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  1. 10 minutes ago, jakira said:

    So I got told I was too close to an enemy place by the game and I was moved to right next to the chaos runegate  as balance player almost got killed by the enemy sanctuary debuff. 

    Sometimes when you log out in the area near a Fort/Keep/Outpost and it gets taken that area is no longer considered friendly so it teleports you to a gate in the area (nearest?)
    Sometimes that gate it teleports you to happens to be for an enemy faction's homezone...which debuffs you for being there as an enemy and can kill you.
    I don't even know if it's a bug that it teleports you there or an intentional attempt to punish logging out near enemy runegates.

  2. I do wish there was more incentive to fight over Forts during their active windows instead of only as it is about to 'lock down'
    The Forts are still garnering points during that time, but there's rarely any activity.

    I also think the final Fort should probably unlock a bit sooner than it does to cater a bit more to the players that play in the afternoon.

    The biggest issue though is that the population the game currently has is usually spread too thin across all of these different zones.
    I understand the desire to have multiple zones and maps but it becomes problematic when the game feels empty most of the time.
    IMO this is due to having very few reasons to centralize on a location besides Sieges.
    Zone and Parcel Ranks are higher than ever which allows people to farm pretty much anywhere as even the locations that aren't the best are pretty damn good.
    Earlier this week we saw what seemed to be a zone crash just after a siege as players began a fight and the zone wasn't even capped.
    This shouldn't be a thing, the zones need to be stable enough to handle the zone cap fighting inside them if possible.
    Stress testing that is more difficult with a spread population.

    Overall though I do believe there is less burnout due to 'circle standing' but I'd like to see even more fighting and reasons to fight.

  3. Oof, that's some scary bomberman Xarrayne.

    I don't generally worry about bombs as a Templar, the Parry and Heavy Armor go a long way towards preventing that Damage.
    Generally if I see or hear a Bomb near enough to even be perceived as a threat I will mitigate it through Parry. (50-75% further Damage reduction)
    However, I do recognize their effectiveness against softer targets or someone caught unprepared.

    It is fairly rare that I die to orb bombs (<5%) and my response is 1 of 2.
    Either I was unprepared and unable to react in time to seeing/hearing the Blight or Orbs and paid the price for my own ineptitude
    My opponents were able to prevent me from using my survival tools such as Parry or Brilliance (ult) in which case they played quite well and deserve the kill
    There is no reason to blame the ability, it is avoidable or at the very least able to be mitigated.

    If there is a friendly Arch Druid they should be able to communicate a bomb is theirs, hopefully before they decide to blow it.
    If you're not sure, assume it's not friendly and get out!

    The time needed to place and set up a bomb is fairly high in most cases, and all that time can either pay off in a big way, a small way or a complete waste of time and resources.
    Knowledge and understanding make up the foundation of Crowfall battles and recognizing the potential danger zones, and danger potential, an Arch Druid brings are important.

    Damage going through walls is problematic but all AoEs do that in Crowfall, not something I see changing all too soon but it would be nice.
    The lock on of certain abilities (Spark, Rapid Fire etc) is more worrisome to me compared to how AoEs ingame have been functioning for 3years or so.

  4. So I sincerely believe that Hax did a good job with rallying Chaos this CW. Hax and uXa really tried to bring things around.
    Applecross is a freaking beast at the circle standing game as are several others.

    Outposts are something I still detest, especially how you can manipulate the score with them.
    Every CW there has been 1 Faction that has completely captured the entire map. That is problematic.
    The maps are not built for the population of the game which is somewhat frustrating to me.
    I feel as if I can not get a proper read on some issues with the game due to this.
    The map is designed for multiple zones of 100-150 and we usually don't get to 100 total players.

    I missed out on the majority of this CW but did hear there were fights going down on the regular.
    It was not until one week past that I started to actually play this campaign and there were indeed regular fights to be had.
    Establishing my spot via fighting and standing, alone or with friends, I was back and involved.
    It was Fall and Chaos were using Order accounts to take back outposts to get rid of the capture bonus. This was smart though arguably dirty.
    That is why I came back
    And I was not alone.

    I didn't come back for the fights, I didn't come back for an active population,  I didn't come back to test the bugs (old fixed* ones included)

    Everyone had some good fights, small and mid scale. Everyone won some and everyone lost some as it always is.
    It was good to see old names back in game, it was good to see fresh and newer players in game as well.

