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  1. Gotta agree. Ive mostly played as chain/plate wearing classes, so I didn't notice how much more difficult it is to skin. But now I have friends who use leather playing, and its really quite painful to gear them up (comparatively). The above post says "just farm soft" but that really limits your options for armor types. You can easily farm hundreds of all types of metal by the keeps/forts/mines. Leather is pretty scarce. The added durability damage to your gear makes it even worse. #leatherlivesmatter
  2. just crafted a green pistol in my ek. blew about 450 dust and 5 bars worth of green mats. had over 5%pierce pen and then the ek crashed. upon logging back in my pistol was gone. my resources were not returned either. rip all that farm...
  3. Tried farming some r9 risen warriors after patch 5.8.2. They some times drop 1 or 2 gold which can be looted multiple times. also when they drop the correct/average amount of gold (what ive seen typically) it can be looted but doesn't end up in your inventory. edit: relogging seems to have solved the issue
  4. 1/1/2019 Happy new years! chat box seems to be bugged today cant join any channels not even the combat log shows up chat box is 100% blank. relogging doesn't fix. Repairing files doesn't fix.
  5. 12/27/1 after swapping skill trays. first harvest doesn't register camera occasionally jumps frame rate dropped from 60+ 20-30 without changing graphics today Not a bug: default movement speed hurts. its painful ouch make normal movement speed = trail blazer in and out of combat right now movement makes me wanna /wrists seriously, consider it
  6. Im curious, are the servers down? When i log in it says "no scenarios found" and the EKs are all offline. Its been like that since yesterday afternoon for me.
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