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  1. Molon Labe is not a reflect of the enemies damage so much as a hit based on your weapon damage. Old school Knight passive ability for their Block re-integrated into a Discipline. Righteous Reflections, Resolve, Righteous Defense and Strength in Numbers are all calculated post incoming modifiers and then multiplied by any relevant outgoing multipliers (and in the case of the damage reflects once more modified by enemy incoming modifiers)
  2. It's both for Discipline powers. There is no cost change to Class Powers for that very reason, as too high weapon weight made even using baseline skills impossible in past iterations. Weapon weight will affect Basic Attack Damage (LMBs), Resource costs (for Discipline and non-pip Class Powers) and Cooldown (for Pip based Classes only) Taking off a weapon with a Dual Wield Pip class such as Assassin or Duelist will actually allow the player to cast the Power. Though they then are unable to use the Powers that require that Off Hand Weapon.
  3. Recent changes to weapon weights have increased the resource costs to the point that a 3 part combo from Discipline costs more than 5 pips as the first 2 parts each cost 2 pips. Which is problematic for pip classes where 5 is the maximum. If a player can slot a power, they should be able to use that power.
  4. The Castle door at the N side of the Castle seemed to be bugged and behaving as if the door was closed even after it opened. Confirmed with another group that was there also. After respawning at the N keep we attempted to enter the Castle but were unable to and due to the timing of the game were locked out to perish to the Hunger. Have video
  5. Oof, that's some scary bomberman Xarrayne. I don't generally worry about bombs as a Templar, the Parry and Heavy Armor go a long way towards preventing that Damage. Generally if I see or hear a Bomb near enough to even be perceived as a threat I will mitigate it through Parry. (50-75% further Damage reduction) However, I do recognize their effectiveness against softer targets or someone caught unprepared. It is fairly rare that I die to orb bombs (<5%) and my response is 1 of 2. Either I was unprepared and unable to react in time to seeing/hearing the Blight or Orbs and paid the
  6. The varied Fort and Keep textures should really allow for a varied world with different feeling areas. WTB Swamp/Volcanic parcels with the Darkened Stone Keeps.
  7. "D’Orion, then, was the greatest of sinners, for with each passing year he ranged further afield in search of more exotic and dangerous prey. One day he wandered too deep into Gaea’s wood, and Gaea cursed him for her displeasure, transforming him from a man into a beast – a beast that other men would find irresistible to kill. Yet D’Orion, the greatest hunter, proved to be elusive prey. For a hundred years, hunters came and hunters perished in that wood. No man proved to be his better. Eventually, Gaea’s heart softened and where once was there was anger, pride blossomed. D’Orion was not a
  8. Naw mang, that was straight up Gaia. But still...#cybelebebasic
  9. So if you want to get noticed by Cybele you either offend her(Urgu) or ignore her completely and get wasted at the party she's hosting... good things to know about 'the virgin goddess.'
  10. So...Divine Light is capped at 5 targets, same as anything else. Unless you meant something else by 'uncapped AoE healing and damage' Devotion got capped awhile ago to be a 200Heal tick max(before Healing modifications) No more 2-3k Devotion Heals. Templar Censure is problematic for sure, there was a time period shortly after they introduced Colossus Smash (the Myrmidon charge) and Templar Censure used the same mechanics...this was wonderful! Please bring that back. Censure Talents could be useful as well in the talent trees. Would be nice to see an Armor Break or something else u
  11. Reproach is the only portion of the combo that takes a Pip. So it's 1 pip to potentially generate 5. With low PCM Discipline powers I don't have issues with Pips as a Paladin, though I have been playing Templar more than any other class since their inclusion into the game. The concept of having Righteous Smash apply a Heal sounds pretty awesome, can we make that happen? I don't count Paladin as a Healer, not a Full Healer anyways. Divine Light can apply to players outside of group, Devotion Heals do not.