    I had fun, even with all the issues CF has I have fun.
    And I hope others did as well!

    Good fights, always. I look forward to more.


  5. Blood stain effects just create a layer that applies to any texture/model in the area and looks like watered down paint on some models.
    Perhaps see about making bloodstains only apply to terrain?

    The Healing Flames from Burning Hatred now spawning as doober like objects can mean they can spawn extremely far from you, especially with hills or certain spawn momentums.
    Also, they are VERY big compared to what they were. 

    I am not a fan of the new targeting, the constant reticle movement without correlating to my mouse movement irritates my eyes and head.
    It is also very deceptive and easy to lose targeting on certain harvest nodes. 
    There's not really a reason for a player with no Healing or Abilities that Target Friendlies to have their target stick on a Friendly.
    There's no option to turn this new setting off.

    The change to the Harvest Powers doesn't quite make sense to me, I only ever used the 1 or 5 pip abilities before the change, now I am guessing it will only ever be 1 or 3.
    Stamina was never enough of an issue to warrant using the 3, nor do I think it will be now that you can only get the Stamina gain every 5 pips.
    Reduced the direct power of the skill by 25% from 40>30 but kept the Duration/Hits the same and reduced the Resource cost by 40% from 5>3?
    The Skill page description for the baseline Energetic Harvest Ability was changed, however the Furious versions for Logger/Miner etc. were not.
    The powers were changed though so that at  3 Pips Furious Mining is applied and 5 Pips the extra Stamina.

    The visual effects for certain abilities such as the Ranger stake used by Satyr Rangers is a bit much.
    Crowfall already suffers from having too much going on in terms of ground based effects and circles, it doesn't need more noise and clutter.
    Could we get an option to turn the circles off? They aren't even part of the UI so when you turn off the HUD the circles still stay. 8*{

  6. "D’Orion, then, was the greatest of sinners, for with each passing year he ranged further afield in search of more exotic and dangerous prey. One day he wandered too deep into Gaea’s wood, and Gaea cursed him for her displeasure, transforming him from a man into a beast – a beast that other men would find irresistible to kill.

    Yet D’Orion, the greatest hunter, proved to be elusive prey. For a hundred years, hunters came and hunters perished in that wood. No man proved to be his better. Eventually, Gaea’s heart softened and where once was there was anger, pride blossomed. D’Orion was not a rival; he was her great creation. She named him Son and gave him the gift of divinity. She offered him a seat at the table of the gods and had Kane fashion for him a winged chariot so that he could hunt the beasts of the sky.

    Thus are born the Elken. Gaea’s curse still hangs over the deepest of forest; any hunter who ranges too far deep risks losing himself – and is reborn, with hooves and horns."


  7. "Recall now requires grounded state"

    This is a scary one for me, as I was under the impression that the Recall function was mainly there as a /stuck command more than anything.
    Not longer being able to actually get out places where you /can get stuck is going to cause problems.
    (And there are many such places, I would guess even more now with the new physics sliding)
    Is there going to be a replacement way to handle players being stuck?

    "Assassin, Ranger, Champion, Knight, Myrmidon, Ranger and Templar must now have a bow equipped to switch to their ranged tray." 

    Ranger appears twice here, not sure how/if Templars equip a Bow if they can still not equip Sharpshooter or Arcane Archer.

    Flytext spam appears to have returned for a few abilities on Healing and Damage.
    It'd be good to QA these issues out quickly before any performance issues arise.


  8. Support Power Cap was Increased from 1000 to 2000
    Devotion has a cap of 200 per Heal Tick (modified by Support Power for Paladin-hits cap at 1000)
    With the increase to SP is there a plan to increase the Cap to Devotion?

    Warcamp Bleeds and Poisons make Flytext go nuts with every tick multiplying the displayed Flytext till you see a wall of numbers that can impact performance
    (much like Assassin Poisons used to a few patches ago)

  9. 8 minutes ago, thomasblair said:

    The treated steel/leather multiplies out nicely over 2 experimentation phases and adds more durability to the armor. Since it can be placed in all 4 pieces you could see an additional 6-8% towards all mitigations if used.

