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  1. Gaining access to the Mount movement speed buffs has been a great experience, but with the Recipes no longer being visibly available people that do not have the Pack Pig Item are only getting left behind... Please keep them in for 5.8, it really helps cut down on the monotony of travel and helps get people from point Blah to point Action that much faster! Light armor wearing classes should likely be doing the higher end damage values. Something is BROKEN with the Duelist! Please take a hard look at the Powers and Numbers involved or this class is going to be extremely underrepresented. Currently Duelist feels atrocious, perhaps the Slayer path bonus to Pepperbox Shot was too much...but the nerf that lead to was overly heavy handed IMO. Impale USED to be a High Damage Single Target Burst ability...and 5.8's Dirge promotion should only be increasing that substantially to targets below 50% Impale is an absolute joke in 5.7 an Impale crit could be 2-3k. For 5.8 a 5 pipped Dirge Impales CRITS 4-600...not exactly impressive. You're better off Left Clicking... Using a 129 Top end Rapier, at 551 Attack Power I'm seeing such numbers as... Ambush for 260... Snipe for 171... Go for Broke totaling 700 damage Compared to Duelist it seems ANYTHING ELSE can deal more Damage. Knight or Druid can LMB harder than any Duelist ability. A Cleric Unarmed Attack was dealing more Damage than a Duelist's Pistol Shots. Duelist Damage is somewhere between 35-45% of what it "should be" IMO.
  2. Happened to me too after the server reset. Had to do the same thing.
  3. Crafting Combinations that Provide Support Power should provide the Relevant Healing Crit stats as well IMO. Currently they were left unchanged so Support Power/Crit Chance combos add Crit Chance and Support Power as opposed to Crit Healing Chance and Support Power. Same with Crit Amount/Support Power combos.
  4. Not being able to craft mounts anymore while still allowing the old mounts to be used is unfair to those who never made, or even got a chance to make, one for themselves. Duelist Dirge line does not seem to be working. Impale used to be a high burst damage attack and Dirge only increases that to targets below 50%...but it does not. 4-600 Impales are not very impressive, especially compared to the damage numbers other classes can get at Range, with LMBs or AoEs. Not seeing captured outposts on the map is a little frustrating, as Balance I am unable to see any captured outposts belonging to Order on the map though Chaos and Balance owned outposts show. Allowing us to see all outposts, even if neutral, could help.
  5. another druid thread

    Orbs are not currently working, despawning/falling through the Earth again. This hurts Healer and Hybrid a bunch
  6. another druid thread

    Stormcallers lost Blight and Staff Root and almost lost Stars Align (though can still use from Master of Mystical Staves) so yesevery single Druid type was affected pretty hard by this.
  7. While I understand the concept behind denoting a 'Critical Strike' seeing Bloodsplatter on Harvesting a Weak Spot seems a little...weak...odd I mean it seems odd!
  8. Minotaur Racial Ability 'Bloodthirst' is losing the Cooldown Countdown Timer shortly after casting it.
  9. Minor Disciplines 'Fashion Statement' returns an amulet to your inventory if you have 2 on when the Discipline comes off/gets deleted. Minor Discipline 'Hand of Glory' seems to DELETE the Ring 3 when the Discipline comes off/gets deleted. Talent resets and freezes are quite frustrating.
  10. Ranged Classes have a Baseline HP of 4,000 Melee Classes have a Baseline HP of 5,000
  11. I like them a lot, but it's clearly got some bumps to go over still. The cast speed on them needs to be increased substantially. The whole Pathfinder system is made obsolete by these, it needs to be removed and instant trailblazer/master again IMO Bard needs boosts, such as increases to various songs to be more viable without being a must have in a group. (the same could be said about many disciplines)
  12. Advanced Tower Shields and Medium Shields have the same Base Physical Mitigation values as Intermediate Shields 8*{ Tower Shields have no model
  13. The bug of 'Target not found' when inviting someone to a group seems to be character based.
  14. Ran into an interesting issue where I died on a Level 30 Nethari Confessor Vessel, respawned with no Skills/Talents, Logged out and in, Level 30 Nethari Confessor still but have Macemanship Knight training with all Passive and Active Skills which of course I am unable to use as I am a Nethari Confessor... I was able to slot in the Knight Passives into Ranged Tray and they functioned. Killed the vessel and it didn't fix Relogged twice since with hours in between and still the same.
  15. Personally I liked the way Darkfall handled was a LONG cast with a LONG CD (120s with 60m CD) 20s logout timer is also problematic