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  1. There are big changes incoming for both combat and harvesting...but what about Crafting? I'm not just talking about the ever elusive factory concept here but the system in general. I wish to put my thoughts down and get some feedback and discussion if possible. I've tried to break my thoughts down into various subjects but it is lengthy. TL;DR I. A luck based crafting/harvesting system is a little frustrating. Losing your goods to a fail or bad experiment roll is FAR worse than loss of them due to Death IMO. II. There is Feedback/Information provided INGAME which is incorrect/conflicting leading to a skewed perception of how systems work and what they do. III. The current weight of Sheen/Secondary statistics on Crafts is so low as to be almost insignificant. Currently Material Grade matters far more than Type. There's no reason to focus on a Stat as it basically won't matter. Intro All numbers recorded on video which could be uploaded if need be. If one is not willing to take my word one could do their own experiments. I would not consider myself to be a main crafter by any stretch but I do certainly dabble in all aspects of Crowfall (aside from Confessors, Druids and Duelists) I make about 10 weapons per week at a rate of 5-6 in an hour session (time spent gathering materials is of course additional to this). Not that many of them are good, or even made out of good material. In my time Gathering and Crafting I've noticed a few things that cause me concern. Randomness, Incorrect Feedback and Secondary Statistics/Sheen being a footnote if even that. I. RNG nature of Harvesting/Crafting I have seen it in many games, some worse than others, and it certainly exists in Crowfall. A sense that Crafting is less about proper utilization of materials and more about gambling with them. Some of these systems require a great time investment to acquire the materials and then risk losing them all with the actual craft. In Crowfall you have a chance that you may end up with a poor quality craft made out of rare materials as well which is almost as frustrating as complete failure. This element of Luck infuses the Crowfall Crafting experience; high end crafts feel like hitting lotto numbers I would imagine. As I said in a different thread it is luck that yields high end materials, luck that determines success of crafting and luck that determines the end result of said craft. I would consider myself lucky that I do not seem to run into "Strings of Failures" very often. In general the "%Chance of Success" seems to be accurate for me, if I do notice a repetitive set of fails I will usually stop that session and try another day. The Experimentation system is also somewhat frustrating to me. Not because it exists but because it can often mean higher quality materials are effectively wasted by a poor experimentation roll. I would personally like to see the "Initial Result of Craft" increased more by other factors such as Crafting Skill of the Crafter and/or Quality of Materials used. There is currently a slight increase based on Quality but it is so little a Bad Experiment will yield results as "Good" as lower quality materials with Standard Experiment results. This leads me of course to the next subject II. Incorrect Feedback (Experiments) For whatever reason there is a bug that yields incorrect feedback with regards to Crafting Success, sometimes the System gets "Stuck" on one number and fails happen again and again and again. There are many examples of Incorrect Feedback in Crowfall right now such as Tooltips (I'm not too concerned, all good things in good time) but I wish to focus on Experimentation. This is of course Frustrating because as a player of a game IF there is visible Information and Feedback from the game itself I would very much expect and like it to be correct information. With the current experimentation systems in place you get to see the effect of the Experiment roll on your craft...but the problem is that it's usually inaccurate. Using experiment Pips yields consistent numbers depending on success rolled depending on Crafter level. And guess what? It is BETTER to Craft Grey/White/Green with a low trained Crafter because they get better results per pip on Experimentation!!! WHAT? Easier to get that 50% Risk bonus I guess... A Metal Bar made by a Blacksmith Skill 100 with a 2 pip "Good Success" gets +8.10%... Metal Bars made with COMPLETELY untrained Crafter (using Potions) yield the following results on 2 pips. (Blacksmith Skill 50) Success 3.16 Moderate 6.16 Good 9.16 Great 15.16 Amazing 24.16 It's a little sad to me how much getting a Great or Amazing matters, a gap which only continues to widen with more Experimentation Pips as Quality/Color increases. If you're looking for something "Good" you'll basically shelve anything less than a "Great Success" Very nice! However these numbers are not reflected in your actual craft. With PCM for example a White PCM component has a Base PCM of -.105 which is followed by a 2 Pip Success which should yield 3.16% increase...I mean it says it does. But the result is now it's actually less than 1%? 