moment we are creating low profile templates which can be hard to spot in the world and recommend if you are new to Crowfall and want to learn small scale PvP in coord
  21. Assassin stealth create too much noice with voices and it is a bug you cannot dodge roll. The whole stealth vs anti stealth mechanic needs an update, and the assassin need some new powers it is really outdated one of the oldest classes in this game.
  22. Massive_Damage support you and welcome to Crowfall.
  23. It will be interesting to see if they can improve it since it is Unity.
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