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  1. I've been absent for over a year now, and will be trying this coming update. Crossing my fingers its enjoyable.
  2. I have to agree if you can loot hours of mining i should be able to loot your dinky sword if you happen to trip on a rock.
  3. I'm having a hard time. Can you please release the test to alpha 2 users.
  4. Maybe sooner than we think? I logged onto test to see what was going and it started to patch 5.3 with all its notes. I goto about 60% before it booted me and said I dont have entitlement
  5. I can no longer take anything you say seriously. You are a total fanboy and ALWAYS side with ACE. May I remind you we are dealing with the same dev that brought us trammel in ultima. Theres much room for concern.
  6. would be interesting to sneak up on someone and be able to be heard. "Surprise Mothaf.....A!"
  7. I think global chat takes away immersive gameplay. If I want to talk to a person I met ingame or declare war or peace I should have to send a pigeon. The reason I and im sure others like chat bubbles is because during combat specifically I seldom reference the chat window for instruction or response. If I am being attacked the most immediate way to communicate to my attacker or random players is through visible text above my head. My problems with global chat are deeper than immersion. Its usually a wall of text like a forum with no filter. It takes away who and what is transpiring around you and places you in a space detached from the game. Global chat is essentially a live forum. If there is global chat I think it should only work while in the eternal kingdoms. I much prefer a simple limited range Yell/Say system with the following distant chat options guild faction party whisper
  8. I have always thought it would be fun or interesting if a siege game had a player controlled prison component. I think if done right an ability that lets players capture or perhaps harness dead crows and send them to a prison inside a linked keep currently under siege would make for an exciting element never done before. Players in prison could damage the walls to escape. The more crows in the jail the more damage obviously would be done. A skill in game perhaps falling under the same tree as jailer could be called engineer. Engineers can repair the jails as damage is done. If the crows escape they would be able to respawn inside the enemy keep potentially wrecking havoc. Engineers would have to repair in an area reasonably vulnerable to attack to mitigate risk vs reward of taking prisoners. Once the siege is won or lost players would be released. Perhaps the guild that successfully defended a siege could have the attackers pay to release the prisoners or a prisoner exchange could be done if somehow a mechanic could allow both sides to take prisoners. For your consideration.
  9. Can you start the servers a day or two earlier than Saturday?
  10. Its time!!! Crow of a feather stick together!
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