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    mythx reacted to yianni in Test Server – Status & Update Schedule   
    What about performance fixes and fixing that teleport bug that's pretty game breaking?
    Can you add resources to test now please
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    mythx reacted to Arkade in Returning Player   
    Number 2. The new content is on Test, not Live. There is no Dregs up on Test currently, so if you are looking for PvP, you can check the Infected world, but all of the city building and the divine favor system is in the Dregs. We are expecting a new patch early next week and with it, a new Dregs. 
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    mythx reacted to Leowyld in Alpha, beta and beyond   
    Congrats on hitting Alpha!
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    mythx reacted to APE in Alpha, beta and beyond   
    Crowfall doesn't seem like something that will attract players with zero MMO PVP experience or be entirely clueless as to how these games work.
    It is not a complicated game. Combat is relatively straight forward, not mechanically challenging, and it isn't hard to figure out a decent build to function as a new player. Meta individual/team builds, guild strategy for winning campaigns and other more advanced things do require time with the game and experience, but again I don't expect someone to jump in and a week later be winning a campaign without having joined a guild with people that know what they are doing.
    God's Reach is a perfect spot for players to level up a few vessels, try some builds (should have respec ability on white vessels), do some PVE to get the basics of game play down.
    From there we have Infected/Faction options. Campaigns with low risk/low reward and no player looting. Gives players a chance to experience PVP, siege, and other "real game" systems. Unless someone really loves Faction/No Loot servers, I don't see people sticking around very long in this tier.
    Once someone is comfortable with that, then they can move on to Dregs. By this time they should have an acceptable grasp on the game mechanics, hopefully a guild, and enough gear to not be completely ran over by others.
    I wouldn't mind them adding a single Siege Map for GR, but then what's the point of Infected campaigns that don't have looting or much risk? To me it is better to have a dedicated PVP training campaign (Infected) instead of just something a player will rush through or try a couple times in GR then jump too far forward into Dregs.
    Not sure if ACE should put in big WARNING signs or require players to play at least 1 Infected/Faction campaign before Dregs, but you seem to believe that a clueless new player is going to fly through GR, hop into Dregs, get overwhelmed and leave. Some might do that, but they likely wouldn't have enjoyed it regardless as again, this game isn't anything new or different then WoW, GW2, BDO, DAoC, Shadowbane etc when you boil it down. Do PVE, get gear, harvest, craft, PVP for buildings and stuff. It's not that complicated. 
    My hope is the upcoming NPE allows players to move past GR quickly (1-2 days) and more time is spent learning the game loop, classes, PVP and what's to come in the Dregs through Infected/Faction campaigns. Not hanging out in GR for weeks, farming and playing essentially a solo game and then finally making it into what Crowfall is meant to be.
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    mythx reacted to BarriaKarl in Alpha, beta and beyond   
    Isnt that why Infected exists? Plus there is supposed to exist another layer before dregs, the GodvGod (12 factions?) ruleset.
    I really think they ought to remove Infected from the GR tab. God's reach is one ruleset, then comes infected, then GodvGod (The shadows) and finally Dregs. And I would like some really fancy world/campaign selection window in the future. Something with all the bands and worlds like we saw in the KS.

    Have it so we can hover the worlds and see the rules and whatever else info we might need. It would look dope.
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    mythx reacted to ZYBAK in Do we want PvE?   
    PvE that drives PvP conflict sure.
    Instanced or safe zone PvE...definitely not.
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    mythx reacted to Yumx in Do we want PvE?   
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    mythx reacted to Silverback in Do we want PvE?   
    I like what DarKfall did....pve gave you enchanting ingredients
    SWG pve gave you bone/leather etc to craft
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    mythx got a reaction from Tofyzer in Alpha, beta and beyond   
    Once upon a time. ..you cannot simply fight demons with cantrips, how can I explain it @jtoddcoleman? God`s Reach has no world pvp experience learning curve, and classes are very limited world setting fighting monsters, (PvE). God`s Reach ---- Gate -----  Dregs boom! Full FFA PvP world setting and rare rank 10 nodes with ancient monster and other evil spirits.. Let us say an average new player use like 2 weeks in the God`s Reach learning their basic class powers, and after that they will end in Dregs with full FFA environment with PvP setting? At least there are no inventory drop on death which is a good thing consider how quick players swap gamese these days.
    So New players need experience and levels concerning the PvP topic. How are they going to fight demons in D&D 5th edition? At least you need a wand of magic missile, a scroll of Icestorm and Cone of Cold since a demon weakness is cold damage, and a ring of protection from fire, because some older demons use swords of fire, and D&D character need at least reach levell 10th in any class! 
    New players in Crowfall is like 1st level in D&D just starting out in God`s Reach with a new player guide eta soon. 
    And fact is most of us are all Demons in Dregs waiting for new players to support a guild goal, or achieve victory in a campaign and recruiting! Winterblades, LoD, Sinister, Sugoi, Sir Robin & QFT, I had to mention the guild since Shadowbane back in 2004!  Are all old PvP focused guilds in the Dregs right now who has been here since the game launched almost, and some of us have played this game since grey scale launch of Hunger Dome! A small % of us are old veterans who knows Gordon`s Ultima Online and trammel, try to avoid it in a PvP focused mmo like Crowfall, at least give new players an optional PvP flag system in God`s Reach..
