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  1. Beneficial Harvest

    The two Race trees are not mirrored, Mankind gets an additional 5% BH Lifetime while Underfoot get 5% Plethora of Dust. Not even. Hope that helps And as far as getting BH to proc you need to have that first node trained in that resource specialization as Kraahk said.
  2. OKAY... Barriers are not able to be reapplied in the same stance. Once you use 1 Barrier, of ANY type, you are unable to gain the benefits of another Barrier until you swap stances. I first became aware of this due to Mana Shield but apparently this is working the same way for ALL Barriers. Also, side note here, Barriers and Black Mantle effects should SCALE with Weapon Damage IMO. If they are a static value they lose value the more training and better gear people are running around with having the most amount of value in the early game. Guinecean Duelist Powers Flintlock Shot and Pepperbox shot are ignoring damage immune Barriers entirely, regardless of if you use a Main Hand Pistol or Rapier the damage being done is NOT Crushing, nor Piercing, nor Slashing, nor Fire. These Powers are not considered any of those types of damage and so any counter discipline will NOT function against them. (They should be Crushing Damage) During Block and Parry animations certain races (Human and Half Giant at least) have their Plate Chest Piece glow bright red/pink. Unsure if it affects other races or armor types.
  3. The Log In bug(s) are BRUTAL Had a party member who kept 'keeping' the Invulnerable state, sometimes the buff would not disappear but be stuck at 0s for awhile or sometimes it would vanish but they would still be invulnerable. This would apply to fall damage, player damage and monster damage.
  4. Saw a big amount (15,000-20,000) of MSG lag today with ~30 players trying to fight, a truce was called and both sides backed off where the lag died down again.
  5. The 10% Lifesteal granted by Master of Daggers is applying to all damage done. (which I think is fine and not too strong on those 2 classes that can take it, 10% Lifesteal on only Basic Attacks would be nothing) The 10% Lifesteal granted by Master of Daggers is only Healing for the very first tick of any DoT
  6. People seem to be running into several issues logging into USEast server such as getting kicked back to the Lobby or loading in to only see a black screen and no world. Quite annoying. Lag so far has seemed improved, will have to keep testing.
  7. Test your might...

    For all the fun that I may have had participating in this engagement, it and several others showcase some issues with the current state of CF combat in my mind. Certain builds are very difficult to break down due to a combination of healing and defenses while others MELT. There really seems to be no middle ground and I find that problematic. Both groups had various members that were further behind on training or had inferior gear and that difference is clear. There are MANY abilities that make a person INVULNERABLE to all damage, these are often the difference between Life and Death...and I find myself wondering if they should be interfering in such a way as often as they do. The food consumption is AWFUL in combat, especially for certain classes. I ate food twice during the whole 20 minute fight this is part of and still ended at 2 Chicken bar. In this fight the Chaos group had multiple Champions as well as a Plague Lord, this could translate to -50% Healing received and -25% Healing output from Targets and Healers, which could even be combined on the same target. Even so I did not break. Neither did Xarrayne or Gradishar. This is not the first time this has happened to us. BUT if ANY of us had... we ALL would have. All 3 of us were trying our best at keeping all 3 of us alive and I find that pretty cool. But we couldn't really do anything to save or protect Phylor or Anthrage which I regret. Without damage dealers getting kills is not much of an option. I was able to get one or two as well as some close with some (un)lucky Righteous Parry but that is far from consistent or reliable. The fight started as a 9v9 from what I saw and fell into this Bunker BS for most of it. I've captured a couple of these longer fights but even at 125% speed they can last 10-20minutes per fights so have not bothered putting anything out there. I'm not sure how fun it would be to watch, some people aren't even enjoying fighting them-especially when lag is causing interference. Edit: Good fights, to my friends and to my foes I always look forward to more.
  8. I think a major reason CF combat is so messy right now is that it is generally all what I would consider "small" scale and sometimes lag can be problematic. There is a great deal of faith and hope that as these things become less common we shall see more orderly battles. Personally I am really looking forward to having something more akin to defined formations and battle lines that I believe will naturally form as the game grows and improves. It's a blast right now, the future could be fantastic.
  9. Blood Pact and Templars

    Yup yup, it was never really balanced properly, an awesome theory that could return if it gets the fleshing out it deserves. Instant killing yourself with a Duelist or watching your life disappear VERY quickly on a Knight or Myrm wasn't good for the image or popularity. Combined with the fact that Sprint is considered a power with a cost and...yeah
  10. Blood Pact and Templars

    They tried a number of different values per pip, 250, 500 and 1000 are all numbers I recall. 500 was a pretty sweet spot IMO
  11. Blood Pact and Templars

    Yup, another victim of abandoned attempts at balance. Blood Pact was awesome, because it was a risk that you took, sometimes it paid off and other times not. Now nobody bothers from what I've seen.
  12. Sometimes when swapping combat/survival trays I get stuck with skills from one tray, unable to use them, weapons are sheathed and I am not moving with the out of combat movespeed either.
  13. Reasons not to play a Confessor

    HP was changed to only differentiate between Ranged/Melee Class unless I'm missing something. I'd love to see more Confessors out in the field, sadly there is a reason (many actually) they are not. Clerics and Rangers effectively have no Resource issues compared to them is another point though it fits with some you've made. The Armor complaint is not a valid point as that affects all DPS Leather classes. Armor problems is something entirely different I think. Range is problematic. Bows have way too much compared to Magic. Would be nice to see a Distance bonus for Confessor Discs. I have no idea why they can't take Surging Spirit to be spot Healers. Similar issue with Field Surgeon, reminds me of them taking away Dryad from Pip classes because it wasn't playing nice with pips... 8*{
  14. I would guess it's more the second. Due to constantly gaining them over time Skill points are not exactly finite, people are filling those nodes up but crafting is probably the slowest and least active thing to do playing Crowfall right now.
  15. Food > PvP

    First off, soulein's line about food being different from ability and stamina use addresses this quite well. The food consumption is NUTS in Combat. Were it a constant drain from being logged in that would be one thing. Having to stop to eat food mid fight is quite silly and can be dangerous but it does provide another stat to manage and keep track of. I can see eating a good meal before or after combat...but not during. 6 person group is not supposed to be a reality from what I've heard though that's a different matter. From what I've seen combat in CF is either very short or long lasting based on what the various sides bring to the field, in game and organization, and the context of the engagement. There's a couple different factors that all play into why sustain can be so strong, especially now. The worst offender by far in my mind is the current armor system. As far as protections go, having a straight tier system where anybody can have access to the highest mitigation possible (Plate) is problematic. Sure it takes up discipline slots but not passives or actives. It might be interesting if those Disciplines had a training requirement, though I think that door shut with Ranger arrows pre 5.0 The disciplines associated with wearing a full suit of armor are quite lackluster compared to how they were as well, not being worth the discipline slot or switching up chest, gloves, helm and boots that may be more useful. The combo system is currently screwed up, from Basic LMB attack chains to core Class defining abilities. Most higher impact skills are deeper in these combos and so are seeing the light of day less and less. Because of this damage could be seen as less than it is supposed to be. This is only worse with higher latency. Damage types can make a difference, especially with people using various counters to certain damage types. Due to less of certain classes out in the field, because of certain weaknesses and bugs perhaps, the damage spread might not be as varied as it might otherwise be.