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  1. Brookhurst Fort still has a major framerate issue-some item(s) in or around the lodge is causing a HUGE drop in performance. Burning Hatred Orbs still spawn underground. Sturdy Minor Discipline Passive is not applying the buff "Sturdiness" as often as it should, unsure if the game is not checking to see if it should apply often enough or there are problems with it applying in general.
  2. Day 1 of Crowfall 5.3 w/ Winterblades

    That moment Blazzen's Myrm reaches Xarrayne and you just see the HP melting... 8
  3. It takes about 15-20 minutes to gather the materials for Basic Armor, Weapons and Disciplines. Even for a Ranger (which has the most resource intensive base kit) I just took a video going from naked to Armor and Weapons in 17 and probably wasted some time due to wrong race selection, messing up or because my way isn't perfect...but it works. It's likely going to change as the game develops and Disciplines are harder to make but not by much. Use your harvesting Pips and Hit those Weak Spots-Weak Spots will persist for 2 strikes if you're attacking as fast as you can, enough time to aim or buff to get them The first 1-2 trees are the most painful. Once you get 3 wood craft a Basic Axe ASAP-Keep Hitting Wood till 3 more-Craft a Basic Pick-Hit Slag till you get 2 Craft Harvesting Discipline "Miner" and "Survivalist" Equip Harvesting Discipline "Miner" and "Survivalist" and slot the Passives and Active (Survivalist has a 4 harvesting pip active that gives 100% damage bonus for 2 hits...effectively 50% damage bonus, hitting a "Weak Spot" with it up is 255 damage) Harvest slag till you get 17+ Craft Harvesting Discipline "Logger" Equip Harvesting Discipline "Logger"- Slot Passive and go back to chopping trees. After Harvesting 3 more wood Craft a Basic Hammer-Harvest 15 Wood for Armor-Harvest enough Wood for Weapons (6 for 2h, 24 for 1h/Shield, 24 for Ranger +1 for Arrows) Craft Harvesting Discipline "Quarryman" Equip Harvesting Discipline "Quarryman"-Slot Passive Equip Hammer and pound some rocks. 15 Cobblestone for Armor, 6/12 for Melee weapons Craft a Crafting Assembly Potion(optional) and Craft Basic Chestpiece, Basic Boots, Basic Helm, Basic Gloves, Basic Wep1, Basic Wep2 (if applicable) BownArrows(if applicable)
  4. You Get NOTHING!

    I'm just going to leave this here... 90minute crafting session-damn my luck
  5. If they have no wealth...they have nothing to offer you, so they go without. Seems pretty clear. We don't have a Hunger Dome anymore, a quick and dirty way to get action in a PvP focused game, it does feel very slow to build up, especially if you're alone and have not done so before. I made 12 slag weapons yesterday...and I didn't fail on one final combine. It felt pretty good but it was still fairly time consuming and resource intensive. I've done enough crafting to feel that the RNG presented to me is accurate but I would prefer there not being RNG at all, focus more on the map resource use and strategy that way than hoping on luck being on your side. As it is, you can invest time into something to have it pay off big, a bit, or not at all. Feeling like your time is being wasted playing a video game does not make you want to play more. BUG: My EK is unable to be edited. I cannot change the Name, Description, Toggle PvP or Public, nor can I apply any of the parcels/buildings that I have. From what I am aware of this is not my problem alone but something greater.
  6. After there was a big server lag that was felt across the server I was part of a group that tried to capture a Fort from said we captured the Fort in the Me Tab and the Guards respawned as Order. However, the guards we did not kill remained as Chaos though they were no longer valid targets, nor did they attack us. The Flags were not changed to Order but remained as Chaos. The gates remained Chaos and would not let us out. We entered by breaking a wall above a cliff so were unable to leave without jumping carefully up the scaffolding to get on the walls and leave.
  7. Perhaps I misspoke, I meant changes to balance, slight nerfs and buffs to ensure that overall the field of battle does not become stale with every group essentially identical. Adding in access to certain Disciplines depending on the Battlefield would be part of that.
  8. I would love to see each map actually be a "Battlefield" and a "Campaign" be a series of Battlefields. Enhance Skill Training speed considerably and wipe Training for each Campaign. This would allow for each patch to make sweeping changes to keep "meta" moving as well as allow "new" players to get into the action fairly quickly and never be that far behind.
  9. Champion Rend is still buggy and almost impossible to land. Either the Bleed or the Hit... and sometimes the Bleed will apply to a target while the Hit does not, sometimes the Bleed applies to a different target nearby... something very messy with the skill. Perhaps it would be easier without the movement component? Trailmaster still does not apply when leaving a Combat tray quite often. Had to keep ducking in and out of combat stance to get it to apply.
  10. Rage Bros stream!

    Nice! Was awesome seeing your guys PoV for when I was trying to test the updated catapults, buggy as they were. Looking forward to seeing more of you guys around.
  11. All the Archery disciplines are rather disappointing IMO. They add barely any new abilities making any non-Ranger who slots them having some empty slots or a ranged bar with mostly buffs and utility skills. The charged LMB are still where the majority of the damage comes from for all of these and this makes Archery VERY bland I think. IMO change the Charge LMB. Allow Rangers and Sharpshooter access to it, making it a skill, with little to no CD still and make LMB 'plinks.' They would still be holdable to line up shots but no charge bar building for big damage per hit. Healers can and do Heal more HP per cast than non Healers but with little training and SP it seems low. Tanks could have more group damage buffs or mitigation buffs to try and ensure they are a target of value instead of 'try to ignore until everyone else is dead' That is almost the opposite of what a Tank wants to be heh. I also have issue with Disciplines being very limited to certain classes or practically useless compared to other ones.
  12. Secondary stats are still a big concern of mine. Why bother with +HP/SP/AP if it won't create a noticeable effect?
  13. I would agree with Anhrez and Caenth BUT if Intermediate Recipes are some truly new and in between Basic and Advanced in terms of cost and potential I can see some it working out. Also, based on the flowchart station interface teaser I am REALLY hoping that using a station removes FAILURES or at least only has 1 FAIL roll? Any chance this could be confirmed/denied?
  14. Great news, looking forward to the year to come!
  15. Unless they changed how AP affects damage that should yield ~4-5% damage increase. However, I find your suggestion regarding buffs adding an additional damaging strike to be inspiring as that could lead to all sorts of buffs and options for the future. Whether that is a realistic/easily integrated concept for this game may be a different matter though. *Insert shameless plug for Half Giant Knight/Druid/FW... Elken 5 classes vs HG 3...*