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  1. I think this thread starts by assuming that equipment is the most important thing we'll be taking back. From what I've heard, I suspect that equipment will be very transitory. From a few comments in the thread, I get the impression that there is still some leftover part of your brain that says that gear = progression. If they do what I hope they are doing, they'll be able to delete the gear on our character and we won't care. This isn't the progression you're looking for.
  2. Haha, I figured that is what you meant. BTW, you are from OTG as well, I see! /wave If it were an Advantage, you would have to select it at the beginning of character creation, along with all of your other Advantages. This would be an odd Advantage, sure. Most Advantages, I imagine, would have only "+5% ranged damage" or "+10% dexterity" or something along those lines. This one has a "+5% sword damage" which is probably fairly moderate, AND it has the added disadvantage of "-5% damage against other Southpaws." It is only a moderate Advantage in certain situations, therefore it is not overpowered. Also, it is true that the "-5% damage against other Southpaws" would cancel out the disadvantage (note lowercase "d" there), however, both parties would be doing 5% less damage, and this would increase the fight time between two Southpaws, which would allow differences in skill and build to become more evident. Just like in real life when actual lefties fencing each other take longer to do anything because they feel uncomfortable. Also, this is all highly theoretical and just a bit of fun game theory on my part. It isn't like this is actually in the game; I am more defending it because I think it is interesting, and I like the idea.
  3. I have to point out that one of Hayek's main points was that people aren't equations. People don't always do what is the best move financially, and trying to predict markets and economies with exact equations seems like trying to predict electrons' movement with classical mechanics. While occasionally, you could predict the actual outcome, irrational behavior could produce unforeseen results. Is this not the case? Note: I am a quantum chemist, not an economist. I've had a grand total of one class in macroeconomics and stories from my accountant wife about microeconomics, plus some additional reading on the internet. I am genuinely curious, but I am certainly not trying to make a case for anything in particular.
  4. First off, this thread is fascinating, and I look forward to reading more from you all. Secondly, I think, like in all situations involving people, that the Art of the Excluded Middle is especially relevant here. There are reasons for regulated economies, and there are reasons for laissez-faire economies. Trying to balance the pros and the complementary pieces with the cons is key here.
  5. True, neither is given an advantage, but the time-to-kill is lengthened, which gives time for your other talents to come into play, just like a lefty facing a lefty in real life. I was only going by what you would see in real life. Probably overkill.
  6. The main problem with a PvE objective is incentives. If there is a reward for killing a powerful golem that is created by players to guard an objective, then the goal will be to kill golems and not to kill players (becoming world bosses with distractions), and teams that are ahead in resources will not want to waste them creating loot piñatas for the other teams to kill. If there is no reward for killing the golem, then the goal will be to avoid the golem, and the gameplay could be interesting for PvPers, since it means that a faction could basically "lock" a POI with a big bad dude guarding it, and the lock couldn't be overcome except by a very concerted effort. This just unbalances the game in favor of the current winner, though. Unfortunately, none of what I just said appeals to the PvE junkies for whom the golem was conceived at the beginning, since they have no reward for defeating the golem. To avoid the fallacy of the excluded middle, however, let's say the devs could balance a golem boss to give some rewards, but not enough to make them a primary point of farming. They function both as a useful guardian of goods that need protecting, and as a reward channel for those who overcome it. Perhaps if one were defeated, it doesn't drop loot, but instead gives a mining bonus in the type of material that composed the golem, meaning one guarding a quarry of that metal is also simultaneously stronger and more valuable to kill. Also, to avoid issues of large boss health pools and no firehose healing, just make it so it has a durability pool, and when it breaks combat, it heals itself from that durability pool. That way, your progress is "saved." Attrition brings it down. You can simply do hit-and-runs to bring it down in health, or use siege equipment to bring its durability down directly. If I were to do a PvE objective in a PvP game, this is how I would do it.
  7. So it is! Not a word I write that often...don't recognize when I get it wrong, I guess!
  8. I would love it if by doing damage it helped other players with buffs that proc off of their skills. Something akin to the Captain in LOTRO.
  9. You basically pointed out the main reason why firehose healers will not be in this game. The point is to make good DPS stand out because they can manage their own defenses somewhat, and then have a good minor-heal + support class to really make the battle go smoothly. Games with healer classes can encourage lazy gameplay on the part of those being healed. IMHO, it should be that a team of 3 DPS and a support should be roughly equal against 4 DPS, just different strategies emerge and truly good players will be able to take advantage of them.
  10. This just isn't going to work if you insist on using the correct grammatical form "you're." 2/10 trolling, and you only get the 2 points for effort. In all seriousness though, I love how nice this community seems to be. Only been here for a bit, but I already love it!
  11. I am a fencer IRL, and I can tell you one thing for sure, left-handed fencers are usually at an advantage. It would be really neat to have an Advantage based on this. The remarkable Olympic fencer Edoardo Mangiarotti (who won medals in every event he ever fenced) was specifically taught to fence left-handed by his father to give him a competitive advantage. You are far more likely to fence a righty than a lefty, so righties always find it a little harder to fence lefties. You could make it so the Southpaw advantage could give a 5% damage boost against non-Southpaw swordsman, but only when fighting with swords. Interestingly, it is also less likely for a lefty to fence another lefty than it is for any given righty to fence a lefty. In other words, to be accurate to real life, the Southpaw advantage could also have an inherent disadvantage of -5% damage against other Southpaws. This could open up the way for other bonuses to become more impactful between two Southpaws (since the fight would take longer). In other words, the better Southpaw would more than likely win.
  12. I think the important thing is that we are in with them on the big picture, and we can enjoy more details much later down the line. We share their vision, and that won't change. Even if a feature drops off here and there, the big picture is what I signed up for!
  13. That is just a bonus to the VIP. Think ahead about the concept though, and you will probably like the fact that you get a headstart when an Archetype you like comes out!
  14. I am a fan of support classes. I loved playing a Captain in LOTRO, where your job wasn't really to heal, tank, or DPS; your job was to make everyone else's life easier because you were there. I feel like that is what the support classes in this game will be like. You won't have the firehose, you'll have a lot more specialized, intricate class pairings. You will work your strategy to the composition of the group, not to the tank-and-spank mechanics or even to the front line zergs in PvP.
  15. Yeah, I think it is the Irish word for "water". I think Guinecean rolls of the tongue quite nicely! Sounds like "Venician" but with a hard "G" instead of a "V."
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