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  1. Hey grats on upcoming release, I'm not sure I agree with the move but hope everything works out. I think you'd be better off selling some cosmetic armors, maybe special class based armor xmogs, or somewhat customizable guild xmogs would be cool for armor. Also I'd totally pay like 5 bucks for another character slot or something, but you do you get that $$. Kinda excited to see a reset, but I've only been playing like 2 months. Also pumped for respec not locked to VIP. anyway. I really like the new dregs map, the swamp, and waterfall regions are pretty cool and looking forward to more new zones, really like infinite exports I think bringing in wartribe camps is a nice addition, I like that they are kinda vertical and have spots where you jump off a cliff over into a different part of the camp, I think more spots that have little jumping puzzles could be cool. The hotzones are cool, but some of them are really lack luster, like the waterfall area hotzones seems to have super low spawn rates, so you clear the camp and then you need to wait forever for the respawns, and same thing with the ghost hotzones. I really like the new ghost camps and how they're mixed with other ones, I hope to see more mixed camp types in the future. Since minors don't drop in villages anymore I think the regular thrall souls should be completely removed from dregs, replace them with named thralls to make up for the lack of minor discs and makes fighting them a bit more interesting. I also think it would cool if they ghost spawns went totally nuts during the winter months, like hunger crystals ALL over the map and thralls attacking outposts more often and stuff, make it really feel like the world is ending. With the new GR, the god shrines are all locked into the different factions zones, so I gotta travel all the way through these outer zones to go get the important buffs, like Kronos and Cybelle, which is somewhat annoying. ok i think thats it bye
  2. Healing dummies don't give any numbers in the logs https://imgur.com/a/hANls8w
  3. I find myself increasingly frustrated with how much power gear gives you in this game, when I first started playing I thought I just wasn't good at the pvp yet, but I consistently find myself dealing 1/4 the damage of other people who are using the same abilities when I look at the logs, they have better armor and better weapons so there is no point in trying to pvp most people even after a month of playing, I think gear in general needs a big nerf, or do a longer dregs campaign where you can't import armor or weapons, so wartribe gear has some value and people have to craft the OP items in game
  4. It would be cool to be able to look at what vessel you currently have equipped, once you put it on you can't see what it's giving you for stats
  5. I'm having trouble loading up my guilds EK, I hit load kingdom and it does the loading animation for a bit and then the load kingdom button comes back and it stays inactive, server is US east and that's where I'm located
  6. sure alot of the mitigation seemed like 50%+, maybe they should have test dummies to simulate plate, mail, and leather armors. They should indicate damage before mitgations and then how much is being mitigated in the combat logs, so it's easier to understand perhaps? and backstab doing 20 damage vs 400 is a huge difference, so something is clearly wrong there
  7. I just tested some more abilities and all of them also seem lower than it says in the tooltip
  8. I tried to recreate the bug with shiv, so I could take a picture, now shiv seems to working okay but backstab is bugged, here is a picture of 3 backstabs and one backstab from the back, I put it on imgur idk how else to share it https://imgur.com/RfHHD3F
  9. Hey, I was having some issues with damage not being correct on my build so I wanted to screw around with talents and discs and test my damage, but there's no dummies in the temples for some reason? Why can you only test your builds if you have access to a castle and why do I have to run all the way back to a castle to see the affects of any changes I make? It seems a bit silly that there isn't an area for that in all the temples
  10. Hey, Just recently bought the game after beta testing I bought some quarrier discs to get to purple and started hitting some rocks with some guildies, its a lot more satisfying to do in a group and I really like how the loot explodes everywhere, I think you should add some motherlodes to discs that are missing them, which I think is just logging and gravedigging I've played a few different things now, Archdruid, Blackguard, Archer, a little bit of Barbarian. I think druid definitely needs some love, all of the druid abilities have stupid long cast times, like I'm trying to drop a slow field to slow the enemy retreat or make it easier for my group to retreat, but it takes like 3 seconds to cast and at that point it's missed it's target, Gaias growth has an okayish cast time but could be faster and blight feels pretty slow, the knockback tornado thing shouldn't even have a cast time, like I'm trying to knock this guy away from me right now, not in 2 seconds, most of the other classes abilities seem to come out instantly or atleast relatively quickly Also if I'm taking the talent that when people pick up my orb, it explodes and does dmg/heal, I want everyone to be able to pick up my orbs, it's super frustrating in a big raid, cuz I feel like my orbs aren't really being used to full potential, the orbs should just affect anyone who is same faction. Also I think you need to look at the damage on some of the higher damage moves, I had a cutthroat appear behind me and do 5000 then 3000 damage, in 2 moves in under like 1 second, that's enough to pretty much one shot some classes, luckily I just ulted into stealth and walked out, but any other character and I was just guaranteed dead
