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  1. Good post and points I agree with almost entirely. The issues with the classes mentioned are the Pit Fighter subclass for Champion, not Champion itself and Sanctifier Confessor is the only subclass of Confessor that gets anything above Leather. Fall damage is absurd and has no counter. (Physics effects in General are overly tuned but don't all cause Fall that easily...so different issue) I don't think that there is a more frustrating thing than completely losing control of your character and not being able to interact or respond to the game at all. Armor variation could be so much more if there was a decent incentive to use Lighter armor, both filler pieces and chest pieces. There are models for all armor types on all races, some are completely left unused Some of that is due to not being powerful enough or even no longer being available to certain Classes.
  2. Certain skills follow a path-you press the button once it does the first skill in the chain, again and it does the second etc. The Combo key is for ability chains that have multiple paths. Press the button once and the you can press it again OR press E for a different chain path
  3. When I was able to log in to test Passive Training had been cloned as well.
  4. How does this updated Skill node work? It appears to show a +5 bonus both for per point and for the final modification...
  5. Mounts seem to be back in on LIVE with the same Crafting Cost. Was this intended? All my LIVE Vessels and Training seem to have been Cloned and Copied onto TEST...which has a Trials of Malekai map on it with different score. I am unable to get into the LIVE campaign on TEST. The copy clone seems to have been done last night as my Spirit Bank has stuff that I used or moved and lacks stuff that I added. Had a person who was on LIVE client but somehow ended up with the TEST map and scoreboard... Relogging did fix but these may be related.
  6. Well fought, glad to see Order standing up for itself instead of giving up! Looking forward to more fights, always.
  7. With the proper knowledge and experience a player in full whites can defeat a player in Greens/Blues/Epics etc. Build and class choice factor in. Certain combinations can be very difficult to break through if you do not have the correct tools. Choices made in terms of what powers are used, when they are used, Dodge and Terrain use and understanding of your opponent are all factors in a fight.
  8. Both large scale siege and battle lag as well as smaller scale group lag have been significantly improved. Had a zone capped at it still felt smooth aside from one instance where people locked up. Did two instances of group harvesting before and after patch in an adventure zone and it was much better than before.
  9. Can we please get an explanation behind this capping of Devotion? In my opinion and experience putting such a low cap on Devotion does not make sense. This is a power that Heals the group based on Damage done...so it relies on Damage being done to actually apply any Healing. It can be countered or outplayed. Saw the start of this with the Paladin talent to make Devotion scale with Support Power... ...which ended up leading to Devotion Healing for LESS than it had before the Talent was taken. This was the only sustain ability Vindicator Templar had if they took Blazing Light talent. Blazing Light doesn't even seem worth taking based on the math, you'll net ~2x the damage but get rid of the Healing. Damage drops against Armor considerably, Healing does not.
  10. 'New player' are 2 very key words here. You (and most likely your group) are going to be behind some of the more established groups and players in terms of gear, game experience/knowledge, and skill training. Were the 2 forces on equal footing in regards to these 3 things the outcome of that engagement is not likely to be the same, not by a long shot. All 3 of these can contribute to what happened above as well as the current balance of the game. I see you are playing a Ranger (your group had at least 3 I saw) and currently there seem to be a few issues with that class. It is in one of the weakest positions I have ever seen it in as far as it being a Ranged Damage Dealer. For instance Armor Penetration doesn't seem to work and it sorely lacks some of the scaling that allows Damage to climb on other Classes. Your Discipline (and most likely the same for the majority of your group) choices did not contribute much positive to the outcome of this fight. Other Discipline choices could have helped far more in terms of applying Damage, blocking the Enemy Healing and preventing the use of Stealth. To my knowledge game balance is not currently a high priority for ACE but they do continue to make adjustments as they see necessary which creates a changing field of balance where things are often 'too' strong or 'too' weak. I hope that this fight was not too demoralizing because Crowfall combat is enjoyable and entertaining, but sometimes things can be weighed so far for or against you that it can be frustrating. However at the end of the day as players and testers we're all figuring this stuff out and helping ACE make CF the best game that they can as best they can.
  11. Inconceivable Duelist Power frequently does the animation but takes no Pips and applies no buff. I've sometimes had this happen up to 5-6x times before getting the buffs
  12. Weapons do not apply their attributes unless they are in the relevant combat tray. So 1 in Ranged and 2 in Melee for Ranger though the question remains should Quivers have additional stats beyond Damage? The display will generally round up if you're 1/2way there but the experimentation system does not. It's likely you're so close a single point of Intelligence or glint of an Amulet would push you over the edge. I would much prefer the Display be accurate, the Stat sheet Display should always reflect how game systems are going to interpret the stats IMO.
  13. An issue is that crafted vessels take 5x+ the time to level up. And Crowfall is a game that was quite 'anti-levels' for some time. And having the Talents from Levels is essentially required to function in PvP, especially for certain Classes. Shields are no longer considered Weapons but rather Armor so I'm a little torn when it comes to that. I would agree that Shields should be looked at, the difference between a low and high end Shield is not very much at all. The stats provided by Hunger shards do not fit with most provided by Shields. Quivers too provide no Secondary Stats or Hunger Shard slot.
  14. This patch was shifted to LIVE with the 'Block Mitigations' bug still intact and that can lead to a pretty extreme issue with all 3 variations of 'Blocking' (Parry, Basic Block and Knight Block) This is a bug where the Mitigations from Blocking providing 50% Final Damage Modifier get stuck 'on' even when no longer Blocking and was reported in previous bug threads and feedbacks. On 5.8.1 it was just a problem with 'Basic Block' from Master of Shields and I don't think many people were aware of, or used it all that much. For 5.8.2 on TEST it had grown to encompass Knight Block and Templar Parry as well. As of moving to LIVE it seems to have been fixed for Knight Block at least but still exists for both Basic Block and Templar Parry. As shown here. One element of confusion was that Knight Block with the Unbreakable Talent actually increases the cap on Final Damage Modifier by 25% allowing one to reach 75% mitigations while blocking with Knight Block. So even with the bug on, Knights might Block and see themselves taking 50% of what they were... but the difference was not 100-50 but rather 50-25 with that bug. Please fix this. Also...what's the point of having a Block Bonus if Block abilities get you to the 50% Mitigation bonus by themselves? The only character Block bonus is actually working for is Knight... but even then only a little bit as they get an increase of cap to 75% for their class Block... but their Class Block gets them to 70% by itself! I would suggest adjusting values and caps to allow for Block Bonus to actually be a meaningful stat. Please. We don't need more useless stats that do nothing. Crafting 2handed weapons lose out on stats from Hunger shards as compared to Classes that use 2 1handed weapons due to being able to put 2 Hunger shards into 2 weapons. I would suggest adding another Hunger Shard slot for 2handed weapons to even this out. Armor lockouts and balance creates a bit of an issue. There are models, some interesting models IMO, for Leather, Mail or Plate on Races that are very unlikely to actually be utilized. Certainly on the Chest Piece anyways. This is due to certain stats on armor being too strong and others too weak. This is especially true on the Chest Pieces which only provide Armor and in a clearly defined tier system so Leather is always weaker than Mail which is weaker than Plate. I would suggest bringing back some meaning beyond Protections to Chest pieces in order to see some Armor variety once again as well as going over the current stats armor fill pieces add. There are all these wonderful stats in the character sheet that can do something...but there's not a lot of things that actually do anything with them.
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