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    mythx got a reaction from managainsttime in Some Shadowbane reminiscing...   
    The early days of SB u felt like a champion sent by the gods - so many who had not figure out how to deal with thieves & scouts and other high defense classes - atr debuffs!
    I can`t believe I played SB for over 6 years @PaleOneso many good memories and large scale battles - and you had them in elder scrolls online too huge sieges, but it was different, of course. And that`s why I backed Crowfall, Gorton, Todd, they are legends in US related to game development and projects.  
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    mythx got a reaction from goqua in Crowfall curious? Get answers here   
    I`ve more profile views than this entire part of this particular forum section, and it tells us I was usually spot on some hot debated topics in the past - just putting it out here, hehe.
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    mythx reacted to mysticque in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    if they add this mechanic they better add scout to track and reveal targets other than mole hunter rune
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    mythx got a reaction from JamesGoblin in New player and potential guild master   
    Massive_Damage support you and welcome to Crowfall.  
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    mythx reacted to PopeUrban in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    AFAIK the lack of free building at the moment is due to the EK systems still being wonky and ACE wanting to shorten the timetable to release. Basically, it was faster to iron out stuff like victory conditions, scoring, guild banks, Shadows with the new building upgrade systems and scorecards, mounts, alliances, and other critical missing features while keeping the EK building systems on the back burner, and the EK building systems are the same systems they want to use in dregs.
    If you've tried to set up EK buildings, you've seen how wonky simple stuff like getting your walls to all connect is. In terms of Dregs there are still functions of the upgrade and scoring systems in flux that they're fine tuning and they want to finalize the scoring/cost of that stuff in a more controlled environment.
    As far as I know, the plan is to slowly phase in free building after those systems are working at 100% with a proper UI that isn't /commands in EKs some time after release. Last I heard it will be limited to certain parcels (essentially a replacement for shadowbane's range exclusion from nearby cities) and they're still not sure if stonemasonry crafting or a blueprint vendor would be the best way to handle it.
    TLDR: Free building is on the list of planned features, possibly only in certain campaigns, but its pretty far down that list because it has a functional analogue in the game right now and there are other critical systems that still don't have a functional analogue. It will probably start showing its head after a major post-release update to EKs as it uses the same placement systems as EKs.
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    mythx reacted to McTan in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    They should simply ring every adventure zone with plain parcels, where trees can be planted that convert it to a mini-keep, then upgrade to a keep. Free build on that parcel. Force guilds to bind at their trees, not at temples. Spread us out. Some number of keeps per zone as a cap.
    Shadowbane city building was incredible and before-its-time. To not do it again now, better, is one of the biggest misses on vision in Crowfall especially with the investment in the tech for eternal kingdoms.
    I cannot believe they are not doing this, it is incredibly valuable to the game's sustainability and buy-in from guilds. The internal, pre-located, pre-built keeps are awful and small/medium-guild killers.
    Also, please put a steep cost to initiating a siege. Free initiation is another devastating departure from feeling like we have a home that we should invest in, and if someone wants to take it from us, they need to invest in that decision.
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    mythx reacted to koridia in Crowfall early game and player retention   
    I've been watching Crowfall since 2016 and have taken a few stabs at joining the beta throughout the years. I'm not interested in joining a guild and really playing the endgame until launch because I don’t want to burnout. So, I normally level a character or 2, get some basic gear, roam the open world, have a few fights, realize that I can’t go any further without a guild, and leave until there are more updates.
    Before checking in this time, I noticed that there's a lot of negativity surrounding Crowfall.  I think the New Player Experience and leveling is giving people the wrong impression of the game. For me, the game is far less enjoyable (outright boring even) than when I played before. I used to could quickly get a character going and it didn’t take long to get to PvP. Now, I essentially have to level to 30 to complete my character going. I played for hours, got bored of grinding npcs, and left before I even stepped foot on the real battleground. This seems to be what’s leading to bad feedback.

