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  1. This game having a class system is like saying Darksouls has a class system.
  2. I think Crowfall could also appeal to target markets such as players that enjoy games like Travian or Evony. There's a HUGE playerbase over there that isn't being considered in conventional MMO games.
  3. Unless they're planning on going public, there's no restrictions on sale of equity.
  4. I'm interested in the equity option as well. I think it would be interesting to have a large portion of the equity control coming from the player base and have the vision built in as part of the corporate oversight structure. If the vision is laid out in stone and completely transparent, the developers have the backbone to follow it to a T, we have access to see the game in action before investing, and equity has some control over enforcing said vision, I would be interested in holding shares. I hope you can elaborate on this.
  5. Curious if any of my old friends are following this game. If you knew someone from Eternal Avatar or are that someone, feel free to stop by this thread.
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