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  1. Name names. I don't see who you think you're protecting. They're either banned or they aren't. There's no in between.
  2. Are you gesturing for a mod position? Because the tone of your posts have changed dramatically. I love how you're going to comment about a thread you weren't even involved in. There was no public warning about "stopping". The infraction that occurred for the thread being closed occurred 10 minutes before the thread got closed. The author of the RL picture thread was banned for his avatar, not for anything he posted. Not sure where you're getting your information. I got mine directly from Tully. And that's because I'm the one that created the 2nd RL picture thread because I wanted an answer for the lock. I got one, a 3 point warning, and a suspension from posting. The only one asking to be banned in that thread was me. Don't run around posting about subjects you think you know the answer to. You're inciting something far greater than the actual offense.
  3. The dictionary absolutely needs to be expanded. I get a 3 point warning over using a certain word and then I see the same word used in 3 different threads. It's not consistent. I'm aware I'm a target due to the post count, but come on. And I'm not going to smash on the report button like some snitch. The day I use the report button is the day I get banned because I'll be doing it out of spite.
  4. I'd remind you this subforum isn't about shadowbane. You guys keep making it about "our game". This isn't even the proper subforum for discussing that game, yet the tears keep coming. Make it rain.
  5. Stay off of urbandictionary and you won't have to learn anything new off the internet. And keep in mind, if you quote it, then you wrote it. You're guility of the same crime considering you made no effort to filter it yourself.
  6. 8 hours of turn based "PvP"? I can't think of anything in life other than sleeping i'd want to do for 8 hours, especially if it's turn based.
  7. well, I offered another solution in one thread around here, maybe even this one....which was that instanced cities could provide a means in which to limit a hardcoded amount of numbers to a siege. players who want in from the side with too many could be in a queue waiting for the other side to get more on. It's not perfect and everyone hates the idea of instanced cities, so oh well.
  8. Sims you say? I'll have to google it. Thanks for the advice. I always built cities before with no walls, no spires, no artillery towers, etc. Just a bunch of citadels to be used as merchant huts. I'll consider this "defense" thing. I'm not going to sit here and debate with you about the definition of play to crush. Yes, that was shadowbane. But Zerg was a reality of shadowbane. Getting your city destroyed was a reality of shadowbane. My argument isn't about how to change shadowbane or what I didn't like about shadowbane. It's about reality of what keeps a population.
  9. kickit

    wp/sbg dev ppl

    I could read this background stuff for days! Only one way to make a thread stay on topic and shut us trolls up: developer speaking. Amazing what transpires over a pizza and a napkin with Braveheart and Game of Thrones as an inspiration and getting the title from combining words at a library. Random Trivia is awesome.
  10. is a moot point. i told you guys more in vent last night than telling you my name would ever amount to, lol.
  11. Jesus Khal, the manson thing. literally lol'd. Now we're talking
  12. You just told us, so not so anonymous.....
  13. Challenge accepted. Maybe I can get Drogenn and a few others to go with me later tonight.
  14. Can I PM you and be creepy? And I agree. The lore was never something I was bout-it bout-it. The FC items were ridiculous. But the challenge was definitely something epic. But like you said, other than dropping an r8 in khar and writing up some lore, there has to be some consequence other than taking a 10k bolt to the face.
  15. Going back and doing my own count, you've mentioned both Shadowbane and forums (category, other games, forum divisions, ghetto) roughly an equal amount of times. Do you know what you're posting about? Seems like the struggle is yours.
  16. Why would we be anonymous about being an asshat?
  17. oh the thin line we toe.... anyhow, I feel like FC events in Crowfall would be good, but special gear just because your schedule fit for you to be there? Whack. Unless the events only offer some gear that doesn't affect pvp (like the transformation ring or silly hats), a player with no life wins.
  18. Heathen non-factor? It's symbolism. And Tully's watching you sucka!
  19. The only game i've played at all after shadowbane that was even close to that was farmville. And that was just killing time at a useless job that blocked everything but facebook for some reason. Hard to seriously imagine going from a dark game where you're sent hate tells all day while you're making each other miserable to a happy world like wiz 101. Would have to be either drugs involved or a brain injury. No offense to your game, just not who we generically are as a player base.
  20. next week. so non-committal. We'll wait 45 days. If we're not banned by then
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