    I see 2 major problems that could hurt the game long term:
    1) Leveling is long and boring, and the NPE makes people think this is bad WoW clone
    2) There is no pipeline from newbie exploring the game to guildie fighting in endgame 
    Who wanted leveling? Does anyone enjoy it? Is it just for the gold sink for leveling alts? Are we really expected to grind mobs to level like 20 years ago? Am I missing something? 
    I get that starting with one attack and slowly gaining more is nice for learning to play a class, but I think the old system where each class had ~8 abilities was simple enough. I certainly enjoyed it more. Immediately being expected to navigate a talent tree is daunting for someone who just stepped into the game. Talent trees in general are bad because they inevitably devolve into puzzles that people just google the answer to. The game has been so much worse to me since leveling/talents were introduced because it feels like a chore blocking me from the real game.
    It was discussed in another thread, but I think leveling should be removed, stats should come from gear, boring +dmg skills only in passive training, talents can be made baseline or moved to disciplines, find another way to pick subclass. At least ask yourself, “What are we gaining from leveling?”
    Player attraction and retention seems to be a problem. Outside (and even sometimes inside) Crowfall specific forums, people are trashing the game.  It’s already been written off as a failed Kickstarter by many. I was really sad to see this, and I later saw that a lot of YouTube reviews are harsh. After playing the NPE, I actually kinda get it. Marketing needs to get on this ASAP
    New players and especially streamers need to see PvP within the first 15-30 minutes. People aren’t seeing the real game! What they are seeing is the long tutorial that makes this game look like a horrible WoW clone. 
    Another issue is that people who could eventually get sucked into endgame may not want to join a guild right away. I know this is not a game for soloists and there will always be a point where you’ll need to socialize, but I think you hit this wall too quickly. Let people learn the game solo and at least have something to do. Can you keep the lights on with just subs from the big guilds? If so, this is all less of an issue, but I don’t see how. How do guilds grow and maintain their ranks? From what player base? 
    So, in addition to removing the painful leveling I propose reconfiguring the different rulesets (ie layers of the multiverse) into a pipeline that naturally pushes players from the safety of God’s Reach into the heart of the hunger. This is basically the original layer descriptions fleshed out, and this isn’t a completely original idea:
    God’s Reach (Faction vs Faction): A safe island per faction with an optional much shorter NPE tutorial. One small central island that’s nothing but constant fighting. No stakes. No Blue/Purple+ gear/vessels. A handful of capturable objectives. Just a fighting pit to learn to play, try a new class, or just mindlessly smash.
    The Infected (God vs God): I may have swapped the names here. This will be the main game for the casual/solo players. Everyone picks a God to fight for. At the end of each season, the bottom 3 teams are eliminated. Eliminated teams are automatically allied with a surviving struggling team (7-10, 8-11, 9-12, etc) and can compete for smaller rewards. This gives players a taste of the real game, but it’s still accessible. Provides guilds with potential recruits.
    The Shadows (Guild vs Guild): The real game. No explanation really needed. Once players have gained experience in the Infected, they'll likely want to join a guild and can move to the Shadows
    The Dregs (Free for all): Shadows and Dregs always seemed too similar, so might can be merged. Dregs could have more extreme rulesets like friendly fire or something if you wanted to.
    I think this will give players a clear, natural path from day 0 to endgame
    Anyways, I know I am long-winded, so I hope you find something useful in this feedback. I did make a video of the NPE and how I got here, but it’s long, scatterbrained, and kinda bad tbh. Important points are already in this post. If you're interested: 
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    mythx reacted to joshisanonymous in No idea what each class/race is about   
    My first impression for creating a character was not good at all because there's no indication whatsoever about what each class is about nor of what the general advantages/disadvantages of each race are. Even going outside of the game to the web site to look up the classes provides no information other than some vague story snippets and a list of stats that are roughly meaningless to someone who hasn't played before. In fact, after getting to level 10 on the druid (that I had to pick somewhat randomly), I'm still not sure whether druids are supposed to be damage dealers, healers, hybrids, tanky, squishy, or anything. You really shouldn't be able to get to level 10 without getting a pretty good idea of the playstyle for a given class.