3 pips Moderate says 9.24% which is in line with the above...but it's actually 8% from -.105 to -.113 3 pips Success says 4.74%... On a Crossguard it goes -.105 to -.107... only 2%... BUT on a Bow Sight it goes -.105 to -.109? Same Feedback given in Experiment window of 4.74% Durability is similar and infuriating in it's own way. A Metal Bar 1 pip at a time...Great/Great/Good is +13.15% and Durability goes 50 to 57 1 pip at a time... Amz/Great/Great is +18.15% and Durability goes 50 to 59 1 pip at a time... Sux/Sux/Sux is +4.74% and Durability goes 50 to 52 Ok... seems close to right, obviously some rounding going on but how it functions I don't know. Great/Great/Great gets +22.74% and gets 50 to 62? A little odd Mod/Mod/Mod is +9.24% yet gets 50 to 55... I am confused. Single Pip Great is 5.05% yet 50 goes 52 Some numbers are off and there are times the system rounds DOWN and other times UP depending on quality of success... with the same item!? Both Stitched Leather and Wood Planks have a Durability Experiment option but do not actually have any Durability... I don't get it but the fact that I saw a feedback of +x.yz% which is at odds with my actual product bothers me. There are many issues with there being incorrect numbers on display for the playtests. It's frustrating. There is a false perception of transparency into how various in game statistics will actually affect in game items and skills. When these numbers are mistaken it is frustrating. I have no problem with the systems however they function, but providing the play testers numerical data that is incorrect/conflicting is annoying. To me at the very least. III. Sheen/Secondary Statistics Secondary Stats in Crafting are a joke right now. In fact it's so bad that for some of them I'd like to see an increase by a factor of 10-20... making them actually matter. The main thing that matters right now is Color/Quality of Materials used. This allows more Experimentation pips for Damage or Protections... and Sheen but you get so little it's not worth it. I was pretty excited about a Crafting system where the materials used to make items could produce different types of results, allowing one to build their character in a multitude of ways besides just Training and Skills available. Gear would matter in such a way as to promote variety of playstyles and builds! Except it doesn't, secondary statistics add so little to the character sheet that they are a footnote at the very best. Perhaps this is not true for ALL Sheens, maybe some are worth it...but the vast majority of Sheen stats are insignificant. Even with higher end materials and more experimentation pips the end result is extremely minor. I don't think about matching the type of Materials...just the Grade/Color/Quality I WANT to think about matching the type of Materials used A White Two Handed Sword made completely with +Attack Power Materials and a "Good" Sux on Sheen yielded a +5.713 (up from 5.5 after experiment) Attack Power...that's ~1/3 of 1% damage increase for an investment of 8 Metal Bars DEVOTED to +Attack Power. A complete item with +10-20 Hit Points added is a JOKE, that's ONLY 10% of a single basic attack on a good day. Sheen Statistics definitely need some fine tuning and added weight if the TYPE of Material used is going to matter more than just the GRADE. And that's my feedback on the current Crafting system and my perception of current weakness detracting from it being enjoyable/mattering.
  2. Discipline Shield Fighter has a bug attached to the "Mighty Shield Slam" ability that causes other Shield Skills to copy it in addition to their normal effect for a few seconds after casting. Knife Grinder Passive "Long Live the Fighter" does not function for a Templar. While one can equip the Discipline and Passive the Bleed does not ever apply.
  3. Soul of the world

    A "Mega" Discipline adding significantly to a secondary stat maybe effectively making certain players "Faction Boss"? There's definitely something to play with in regards to Lore and the Gods imbuing a Crow with more favor.
