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  1. Thanks for all your answers. Seems I missed all the game cause the first part is not as good as expected. I understand that some players are having fun on Crowfall and don't like the fact that playing the first hour of game can't make me say : "What an awesome game !" Facts are facts, if numerous players are saying "It's boring" or "What should I do" after playing an hour, there is a problem. Warhammer Online as that kind of sensation and we know how it ended. I didn't say that the game is pure garbage, some things are interesting (AIM, harvesting, craft), but I don't see someth
  2. The informations about that game were somewhat cool, a MMO, with RPG and Throne War. An AIM system not as usual, lot of progression, path to chose, clean graphics, some lore. But after my first try, I don't see at all what was promised. I get a WoW feeling with the toon and his surrounding, and like I'm playing 3rd person on League of Legends, with a quest system linear as hell. What the point to go for the same type of game that we already played 15 years ago ? Rift tried that and died, Terra did the same, tons of others did that and became F2P without players. What's the point in C
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