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    mythx reacted to Aedius in Crafting in Bulk   
    After one day of thinking about craft, i think it's good to fix :
    crafting small pieces for hours inventory space server space ( and then perf ) but it's bad in :
    risk / reward : no risk but good reward ( speciality seal is in my mlind ) less group play : the blacksmith dont need to speak to the leathersmith I know that "less group play" can turn into "less multi account" and be a good thing but most of the people that buy the beta to test and are still playing daily found that all the thing that force to play in group.

    I think the best way to keep good behavior but mitigate the bad stuff, it would be good to set the assembly on the bulk instead of 100%.
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    mythx reacted to Gwaehir in Vessels are major turnoff and lead to non competition   
    the fact that vessel upgrades is gated behind timed skill point allocation and intensive resource gathering and refining is such a HUGE TURN OFF.
    Many of us here have played mutiple PVP based games since the 1990s, and the fact that vessels are the single most important facet of character
    development is terrible design.
    Id rather grind mobs for years than have this vessel system as an alternative leveling system to open character power.
    People who are entering this game now, a week a go, and even more dramatic-- later, will NEVER be able to compete.
    Vessels are what will make characters very powerful, and having this system in place will alienate over 90% of any future player base.
    Its just too involved for most sane people to do- from the time gating, to the mining and its subsets, to skinning and its subsets, to the alchemy and its subsets, to the grave digging and its subsets, to the alchemy and its subsets, and the list goes on.
    The power curve between a green to blue to purple to orange is enormous.
    White vessels have very littel chance to survive a green vessel, let alone others past that.
    The only people who will be able to compete are the people who started their skill system from ground zero.
    For the campaign that ends today  many PEOPLE HAVE BLUE VESSELS, while the majority of us are scratching our heads to even get halfway to a green.
    get rid of the vessel system-- make this a PVP game not a survival MMO based on multiple resource intensive, time gated gathering skills.
    IF you insist on vessels, then have resource nodes/mines that guilds can fight over that generate these resources rather than all this ultra convoluted resource gathering you have now.
    IMO if this persits, there is no way the game will be successful.  People will leave, and you will be stuck with your day 1 support base only with little attractiveness to new guilds
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    mythx reacted to spaphite in General Feedback from an MMORPG vet   
    Hiya all.
    Spap Feedback 8-29-2020 Post 1
    Making a general feedback post. I have a lot of feedback from my gameplay, and also trying to introduce someone older to the game.  I want to get through so I'm going to bullet list them:
    Bold is a please fix immediately
    Discord: the game should have a community discord link. I tried joining the one on reddit and the discord appears to be locked/lacking permissions for new joiners. Reddit: the subreddit should be active/being checked for feedback from devs, and also featured on the site Art Design: the game has charming graphics that are what people who played Everquest used to refer to WoW as "cartoonish" and later became a staple of WoW - the art design in this game is unique but doesn't come off as super serious, but looks cool at the same time: kudos New player guide: the last time I found a new player guide was a forum post from 2016 with very dated gameplay and inconsistent languages. what I might suggest to fix this, is using some kind of "Code Linter" on the backend, that automatically creates documentation. An example of this is Python's Sphinx library https://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/master/ or https://esdoc.org/. Maybe something equivocal exists for Unreal engine or whatever Crowfall team uses to generate a game wiki as the coding team implements new game mechanics; their code comments will convert and build onto a wiki site for new players to be able to map some kind of dev:game:player-gameplay-design/intent really what I think I'm looking for is a basic wiki as a MVP(minimum viable product), that helps reflect what the games gameplay is intended to be Races/Class design: More zones connected to the Earth/Sun temple that feature the lore of the individual races should be present in the game. The cover GIF/video of Crowfall features a marketplace looking space...would be good to see this game feature a city that puts this game's lore on display via quests The races are AMAZING and same thing with classes super unique races, was very impressed with these the character creation screen needs some roleplay descriptions along with a details pane that describes any racial benefits classes need a brief description of what spells will