    So what is the point of this content? @jtoddcoleman is experience in D&D 5th edition systems, and he knows you need at least a flag pvp optional PvP in God`s Reach to learn the basic of PvP to get a chance of survival in that Dreg campaign and how PvP is different from PvE and monster fighting, and that will be crucial for new players after some weeks learning basic crafting and class powers, and while they reach level 30 in current version of God`s Reach, and alpha. But Crowfall begin in Dregs, all the treasure and ancient mysteries in this universe is all about risk vs reward factor, and guild in game reputation, player pvp reputation, build a class to approach Dregs succesfully how to train new players to learn Crowfall properly, and player vs player! Guild vs Guild, alliance vs alliance, huge siege fights and large battles, watch my signature below, chaotic wars, death is just the beginning, until you fly back as a blue mystic crow for the first time!     
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    mythx reacted to Ble in Alpha, beta and beyond   
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    mythx got a reaction from Aedius in A sinking ship, the beginning!   
    Yes it`s the Mindflayer leaching on other souls, or brains in this case "new players" on their Tadpoles to fuel the ship and the elder brain in D&D lore. I`ve nothing against new players, but this game need both new and old players in active campaign worlds. A new players guide is important and new players who are new to mmos need to learn and climb the rope of PvP within the open sandbox environment, and you cannot do that in God`s Reach, and it continue to drain players from meaningful Crowfall campaigns; Shadows, infected, and Dregs. 
    New players need to be encouraged to join a campaign that is active within the CF lore; the hunger will get us all eventually until our spirit fly back onto a new world with a new campaign challenge, and most veteran players looking forward to that in Crowfall, and that is the main reason most of us have invested in Crowfall PvP focused game. 
    New players need to approach the Dregs as one of the main player goals and experience its beauty, the rares nodes, all the treasures that anyone will remember in CF who will be part of this game. 
    Dregs is like hard difficulty in any other rpg. kind of games, and new players should try to achieve that to experience what Crowfall is all about, it is a siege war strategic mmo that involve conflict, drama, player coordination on grand scale, alliances, and glory! My brief point is we need to educate new players how to survive, survival, how to avoid Winterblades hungry war party, or LoD a PvP guild since old Ultima Online, I was there!  
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    mythx reacted to mandalore in ACE Q&A for May - Thursday, May 7   
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    mythx reacted to mystafyi in A sinking ship, the beginning!   
    This is human nature. If the players goal is to farm some PvE stuff, then engaging in PvP would be less efficient. Fairly typical in pvp games that gate pvp behind pve grind.
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    mythx reacted to hillbilly in Shadowbane-Mourning Vets   
    I just played with Jee in overwatch a week or so ago.
    We need some panty raids and Pee Rats in the current batch of games
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    mythx reacted to Darkstar412 in Before Beta Launches   
    I really feel like the EKs got curbed . Maybe if they did lock people out of gods reach it would give people a reason to put vendors in them again . Otherwise I really feel like the ek thing is done if they plan on launching in the next year. All this work makes me feel like its still 2 years out. 
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    mythx reacted to Aedius in Before Beta Launches   
    farm in EK ( on the farm's parcel ) Mount breeding energetic harvesting easy to get passive change to have real choice. craft to fix because the hardest choice for the roll is always the best pet for combat ( ks reward ) tournament system vip crafting thrall
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    mythx reacted to miraluna in Before Beta Launches   
    I'd like EKs be the main merchant hubs instead of Temples for God's Reach, if some tech and design stuff is worked out with how the EKs will stay open or accessible. I'd also like to see some type of reward system for Campaigns tied back to EK growth (using Divine Favor pts?).
    I prefer the passive skill system to a grind, and would like to see some type of catchup mechanic added for later that involves an active component.
    My biggest "must-have" issue for beta:  performance and bug fixing/polish on existing systems.  There are tons of things on my "wish" list that would make the game better, but that is a forever thing in MMOs and if we want to see launch some day I know it won't all happen now.
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    mythx reacted to yianni in Before Beta Launches   
    i like the passive system, it just needs work. but to add
    free city building
    bigger more unique worlds
    no preset siege schedules
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    mythx reacted to APE in Before Beta Launches   
    VIP Mounts Advantages & Disadvantages Remember EKs exist and do something with them All the KS rewards UI customization and continued improvements Guild banks and further inventory management improvements NPE AI/caravan pathing improvements Campaign rewards
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    mythx reacted to Darkstar412 in Before Beta Launches   
    Things that come to mind before launching beta. 
    1) Performance with large numbers
    2) Guild creation and management in game not website.
    3) Alliances functioning 
    4)Balance pass
    5)Major and Minor pass some useless ass majors and minors in there . 
    6) Crafting pass with QOL changes #nomorecarpeltunnel #makecraftinggreatagain
    7) Passive training (not a fan i prefer active)
    8 ) Gods Reach - Characters locked out once max lvl
    anything else come to mind? 
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    mythx reacted to pamintandrei in A sinking ship, the beginning!   
    I was joking about  your weird bolding of letters/words.
  22. Haha
    mythx reacted to pamintandrei in A sinking ship, the beginning!   
    SQ&AM BALDURS GATE 3 A DRAMATIC METHOD.What could it mean.
  23. Haha
    mythx reacted to XionDominagus in **--__Guinecean   
    With the hopeful ability to further customize the classes, appearance wise, will it be possible to:

    Just wanna have a 12ft Guine is all, y'naw mean?
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    mythx reacted to Yoink in A sinking ship, the beginning!   
    Gonna be real difficult to do with the hard no water stance
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    mythx got a reaction from HollowDeath in Game is dead   
    I want CF to be successful @Andius and I know players get bored if theree are too little player activity on the map - the servers need life before the closed beta stage. I know we are in a pre alpha and still time to look at marketing, but cant say it enough how important that is for the community in a pvp focus game. 
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