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  1. I understand that you have to make money but I am worried that in order to have a desirable EK you MUST contribute. Will most things be able to be built in game or are some things through real money transactions only?
  2. i remember reading they plan to open testing to beta 1 through 3 early next year
  3. The latest news states that ACE invited 9k players to participate in BW. WTF are they? At peak hours I see maybe 20 users logged in on 1 server. Is hype down are players unaware of there invites? Id be curious to know the login to invite ratio.
  4. Intel® Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM GeForce GTX 660 Display Memory: 6102 MB Dedicated Memory: 2016 MB Pretty old rig here and I averaged the same as you high end guys.
  5. Im making a character on UO:Forever freeshard PM me if interested to hook up and play something on days alpha is off line
  6. with multiple campaigns running at once we're already spread out as it is.
  7. When the servers are down I feel very depressed.
  8. Im fine with archetypes being racial, but please allow both genders and decent visual customization. I hate that the confessor looks like Ellen Degeneres
  9. Anyone joining 3 years from now was recommended by a friend(in most cases) Networking is a skill as any. There is no skill requirement to wear good gear so if properly geared under a groups leadership buff, on day one you can gut the most seasoned of foe with enough twitch of the mouse. For those that join late I say this, make friends.
  10. I felt this way until I gave it some serious thought. Having skills evolve overtime automatically do two things: 1) Players log in and play. Maybe you were a straight shooter in Ultima and were at the computer for every pet tamed, every rock cracked and every spell cast but most players would set up an "afk" macro and wouldn't leave there player houses until they were maxed out in 7 skills. With crowfalls system players will log in and engage other players immediately because there is no player grind to advance, only time. Time of which you have no control. So jump in and start smacking people in the face or build your kingdom. No more do you need to collect 100 this or kill 1000 that. Nomore do you need to log in with two account and hit each other with a butterknife for 10 days before your viable. In crowfall you are an intricate part of the game on day one. Every tree you chop down and every stone you smash along with every player that dies fuels the economy and changes the outcome of the campaign. 2) This type of skill gain virtually shuts down chinese farmers. A) You cant be max level by having a bot auto run around 24/7 You could sell accounts but they would have to buy 100's with VIP status and sell them years from now to be profitable at which point demand would be down anyway. C)Sure you can farm dust and smelt it into coins and sell that online but I feel this game has too much risk to make even that profitable. So a system that sticks it to the chinese is pro-bono.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa2nLEhUcZ0
  12. I wouldnt mind if they did that, but they did state it would take years to max our the current tree and by that point the trees would most likely already be expaned upon meaning that even several years off you would still have stuff to train.
  13. I disagree I think harvesting will be very engaging. I love that currency is extracted from ore. I love that you can give a team buff that in turn makes harvesters not as skilled able to harvest a node at the same time. I love that there are mega nodes that require multiple players to take it down. Since there are no NPC vendors and no weapon or armor drops by mobs,harvesters are the life line of this entire game and will be critical in winning any campaign. Remember dying worlds...? When you start a campaign you will rely on your gatherers or yourselves to hustle and stack up on resources to survive the later stages of the campaign when resources are rare or null. You will rely on your crafters because armor and weapons do not last forever with item decay. And you need your combatants to defend and conquer or if all else fail help escort whatever salvageable remains to the embargo before the world explodes. I think people just have to sit back and wait and have faith ACE knows what they are doing.
  14. Would be cool that winning a campaign boost training rate over time
  15. downloading it now, i never got to test hunger dome and siege perilous because it was such a small window of opportunity. This!, is fantastic.
  16. Big thumbs down for mithril hammers and floating resources. I was watching some twitch.tv and crowfall big world videos and I hope they change there idea on magic tools and when you mind a node I hope they move away from huge rocks disappearing and resources floating around in magic bubbles that you collect like coins in mario.
  17. Thank GAWD! I was getting really sick and tired of talking to my wife.
  18. I think it's a completely unnecessary change that is impossible to balance. I feel being a bird with many faces destroys the player connection. Having dying worlds already kills community, now having players constantly changing archetypes, faces and names!? It's going to feel like you're constantly rerolling. I know they said you can be one vessel for as long as you like, but that doesn't seem practical. We'll see.
  19. Im playing it and loving it. Its not about graphics for me its about gameplay and this game has it. I also love that I can craft on my tablet on my lunch break
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