be available Character creation see feedback in  race/class design: TLDR class and races should have a tool tip over them with some lore and description of what each race/class does when entering a new character some tool tips on how to play the game would be nice Game Download/Game Launcher Feedback The installer should give a precompiled-all-in-one executable file/artifact instead of a zip file with the program in it; it will be much more apparent to players what it is they're doing the launcher should have a play button on it, but greyed out while downloading/installing the game: this way players don't wonder where the play button is. Play button seems to be nonexistent when the game is first launching Framerate/Game engine: the current character models by default run terrible on an HDD. I had a friend order an SSD on the same model laptop like me  so the textures could load faster. generally this isn't terrible but maybe optimizations could help with this the settings should include options for low res textures if possible the settings should have a "distance loading" feature if possible PVE gameplay: The biggest thing to me about this game is that it feels like I'm on an adventure each zone so far has introduced some new game mechanic that is consistent through the current zone and then the next zone there are cool new mobs in each zone mobs could be a little harder; like 20% harder...I haven't died once even when I pull a 5 pack of mobs if I buy armor from vendors in that zone or craft armor, I am kind of invincible to the mobs in that zone its safe for new players who might not understand the mechanics but if you pick up all the gear progression fast enough you pretty much slay everything Looking forward to seeing what the mounts look like I am hoping that the "running animations" and figurines are just a stand in for mount models Caravans should have a temporary inventory system to allow them to be used for players own gathering Game flows well if you can tell where you are going the abilities and graphics are amazing to watch the combo or ability-chain system is unique and so cool to see Quests need an on-map marker to indicate where quests are. Current system of the compass indicator is good atm but I see this being missed by new players or it not being apparent what  looting should not open up your entire inventory inventory/menus, when closed, should reset the view so that re-opening menus does not open the same menu as last time inventory/menus should be accessible while running bosses should be added to each zone for those that love the PVE gameplay that take  I would like more open world dungeons that force players to party up where monsters are more difficult this content would exist on the fringes of the God's Breach game mode or w.e its called, with harder mobs. give us a dragon raid or two: this game could benefit so much from some open world PVE raiding stuff that requires players to form up. Its engine is just amazing. The timber feature in the Sun Temple level should be implemented and have a quest; currently there doesn't seem to be a way to build the walls in the fortress? a marker for caravans should be added to the map to indicate to players where the caravans are PVP Gameplay: joining the Campaign Game Mode should auto deposit all your items into the player vault with a notification to the player that this is being done instead of delivering an error message markers of where animals are on map should be added to give players an idea of where resources are when starting out OR give players a quest that guides them to the wolves so they have an idea of where to farm resources from; there just needs to be an indicator of where things exist in the campaign setting level 20 seems to be minimum entry for PVP, but a "recommended" level should also be displayed for campaign so it is implied to the player that they can enter...but that PVE in campaign will be hard. A queue or grouping system should be in the town or in the Campaign setting that allows players to see where their faction is on the map or teleport near them; this would promote players getting together to have the big player battles with more ease Getting the game out there this game got a really negative wrap from thelazypeon but the gameplay as of the last few days Ive played is ****ing amazing: I think Crowfall needs to go out of its way to partner with a few influencers to really let people know this game exists. I found it through googling "mmorpgs 2020" this could be twitch or youtube  
    Please keep up development. This game is amazing. I see it having a shrunk crowd with New World and Ashes of Creation coming out. I think there are so many people that are tired of playing WoW or Runescape that this game could capitalize off of and bring in some fun players. I think saying that this game is "PVP only" is such a cop out because the games engine and state is so obviously capable of delivering more, and I am itching to see it do so.
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    mythx reacted to PaleOne in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    Strategic importance is subjective. you wont get it from random computer generated maps.
