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  1. As of right now druid healing orbs cant be placed properly in buildings, on ramparts, etc. If possible orbs should be able to be properly placed in those types of locations instead of spawning outside them.
  2. This I find very interesting. Instead of just a typical blind debuff, it wouldn't actually make you miss, just more likely to. However if the player is skilled and can compensate, one could get around it. Somehow I don't think it will actually be used but its a great idea, and I would certainly like to see it attempted.
  3. I don't know the rest of you guys but I am rather tired of the typical ice spells ie freeze/slow people and maybe make walls/barriers. I don't expect that the frostweaver will have none of these things as that would be naive but I would like to see some different spells and am curious as to what you guys can come up with. Some ideas of my include 1. Shooting cones of ice shards that do damage and bleed 2. Creating an aoe of whiteout snow that impairs visibility for friend and foe alike 3.Causing the opponent's gear to become more brittle, taking more damage per blow (this one sounds li
  4. A couple simple ways to indulge this fantasy of using ice weapons without falling into this pit would be either to a. frost weavers have the option to change their weapon into an icy equivalent (merely cosmetic) or b. enchant their weapon with ice magic for combat benefit (whether that be additional cold damage or something else). I personally am drawn to a frostweaver wearing plate armor made of ice and an icy weapon.
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