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  1. Is the paypal payment method going to be linked on the main website?
  2. If all you care about is the PvP/campaigns then the EK's are necessary. You need to go to a lobby after the "worlds" are destroyed in order to launch your next offensive. These lobbies will have a purpose though. If I remember right you cant just equip yourself off of loot, they(devs) are designing it to force interactions between the players. This means you will have to trade with the crafters. The EK's can/will/are going to be this marketplace. If you care about decoration/trophies then you'll need a showcase. If you want a place to chill and be social then you have a place. Just because you don't care about ALL of the functions of the EK's doesn't make them worthless. That being said I am curious how they will play in to Guild structure/ranking or fealty system. If the person I am subordinate to decides to break fealty to his superior does he just break solo and everyone just moves up a rank or does he/she take their entire branch of the tree with them? I assume that in the grand scheme it doesn't matter the subordinates can also break fealty and re-pledge either way. It would be interesting if there was a consequence to the subordinates if the person they are pledged to does break fealty. This would mean that swearing fealty to them would have some risk or consequence to it and not just done on a whim. Swearing fealty would be something really important and worth thinking about or scheming about.
  3. I took one of those Ambers, but I opened up a Gold. Thanks ACE!
  4. The point of doing additional early birds is to give people a 2nd and 3rd chance to grab one. The devs are being generous, its not like they are cutting the amount of Early Birds. Quit poorly made socksting on their goodwill by saying that it isn't enough. The whole point of the "Early Bird" is that it is limited in number and not everyone can get one. If there were plenty for everyone then it wouldn't be an Early Bird. The KickStarter launch time was made aware to everyone ahead of time. GW has already explained why they are setting up two additional times to grab additional Early Birds. You've already made clear that this doesn't affect you and you are already happy with your planned purchase. You are bitching on behalf of people that could potentially not get what they want. There isn't a slew of people rallying behind you in agreement that they are getting shafted. ACE set the time to 8AM, a reasonable starting business hour for the timezone they reside in. Yes that time may not have been perfect for everyone as it seems this game has an international following. They won't be able to please everyone, but that isn't really their rallying cry as they have stated many times in their vision. You might have a reasonable argument if they weren't offering everyone TWO more chances to grab an Early Bird. Your continued posting, back stepping, and arguing of this "unfairness" point that you openly contradicted is Trolling. GW already called you out on it let it go.
  5. That is the glass half empty view. Sure there are going to be those that discount down into the Early Bird of their tier. However there will also those (Me) that upgrade into a higher Early Bird freeing other potential Early Birds for someone else to upgrade or hopefully be lucrative enough to sign up one new backer.
  6. Thanks a lot....I've been avoiding these forums and ignored the countdown timer. Told myself I wouldn't pay too much attention or post too much on these forums. All with the intent of not getting excited and realizing just how far away the end of 2016 is. Now the KickStarter campaign has started and I couldn't resist the temptation. Here I am with a Early Bird Gold Patron standing, debating the Amber.......once I jump up to Amber, Sapphire is going to start whispering into my ear. To top it all off I am now insanely excited and release is still so far way.....
  7. When you create your character you get creation points or stat points, you can just dump them into the stats or you can take "runes". They may add to one stat and take away from another, add a skill, add to a skill's value, add to your regen rate of mana, health, stam, etc. If you want an idea of what they were in SB check out the wiki. This system may not replicate SB's but should give you a good idea regardless http://mordkessel.com/morloch/index.php?title=Starting_Traits
  8. What I'm getting at is that of the creation runes shown, a few of them look to be copies of SB creation runes, in name and creation cost (maybe not in function). Since this is shaping up to be a spiritual successor to SB in a way. Looking at the SB mechanics of char creation could prove very beneficial. To each their own.
  9. For all of you non SB players, it might be worthwhile to check out either of the emulators to get a feel for this concept of character creation. It is very similar to SB. In this area I think that SB players might have an early advantage.
  10. ^ Truth, You can't talk to your civilian friends like you do/did your military/vet friends.
  11. seen


    haha non-consensual PvP...you make it sound almost as if it should be criminal..
  12. You do realize the site where you head about this is titled "Play 2 Crush"? If by some chance that is not the case let me highlight one of the revelant lines.... "I don’t want to kill more rats, fill another experience point bar or collect another meaningless badge. I want to play a GAME, against PLAYERS where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose." Additionally the Play 2 Crush motto is an obvious reference to Shadowbane which was an open PvP system. If it isn't open PvP I will be disappointed...
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