    That is why players need to be able to choose where they build Cities/keeps
    Even if we just could drop a prebuilt city grid on the location of our choice it would be a huge improvement
    The question was asked by several people in todays Q and A but we never got an answer
    (unless i missed it)  @jtoddcoleman
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    mythx reacted to McTan in My Top Ten Improvements for Crowfall   
    This is a long post, and I intend for it to be my last post of this kind. Here's to the game finding success.
    Obligatory comment on performance. Improvement has been notable, but more is necessary.
    Now to the game.
    Spread us out more. Let us choose where we live and build.
    Shadowbane was awesome because each city was its own center of gravity. We need to be able to bind places other than the temple. Shadowbane was a cult success because guilds had different centers of gravity. The temples are a misunderstanding of how important that is.
    The simple move of choosing where to plant (where to live) was the lifeblood of the connection to that game. Not having it here is very sanitized and emotionless. Ring each adventure zone with empty parcels where we can plant a seed which converts the parcel to a mini-keep/keep blueprint. Limit the number of mini-keeps/keeps per adventure zone. I know this is a pipedream, but I swear it would make the biggest difference to longevity of the game, from my perspective.
    Fewer gates. Every temple should have exactly one gate and no more.
    We need more simultaneous vectors for victory that pressure larger forces to split and attempt multiple things at once.
    Fort siege windows and capture mechanics need improvement. It is almost always 50 minutes standing around and 10 minutes engagement (maybe even 55 and 5). This is a very boring way to spend play time and has already caused people to quit from my guild (within one week of trying the game). One idea is king of the hill style, where whichever tags have the most time at the end of the open hour, they get the fort.
    There is not enough of a volume of forts vulnerable at the same time. The experience this dregs has been groundhog’s day, with the same three guilds/alliances basically playing out the same story every siege hour, three hours a day, every day. The simple truth is that guilds had no incentive not to full force cap a fort every window. I did not see any guild split forces. If anyone did, it was exceedingly rare.
    As I argued after TEST dregs, the per member cards were incredibly important to this multi-vector pressure on large forces. I got shouted down by members of bigger guilds, but I stand by the claim. I recognize the pressure it has on not wanting to keep casual players in your guild, but that is an important downward pressure on force size that is largely absent from the game. Casual players can play in infected or play a short dregs or join a different guild. 
    Put a minimum on guild size denominator (10), so that a solo cannot sabotage easily.
    Many daily divine favor cards (more details now)
    Throw a ton of daily victory point cards at us. Make rewards scale to guild size and rank.
    The divine favor system is the unique system for Crowfall. Go all in. Make a million mistakes. Do not shy away from experimenting like crazy.
    Hourly cards, player cards, secret guild cards, either-or cards, simultaneous goal cards (kill 100 of each Wartribe), crazy difficult to execute cards (kill exactly 100 of each wartribe), kill the most alpha spiders, kill the most elders, harvest the most motherlodes, sacrifice chaos embers, sacrifice gold, and on and on and on. 
    Let us choose which we want to do, and make us feel like we cannot do them all.
    When a player logs in, they should be able to survey a bunch of different options and find what they can contribute that day.
    Throw many, many things at us, so big forces have reason to split. Make it so that a giant zerg cannot possibly accomplish all of them during the day, unless they split up to do so.
    Scale the seasonal card point values to continue their relevance as a reward for longevity of focus. Move cards like “hold 5 outposts at the end of the season” and “landless guilds holding a god outpost” to dailies. These do not make sense as seasonals.
    Passive training still desperately needs an overhaul.
    Fast to slow. Passive training in its best form should feel like welcome improvements that slow down and lessen over time. The current system feels like a steady slog of necessary but non-player controlled improvements, which creates a sense of helplessness - not something primary crafters (read: people) want to feel.
    Passive training should never gate the ability to contribute to the guild via my crafting and harvest selection. Remove the “need x pips to unlock…” and replace with discipline organized unlocking. Want to use advanced picks? Buy and equip Miner. Add to NPE.
