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  1. I'd love if it was a harvesting buff, 90% of my guild backed before the game came out but after the tree leaf harvesting was gone. This would make all them prioritize this test. At least I know my guild would.
  2. I'll steal the above template as well. great job OP for making it. Guild criteria: Region: US west( but I play past 10pm PST mostly) Atmosphere: D&D style comradery poorly made dergs talk, whiskey, weed and wins :P Casual/Hardcore?: A bit of both; like to do end game but don't want it to be a job. Size: The people matter more than the amount Play-Style: Down to try it all with all the new changes I'm not sure what I'm going to main yet. Commitment: I'm a father, and tech at Tesla. That doesn't leave a lot of time during the day. But Ill make anything I commit to. Miscellaneous: Prewarning I am a streamer, so that's something to keep in mind. Fae rouge cosplay? I think so lol Experience: pretty much every rpg in the last 15 years. Though I did theory craft for elites jerks back in the day for WoW BC Voice-Chat services: Discord, or what ever works for everyone.
  3. No not pet battles, its more of a follower. Can pick up loot, give you buffs, CC, or debuffs. The pet training part would be an option for a app.
  4. Does anyone remember the pets from PSO on xbox? You got a egg that you raised and based on what you did with it and feed to it would change what it turned in to once fully grown. I think if you made that aspect in to a easy to use Tamagotchi style of game that would end up making the pets more useful in game play. If done right this would be a great way for people to keep talking about the game when not near a pc. It could also depending on how pet lvling was done scratch a crafting itch.
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