  4. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    Started playing Knight a bit more after this write up. Tinnis hits the nail on the head with the following CD issues. I found some interesting things. Knight feels almost laughable to me right now, and not in a good way. I disagree with these sentences for a few reasons. I am still quite worried about the Knight's place in 5.3 because of the CD/Damage/Block disparity, especially with the introduction of Cleric which has a Block that Heals their team... Templar can maintain their Parry indefinitely so long as they take damage to recharge it...when a Knight starts blocking there is a reason for it, to try and eke out a bit more life for themselves or comrades (with Cleric that part goes obsolete... why have a Knight Block for you when a Cleric could and Heal you at the same time?) or to try and reflect some Fire/Electric/Frost? damage. Templar Parries because they are taking damage and enemies are nearby... A Knight Blocking will run out of Stamina if they take any decent damage while a Templar sits there and Heals while dealing damage to any in Range... Also...Weapon Damage on a Knight apparently barely matters aside from the Basic Attack and Shield Reflect! You see it's not the Sword the makes the Knight dangerous but rather their Shield! 8-} I am not sure what *needs* to be done to *fix* the Knight. Perhaps...(just wanting to provoke more discussion and thought, from players and builders) Block mitigations could be increased? All damage types could be reflected? Blocking Knights could get a wider hitbox in order to better protect their team? Knight Passive 'Second Wind' could apply to entire group? Give Knight access to Destroyer/Runescarred Gladiator Disciplines (with Legio being phased out these Discs would only be for Champs...and Knights have a 'Second Wind' already! Both Disciplines seem in line with Knight kit and one could argue Runescarred for Myrmidon as well but I am getting off topic) In groups I feel like I contribute so much more on a Templar than a Knight currently... more damage, more healing, more pressure. Playing Champ or Myrm the damage is much higher, Myrm Ranged Net has <1/2 the CD of Chain Pull even if it did work.
  5. Knocking off the rust

    Good fights! Was nice for me to see some more numbers on a live server besides an EK duel/practice. I remember every time I saw those ghost pouring out of you thinking to myself "Nope, I think I'll just avoid these..." Druid can be so slippery 8 }
  6. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    These are things that should be addressed. I play predominantly melee and I feel pretty good about 5.3 and most classes having a place there...except Knight. It worries me
  7. I think the less randomization involved the better. It makes it much more a game of resource management and strategy than luck. Currently Crowfall Harvesting/Crafting is ALMOST COMPLETELY LUCK BASED. (even with skills...they simply improve your odds/give you more rolls) Even without interference from other players it is sometimes, as others have noted, a waste of time. It really screws with Logistics when resources just vanish into thin air due to crafting failures, bank bugs, crash bugs, trade bugs etc. You have a chance to do well or poorly in Harvesting... followed by Crafting... followed by Experimentation... all of which can reward you greatly or snub you completely. It's a pyramid of RNG, which has bugs and flaws which make it a flawed pyramid. I don't think Anthrage is asking for things to be simply given to them, but rather that which they do receive not get taken away.
  8. Resource Management

    Those Maces are Slag .335 PCM 78-99damage... I would say that a Major Part of the Damage Component comes from Taste for Blood (Class passive) and then Poisoner as it cuts right through Basic and Chain Armor due to them having no Resistance. Myrmidon left click damage has some massive variance, the same left click can be anywhere from 2-600 for me. I went into the Tyranny tests with 3 Myrm weapons and promptly broke 2 sets of Axes leaving the Maces which I have tried to preserve and use to their full potential. One of those sets was a Blue 140 Top end... and Tinnis has some interesting Whirlwind footage right before they broke.
  9. Resource Management

    I enjoy playing a variety of the classes Crowfall has to offer. The only ones I would say I don't play at all are Druid, Confessor and Duelist. While a majority of my playtime is probably on a Templar (Or Centaur if Healing is desired) I try to make sure I still put in time with the other classes I enjoy as well. Over the past 2 weeks I have done so with a Myrmidon and Champion at the Community Skirmishes CAL has kindly been hosting. Some of these were streamed and may get edited to make their way here at some point. Here is a small compilation of 3 fights I found myself in, 2 of them solo and 1 3v3 ambush while I was playing a Myrmidon and Knight. There are many reasons why none of the fights are 'impressive' but they were all enjoyable to me and certainly reflect on the Crowfall experience which I intend on continuing to showcase regardless of performance.
