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  1. bigcat

    A goodbye

    Ack! Sorry to hear. R.I.P.
  2. Cant wait for December, Hopefully they drop the new info on the 1st.,
  3. What about AOE heals if FF is engaged would you heal the enemy?!
  4. Once you gain access to future test are you eligible for all future test?
  5. Im alpha 2 and i got invited for tonight this morning!
  6. Did they roll back the site to the old design because I dont see the new one anymore
  7. I hope its a live event like blizzcon.
  8. I'm fine with a loot all button if it locks you down for some duration, say 10 seconds.
  9. I hate figurines I like how UO did it. You goto stable or tame one in the wild. If it dies you have to buy one or tame a new one. Opens a market for horse trade too.
  10. I would very much like to see a push away from shrines and spawn points and a return to ghost upon death . Except re- introduce the option of spawning at shrines (maybe faction based shrines). Allow players to resurrect spirits they see. I dislike like releasing my spirit and spawning far away at a static location.
  11. Ugh... go away troll. They could release a blank page with just there names and any experienced mmo player would have contributed. You sir are what we called back in 1996 an epic FAIL!
  12. I'm all for tracking it was great fun in ultima.
  13. I'm not against a chat window, just global chat in general. First, removing it cripples gold farmers. Second it allows players to congregate in central locations(typically a city)and evolves communities. It makes no sense being able to whisper a stranger who you cant see or is several continents or worlds away. Instead of Guild chat I would implement a pigeon mail system where you send delayed messages via birds such as a crow. Or allow people to purchase globes with charges that can send messages to other peoples globes but would only be used for important messages to preserve those charges. Or how about guild or faction flares of different colors that appear on the world map indicating a guild member is at that location. Regardless, my point to this thread isnt to eliminate communication but to help shed light on a system that hasnt been looked at or evolved through a decade of the mmo spectra.
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