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    Wonderland, Hogwarts, or Narnia - Reality every other Monday
  1. The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge~Albert Einstein

    1. Iridian ShadowWeaver

      Iridian ShadowWeaver

      Yes! People forget that Einstein was a mystic.

  2. Excellent point, Illara seems to be the only one of the pantheon left to focus upon balance between chaos and order. That is probably one part for logic (i.e. if balance were still a steady force, the fights between chaos and order would be minimal) but it does pose questions about Illara's role before Gaea's death. Many of the other backstories provide more insight into before these conflicts erupted., but Illara's is focused upon her disinterest currently. I would love to learn more about her past.
  3. Bittersweet at the new year; have to wait for new elements, but my new found crowfall addiction shall be appeased sooner.

  4. I'm ok with everything except the general skills training method. Yes its handy to not start over for EVERY vessel, but we also lose the opportunity to make different types of characters without making different accounts and paying for the game again etc. I wish we had at least the opportunity to earn another crow, so we could enjoy more than one type of playing style. Slightly disappointed, but still curious enough to stick with it. We are getting into the specifics now, I suppose everyone will be disappointed (and pleased) about something.
  5. After seeing the news about the storms in Dallas, I wanted to make sure everyone at ACE and their loved ones are all right. Never like to see stories like that and I hope everyone is safe for New Year's.
  6. Very impressed with this decision. It shows we are truly getting more than our money's worth. These hard choices will make the game all the better in the end. I'm happier with this news than I would be with a rushed product. They have made an incredible amount of progress in one year. Great job ACE, enjoy your holiday and new year!
  7. No need to apologize for asking a simple question, especially when the result had nothing to do with your actions.
  8. We have a post bump req? I just thought we liked talking to each other. Go figure
  9. No harm in shopping for the right fit I hope you find it here. Welcome to the Watch
  10. Trust, but verify

    1. Iridian ShadowWeaver

      Iridian ShadowWeaver

      ALWAYS verify before placing trust!

  11. Exclusivity. You have to figure something out first lol Apparently we're all mildly competitive puzzle minded people or at least curious people, not bad attributes for a guild if you think about it. And patient if we're still here lol and possibly slightly obsessive.
  12. Not dead merely lurked upon. Until the next clue. This isn't really a talking guild so much as a thinking one lol
  13. Hi Guildies, Happy belated Easter to those who celebrate and happy discount candy day to all lol.
  14. First, Ozzie THESE are adorable watchdogs. Second, I'm not opposed to pets as long as there is a price paid. Honestly I could easily see myself getting into the pet industry but if you have extra muscle of the furry kind i think you should miss out on some other form of hit power.
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