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  1. I didnt know people still worried about system requirements these days. Seems like tech has surpassed the required load on most games
  2. The idea of global PvP is so scary to these carebears, that the mere idea of gathering resources without their pink bunny slippers equipped causes them to spiral into epileptic shock!
  3. I like the way UO did it with taming before binding.
  4. What if you accidentally click on the wrong campaign your stuck there for 3 months and cant play with guild/friends?
  5. I was thinking about what could be done to make leaving a campaign more interesting. Instead of not allowing it or having a penalties, why not have a powerful gate keeper at the entrance who you have to defeat with a large group to exit or the wealthy can pay off?
  6. I didnt play SB much but I recall you would "bane" the city. E.g. Today is 02/16 and I declare war on your city; than this time 7 days from now your "force field" would be lifted and you would have full notice of the terror I will be bringing to your doorstep.
  7. I'm going to goto a friend's house for a lan party In celebration of Crows announcement.
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