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  1. Crowfall, please make game cards of the 15 dollar vip and put them in stores because my parents don't like to buy online. Anyways I can not pay 50 dollars all at one time so the vip option is helpful with it being charged at a small amount a month.
  2. Everyone is new, u don't know much about the game either. Anyways like I stated before the faq did not give direct ( well specific ) info, which I know they are not planning to release asap, or are they?
  3. Hey I am new to this type of game, well I suppose everyone is, but the faq is not giving much clarification.
  4. This looks like fun. See u all out on the battle field hehehehehehehehehehehe.
  5. Ok, so explain to me the gear situation. I know u can craft gear but do u have to buy it or are their gear drops from sieges, bosses, ect?
  6. Anyways, me and my guild are here to not so much dominate, but have fun as we destroy competition. ( Lol cant speak for anyone else in my guild. )
  7. I need a guild soon. The release is like a month away. Better early than never. Tell me if u are recruiting
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