  11. Hey, On my blackguard I noticed that my shiv is supposed to be doing 250~ damage, but its doing maybe 25 damage when I read the logs
  12. There is definitely some issue with the terms of the guilds alliance, I agree. The issue I have with the in game system is that if I capture an outpost I'm not contributing to the alliance winning because the points go to my guild when we're supposed to be stacking it all on one guild or w/e. That might still just be a personal alliance issue tho haha. Anyway I came back because I had a couple shower thoughts. The reason defending a keep for an hour is bad is because it's boring to sit in an empty keep if no one comes to attack, by adding mob spawns to keep defenses it makes the defense always engaging and rewarding. Also if you add NPC - NPC fighting, make them deal reduced damage to each other, so that players can find them fighting and are the biggest impact in an NPC - NPC fight =P
  13. Hey! I noticed that a lot of my feedback about the infected realm was just incorporated into the game, just want to say it's super cool and I'm glad you guys listened to the feedback it makes me super excited ❤️ Also the import changes for the DREGS I'm happy about that too and the water is cool Since I last gave feedback I joined a smaller guild Corvus Citadel, and we're part of an alliance with a bigger guild Valeria Right now, I'm not seeing a lot of point to being in an alliance with someone. We help them capture objectives, and give them numbers to fight the other zergs, but we don't really get a share of the victory. They stand in the fort and cap it while we stand outside, they get to win and we don't. It seems to be causing some tension. I think it would be cool if alliances were a more permanent thing each campaign, and our campaign points all went into a shared pool, that way I could go cap an outpost or a fort and it would be helping to overall goal. There can be benefits to being an alliance leader like maybe they get more rewards, or maybe you have reward tiers for top alliances, top guilds, top individuals. I also feel like the individual rewards are somewhat lacking. My guild got some rewards from the last campaign, but the individual rewards were just export tokens, which I already reduced my inventory down and exported everything before the campaign ended, so it was somewhat of a letdown. As a newish player, I'd like to get like a cooler horse or a pick of a good piece of gear because that's what I struggle with most as a fresher player. The other thing that I learned in DREGs is that the sieging of keeps isn't fun right now. Most keep sieges quickly end with the defenders blowing up the bane trees and the siege ends. I think the bane trees are super cool lore wise, but the defense of the keep should be a defense, not a attack the tree thing IMO. It also helps with the zerging aspect of DREGs, the bigger guilds will have to dedicate forces to hold the keep for the full hour, meanwhile this leaves forts open, do you split your forces to try to also hold the forts or attack other keeps? I think it would be super cool if the bane trees did something. Like the attackers could capture them and they would spawn in some NPC reinforcements, or act as a little respawn point and then the defenders could destroy them. In a slightly different direction, the bane trees could spawn NPCs that are hostile to the holders of the fort, and constantly try to reach the life tree. Destroying the bane tree could be like a little boss fight and maybe you can get some loot from it. OR combining both ideas, the trees spawn mobs, attackers can attack the mobs to capture the tree and spawn ally NPCs that attack the keep, defenders can attack the tree to destroy it and it spawns some keep guards around it, the attackers can attack the guards and regrow the tree after a certain amount of time. IDK if that's all complicated, but as long as the bane trees serve as some kind of purpose more than just to end the siege quickly, they should benefit the attackers somehow. One other thing I noticed with this update is that the camps seem a lot smaller, this isn't necessarily bad because it sort of promotes rotating between different camps, but there needs to be more camps to rotate to I think. Also it would be cool to have more double camps right next to each other, maybe with different mob types. Like what if a centaur camp and a fae camp spawned next to each other and they had a little spot where they would fight each other sometimes. That would make the world feel more alive I think, but idk if that's out of scope. Also I like the main game, but I don't want to do hungerdome, let me turn off those notifications lol, if you turn this game into hungerdome I will be sad, but also get that amazon twitch $$. Also my guild buddies are saying they can do 3k AoE hits with Alpha Neck breakers with Heavy weapons and that's like almost half my HP so if that's true plz nerf I'm dying out there. Really liking the game so far still, I think I want to get into some gathering next even though it seems super daunting with the amount of materials that are needed. I also apparently have to start my gathering journey in the infected because I can't do damage to anything is dregs haha.
  14. Sometimes why character explodes into a ball of light, other players were complaining about it, but I never saw, one time when I was playing I saw it happen but only when I open the map, I'm a fae archdruid if that helps all the god shrine buffs in infected have a bugged description when you hover over them there are houses in infected that are unenterable, but they have loot spawns in them
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