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  1. Good to hear from you, Lark. The properties we inherited from you are still living strong! We still have our Calmlands castle. As you know, defenders have a massive advantage in ArcheAge sieges, but we have the only original castle on Kyrios which is a point of pride for us!
  2. 9 months after release of our current game and still going strong!
  3. Sorry the name isn't familiar. AA has always been heavily P2W. I personally haven't spent an extra dime other than the purchase amount and the subscription and have gear competitive with all but the top-tier, but it's the product of a lot of hard work. I tell people who ask about starting AA that they'll either need to bring some $1000 to get a decent set of gear, or spend several months farming and it's the truth. Even though I have amazing gear, I'd love it if AA had Crowfall's gear reset system. Every 2-3 months, boom, everyone is back on the same tier.
  4. I think it'll be okay. ACE is in tune enough with the community to know that http://www.fistoftheempire.org/ is a respectable guild and 'owns' the FoE tag.
  5. Just checking in! We're still going strong in ArcheAge but really looking forward to Crowfall! The 1.7 patch in ArcheAge released tonight, dramatically improving a lot of the game and offering a ton of new content. We started the night executing a land rush strategy at Golden Ruins under Witch's guidance. We were able to lock down the West at the Nui and pretty much give the East free reign to plant properties around the map. We then went to Mistmerrow. We got there a bit late because of the land rush at Golden Ruins. When we arrived the West nearly capped the entire map, but we fought back! In the end we lost by one point, but enjoyed the new event. We then went to Halcyona! The East made a great showing and we won it handily. We then spent the evening crafting, practicing against the ghost ship, looking for sea bugs and playing with the new mechanics! 1.7 is finally here and we're looking forward to enjoying AA like it was meant to be!
  6. What ACE is doing is so novel and unprecedented that it's really hard to say how the community will work within the campaigns or how to tweak it to be ideal. So I think they should forge ahead, get a release out to a large alpha playerbase ASAP with only one campaign that has a week or two long duration, with sped up XP/crafting rewards ex and start to perform this grand experiment. Personally the biggest challenge they have is to make the actual gameplay fun and engaging. It needs to be more fun than farming elves by Val'Haven all day, or farming on the icy island near Wainwright. Once they get that part nailed down, I think creating a reward system that compels people to play even when a clear winner emerges will be easy. To answer your question directly, I'd say to scrap the entire export qualification based on who the winner is. Pick a winner, give them a trophy and some ingame congratulations and that's it. The person who stays fighting a losing battle, accrues wealth and successfully gets to the export area should be rewarded just as much as the person who rides the successful side, easily accrues wealth and walks unhindered to the export area. When we're winning we never worry about being rewarded for it. When a group is winning, morale is high, people keep playing, new recruits join up, people are able to work on building their characters and we're able to iteratively improve our strategies and focus on the future. It's the folks that are losing battles that need a helping hand and need the motivation to log in and keep the game interesting. So let them export and give them the chance to build their Eternal Kingdom just the same as the winners can. I agree. At an individual level winning should be done on a nightly basis. A player should be able to get a group of people together, win some victories, accrue some wealth and feel satisfied that they've won that day. I think the Dregs is the place where this will be most possible. At an organization level, I think you'll see a repeat of Shadowbane on campaigns in many respects. Organized groups with strike teams being advised by competent scouts (Like a certain Agelmar on Treachery!) will have a huge advantage.
  7. From their latest update it sounds like they won't let big sieges occur during off hours, but maybe they'll be coerced by their oceanic population to do so. However, I think the campaign system will promote a much more hardcore lifestyle than most games because every new campaign will be like a new game release in terms of competition and dramatic increases in power. And from my experience, the more cyclical you make the game the sooner people will give up when they feel behind. Most of 72 first place wins we had in GW2 were won within the first three days when the enemy gave up. So I expect a lot of us will be taking days off work and not sleeping at the start of each campaign like it's a real game release. I think to mitigate this from a game design perspective is make things time based, like the skill increases. In most MMOs you can progress as fast as you want, but if you made it such that to build the T1 blacksmith shop you don't just need 20 copper, 50 birch and 30 cobblestone, but also need 2 days of ingame 'build' time that can't be decreased. And until you get that T1 Blacksmith shop you can't make a good enough tools to mine T2 metals/lumber/stone. That way a casual group of people can work together and keep pace with groups like ours which will have a group of structured people following a campaign release plan. We may be able to tip the scales by denying access to resources, but at least won't be able to progress through the tech tree as fast as we can get resources. I think Albion Online uses this kind of system. I remember when we tried the alpha getting all the buildings 'started' very fast and then having nothing to do for a while. This kind of limitation is good for the game.