  12. " Players will not be able to whisper each other across ecosystems. They can whisper to each other if they're both in the lobby, or both in-game and on the same faction. " 8*{ Getting harder to communicate
  13. Not just friends and enemies but new players asking question as well. IMO that was the most valuable part of General Chat-the ability to reach a wide audience of everyone online
  14. DoT effects are affected by Crit Chance and Crit Damage stats. The Damage roll is done as the attack is applied and then spread out over the various ticks as far as I know. The Bleed DoT damage is an attempt at making DoTs more worthwhile...but falls short (likely because of the nerf sledgehammer applied on the bugged Bleed Armor) This Bonus should likely be stronger, and apply to all types of DoT effects, not just Bleeds. (I'm looking at you Badge of Zaleena)
  15. We have incoming armor changes that may help address your concerns. Or not, but there are changes coming.
  16. An issue is that Barrage is on a very short Cooldown and in the Archer line decreases the Damage of Enemies Hit. It's more of a Suppressing Fire ability than a Stack Buster IMO. Druid Aurora Emitter could certainly use some love. I enjoyed Blazing Light when it was first introduced and got excited at finally having a "GET OUT OF THAT AOE" prompting Ability in the Field. Especially one that could be countered or played around. Similar to Whirlwind back when it was applying 8 ticks of Bleed damage in 3s instead of 24 and really made you want to avoid that spinning Myrm. A main issu
  17. In regards to the power curve it would help a great deal if White Gear started at 6 PIPS of Experimentation like it USED to. So gear would be 6/7/8/9/10 instead of 4/7/8/9/10 which is a HUGE jump from White to Green. This would also ensure that White Gear would not phase out into obsolete territory for crafters as quickly if it still had a use and more potential Experimentation Points. I like the Talent trees, that's where you can create differing Class builds. But forcing players to level to even be able to play their Class is atrocious and grindy (even if it is a fairly small grind)
  18. I call that 'The Purple Fever' 8 } It manifests in an extra heightened strength when harvesting a consistent and regular rotation of nodes where one is being extra productive and not much time is wasted.
  19. I've really been impressed a the introduction of the Paladin skill tree making a focus on Templar Healing and even keeping them different and unique enough to not feel like a watered down Cleric or Druid. That being said, I will probably never consider a Paladin as much of a Healer class as Crusader Cleric or Earthkeeper, perhaps on par with ArchDruid in some ways. As far as OP is concerned the description is an outdated one from when Crowfall's 'win conditions' were a tug of war style bar in which only the final moments of a campaign truly mattered. As problematic as the scoring syste
  20. Divine Light Heals aren't really changed by weapon damage. My 107 top end sword Heals just as much as a 112. Pretty sure they morphed it to full Support Power support with the Paladin changes. Devotion capping out bums me out, not so much for Paladin but for the other Templar variants, it was such an awesome tool that got kneecapped. Beneficial Harvest has always been problematic in my mind. Especially the short term duration of it. It takes away from the consistency that is desired for large amounts of harvesting shifting an even more luck based rng system on top of what harvesting al
  21. So I have noticed that since the Hunger Shard changes Hunger Shards do not spawn in Keep zones or Fort zones anymore. Considering they already do not spawn in Adventure zone canyons this SEVERELY limits the ability to get higher end Hunger Shards. I would like to be able to see Hunger Shards in those zones again as it is almost the only place for High Ranking materials... Since the Hunger Shard changes the amount of Hunger Shards I've gotten decreased SIGNIFICANTLY, even with max training of 8% and 5 pips PH during all seasons. Those I have gotten have been 95% Green, I've managed to
  22. The siege the other day was pretty nuts, it seemed almost everyone in the zone locked up around the same time and had to log out and back in. Performance in general seems worse since the latest server changes on Monday. I hope that improvements are on the way and continue to make this game the best it can be for all involved.
  23. @monchiezz MvP for coordination! And hope you enjoyed yourself, sorry I missed the fights myself.
  24. A large scale battle between Balance and Chaos in Crowfall Online. The zone capped out at 100 players before the siege even started. I participated in 2 main engagements; a field battle right as the siege started and later actually defending the Tree of Life after Chaos broke through the wall. Templar Paladin PoV Good fights, looking forward to more as always. Here's a play by play of my experience. My siege UI was bugged and I didn't realize how soon the siege was starting...so I was farming until right before it began. I rushed out to join the Balance force as Chaos gro
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