    Ideal seems to be some kind of active/passive combo, but I’m not sure that’s in the cards. Worth saying again, however.
    Fix the map and remove the chicken ticker.
    Orient map with north up on the screen (not up and left). Please, please do this. You have no idea what percent of players made fun of this relentlessly.
    Simplify it dramatically, so that visual and loading lag is not relevant.
    Use more symbols and a key (tower outpost, ground outpost, god outpost, respawn outpost, wartribe [enbarri, urgu, etc.] as opposed to mouse overs (which are noisy and buggy)
    You already have food buffs, which can be the entire system.
    The chicken ticker and the map are by far the most complained about things (aside from performance and bugs) from my guild members who joined at beta.
    As much as possible, balance by improving what feels bad, not nerfing what feels good.
    Let’s get some love for promos and discs that are not used, and then come back to those that are disproportionately used.
    The recent tweak to stormcallers is the best example of the scalpel instead of the hammer. More of that on over-tuned things. Illusionist and Frostguard got mauled.
    Disciplines are really, really fun for character and group building. Making some of the bad ones good would go a long way, IMO.
    I am hopeful for the overhaul that was just announced
    Make all crafters relevant from day one. You’re bleeding players who want to be crafters because their harvesting and crafting is not relevant to the guild quickly enough.
    Shift gear drops down another tier (blues from kings/chiefs only). 
    Let gear be disenchanted for its prefix/suffixes. 
    Let us combine 10 prefix/suffix disenchanted items of the same type to make an armor or weapon additive.
    Let crafters optionally put on 2 prefix and 2 suffixes when they craft.
    Restrict by piece, as necessary.
    Inventory and bank management
    Have all loot drop as doobers (like thralls).
    Give each class of item a symbol and color them like harvestable doobers. “Hey a bluegreat sword” - from the doober.
    Significantly reduce the wartribe loot table.
    Move blended cloth to a crafter.
    Remove all wood.
    Limit every wartribe to exactly one kind of sacrifice artifact (keep qualities)
    Remove most cooking related drops. Maybe push them to animals/harvesting.
    Adjust the red overlay from cannot equip. We need to be able to see the quality of things that we can’t wear at a glance. Maybe make it a red stripe to indicate cannot equip
    Guild UI in-game.
    List of normal commands
    UI that shows online/offline, guild related stats.
    Ability to invite, kick, promote
    Guild banks
    Guild ranks with permission attachments
    Make groups sized 8-10 and have friendly fire outside of group.
    This game shines in 5v5 to 10v10. As you start getting more than that on the field (with only two sides), it gets to be a massive blob fest that feels and looks really disjointed and messy and noisy.
    The more I experience the big fort fights, the more apparent the need for out of group friendly fire. There is simply nothing you can do to a hunkered down group of 35 people, because AoEs do not get stronger after the group is bigger than five, they get weaker because you cannot choose who is hit.
    When a truly big guild shows up in Crowfall, we are going to have massive problems. You can see the arms race beginning with some of the guilds mass recruiting heavily. When alliances enter the fray, woo baby.
    Downward pressure on guild recruiting and guild size, upward pressure on organization and tactics.
    I am sorry if this means you need to make guards and vendors have a friend-list mechanic, but it is desperately needed.
    The alliance system is going to make this even more obvious when it is literally an uncoordinated blob of 50 people fighting 50 people just standing among each other.
    Tune up aoes to target up to 10 people. A well-coordinated and timed attack should be rewarded. Blobbing up defensively so that aoes spread out among 50 people should not be rewarded.
    Improve the launcher. Make the update bar and percent scaled to the size of the patch, instead of looking like it’s going to download the whole game again. Better buttons with better labels.
    Make the setting “Exit Cursor Mode on Player Movement” default OFF.
    Make the new setting where you have windows reopen default OFF.
    Keeps need player vendors.
    Stay away from language like “decrease/increase” when it comes to things like reductions (i.e. “Decreases Cooldown reduction: Short”). Change it to improves/worsens.
