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  1. I'd like to see a decent variety of creatures, with what I currently know about the crafting system, they'll need different types of leather/other mob-dropped resources for the crafters.
  2. In terms of the spire, I just like the imagery of a massive crystalline tower. And I felt like a single area on the map might promote people to fight over it more. Personally, I think there's only going to be a few "main" guilds per campaign, so having maybe 3/4 smaller areas would make it so they weren't "Rare".
  3. DISCLAIMER: I know this is mainly a PvP game, this is simply a suggestion. The Dark Spire would be a massive purple/black crystalline tower near the center of the map, it radiates twisted magic which empowers hunger creatures, the closer they are to it the stronger they become. This energy also increases the resource quality/production rate of resource nodules (with the same mechanic, the closer they are to the spire, the bigger the buff) . Inside this massive spire is a tower, with floor after floor of massively buffed hunger enemies, though exposure to the radiation they've become st
  4. Except you would most likely be wiped out before you get into the base if you just use any single class, even infantry. You may be able to get to the walls, but without siege engines you'll be stuck hitting the wall with a sword for a very long time, while getting aoe spells and ranged attacks rained down upon you from the battlements.
  5. Personally, I'd like to see each class get maybe one/two soft CC's, single target/AoE depending on class, durations should be substantial but off-set by high cooldown/cost to use. Hard CCs should be rare, and hard to hit if the enemy can see you coming. For example: Centaur charges at a unit, he hits the unit with enough force (something along the lines of ( ((unit mass+target speed)X(strength modifier)) / (target mass x mass modifiers) = Z ) Depending on the Z value, the target is either not effected, thrown back some, or knocked down, along with damage done. This would allow hard CCs to
  6. They COULD be, but it would take them MUCH longer. Since the only limit to skill levels I've seen so far (someone correct me if I'm wrong) is time, they could hypothetically train for both on a single character, changing out discipline runes if/when they need to.
  7. From the FAQ on http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54e9501e93fc8d634e4d690c "Finally taking the “Executioner” Discipline will raise the max by another +25, giving him 175 maximum Polearm skill. The character can now passively train to 175 skill in Polearm." That's under point 8. for anyone looking for it. This may just be an example of how Disciplines MAY work though, since it's fairly early in development, things could change.
  8. Devs stated it'd take a long time to max a char, around 1 month (due to change since balancing, etc) minimum to max a single skill. Maxing of course wouldn't be necessary for an effective character since they're trying to make player skill be a large factor in the game.
  9. Since there are going to be serious death penalties, I'm going to guess players are going to mainly focus on "how likely am I to die vs chance of loot and amount of loot" AKA, risk vs reward. Larger zergs are going to have a very low risk with a very low reward, while small armies will have a higher risk with a higher reward. Yes, if I take out this castle with my group of 10 people, we're going to get tons of rewards. But, I could just as easily take out 5 different castles with my group of 50 and get around the same material reward, plus we got 5 castles instead of just 1. A good idea to
  10. Locking characters into campaigns. With all these different rulesets, and campaigns lasting months IRL. It seems a bit harsh to lock your character into a campaign, you might want to try a new campaign, then a week in find out that you hate it, but you're stuck there for a few months. Ranged unit balancing. This isn't really based off any current info, but from games I've played, there seems to be a hard time balancing out melee vs ranged units, with finite/infinite ammo, ease of obtaining ammo if finite, how much damage they can deal, etc. Most of these games make range either over powere
  11. I fully support explosions on death. Only so I can watch as one dead unit causes a chain reaction , decimating enemy forces.
  12. In the second one the sword's broken, legs are chopped in half and he lost part of his shield!
  13. Personally, I would like to see them combine the 2. With an option to build your castle brick by brick, or to have large prebuilt structures. This would give players the option on what they want to do, and it doesn't seem like it would require tons of coding to implement.
  14. Giant army of hunger units at the edges of map.
  15. It's an interesting idea but it would pretty much force people into trading guilds if they want to sell their products. Would you rather buy from a trading guild who has a reputation to up-hold, or from some random newbie. Even if the newbie was actually trying to be a good businessman and sell decent products, you wouldn't be able to trust them unless you brought someone who could properly identify the goods in question.
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