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  1. Will players be able to use this model? Maybe a version that drops from the Urgu, a Recipe found or a Cosmetic version purchased. I believe there's a great deal of potential for Crowfall in Cosmetic Shifts for Armor and Weaponry.
  2. Patch of Darkness

    If it blinds the Assassin using it and all friendly targets as well I can see it being interesting. 8 } The only 'field' type CC abilities are Movement based (Roots from Arcane Archer, Cleric and Druid and Slow from Archer Stake) Scarecrow Aura of Terror comes kind of close but it builds up to one singular CC Suppress. IMO it would be OP if this was realized. If it was I think it should be like Aura of Terror. I also think it should not be a Basekit power. Maybe a Discipine such as Black Mask could get it or something else more open to other combos.
  3. Hunger Shards sometimes get stuck in an unbreakable state where you can reduce them to 0 health and still do damage but they do not fade or free up the blocked resources.
  4. Zatchrayne

    I don't think I've ever laughed at that clip as much as after you missed that Rescue, probably the best use of it I've seen. Well done
  5. The TEST server is an entirely different one than the LIVE. Most of the playtesting is done on LIVE. Usually before pushing a larger patch, or when still trying to solve some annoying issues they may have a build on TEST for a bit.
  6. This has to do with opening the game map and it affecting other menu transparencies.
  7. When you level from 29-30 I still see the standard +3 attributes. However, I do not see +50 HP as Blair mentioned for the Blue Vessel at 30. So I am guessing this stuff is not yet implemented.
  8. 100% Assassin free! And no MSG!

    Pssh, average msg seemed to be 83-130 for you 8P Nice fight, still dropping those bombs I see!
  9. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    I think there may be some flawed logic there though. A 9Order vs 12 Chaos at that same fort had happened just earlier that day, if we want to use your statements we could probably try and calculate based on this. But that'd be wasted time IMO. Each fight is dependent on the context of that particular fight. Things such as group composition (both of Classes/Discs and Players) can make a huge difference. Tactical decisions/commands can also make a huge difference, how organized a group is, whether what they are doing is "Correct" or a "Mistake" Gear and training of the participants involved will also impact how a fight can play out. Terrain can make a difference as well, monsters participating or fall damage etc. Every fight stands on its own.
  10. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Yup! Wish I could have been there, only large fights I've seen have been rubber bandy slidey shows hahaha
  11. The ghosts of Furor and Tigole (A bit Salty)

    When Templar was first introduced Divine Light was far too powerful, the current damage you see with it is 20% of what it was. Divine Light needed a nerf, no questions asked (though was it too much I still wonder) Other changes have added up to hit Templar pretty hard. Not being able to generate Pips off Parrying Ranged damage effectively makes Templars completely helpless vs Ranged (but they're a group Class so it's ok...) The Attack Speed change, where they changed the Animation of the LMB making it significantly slower hurt both Damage and Pip generation. (add in the fact that Duelists and Assassins generate Pips at a pretty crazy rate and it just salts the wound) Templar is Pure Melee...and Pure Slashing damage, both weaknesses that can be exploited. 5.6 had a very bad Combo bug where most Combo attacks would not flow, they would just get interrupted, put on CD for you to start over. 5.7 has fixed that...but Combos in Melee frequently get interrupted due to bodies running into you. Considering Templar is pure Melee...this happens a lot. 5.7 also brought in the changes to Health buffs, which constitute 2 CORE Templar abilities. Previously Health buffs would change the Maximum Health and Current Health keeping the percentages the same. 5k/10k became 7.5k/15k for example. Currently Health buffs only apply to the maximum HP pool, even if you're at 100% This neutralizes the gain in survivability of both Holy Warrior and Brilliance (Templar 'Ultimate') Templar sustain has gone way down because of this and it is in a bad spot right now, mainly due to the Health buff issue. Templar has never felt that strong in 1v1 as it's far too easy to counter with a little knowledge of the class mechanics. (Pip generation, kiting, etc) However, in group dynamics and holding a position it has had moments where it stands strong. As long as the Health buffs work the way they do Templar will not be very viable as the Templar will need far more Healing than previous versions.
  12. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    WinksIV WAS there...but not in the videos because he had died earlier on the other side of the fort to a Druid bomb... Where 2 more Chaos had also died that do not show up in the video Calesta (Templar) and Draco123(Champion) Which brings us to 16v10? Faction v Faction all players count as you are allied with everyone on that same faction.
  13. Bring back the old Health boX!

  14. Assassins win Fights

    A video of Order invading and claiming Jingletap's Respite recently. 50% Chaos Assassins! Centaur Champion PoV to keep up the trend!
  15. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    At least HoA can count <3 Chaos: 1 Uzziah 2 Dramatized 3 DarnHippy 4 Fellwar 5 Anap 6. Gopher 7 WildOne 8 KrishKrush 9 Nerion 10 Blazzen 11 scipio 12 yianni 13 Retaliate 14 Cenwyn Order: 1 Bhaal 2 Varaxas 3 Damebix2 4 Kaanan 5 Corvax 6 Mystwraith 7 Phylor.the.Jester 8 Jah 9 EndlessAgony 14v9*