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  1. Copy and pasted this comment from mmorpg.com, they have a thread about crowfall here: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1214/feature/9376/Crowfall-As-the-Crow-Flies.html and this is one of the people who commented. and I would go check it out. Just curious if anyone agrees with this guy, or if he is just blowing useless information. I haven't played a "good" mmo in a while so, my money is on Crowfall Just wanted to know people thoughts? (I DID NOT WRITE THIS) Another game with good vision but entirely too dependent on a large static population (which every developers wants but seldom achieves). The PvP ruleset is going ot eliminaete a vast number of players right from the start. Despite what forums and zealots claim PvP is dead in MMOs thats why games that stress it die fast. GW2 and ESO latest casualties. But at least ESO has enough of an ES fanbase to help it along. Then the whole world resetting event. Sounds cool, and it will more than likely be a loosely based expansion type scenario but its a lot more concrete and finite and unless it is delivered perfectly (impossible) then people who are on the losing side will just quit (if they cant switch sides). It also looks to make it difficult for newer players to havean impact, but any new players are surely going to go to a wining side. Akin to how GW2 was when people actually played the game. Even though hundreds and thousands of people were logging it (highly unlikely Crowfall sees anything close to that even at launch) maps started to die as one side started to dominate, that took about 3 days on most tiers. Sometimes as little as 36 hours. And GW2 campaigns only lasted a week (then they messed with the length). So crowfal has to do the imposible make a system peopl ewill like, and one that will be fair and balanced and omne that isnt too long or short. Thyere using every hot point they can. Citing SWG crafting, RvRvRv type PvP, even this writer uses EVE so theyre certainly trying to compare it to games people hold up as successes. So that right there makes their goal very high and expectations unrealistic. Niche at best probably akin to games like Pirates of the Burning Crusade or Fallen Earth that had a couple hundred hardcore fans and that is where they settled. not nearly enough for a game looking to do what this one is.
  2. Alright thanks man, yea that kind of scares me for this mmo, because guilds will run in groups, so I am hoping they do something to help SOLO players, or small groups of players (2-3) or else I could see this game going in a bad direction.
  3. I did, but still kind of confused, I haven't been in the MMO game for a while, just kind of need someone to dumb it down for me... haha
  4. I am new to this whole crowfall game, and from what I noticed a lot of people want a 'Open-World" Pvp system. These are my questions. How will new players be kept safe from high lvl players? Will this game be a Action MMO kind of like Tera (Love Tera's combat system) I am worried that this game may fail like the 90% of other mmos that have come out! I want a new mmo, that stays popular on twitch, which right now is only WOW, and Runescape?!?! I hope Crowfall can out due the competition and give us all something fresh, but I want to know what you guys think. If I see what I like I will deff be backing this game with a decent amount of money, but if anyone has answers let me know!
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