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  1. A short video showcasing 3 issues I've noticed with the Disciplines Scarecrow, Militant Mage, Mudman Scarecrow's Reflect Needlin' Haystack is reflecting odd numbers when dealing with Piercing Arrows. If the person with Reflect up does not have a current Bleed on them it seems to factor in the Bleed Component of Piercing Arrows as a Piercing Attack for Reflection...even if the Attack does not cause Bleed (RF/Barrage) Militant Mage's Reflect seems to have some sort of internal cooldown that makes it reflect less damage than it should for certain attacks such as Rapid Fire/Barrage when using the appropriate arrows. Mudman's Muckspatter AoE is centered on the target doing the ATTACKING not being ATTACKED. In conjunction with Ranged Crushing attacks this is problematic.
  2. Yes the difference is drastic and has been that way in CF for some time. Recent changes to certain stats have made good advanced even more insane though. Basic weapons and armor are just that, basic tools that are just enough to get your feet on the ground but not to be taken into an actual fight. I like to think of them as being made of they usually are (at least partly for most) Once you understand how the game functions it is pretty quick to farm up the materials for an advanced weapon though, if not advanced armor (especially Leather UGH) A brand new character with no training could get the required materials for a basic grey/white weapon faster than an intermediate largely due to how rare dust is at that stage of the game. It may not be as good as many out there, but it is a much better starting point to farm up more materials with which to make an even better weapon attempt for the next time.
  3. Exactly! And I agree on the cost of crafting (personally I'd love to see costs reduced by a factor of 3 to make a metal bar or plank from 3 ore/wood again) Some of the stats seem to be in a decent spot but others are completely out of control. A complete armor set that gives 2-5% damage bonus for example is reasonable. A weapon, even 2handed, that gives 20% crit damage and 600 Attack Power is not. Both high end training and high end gear need to be taken down a tone... Also! Putting all the Armor Value on the Chestpiece of Armor is a mistake IMO. Currently with the fairly dry nature of Armor crafting (even though leather is SO expensive) the stats are pretty much the there's very little variety. At higher end sheens the +HP on Plate or Chain small pieces is too little to matter. The best damage/healing comes from Chain and Leather, there's very little reason to use Plate fillers right now. Spreading ALL of the bonus over ALL of the pieces would make for a much more balanced Armor choice I think. Matching and Uniform Disciplines are not strong enough (like a lot of Disciplines unfortunately) to force a character to wear a complete set. Once we see the Disciplines to allow higher armor use...we are going to see use of Higher Armor...CHEST PIECES
  4. I agree with this and originally thought that was how it worked, and in some ways that's because I want it to. Stack enough armor buffs and you could be seeing 140%...except it would still be capping at 75% max. That being said I think that if Armor did overcap it would not address the problems with new players. They'd be stuck barely scratching established targets for quite awhile during which time they would most likely get discouraged and quit. I don't want people to quit
  5. Personally I really think that combat should feel satisfying and be easy to get started and back into. Which in Crowfall it is and it isn't which is a problem. I am not arguing for fast respawns so much as a faster game loop that helps speed up the 'rally time' as well as getting gear for people. Recent gaming seems to be focused about fast action and quick gratification more than grinding and spending copious amount of time doing 'prep work' for a fairly short fight. Crowfall lately has had grinding (via harvesting/crafting) and spending copious amounts of time doing that prep work for fights that don't usually last that long. While I can do that, and do so, it's not really something that I enjoy...and I know there are others who have a MUCH LOWER tolerance for that. Sure, one could argue against catering to the more casual players but without sheep that are being fed the wolves will eventually starve and all the 'animals' will move on. The quick disciplines are not a bad thing, swapping them around so easily is I believe. I wouldn't mind if you set disciplines as part of vessel creation or at least only swap them at crypts. I remember the concept of having baked in advantages/disadvantages idea from the kickstarter and really hope that has not been scrapped. As it is I am really worried about the disparity between those who have knowledge, gear and training and those who do not. Perhaps lacking 1 of these could be overcome
  6. I don't mind the higher mitigation values but think you should need to build/buff to get up there. Wearing mediocre plate I'm capped for Physical resists on a Knight or Templar. At this point Runecaster or Overhwhelming Odds are useless to me , as are any specific Armor buffs. I would prefer to see lower armor values from armor and training and consciously decide to build or get buffed in order to get high mitigation values like that. Of course things would need to be rebalanced which would take some effort.
  7. Armor Pen does NOT cap at 40%, that might have just been wishful thinking. 30-40% would be a good number imo. With SAFE experimentation I can get 1% Penetration on a 1hander per 2pips. So we're talking 4-6% on a Blue easily. With a Bow that number only goes up. My worries about 60% Penetration Ranger still stands. Yup yup, stats on gear right now are all over the place. Better than training in almost all cases and way more than the x10 that I was hoping for. Comparing an old big world Iron Metal Bar with 0.4 Attack power base and Copper Bar with .04Crit chance to the current Copper Bar 0.1Crit chance AND 7.5 Attack Power base... That's one bar, no experiments, in a weapon. And a skill node gives 15-25 Attack Power... Personally I think the best way to address this is stricter caps for certain stats. This way a new player with super good gear could conceivably be on a similar level as a trained veteran with mediocre gear. ACE have brought up having multiple ways to reach the 'finish' line before and this would fit I just think it's problematic when the 'finish line' is so far out of reach for most people that you have to stretch to reach it on most characters.
  8. Block Breakdown Discussion