  10. Champion 'Massive Smash' (3rd/Last attack in the Basic Attack Chain) is not hitting at all when buffed with Ultimate Warrior 2. Unsure as to why other than the size increase but it does not affect the first 2 hits so I am guessing there's something different about their hitboxes perhaps? It is just passing through enemies and test dummies with no hit registration.
  11. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    I would argue Bull Rush is better than Pursuit actually, it feels less spastic to me at least. However both of these are a joke to land compared to the ease with which I can hit a Templar's Censure. I haven't played a Knight seriously for quite awhile, and do somewhat regret it. I try to keep a good rotation of all the classes that interest me but due to inherent bugs and issues have been spending less time with the Knight, Champion and Myrmidon. Chain Pull and Net combos(both the Pull and the Charge) are both very buggy and annoying. That Knight's Shield Block and Templar's Parry provide the same amount of Damage Reduction is a little bit frustrating to me, especially combined with the Counter-Attack Templar's have access to vs the Elemental Reflect of a Knight. I would love to get some variety with being able to use either ability on both a Templar or a Knight. The changes to Stamina Costs did help alleviate the struggle the Knight was facing with regards to PCM issues but that was only one of several issues the Knight currently finds itself mired in. As it is Knight feels very...lame...compared to a Templar. Not conceptually but performance wise it falls behind. Almost everything a Knight can bring to a fight a Templar can as well, with additional features to boot. Some Knights fairly along in their training do do quite well for themselves but the class itself IS still suffering. One thing I've always thought might be interesting would be widening the hitbox of a Knight in Block stance allowing them to Block/Cover more ground for themselves and their team. * Another thing that needs to be considered IMO is the Shield Disciplines and how they interact with Block efficiency. Secutor SUBTRACTS -.5 Big Hit Block efficiency whereas others ADD Big Hit Block efficiency... Molon Labe is +8 and Numbness is +5 (from Shield Fighter and Master of Shields) * Can someone explain why that is and if it's intentional?
  12. Boars actually do/did(I haven't tested in a bit) have quite a high physical mitigation stat, more than players in basic I would say. I have seen a great deal of remarks lately about power discrepancy regarding trained/untrained characters and my opinion is that it varies from Class to Class. It did bother me for the first 2 months of my training but once those were up I felt like I could make up the difference against several more advanced players stat sheet skill. It exists yes, but the extent to which it does is vastly different depending on Archetype. Confessors, Knights and Duelists suffer from the worst of it IMO. Even worse than the Archetype skill separation though is the Core Combat Tree differences (which do take longer granted) which can grant a significant amount of damage. 5.3 may change those numbers, for better or worse. Also, it is important to note that other factors such as *CRITS*, Attack Power differences and Glass Cannon could also be affecting end results. In that Durenthal video I saw some basic attacks for ~700s as well as a Critical Hack for 1400, is it that Chain Pull is a Ranged Ray? Also it seems certain accounts still struggle with ABYSMAL lag in combat for whatever reason.
  13. Champion is back, good job on fixing whatever was going on there! Rend and other skills are still buggy but at least the class is playable/viable again...unlike some others. Got stuck in Crowform for a bit inside a Weapon Rack, got stuck in another Crow, still got stuck on some hills around the Tyranny map as well.
  14. Confirmed, just now against Boars I had 100% success rate of locking my character up using Ultimate Warrior 2. Right after using the skill I was unable to do any skills until after the buff had worn off... That's 30seconds of being self suppressed with no way to break out of it... Hurlbat was sometimes hitting 2-3 times (one of the hits was always super low...10 damage)