    You may want to look at those numbers and make sure the weight is as you would like.
    As a player I was not satisfied with the Treated Steel I have seen.
    I saw a 15% increase in cost for materials and yet only shifted the Baseline values of the Product by much smaller amount of about 2.5%....

    I made a Green Plate Breastplate with and without Treated Steel. (Master Blacksmith-Full pips-no Jewels-Leadership)
    The Treated Steel started at 9 Armor added and Experimented to 15.
    The 15 Armor Treated Steel modified a Green Plate Breastplate from 690 to 707 Armor value.
    After experimentation the 690 Plate (no Treated Steel) came out to 1145 Armor Value (after Large Reroll)
    The 707 Treated Steel Plate went from 707 to 1102. (after Large Reroll)

    Personally, I don't think that Armor made with and without Treated Steel should be so close in Armor values.
    That the RNG crafting should be able to make a lesser set of materials create a superior product is just another regret.
    Treated Steel and Treated Leather have had their Crafting Costs increased fairly significantly (perhaps to factor in losing Armor layers?)
    I would think they should matter much more than they currently do. 

    For a Plate Breastplate for example it is 90 Ore to make one without Treated Steel.
    With Treated Steel it is 106 Ore...
    I saw a 15% increase in cost for materials and yet only shifted the Baseline values of the Product by much smaller amount of about 2.5%....

    Smaller pieces are even worse with 36 vs 52 ore required.
    The Treated Steel needs to matter when it costs that much and needs a special item equipped. IMO

  10. 2 minutes ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

    I want something a bit different, because of the requirement for long term investment.

    Two passive training sets per account. 

    One is eternal and forever (current model), and one is reset and then used when entering specific campaigns, (one at a time limit for these types of campaigns, and every vessel that enters on the account resets the training), with each of those campaigns having a dial for the speed of training.

    That could be interesting actually, having a more specialized training specific for those CWs.

  11. 1 hour ago, Yoink said:


    How do you expect someone who starts a year after launch to compete?

    Does no one else want to run around with everybody in crap gear for the start of every fresh campaign? For me this is the whole draw of restarting campaigns. Not just everyone starting fresh, but everyone starting new. I want there to be gear progression over the life of each campaign.


    Possible solutions-

    Do something better than passive training.

    Reset passive training each campaign.

    Don't do passive training.

    I think this might add a bit more progression to each campaign. It would also help to alleviate the gap between new players and veterans in the earlier stages of each campaign.

    Here's my Pipe Dream.
    Personally, I would love to see Passive Training be FAST (old 10x or so) and Reset fairly frequently (perhaps not every CW but about every 3-4 months)

    This would allow Game Balance Shifts fairly often in the Passive Trees.
    This would enable Newer Players to never be THAT far behind established ones.

    However, I understand the desire for a long term investment with an account and how frequent wipes could turn some people away.
    With the Pacing being as slow as it is Crafting and Harvesting Burnout would be likely though.
    That's an issue any game will have to face, making sure that the Pacing feels right for the type of game it is while keeping the game engaging and fun.
    I don't necessarily get the concept of building connection to a character in Crowfall-Crows are glorified zombie pawns for the Gods.

  12. Sweet, thanks for the clarification and transparency! 


    43 minutes ago, thomasblair said:

    Not exactly,
    The large re-roll was altering the shape of the results curve by throwing out all potential results lower than +1 to the current result. (Meaning you always got a minimum of a +1 on a Pip result, stats didn't matter at all, you always got significant better results on every single pip)
    The large re-roll no longer changes the shape of the curve, meaning you still stat check against the same curve, however it floors the result if you roll lower. (Meaning you can never roll worse, stats still matter, the possibility of better rolls on each pip exists)

    Small reroll used to do the same thing as a large reroll however it only did it to your lowest rolling pip.
    Small re-roll now no longer changes the shape of the curve, however it caps the floor of the rerolled pips to +1 the current result, and it does this to your 3 lowest rolled pips. So you will see a bump on 3 pips of at least +1.

    Basically large re-roll is to try and fix a set of catastrophic low rolls if you used really good quality. Small re-roll is fix a few bad rolls.


    Sweet, thank you for the clarification and transparency!

    Hunger Shards no longer seem to be an Additive on Weapons.
    Is this something like Treated Steel in that you will need an Item to 'Unlock' the Hunger Shard? 
    At first I hoped they had simply been shifted to Runic Recipes but even with those unlocked no Hunger Shard Additive slot showed up.