    From what I can tell there's a tag involved. Banshee's Ghost Armor and FireWall are both considered 'Melee' for example
  9. Class breakdowns - my gripes

    I think that with the Discipline system CF really stepped into the realm of being able to customize what a character can do and why. A large part of this is not based so much on what a class can be, but what a class is I think.But are we looking at these classes with no thought or regard to disciplines? Base kit only?It's possible, but I think that's doing the wonderful customization options available through those disciplines a disservice. Is it the classes themselves to blame for being fairly similar and homogenous or us as players/powergamers for creating builds that use only effective abilities and disciplines? There's some ironing to be done to be sure. Champ and Ranger are 2 classes with some rough spots but I think every class has some rough spots to be honest. Some are good or bad for them. I don't think anything is overtuned to the point of needing a significant strike against it though, just smooth out those rough spots. 20% Healing received on Barbarian skill tree vs 5% in Chivalry is hogwash in my opinion. Seeing 4-5k UW Heals makes me twitch a bit I'll be honest, and not in a good way. Sure there's some classes I have a couple of different builds for, using a variety of different disciplines based on what I'm trying to do, for myself, for my group or to the enemy. And they would play very differently based on if I was trying to protect and serve or crush and subjugate. And then there's disciplines I barely touch, some I barely look at and others I practically forget about. Part of that might be my personal preference... but part of it is also because there are some WEAK disciplines out there that ARE NOT viable! Some of these were nerfed from being useful, others never were. I hope these can be addressed and brought up. The Discipline system has amazing potential I think, for the Disciplines that are there and to add in new ones. It'd be a shame to not see that potential realized.
  10. Block Breakdown Discussion

    If they made Templar Counter attack only happen every 5-7s it'd need some kind of additional nudge IMO. I can see 5s max though my worry is that you'd see less Parry holds and more Tap-Counter inserted as part of standard damage routines with a CD like that. It was developed and balanced around not having a cooldown of any kind, to avoid the damage avoid the Templar and/or do not trigger it. I've had fights where I have jumped in on a Templar, seen them get Righteous Parry and I've still been able to get out of Range before it connects. I've had enemies do the same to me when I am on a Templar. Avoiding it is more difficult in group fights to be sure if there are other people who may be triggering the counter. Healing from Devotion and Divine Light do not seem to scale with Support Power from my testing with a 500SP Sword. Expose is very useful but there are ways to Cleanse it which I think is good. More interaction like that would be great I think. Move-Countermove-CounterCounter I would love to see a lesser version of Suppress that shuts down RMB moves and apply it to that Dodge Pip Remover attempt at a Shield Bash. Call the Debuff 'Vulnerable' or something. Did not know ArPen capped at 40%, nothing on the sheet indicates such so good to know. Still a bit too high with how it interacts with Armor IMO. And it's 12.5% damage if they have no Pen, you've 75% mitigation and you get the Full -.5 Personal Damage Modifier though I'm unsure which applies first and if it matters.
  11. I completely agree, it's one of my additional concerns. This game is built around damage, the skill trees especially. Sure you can cancel out some of your opponent's mitigation (though not very much with the hard cap vs no cap apparently) Sure you can cancel out some of your opponent's (and friendlies because too because Crit defense messes with Healing Crits too HAHAHA) Critical Hits But if they crit, they will crit harder and harder due to AP and Crit Damage having no respective counter.
  12. Block Breakdown Discussion

    Yeah, I'd love to see more done with that kind of variety. Have Scimitar have a semi-Knight block reflect that pulses damage around you when you get hit with physical say.
  13. Yeah, I'm thinking so. And it doesn't even need to be that fine to get a trained character to cap 8*{
  14. Block Breakdown Discussion

    Oooh, a Righteous Parry that Heals! That could be neat for sure. Only way a Druid can get Block is Basic Block so it's effectively covered. Scimitar and Secutor do not give the ability to Block on their own. I only foresee making Block and Power usage use different Resources resulting in disaster. Oath of Will going to still give Stamina or Energy now? Ugh haha
  15. I actually think there's no problems with that. It's a class defining feature, is limited to melee range and has a big visual indicator as well. Perhaps the downtime between uses could be adjusted. I have no concern over Holy damage bypassing all armor right now.