  8. SB: Avoid groups monopolizing the server. After we conquered the groups that joined the server to fight us, the game was really boring for everyone. CF's campaign system is geared toward handling that. AoC: Have an endgame and make farming for your property fun and involve pvp. Competing while leveling was fun. Once we were max level we focused on resource generation. We got the first NA Keep via very boring, pvpless farming of resource nodes. Then the siege mechanics weren't in place and there was very little reason to keep playing the game. GW2: If you're going to have a campaign system, add variety. We did pretty much everything to squeeze fun out of the game including breaking apart our alliance that went 30-0, moved to the Euro server to dethrone the dominant alliance there, and switched to a 10th rank server and brought it to #1. But after conquering the same towers, hills, keeps, camps over and over I couldn't take it anymore. I'm hopeful the randomization in CF makes each campaign different enough to be interesting.
  9. Thanks for the writeups, I really enjoy reading them, especially those outside the PRX perspective. Of all the games I've played Shadowbane is the only one that can provide such detailed accounts of server-politics more than ten years later. I really hope that Crowfall joins SB on that pedestal. We always had a lot of respect for the groups who persisted in fighting against us even through losses. A player who loses and signs up to the next fight deserves greater respect than someone who coasts on victories. When we play a new game we get a lot of new people who don't know what it means to perservere through continuous losing of impossible battles until the opponent breaks. When we finally meet real opposition and these greenhorns start to crack I tell them that if they're not willing to stand next to me while we're losing they don't deserve to stand with us while we win. One aspect that was particularly frustrating for us is that the general story of Treachery was fairly common on other servers. One nation would dominate, all their enemies but the hard-nosed badasses would leave and the server would turn into a ghost town. We pleaded with Wolfpack to implement some form of cross-server PvP so the dominant nations could fight each other. We would've loved nothing more than to greet an invading force from Scorn or Death who joined the anti-CoS groups on Treachery. We would've also loved to reach out to those servers, find who the resistance players were, plan with them, invade their server and work with them to put the hurt on the monopolizing servers. This is the kind of cycle that we were able to enjoy in GW2 where every week we'd get a new campaign and fight fresh people. Crowfall seeks to combine this campaign with the kind of gameplay Shadowbane had, and that's what we're super pumped about. What's interesting about reading about how Treachery went down is that as proud as we are of the hard work and organization put into our nation in the Shadowbane era a fight between the force we were then and the force we are now would be over quickly. The force we built for GW2 (The Titan Alliance) was hardened by 24/7 siege warfare. The organization that was required to compete against the best GW2 had to offer and earn 30 straight victories in release was on a different scale than what we had in Shadowbane. The same is true for the force we have now in Archeage that claimed our castle on Kyrios. Crowfall is still a ways off, but we're all really excited to compete in it and think the campaign system will enable some epic and balanced fights.
  10. That's one reason we're really excited about CF, the single-server model and campaigns means that we'll never have to worry about killing the server. I just hope that once a campaign is decided it progresses to winter and death quickly. From our experience in GW2 we've found that once a winner has been decided few PvPers will stay and fight a losing battle.
  11. KGB is one of those guilds that are a pleasure to compete with or against in any game. One great thing about CF is that the single-server architecture doesn't split the community and force guilds to choose which handful of other guilds they want to play with at release. GW2 had that and in our time there I feel like we were able to fight every notable guild in the game, including those we competed against when we went to Europe. I just hope the campaign system allows for enough guilds and variety that the community isn't stratified too much amongst different campaigns.
  12. I'm only on board if there's a super low drop rate for an crafting material to make an orange hammer that will be useful for 3 expansions and cause enough drama when it drops to break up guilds and destroy friendships. Better yet, make it so that you need two separate drops for extra pvp.
  13. Stroh, thanks for the kind words! Zolaz, I'm not sure what you're getting at here, but I'll make an honest effort to answer your question directly. A couple weeks post-release we had 120 people online every night. 3 months later was close to the Auroria release I think, where we had a 2 and a half raid groups, so around 125. For the last week, which had a large content patch, we've had some 130 people online. Note that because of the ArcheAge labor mechanic, many of these people are AFK. However, the number of people in your guild list is irrelevant. The important figure is the amount of force you can project onto a battlefield, so here's a few screenshots of our battles in the time periods you asked for. September: December: We're content with ArcheAge for now and will continue to compete in it for the indefinite future, but everyone in PRX who is paying attention to CF is very excited about it. And after grinding to 55 in ArcheAge's library, it's hard for any red blooded PvPer to not be excited about the kind of open world, FFA PvP environment that the Dregs and Crowfall promise.
  14. 6 months into our current title and we're in formation and ready for war.
  15. Yep, Zorak and his guild merged into PRX several years ago. Zorak is one of the primary leaders within PRX and if the old man keeps his heart beating he'll be leading the charge into Crowfall with us!
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