    Hybrid classes (Arbiter, for example) need a way to convert attack power to support power and vice versa
    Get rid of racial crafting and harvesting bonuses. Put them on disciplines only, this feels arbitrary and limiting (especially harvesting bonuses).
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    mythx reacted to weaponsx in JOIN THE ACE Q&A SEPTEMBER LIVESTREAM - SEPTEMBER 1st   
    <Question> What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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    mythx reacted to PaleOne in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    i just want the ability to walk through the world-- find a spot with strategic advantage and say--- This is where I Will Build!
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    mythx reacted to silkysoft in 6.100 TEST Bug Reports for 8/28/20   
    Black mask major trait prevents all hits from being behind. Supposed to make all attacks count as behind
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    mythx reacted to Soulreaver in 6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20   
    Frost Weaver Ice : 

    All manifested Ice :Stable, Cooling Ice and Frigid Ice disappear after mere seconds.  You can only place 3 before they start disappearing.

    Edit : 

    The Frigid and Volatile Ice doesn't hit moving targets what so ever.
    Mana is a huge issue, the class as Guard and Mage feels broken
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    mythx reacted to APE in Zerging in PvP MMOs - Is it fixable? Should it be fixed?   
    Where are all those knobs and dials that can easily tune things to mix it up?
    Believe one of largest issues is the lack of variety of campaigns and rulesets. 
    Have day 1 players up against year 5 large guilds.
    There should be multiple options to fit a wider variety of players. Understandable that with a low pop it doesn't make sense but once it goes up, they'll need to try different things and hopefully they aren't costly and hard coded. As they haven't tried or talked about much in this area, no idea if they are able or if it will be business as usual. A few different cards aren't going to keep new blood coming in or sticking around.
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    mythx reacted to Tyrant in 6.100 TEST Bug Reports for 8/28/20   
    You discovered the secret!
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    mythx reacted to Jah in Dregs is not fun in the current state - Feedback on Alliance   
    They haven't talked about it much, but it is the name for 3-faction campaigns, which have been gone since Dregs testing began.
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    mythx reacted to Helix in Zerging in PvP MMOs - Is it fixable? Should it be fixed?   
    Zerging isn't really the problem, the problem is that multiple features and mechanics in crowfall favors it. Personally I think the TTK is way too long, a long TTK general favors zerg balling in my opinion.
    As far as zerging, I don't think it needs to be "solved", there just needs to be more tools for smaller groups to deal with them. Larger maps, more objectives giving more breathing room for smaller groups.
    Numbers and gear are the only thing that really matter in CF and that's unfortunate.
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    mythx reacted to mystafyi in Dear ACE, Performance is just not there...   
    This guy did a comparision of Hyperthreading vs non Hyperthreading on my chipset and its just what I see, not much impact.
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    mythx reacted to PopeUrban in Will we ever get Ek Style City building in a future dregs ?   
    Bring back knee high water!
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    mythx reacted to miraluna in Zerging in PvP MMOs - Is it fixable? Should it be fixed?   
    My view on this is that it doesn't necessarily have to be possible to WIN with per player and landless cards for those cards to be hugely valuable in the system.
    The goal isn't for a smaller guild to be able to solo grind to victory. The vision is to create a player-driven Game of Thrones, where all guilds are connected in both conflict and cooperation. A small guild can play the role of spoiler or kingmaker by winning Glory cards (let's assume there will some reward for them tied to that, it's important), and denying those points to another guild. That type of chaos element is great in a strategy game - the most boring Campaign would be the one where we all know what guild will win on day one. I do agree with your point about it seems easier/less risky to score points by being a big force, in a big alliance, sitting on Keeps that rarely get contested.
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    mythx reacted to miraluna in Zerging in PvP MMOs - Is it fixable? Should it be fixed?   
    I think the Wealth Cards need a better mix, most of them are connected to city building/destruction so that's quite directly tied to Power.
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