  13. 7 minutes ago, Arkade said:

    If that's going to be the case going forward, then the cost should be reduced.

    It's more that ReRolls now only ReRoll Failures and Critical Failures.
    This can lead to a marked decrease in both frequency and effective power of the ReRoll.
    Danger rolling is probably as RNG if not more than before the ReRoll system was introduced (depending on Skill of course)

    I will likely go back to saferolling for more consistent results with lesser stats.

  14. Farmed Warcamps for awhile and saw no Disciplines. 
    There are Vendors with the Disciplines available though.
    Have the Disciplines been added to Loot Tables yet?
    If not, are we still going to see Disciplines on Vendors for LIVE or will they be added to Loot Tables at that point?

    Made some Treated Steel and Armor on TEST. The ChestPlate without Treated Steel turned out better than the one with.
    With the Changes to the ReRoll system Crafting Consistency has gone down and Crafting is very RNG based again.
    Are there plans to change this?
    I really liked the consistency that the old ReRoll system added but understand how it could undermine Craft uniqueness.
    Possibly could increased Materials used increase the end Result cutting down on frustrating RNG?

  15. 4 hours ago, Arkade said:

    Ah, good call. You are probably right. I forgot about that.

    Edit: The numbers still seem to be off. 


    The first image is without any gear. These numbers are correct. I get 11% physical from talents, 4% to all from Combat Basics and 0.43% from my Dex.

    The second image is while wearing just a plate chest and the third image is while wearing just plate gloves, boots and helm.

    I have all of the physical resistances trained in the Armor tree. That's a total of 7% (2 nodes each @ 3% and 1% to all on the final node). In the Plate tree, I have 7% piercing and 4% to slashing and crushing. I would expect the difference between the second image and the third image to be roughly 14% for Piercing, but it's not. The difference is 26.47%.

    I'm at a loss to account for the difference.

    Is the piece of Armor a newly made on or a Legacy Item? 
    It seemed to me that the Legacy Items were given the max Armor values and no longer displayed their old Protections...
    however they still seemed to exist as properties on that Item.

  16. On ‎3‎/‎27‎/‎2019 at 4:32 AM, ZYBAK said:

     during Tree of Life fights they're able to easily get value out of their uncapped AoE healing and damage. While also racking up insane parry damage with big Devotion heals.

    So...Divine Light is capped at 5 targets, same as anything else. Unless you meant something else by 'uncapped AoE healing and damage'

    Devotion got capped awhile ago to be a 200Heal tick max(before Healing modifications) No more 2-3k Devotion Heals.

    Templar Censure is problematic for sure, there was a time period shortly after they introduced Colossus Smash (the Myrmidon charge) and Templar Censure used the same mechanics...this was wonderful! Please bring that back. 

    Censure Talents could be useful as well in the talent trees. Would be nice to see an Armor Break or something else useful associated with it.
    Why not swap the completely useless Vindicator Slash Damage on Holy Warrior?
    (it does nothing as it does not change caps and Holy Warrior negates your Slash damage bonus anyways)

    Paladin is not that bad in open field, they have much less Pip issues than other Templar kits mainly due to the Divine Light not draining them every tick.
    Paladin also has exclusive access to the strongest single(double?) burst Heal in the game with Holy Warrior as well.
    It does require communication and some awareness but can be quite useful as a Tank/Healer.

    I still don't consider Paladin a Full Healer, as I believe the Earthkeeper and Crusader(why is the Heal line the Crusader though?) do it better.
    Neither would I consider Paladin a Full Tank as I believe that Pit Fighter and Secutor Knight do this better. Battle Rager is tough to say due to the liability of Berserk in a Physics world.

    Paladin is a strong hybrid between the two though.

  17. Reproach is the only portion of the combo that takes a Pip. So it's 1 pip to potentially generate 5.
    With low PCM Discipline powers
    I don't have issues with Pips as a Paladin, though I have been playing Templar more than any other class since their inclusion into the game.

    The concept of having Righteous Smash apply a Heal sounds pretty awesome, can we make that happen?

    I don't count Paladin as a Healer, not a Full Healer anyways.
    Divine Light can apply to players outside of group, Devotion Heals do not.

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