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  1. Sometimes when you log out in the area near a Fort/Keep/Outpost and it gets taken that area is no longer considered friendly so it teleports you to a gate in the area (nearest?) Sometimes that gate it teleports you to happens to be for an enemy faction's homezone...which debuffs you for being there as an enemy and can kill you. I don't even know if it's a bug that it teleports you there or an intentional attempt to punish logging out near enemy runegates.
  2. I do wish there was more incentive to fight over Forts during their active windows instead of only as it is about to 'lock down' The Forts are still garnering points during that time, but there's rarely any activity. I also think the final Fort should probably unlock a bit sooner than it does to cater a bit more to the players that play in the afternoon. The biggest issue though is that the population the game currently has is usually spread too thin across all of these different zones. I understand the desire to have multiple zones and maps but it becomes problematic when the game
  3. Oof, that's some scary bomberman Xarrayne. I don't generally worry about bombs as a Templar, the Parry and Heavy Armor go a long way towards preventing that Damage. Generally if I see or hear a Bomb near enough to even be perceived as a threat I will mitigate it through Parry. (50-75% further Damage reduction) However, I do recognize their effectiveness against softer targets or someone caught unprepared. It is fairly rare that I die to orb bombs (<5%) and my response is 1 of 2. Either I was unprepared and unable to react in time to seeing/hearing the Blight or Orbs and paid the
  4. Templar Parry animation when struck/flinching creates a disconcerting floating sword effect with the hands being removed from the grip.
  5. The burst lighting effect for Execute Templar skill combo is quite noisy and could certainly get toned down IMO. While I suppose it's nice to have a visual indicator when you are actually striking a target below the Execute threshold of 35% this is too much.
  6. So I sincerely believe that Hax did a good job with rallying Chaos this CW. Hax and uXa really tried to bring things around. Applecross is a freaking beast at the circle standing game as are several others. Outposts are something I still detest, especially how you can manipulate the score with them. Every CW there has been 1 Faction that has completely captured the entire map. That is problematic. The maps are not built for the population of the game which is somewhat frustrating to me. I feel as if I can not get a proper read on some issues with the game due to this. The map is d
  7. Blood stain effects just create a layer that applies to any texture/model in the area and looks like watered down paint on some models. Perhaps see about making bloodstains only apply to terrain? The Healing Flames from Burning Hatred now spawning as doober like objects can mean they can spawn extremely far from you, especially with hills or certain spawn momentums. Also, they are VERY big compared to what they were. I am not a fan of the new targeting, the constant reticle movement without correlating to my mouse movement irritates my eyes and head. It is also very deceptive and
  8. The varied Fort and Keep textures should really allow for a varied world with different feeling areas. WTB Swamp/Volcanic parcels with the Darkened Stone Keeps.
  9. "D’Orion, then, was the greatest of sinners, for with each passing year he ranged further afield in search of more exotic and dangerous prey. One day he wandered too deep into Gaea’s wood, and Gaea cursed him for her displeasure, transforming him from a man into a beast – a beast that other men would find irresistible to kill. Yet D’Orion, the greatest hunter, proved to be elusive prey. For a hundred years, hunters came and hunters perished in that wood. No man proved to be his better. Eventually, Gaea’s heart softened and where once was there was anger, pride blossomed. D’Orion was not a
  10. Naw mang, that was straight up Gaia. But still...#cybelebebasic
  11. So if you want to get noticed by Cybele you either offend her(Urgu) or ignore her completely and get wasted at the party she's hosting... good things to know about 'the virgin goddess.'
  12. So...Divine Light is capped at 5 targets, same as anything else. Unless you meant something else by 'uncapped AoE healing and damage' Devotion got capped awhile ago to be a 200Heal tick max(before Healing modifications) No more 2-3k Devotion Heals. Templar Censure is problematic for sure, there was a time period shortly after they introduced Colossus Smash (the Myrmidon charge) and Templar Censure used the same mechanics...this was wonderful! Please bring that back. Censure Talents could be useful as well in the talent trees. Would be nice to see an Armor Break or something else u
  13. Reproach is the only portion of the combo that takes a Pip. So it's 1 pip to potentially generate 5. With low PCM Discipline powers I don't have issues with Pips as a Paladin, though I have been playing Templar more than any other class since their inclusion into the game. The concept of having Righteous Smash apply a Heal sounds pretty awesome, can we make that happen? I don't count Paladin as a Healer, not a Full Healer anyways. Divine Light can apply to players outside of group, Devotion Heals do not.
  14. " Players will not be able to whisper each other across ecosystems. They can whisper to each other if they're both in the lobby, or both in-game and on the same faction. " 8*{ Getting harder to communicate
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